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74 /100
Otto’s Wine Cask (Beer Store)
“Nice store with a good selection of beers. Apart for the 4-6 packs some good bombers from the likes of Hopping Frog, Three Floyds etc and small cans / bottles avaible as singles, mix a sixxer for 9:95. Loads of new beers / breweries for an European, locals and from nearby states. Good service and prices. Well worth a visit.“
Camons 517 days ago
“An acquired taste. Bartenders can be, well, let's be polite and say "moody." The tavern version of the Seinfeld episode where the soup maker was just a tad intense and overly concerned about what patrons said to him. Walk up to the bar, order your beer and everything will be fine. The establishment itself is in a nice, south side neighborhood and the on-tap selection available is often outstanding and a rival to all other Milwaukee-area bars--though you will pay for the privilege to imbibe here.“
mrjaxson 561 days ago
72 /100 530 S. 2ND ST.
“Open about a week. Still has that new venue smell. Taproom in the bac past the pilot brewery. Nice setup. Big tasting room with a long bar. Customer service EXTREMELY uneven ranging from a guy who was helpful and very enthusiastic about the beers to people who clearly didn't give a shit and let me sit there for quite a while before taking my order. Beer quality generally good. Lots of styles. Prices are OK. NO FLIGHTS like the MPLS location (stupid). But 6 ounce pours for $4-5 and they are friendly with tastes. Overall worth a stop as its part of a very nice drinking neighborhood.“
Drake 574 days ago
82 /100 2020 S. ALLIS ST.
“I miss the old Enlightened. At that old place you were able to sip beer in a loading dock in an old industrial building. The new place retains the industrial vibe and the good beer. Still a hop forward brewery this place has 12 or so taps all with house beer. I tried 8 today and 7 were excellent. Bartender was helpful enough. New space is bright and open with retro games. Kind of eclectic vibe, upscale and industrial with a pool table, retro table games and some upscale touches. All in all it works. Street parking should be easy. Overall, and as with the last location, an essential MKE stop.“
Drake 575 days ago
76 /100 2018 E. NORTH AVE.
“Stopped by a few days ago. The experience started off badly. They were closed indoors for an event but allowed seating on the "patio" which was merely a line of tables along the outside wall adjacent to the sidewalk. The empty tables were dirty and remained dirty for almost half an hour as I sat there waiting for someone--anyone--to acknowledge me. Once someone finally did it got better, thankfully. Tried all five beers they had on tap. A la carte small pours are 7 ounces for $2.50-$3.50. Not bad. Candied bacon snack came out with four nice sized full slices of bacon for $6. Entrees seemed to be $12-13. So the value is there. The bacon was excellent and high quality. The beers were all good, well executed, and inventive. The only criticism is 4/5 beers were very hazy hoppy things. Too many breweries are doing that nowadays. Several beers had kicked before I got there but they were clearly marked on the menu and I suspect it was because of the large crowd at the private event inside. Once the service actually started it was good, servers were friendly, and one of my pours was comped for the inconvenience. Rough start, but good finish. Literally next door to Whole Foods which has just installed a massive bar with a tap list. I think the original Good City Brewing is also within walking distance along with several other bars. This is becoming a nice little beer-centric area. Definitely worth coming out this way.“
Drake 646 days ago
78 /100 2060 N HUMBOLDT AVE
“I like that this place got 9 ratings between Dec. 2011 and Feb. 2014, and then not one since! Been wanting to come here for a long time, finally made it. Large place, and it kinda has a sports bar feel. Ovalish bar. Not too crowded early on a Saturday evening. Two bartenders behind the bar gave friendly and efficient service. 53 taps, or, 52 for most of us. $20 one time charge gets you that 53rd tap and other benefits. The 53rd on my visit was CBS. The other 52 taps are quite good. Little macro shit, and lots of US and regional micros. I think I ticked 9 beers, and some of those breweries included Epic, Ale Asylum, Almanac, Fulton, and others. BIG knock against the place is they only allow pre-set flights. But they do freely allow samples. Food was good. Curds. Parking along Commerce St. area and there's apparrently parking under the place. But it is in a weird place. Overall, good place to pick up ticks while in MKE, and walking distance to Lakefront. I'll be back.“
Drake 757 days ago
92 /100 2599 S LOGAN AVE
“It looks like nearly every other Bay View neighborhood bar and is about the same size as its brethren (that is to say, cramped) but has one of the consistently best moderated and choreographed tap beer lineups a beer explorer is likely to come across. Nice staff, nice (young) patrons with nearly everyone seeming to arrive and depart via Uber/Lyft. While there's no food available, restaurants like Honey Pie and Crafty Cow are just a few minutes away along KK (and have nicer but smaller beer lists, too). Get a base in the vicinity then enjoy the lineup at Burnhearts.“
mrjaxson 761 days ago
64 /100 615 E. BRADY ST.
“It's an arcade. Old games, but several were out of order. And no air hockey = lame. Overly loud; don't come here for a conversation. Upstairs is a little calmer and has its own bar. Huge bar on the main floor. Not really a place for tickers. No seats at the bar and the vibe doesn't call for tasters or flights. The tap list is good with an emphasis on local. Some less common stuff. Prices solid. Pizzas available which looked solid but I didn't try. Customer service was generally friendly, but I'm marking that off because I ran into their idiotic $10 minimum for credit transactions. So basically they poured beer down the drain because I wanted to pay with a credit card; giving up product and a tip, but they would have sold it to me had I not closed my earlier tab. Weird. Overall not really a drinking stop but a good tap list. I may be back.“
Drake 764 days ago
78 /100 600 E. OGDEN AVE.
“I was last here back in late 2016 after my Contracts class final when it was Karma Bar under different ownership. The new place has kept the same decor and furniture... lots of dark wood, decent sized bar. Added are tons of board games. Solid pun-filled food menu, and the Tetris tots I got were okay. 20-ish taps with an emphasis on local and regional. Good selection and with the crowds they get I imagine a good amount of turnover. Good emphasis on mead and cider in both the draft and bottle selections. Overall prices on food and drink quite good. Friendly, nerdy bartenders. Apparently there is a downstairs I have never seen. Definite nerd bar, but a good place to come to hang out and try some new stuff.“
Drake 764 days ago
82 /100 5031 W. OKLAHOMA AVE.
“8/20/16: Large place and quite busy Saturday noonish. Maneuvering a shopping cart was quite a challenge both because of the small cramped aisles and the crowd. 3 samplings going on, one of them beer. Employees were present and friendly but passive. Beer selection is good with a few rarities. I picked up an older New Glarus limited beer and some rarer Jolly Pumpkin. Lots of bombers but very, very few small format singles. Prices about average. Overall a good stop.

1/25/19: Upgrading my score a bit. Old score 78. Selection good as always. As Elytra said below, excellent mead selection, one of the better I've seen as well. Also a good cider selection. I was there today and noticed tons of glassware giveaways all over the place (as in buy a 6-pack / bomber and get that brewery's pint glass). Decent glassware selection for purchase as well. Good clearance selection with some solid deals. Got a New Glarus Stone Soup case for $14.99. Kegerator owners... this place will refill your CO2 tanks. Overall still a great stop.“
Drake 807 days ago
“Big open place in a renovated church. Bright inside, even during a rainy afternoon. Pretty busy around 430 on a Wednesday. Staff was friendly but they’re still getting their feet wet. Getting a flight was a chore, and no one spoke to me after I was served. 11 beers on tap. Flights of 8 for $16, flights of 4 for $10 (4 oz.), $6 imperial pints. Had a flight of 8. Some were quite good (kellerbier, tripel) but others were thin and/or overly sweet. Nothing bad, and no reason to despair if your friends want to go here. Parking can be a little tight. Menu looked nice (and a bit pricy) but I did not eat. Overall, nice stop. Not worth going out of your way, but definitely worthwhile on a moderate to deep dive of the MKE scene.

Gotta upgrade this. First been here a few times now. Once with crossovert. Went there today, and man, was the beer quality better. Maybe it was because I was alittle intoxicated, but I found all five beers I tried to be very nice. Still a bit safe but all very drinkable. A pleasant surprise. But the best thing I found was I randomly came on their monthly dog event. I always give some extra points to a brewery with a resident dog, but I randomly stopped by today to find about a hundred dogs! I saw the first Irish Wolfhounds I've seen in real life and met a fantastic German Shepherd. Overall, why has this been missing from my life until now? It''s weird this is Pabst, but with the beer better + dogs, I now love this place. Despite the odd canine smells. Service was better this time too despite the crowds. Now that this is two blocks from the new MKE with a couple more rando bars in the area, this few blocks has become a destination stop. Old score was 66.“
Drake 813 days ago
78 /100 1128 N. 9TH ST.
“900th place rating! And a quality (and underrated) brewery walking distance from my apartment! Sitting here now. Big we style brewery. Small bar with one other bar style table. Cornhole, hula hoops for the kids. Comfortable vibe. Bar filled up quickly and it's the start for the tour. Gets busy. Bartender isn't the friendliest but is doing well and gave me small pours without hesitation. A good thing as they do not yet do flights. This seems to be kinda set into the brewery and a bunch of tanks are visible from the bar. There's a crowd in here. Looks like 20+ taps but no all are pouring. 16 selections now, with seasonals and limited releases. Beer quality is good. Beer to go including limited releases. 12-16 ounce pours are $5-6. Tax and tip I'm gonna get out of here for less than $14 for five ticks. No food but there is a restaurant in the same place with it's own taplist which is worth checking out. Overall they are aiming for destination brewery and they get close to the mark. Close to Pabst (better than you think) and a couple other meh places. With several dozen beers on tap and at least three place ticks, this little area is becoming a neat little destination. Nice place and worthy milestone rating. Too bad Ratebeer didn't tell me it's a milestone. @joet this makes me sad. Why do you want to make me sad Joe?“
Drake 813 days ago
72 /100 1130 N. 9TH ST.
“Happy to find a decent new-ish place in my zip code! This is located in the same building as the new MKE brewing, so when both are open you get a 2 for 1 experience. And Pabst is a few steps away. Good little hotpocket of ticks. I confirmed this business is not connected with MKE. Different ownership. Which is a bit confusing as the brewery tour starts here and there is MKE merch available. The MKE side was closed but it was visible through a garage door. Back to this place... huge and cavernous. Could easily fit hundreds. Good tap list with a local emphasis but also featuring less common stuff. Decent list of canned beers and a "sour list" with some interesting things. Food (chimmichurri and chorizo stuffed mushrooms) was okay, not great, and pricy. The beer too is pricy, looked like $6-9 for full pours. I had a $12 app and a 4-beer flight and with tip ran up a near $40 tab. Oof. Staff was friendly and helpful when asked, but generally never checked in. It was dark when I arrived but looks like it could get bright inside. Clean and modern interior with trance-like dance music going. Overall a decent stop but bring money.“
Drake 819 days ago
76 /100 5519 W. NORTH AVE
“Stopped by here yesterday. Found a street spot a couple blocks away. Bright place. Busy at 3PM. Staff was friendly though one dude was an eavesdropper and would make weird responses to my conversation with my friends. Creepy! Place is open at 5AM! Because its a coffee joint too. So maybe this is the place to end an epic night of boozing! 8 beers on tap. A couple saisons, wheat IPA, NEIPA, Gose, berliner, a sweet stout, and a variant of that stout. All were executed well and ranged from good to very good. 5 ounce samples are available for $2.50 - $3.50 or so. Overall nice stop and welcome addition to the scene!“
Drake 827 days ago
36 /100
Gilbert’s Liquor (Beer Store)
“Stopped in here a few weeks ago and forgot to tick it. Small shop. Shopkeeper was friendly but didn't offer assistance. Street parking. High prices and poor selection. Mostly six packs, few singles, plenty of out of date beer. I got nothing here and then went to Otto's up the street.“
Drake 841 days ago
92 /100 2599 S LOGAN AVE
“Wow, what a great place! Walked in alone on a crowded Saturday night. Within minutes the bouncer bought me a beer of my choice. Everyone was super friendly courteous. Free samples to help choose. Lots of breweriana. Earthy. Very fresh beer. Looking forward to returning.“
drpimento 862 days ago
42 /100 509 W WISCONSIN AVE
“Some of the bartenders are much better than others. Most of them didn't know much about beer. Don't come in here looking for good beer.“
drpimento 863 days ago
30 /100 2108 N. FARWELL AVE
“Went there based on reputation. Best beer is a Pilsner. Our server was a dick with the eye rolling and impatience. Not returning.“
drpimento 863 days ago
“Had to try Pabst at Pabst. 11 beers on tap, not only lager but different styles like sour and milkshake ipa. Worth a visit if you are around, but perhaps not a detour.“
PMgep 875 days ago
48 /100 1101 N. WATER STREET
“9/17/18 (Milwaukee): First bar hit during day trip to Milwaukee. Large bar and restaurant area, empty during mid-day Monday. Bar had many steins and other Milwaukee Brewery memorabilia which was nice. Service inattentive despite empty bar. Didn't try food, beer was OK.“
ChicagoJ 882 days ago
90 /100 2018 S. 1ST STREET #207
“Eagle Park was in the exact location, so it's got that same awesome vibe. You get buzzed in at the outside door and climb an awesomely industrial stairway into an awesomely industrial building. The tasting room itself is small and comfortable. Small bar, a few tables.Industrial, some wood. 9 beers on tap. The 5 I tried (2 x sour, 3x hoppy) were all very nice. Flight of 4 for $10. Cool 16 ounce crowlers which are priced at the price for a full pour, and 10% discount if you get four. Somehow my bill was a little less than I expected so maybe the 10% was applied to the flight as well? No food, but free popcorn. An essential stop as this one building has two breweries, a distillery, a cafe/bakery, a chocolatier, and who knows what else. Parking is fine, but UBER HERE!“
Drake 962 days ago
46 /100 4163 N. 76TH ST.
“Randomly drove by this place. Reminiscent of the other Otto's locations but not as nice. Good beer selection with lots of regional stuff. The knock here is no beer singles other than a few bombers. Prices are solid. Parking lot is big enough but you take your life in your hands. Staff present in the beer area and offered help. Overall not worth stopping by unless you're in the area.“
Drake 962 days ago
58 /100 100 E. CAPITOL DRIVE
“It's a coop. Picture a tiny all-natural store. Heavy on the granola (figuratively and literally). Friendly staff. Small beer selection with seasonals, but no small format singles. I got a couple of groceries but then went elsewhere for beer. Kinda pricy.“
Drake 986 days ago
86 /100 2200 W. MT. VERNON STREET
“Great facility. I was told it is the former city gaslight business. Nicely restored bricjwork incorporating the City Lights logo and presence. The brews (available in flights) and good to exceptional. The waitstaff was attentive and knowledgeable. Warm friendly atmosphere. Worth a stop from anywhere.“
rondphoto 998 days ago
76 /100 909 E. LOCUST STREET
“The legend of Black Husky is it started in a built-by-the-brewer log cabin in the woods of northern Wisconsin. You don't need to know any of that back story when visiting this recently constructed Riverwest neighborhood brewery because it has much of the same disheveled look and feel of a northwoods original. And, call me crazy, it all works. Twelve taps were up and running last Saturday afternoon and the dog-friendly place (one was behind the bar providing moral support for those serving the beer!) was hopping with a nicely loud crowd. The day was too hot to enjoy the small patio. While still favoring the high ABV varieties, the brewery had a <4% radler and a <5% weiss for those seeking a lighter buzz. Parking around here is a bit of a challenge, but it's worth the effort.“
mrjaxson 999 days ago
82 /100 811 E. VIENNA AVE.
“Did a Milwaukee east side brewery triple stop on Saturday afternoon and the group liked Gathering Place beer and beer vibe the best of the three. All 12 taps fired up with in-house brews that were all over the style map so plenty from which to choose. Bartenders happy to talk up the offerings and offer free tastes. Super-amusing beer menu gave entertaining AND informative run-downs of the beers available. Ryed of the Valkyries (three malted ryes and Pakko hops) was my favorite. A taster tray of five 6-oz glasses for $12 was the afternoon's steal of a deal. Otherwise, glasses are $3 and $6 with growlers at $15. Brewery shares an industrial building with an architectural design firm that clearly has lent a hand with the brewery's seating area and wall designs. Seating for about 50. A few carryout items in a cooler. Not the easiest place to locate (tucked into a mixed-use neighborhood a mile west of UW-Milwaukee campus with just a small sign above door), but well worth finding and supporting.“
mrjaxson 1001 days ago
64 /100 3476 N. OAKLAND AVE.
“First time visit on July 1. Not overly impressive as far as the interior/exterior of the building goes. Nice craft beer selection and pretty reasonable prices, too. Service was adequate but not overly friendly.“
tochlem54 1005 days ago
82 /100 5905 S. HOWELL
“Been meaning to come here for a while. Old school, dark wood, feels like an English pub. 27 taps. Friendly staff. Efficient and prompt. 27 taps, 26 of them full of regional micros. A few Hofbrau-like international brews. I snagged Bells Baltic Porter which seemed to be the rarest beer on tap. Lots of seasonals. Beer served pretty well and line seems clean. Food menu (pizza and burgers) looks nice. Everything is reasonably priced. Overall a nice stop. If I ever got down here I'd be here often.“
Drake 1011 days ago
76 /100 1872 N. COMMERCE ST.
“A great looking building with a fun atmosphere that gets crowded very quickly. The food and beer were both pretty good, but not exceptional. If you dont mind dealing with alot of people, I would recommend a visit when in Milwaukee“
randy1969 1021 days ago
36 /100
Metro Market (Grocery Store)
“This is being a Milwaukee beer geek. More than 7 years since the last rating of this place. But, Bootus got it right back in 2011, and well, his score is probably too high. As a beer store, this is bottom of the barrel. Huge BYO six pack section, but everything was triple faced and everything was common. Only thing I saw here I hadn't seen elsewhere was some oddball Sprecher. Neat. As for the rest of the place, as Bootus said, "It's a grocery store." That sums it up, but to be fair the prepared foods selection is nice. They have some beer taps and a small bar, but all of the selections were very common. Picture a BMC tap + 7 core beers from local breweries. Not even really worth it for a local. but I was nearby, so...“
Drake 1051 days ago
“Well, they left the old digs and took over the old Like Minds place. They layout is the same as Like Minds, but gone are the barrels and they have been replaced with tables and a kitchen. More open vibe now. More laid back too with classic rock playing and music posters. 20 taps but only 11 beers and 1 guest kombucha pouring when I visited. Still the same flight as before, 3 for $10, but they may be 5 ounce pours now. I am devastated they are no longer doing the old 16 ounce crowlers, but they still do 32 ounce crowlers for $2-3 over the pint price. Pints are a little pricy. Beer quality was solid. One was disappointing, one was outstanding, and the rest were above average and enjoyable. Enjoying a freshly filled crowler now which is quite nice. Beer for everyone here. Lots of experimentation (tropical fruit Berliner, guava wheatwine) but some straightforward stuff as well. The brunch menu looked awesome, but I did not eat. The place was absolutely mobbed at 5pm the Sunday before Memorial Day. Many people were outside before the huge thunderstorm came through. Two bartenders were absolutely working their asses off with the crowd but remained pleasant and helpful the whole time. I'd hire them. Plenty of parking. Overall, I don't love this place as much, but that's just me. Still a great stop with great beer. I'm not changing the score. Rating for the old location follows.

YMMV, but I absolutely loved this place. In the same building as Enlightened Brewing Co., and both are solid breweries, so worth coming here. This is the first time I’ve had to be buzzed into a brewery. Look for the glass door to the left of Enlightened and press the call box with the Eagle Park brewery. I loved the building. It’s a century old warehouse that’s been converted into small spaces that house several businesses, including a distillery and bar and (from the smell of the hallway) some kind of spice business. The building retains some of its more industrial touches, as does the brewery taproom. Small but comfortable. Friendly crowd at 645 on a Saturday night. Customer service was excellent. Flights of 3 x 7 oz. for $10. They also do 4 packs of 16 ounce crowlers for $16, and they allowed me to get four different styles. Overall the beer is excellent. Interesting and well executed. The only danger I think is they seem to like experimentation so they might end up with a bunch of odd beers and nothing normal. But on my visit I tried a solid porter, saison, and IPA, so anyone should be able to find something to drink. Free popcorn and there is a restaurant that delivers. Worth seeking out this place. Rating: 88.“
Drake 1051 days ago
72 /100
Camino (Restaurant)
434 S. 2ND ST.
“Nice place. Small, brick, grill right behind the bar. My kind of vibe. Fairly busy early on a Saturday evening, but we found a table easily. Cheese curds were tasty. Good beer list, and I found a few new ticks. Less common stuff, decent bottle selection. Server was a little overly efficient and not all that friendly. Decent prices. Will probably be back.“
Drake 1058 days ago
60 /100
Milwaukee Public Market (Grocery Store)
“Been here a few times. Cool place, but not quite a beer destination. Lots of shops selling all kinds of wares. Several restaurant venues, some with beer, some without. I've been tempted to buy a bottle to go once, but didn't. Nothing earth-shattering on tap anywhere, and for my taste, I'd prefer to get these ticks at a brewery or a bar. That being said, this is a cool place for lunch or to shop.“
Drake 1183 days ago
78 /100 1110 N OLD WORLD 3RD ST
“I have visited this place on a few occasions over the past few years. Mostly during the off-seasons of cold weather. Overall, the beer selection is solid and whatever they offer at a given time. Service is prompt and decent. Really cool setting on the river with huge windows overlooking. some outside seating as well.“
Terminus 1185 days ago
76 /100
Cafe Centraal (Restaurant)
“I dont understand the low ratings for this place, i have been here on 3 occasions and have had nothing but solid service and food each time. Beer list is great, focusing on local breweries and belgians. Very nice list of bottles that its for sure. Food is great, had a very nice sandwich. Cant go wrong with this place if you are going to spend some time in the Bayview area.“
Terminus 1185 days ago
78 /100 233 N WATER
“I have visited this place a couple times in the past few years on different trips to Milwaukee. Overall, i really dig this place for different reasons. The house brewed beers are pretty decent from my experience. THye have quite a few guest taps as well of various quality. Lots of wood much like other Wisconsin/Milwaukee bars in general and thats not a bad thing. I would recommend this place as a 2nd tier in terms of places to visit if you have a few days in Milwaukee.“
Terminus 1185 days ago
86 /100
Cafe Benelux (Restaurant)
“Another awesome place in the south downtown district (cant remember what the area is called) Really cool place with a rooftop balcony for seating during the warm months. the main bar area is full of unique nostalgia on the walls. Nice bar layout with ample seating. Food is great, beer selection is great-a fantastic place if you are in downtown Milwaukee.“
Terminus 1185 days ago
90 /100 2599 S LOGAN AVE
“Fantastic spot in Bayview. My friends and I sort of stumbled upon this place a couple years ago and go back everytime we are in town. Amazing tap selection, focusing on rare hard to find Wisconsin brews. Unique layout, like many bars in this area, its basically a converted house to bar. Quite awesome. It gives you that homey midwest feeling. A MUST stop if you have some time in Milwaukee.“
Terminus 1185 days ago
76 /100 342 E WARD STREET
“Updated rating 9/14/19. They are now open 5 days a week and they have taps. 10 or so on tap. We tried three today, all solid and all interesting. These guys are still in business (somehow) and they seem to be improving. Taproom was oddly and uncomfortably hot though. Prices reasonable. These guys are getting interesting. Score will go up. Old score was 72. Score will go up even as ambiance takes a hit.

Mixed feelings about this place. Neighborhood vibe. Found easy street parking, but the place wasn't too busy. This is the fourth time they've been open . . . ever. They plan to go to two weekends again soon. Comfortable place, dark, steel, long bar with several tables. Brewery visible in the back. Bartenders were friendly and totally into the Lebowski themed party they were having. We had bartenders dressed as Walter and the Dude. Friendly and knowledgeable about the beer. Speaking of the beer... it was mixed. No taps, everything was poured from bottles. Bottles to go, pricy, Pours were $6-8. No flights, but I was able to do half pours, 2 for the price of one. Four beers tried, from two base beers. The one non-barrel aged one was easily the best. The other three had minor flaws, and could have been much better executed. This place has promise. But a place that makes barrel aging its business model makes me skeptical. No room for error, and they are making some errors. Overall, worth a stop if you're randomly in town when they deign to be open. These guys have promise, and I'll stop by again if they expand their opening hours. But viewing the business model, these guys may be in for a rude awakening. Original review 10/28/2017.“
Drake 1262 days ago
80 /100 5031 W. OKLAHOMA AVE.
“Stopped here with Virby44. Basically a large discrete liquor store like any other place in the US. Huge aisle of craft beers with Belgian and Americans. Breweries include Toppling Goliath and 18th Century on the IPA end and other great Belgians such as Girardin Black label. Prices are reasonable - $9 for a bomber of Pseudosue, $13-14 for a 4 pack of 18th St NE IPA, Staff was hospitable and offered to help at every turn. Ambiance is simple, light music in the background and a bunch of liquor everywhere.“
jc1762 1266 days ago
82 /100 2638 N. DOWNER AVE.
“I was impressed, nice bottle shop. Talked with the owner for a bit, he showed us around, everything is very organized. Awesome cooler full of Surly and lots of local stuff. Make-a-six was a great selection, we built a couple of sixers. Wish I had more time and money, could have spent our vacation funds there. If we go back, I'll be sure to stop by again.“
jandd1983 1277 days ago
74 /100
The Rumpus Room (Restaurant)
“Stopped in on a Friday evening, good crowd. They are a little pricey, so we only had one and left. Staff was great, tried a few samplers, and they had a few of my locals on tap. Worth a stop if in the area.“
jandd1983 1277 days ago
52 /100 1101 N. WATER STREET
“Stopped in on a Saturday afternoon. Little crowded, but plenty of room. We didn't try any food, looked ok what we saw. As others have said, not the best service, beers were ok. Lots of other places to visit in the area.“
jandd1983 1277 days ago
“Stopped in on a Thursday evening. Big place, lots of seating. As mentioned, cool spot on the river walk. We walked along the river walk after we ate, nice view up and down the river walk. They had about 10 beers of their own on tap, we tried a couple of samplers, all were decent. Food was really good. Decent place to check out.“
jandd1983 1277 days ago
84 /100 505 S. 5TH ST
“Stopped in on a Saturday evening. Nice crowd, plenty of room to move in and out of the brewery. Plenty of bartenders, took care of us pretty quickly. Ordered a sampler, all were good. Didn't notice any food, but plenty of places to eat nearby. Worth a stop if in the area.“
jandd1983 1279 days ago
62 /100 233 N WATER
“Stopped in on a Saturday afternoon, a little crowded. We sat at the bar, bartender was a little busy, but was able to make it around to us. We tried a sampler, all were decent. Had to wait out the rain so we had a few more samples. Nice big space with plenty of seating for groups or individuals. We didn't try any food, saw a few plates go by and they looked pretty good. Decent place to check out.“
jandd1983 1279 days ago
56 /100 4000 WEST STATE STREET
“Visited on a Friday afternoon. There were 12 of us in our group, was nice. Plenty of parking, nice gift shop and a decent movie prior to taking the tour. Most of the tour is outside, so be prepared for the weather. The brewhouse climb was ok, a little warm once up the 56 steps, but worth it. We were given three samples after the tour, was surprised by the amount of beer in each glass, not complaining. Worth the admission price, free.“
jandd1983 1279 days ago
72 /100 1872 N. COMMERCE ST.
“Stopped in a Saturday afternoon, really crowded. Plenty of picnic tables, so similar to a German beer hall. We grabbed a sampler and some cheese curds, both were really good. Parking could be dicey, but still easy to find a spot. Worth a stop if in the area.“
jandd1983 1279 days ago
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