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52 /100 10936 SHERIDAN RD
“Never been in here when it’s busy; and that’s probably a good thing. I was here last in October, and it’s not a place I’d go out of the way to visit. Tap beer was warm, service was lacking, and prices made it feel like I was in Illinois.“
LabRat0369 2524 days ago
78 /100 10936 SHERIDAN RD
“This place is very similiar to the other two Mikes establishments. Nice decor and a great beer selection with proper glassware. Can be very smoky on weekends. The food is limited to Pizzas (not frozen) which are decent. Big selection of bottles, I enjoyed a Three Floyds Dark Lord on my last visit. They even get Westy’s in from time to time.“
kmeves 4640 days ago
70 /100 10936 SHERIDAN RD
“A good bar at the state line in the country. A new place with many flat-screens and video gambling machines. A tap list that included Bear Republic Racer 5, Chimay White, and Brugges Zot. But this place is about the bottles and they have a nice selection, if you want to pay that much for stuff in the bottle. They have NG, Stone, Bells, Bear, and many WI beers. Food options consisted of pizza (you get a free one if you drink 10 beer’s of the day) and other bar fare. If you drink the 99 beers you will be entered into the trip to Jamaica. A very nice place and very much influenced by BA.“
redlem 4865 days ago
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