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64 /100 234 MAINS ST.
“Big place, small feel,lots of corners. Fun to explore. Selection seems haphazard. Lots of large format, no small format singles. Organization is all over the place. Prices high. Friendly and helpful staff. Not worth going out of your weight,but nice that its a few doors down from Emprize. I ended up buying nothing.“
Drake 936 days ago
72 /100 200 MAIN STREET
“Downtown, I found parking easy. Arrived around 11 on a Thursday. Had the place to myself for most of the visit but it started to pick up around noon. About 20 taps, including several ciders. Sadly their cider taps were down (no co2) and they were not serving any. Tried a total of six beers. Three were very good, an IPA was off balance, and sadly the last two (a quad and a hefe) were quite unintentionally sour. So they have QC issues, but I'm definitely willing to try them again based on the good stuff I tried. My burger was quite tasty and was both cooked and seasoned well. Bartender was exceptionally friendly. Good value on beer (flight of 4 for $9; decent prices on larger sizes). Food a bit pricy but not unreasonable. Ambiance is comfortable and upscale... your typical shotgun style downtown venue. Overall not (yet) worth going out of your way, but it is a nice stop if nearby.“
Drake 936 days ago
68 /100 234 MAINS ST.
“Tight fit. Some hidden gems and above average selection at times.“
arkurzynski 2509 days ago
70 /100 234 MAINS ST.
“Classic liquor store with a nice selection of craft brews. The prices are in line. The service wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I’ll go there again.“
BeerInHeaven 2925 days ago
84 /100 234 MAINS ST.
“Beer selection is good, but if you don’t see it, just ask and they will make the effort to get it in. Prices are much better than most places you can shop and if you are looking for wine the ladies there are great at f guiding you to the right selection. I try to shop here exclusively for my drinking habits.“
DaHarv 3242 days ago
50 /100 234 MAINS ST.
“Club can be a great stop for liquor, never the greatest beer selection. Haven’t been there in a couple years, but friend stopped recently for a 9L beer bottle as a gag gift for his dad.“
BB64 4317 days ago
62 /100 234 MAINS ST.
“Adjacent to Club Tavern, which has many great beers on tap all year, Club Liquor has a nice selection of quality craft beers, and a much bigger selection of wine. Beers include Unibroue, Viking, Bells, Southern Tier, Goose Island, and Rogue. The prices are the best in the valley. Good place to stop by.“
IlanMan 4384 days ago
38 /100 234 MAINS ST.
“Might stop in again. Not much of a selection as far as I could see. Lots of Flying Dog, but other than that their 6 pack selection is average. A few bombers of good stuff, but nothing special at all.“
That1Guy 4846 days ago
62 /100 234 MAINS ST.
“Dingy little liquor store in downtown Menasha. Decent selection of six packs and decent prices, at least compared with the other stores I visited in Fox Valley. Service was pretty non-existent, but then I didn’t ask for anything either. As other said, I wouldn’t go out of my way to get here… but it’s not that much out of the way to begin with.“
esjaygee 4860 days ago
60 /100 234 MAINS ST.
“Heard this place was a good place to visit for beer. I found some Bells Hopslam, Rogue Old Brusty, Avery The Beast and a ton of other good stuff. They had huge carts that weren’t very usable in their aisles. Also a bunch of hand trucks in the way. The service was pretty lousy despite me blowing close to $60 on beer they probably wanted to get rid of anyway. I’d stop back again if in the area.“
Juelze 5337 days ago
56 /100 234 MAINS ST.
“This place has more potential than the owners realize. Tucked away in "downtown" Menasha, it’s not the most convenient place to get to. However, for a small store, the selection is surprisingly good. Of course they have quite a few of the macros but the have a nice, varied selection of micros and craft brews as well. I’ve only been in the place a few times but each time I go, there seems to be a diamond in the rough just waiting for me. "Customer service" doesn’t seem a high priority. When I asked about a beer I was searching for, there was NO EFFORT to accomodate me. Sadly, I believe I WAS dealing with the owner and not just some clerk. She made no attempt to see if it was on order or whether she would be able to get it for me. That was a bit disappointing. Prices are actually pretty decent, especially for a store of its size. I didn’t see anything that I thought was out of line and it made me wish that some of the other, larger volume stores in the area would follow their lead on pricing. ***EDIT: just picked up a bottle of Avery "The Beast" Grand Cru and spent over $2 LESS than I did at the store in the area with the best selection. THAT’S A BIG DEAL ON A SINGLE BOTTLE!*** All in all, it’s a place I’ll stop at from time to time but I won’t necessarily go out of my way to get there since they won’t go out of their way to help me spend more money.“
nflmvp 5391 days ago
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