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100 /100 2810 GOLF RD
“The 100 beers club is great. Always something new to try that I’ve never had before. The staff is friendly,nice little place inside of a hotel.“
jenny_timmers31 1521 days ago
78 /100
Rox Bar & Grill (Restaurant)
“I didn’t order any food but the beer selection was pretty good and the bar was clean and well staffed. They were willing to put hockey on the TV for me as well. No complaints at all. I look forward to leaving a more comprehensive review next visit. UPDATE: Happy hour every day at 2pm to 7pm except Monday and Tuesday it’s 2pm to bar close. Game changer. $3 anything on tap. Upgraded value rating accordingly.“
ImperialRed 2759 days ago
72 /100 1256 CAPITOL DRIVE
“I like this place. Always something different available every time Im there. Some ransom deals here and there. Not a huge selection but theres always good stuff. Cozy I guess is the nice way to put it. Owner is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Other staff Ive seen always ask if Im looking for something in particular.“
beerbaaron 3001 days ago
74 /100 2810 GOLF RD
“A nice little bar in the country springs hotel with a wide selection of bottled beer that rotates on a monthly basis. Mostly Midwestern micro brews with a few other treats thrown in. The quality in the group is hit or miss depending on rotation. The last time I was in they had some great bottles from victory and bells that I enjoyed. The service was good, the food OK, but I just tried a couple apps.“
MIBRomeo 3156 days ago
64 /100 1256 CAPITOL DRIVE
“This is probably 5 minutes from my house, and I’ve been there a couple times. The owner is very friendly and he has a decent assortment of brews, but the prices just make it difficult for me to buy there. I am tempted to pick up some of those signs and mirrors, though!“
Ughsmash 4845 days ago
62 /100 1256 CAPITOL DRIVE
“New place, opened just before Christmas. Clean & bright, but small. Not so many micros, although an ecclectic scattering with mostly Midwestern & European. Owner is knowledgeable and very friendly; wants to sell you from his collection of tappers & mirrors, etc ... The need to cater to a range of things (macros/micros/wine/spirits) and the sheer lack of size, I think limits it. Update - there are more micros and europeans than a while back. He seems to go through a range of stuff, probably based on shelf size. I have seen Rogue, Stone, many WI brews, STier, etc ... If you discuss not seeing something with him, he’s ordered it.“
AWISLguy 5110 days ago
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