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82 /100 N72 W13400 LUND LANE, SUITE A
“Stopped by yesterday, earlyish on a Friday and the place was slow but was picking up when I was leaving about 430. Like the other location, wine and beer taps, large retail. Place is clean and modern, much different than the other location. It is nice and comfortable but lacks the character of the other place Two staff members there, a bartender and a guy stocking. Both very friendly and helpful. Good tap selection... mostly local and regional with a few from farther flung regions. I had 2 from WI, 2 from Illinois, 1 from Colorado. Bottle selection quite good. Seems to have some good turnover. Easily found 2 six packs of new ticks. Tyrenana and Fair State prominent among them. Prices on the high side of reasonable, but reasonable, and you get a bit of a discount if you sign up for their free club. It's in a strip mall so parking is easy. Food is minimal but they have a cheese plate, popcorn (for cost) and they allow some random restaurant to deliver there. Overall. not worth going all the way to Menomonee Falls ,but locals will love this place, as well MKE residents like me who love the nearby 1-2 Woodman's / Costco shopping trip.“
Drake 1046 days ago
74 /100 N72 W13400 LUND LANE, SUITE A
“New place at the end of a strip mall at a good location not far off the freeway in the Falls. Half beer store, half bar with 24 micro taps. The beer store part is not large, but has a few coolers, and has a number of shelves. Most of the 6 packs are available as singles, which is terrific. The bomber selection is more limited. A more "Midwest" range of selections. The 24 taps is about 16 Midwest selections, and a mix of other stuff. Taps are available by the short pour, a normal sized pour, or (most of them) in a crowler priced in the $12-15 range. A nice way to handle. Almost a warehouse-y space, with a patio to the one side, some tables, and then the bar/bottles. Pleased to find.“
AWISLguy 1749 days ago
56 /100 W124N8145 HIGHWAY 145
“Update 11/30/19: They've changed some things. The BYO section is now smaller, clearly overlooked by the staff, and full out out of date selections. Sad. Old score was 3/7/11/12/66.

A little newer than the other Woodman’s locations I’ve been to, but the same in terms of layout and vibe. Separate alcohol section. Lots of beers, tons of locals, nothing too rare. Lots of bombers and a BYO 6 pack section had enough unusual things for someone new to town. They also have a 10/$11 deal with some shitty looking ticks. Probably never worth going out of your way for a Woodman’s, but definitely worth stopping by if you pass one while tick hunting.“
Drake 1978 days ago
78 /100 N88W15413 MAIN ST
“Not a bad place to visit from time to time. Really nice selection of imports and some single microbrews. Would like to see additional rotation of the beers in the build-a-sixpack case, which they recently scaled back to half its original size.“
Cousin_Larry 3025 days ago
70 /100 W124N8145 HIGHWAY 145
“Plenty of individual bottles with a "build-your-own six-pack" cooler (they rotate the beers frequently enough that I can usually make a good sixer every couple weeks). Also had a decent selection of imports and micros. It’s very near my house which makes it my #1 destination for beer.“
Cousin_Larry 3029 days ago
46 /100 W124N8145 HIGHWAY 145
“Ambiance: At least its not dirty Service: Crabb-ass checkout people (one of which was very rude to me on one visit). Long lines. Never really any any employees around. Selection: adequate selection. Build-a-6 section is small, half empty, and usually has junk. Value: For the most part Woodmans will have the best prices around Overall: This department seems uncared for.“
beerbaaron 3121 days ago
62 /100 W124N8145 HIGHWAY 145
“Great prices with an OK selection of local craft beers. Not a real beer stop but if your here they’ll probably have the best price on what you want.“
MIBRomeo 3432 days ago
64 /100 N88W15413 MAIN ST
“Under construction so hard to get in and out of, but near Hwy 41/45 and easy to find on the end of a strip mall. Surprised at some of the selection the first time I was in there, however, subsequent visits have had the same inventory, so they must have little craft beer turnover. Did have some nice stuff though, with a bomber section and a singles section (that was mostly WI brews).“
AWISLguy 3490 days ago
82 /100 W124N8145 HIGHWAY 145
“Probably the best or second best bottle selection in Milwaukee. Prices are tough to beat as well. Good luck trying to find someone to help you however.“
elkhunter36 3563 days ago
62 /100 W124N8145 HIGHWAY 145
“Good selection and convenient that I pass it every day. However, they will gouge you on the specialty stuff. $30 for a sixer of hopslam?! $15.99 for a 12oz bottle of double crooked tree? Ridiculous.“
demmbonz 3599 days ago
80 /100 W124N8145 HIGHWAY 145
“If you want WI beers, this is your place. Very good selection of imports and other micros as well. Comparable to any other store in Milwaukee area. I wish they had someone who really knew the beer. it is all that is missing.“
skootur 3615 days ago
80 /100 W124N8145 HIGHWAY 145
“It is a supermarket liquor department. Based on that fact alone, it’s tough to rate this against some of the high-end bottle shops I’ve been to. However, the selection and price here are pretty awesome. They may not get the ultra-rare stuff (ie CBS), but they have just about every brewery in Wisconsin covered well, and even have some older incarnations of NG Thumbprint and Unplugged. It’s a little far from my place, but it’s worth visiting if you live here. I don’t think I’d make a special trip if you’re visiting Milwaukee.“
coharahawk 3652 days ago
74 /100 W124N8145 HIGHWAY 145
“Similar to the other Woodmans though not as good as the Oak Creek location as the singles section is a little smaller. Solid beer selection with plenty of Wisconsin and micro beers and foreign options as well. Most everything is in the cooler, which is nice if you’re wanting a tasty can of suds right away to play neighboring Dretzka Park Disc Golf/ball golf course. Like other Woodmans service just isn’t there and long lines await you at checkout. The grocery store itself is large and worth shopping at, plus they have sushi something the Oak Creek store doesn’t get.“
esjaygee 3753 days ago
76 /100 W124N8145 HIGHWAY 145
“Large place with a large selection. Refrigerated part that keeps going and going. Local stuff, regional stuff, national stuff - and all in some depth with not only 2 or 3 styles/brewer. 6s, bombers, some cases. Very small section of singles. Really nice overall - probably 90% of Discount with comparable prices. I’ll go back.“
AWISLguy 3802 days ago
64 /100 N88W15413 MAIN ST
“A lot cleaner, more organized than the Cedarburg counterpart. Above average selection, knowledgeable-enough staff. Some hard to finds. Poor turnover of product.“
arkurzynski 4018 days ago
74 /100 W124N8145 HIGHWAY 145
“Very good selection across the board - local regional, national, and import beers. Ratebeer section of top beers. Prices all within range. Staff not overly knowledgeable, however.“
arkurzynski 4091 days ago
74 /100 N88W15413 MAIN ST
“A nice store that happens to have a good selection of micro brews and a handful of singles. Occasionally they have a real gem. They do serve samples of both wine and craft beer from time to time and the prices are reasonable, not discount but also not a 30min drive from me.“
MIBRomeo 4344 days ago
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