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“This place has great beers. Many styles.“
Skid1Gar 2091 days ago
“If you get a chance to visit this brewery, I think you will be surprised. Brewery, museum and brewpub all in one location. I only visited the lower level of the museum. Seemed to be doing a great business. Beers were very drinkable. Service and prices were excellent.“
RobertDale 2735 days ago
“Awesome historic brewery and great tap room in a secluded valley in SW Wisconsin. Great service. 8 house taps. Museum on site. Flights available.“
BVery 2918 days ago
“Very nice layout,its like a little mini miller valley but better.You just see preseverd history here,nicely resurrected brewery here. I went last year and they were still doing construction. This place is a great destination,as well as picking up some New Glarus beer since your in Wisconsin.Good food service was good,beers on tap didnt seem par to want is offered in bottles though,young maybe unknowlegable staff. I liked seeing the running water under a see through window on the floor as you walk into the brewpub area,telling you its what the beer is made from. This is a fun place ,you can walk around shop go to the musem,enjoy drinking/eating outdoors on the patio if you want as well as visit the gift shop which was a little pricey. Fun journey to a brewery.“
jmohno 3081 days ago
“Very mixed experience here which I guess is reflected in the score. My wife and I stopped in mainly for lunch. The facility and museum are very nice and someone has sunk a bunch of money into the place. We got to the restaurant/bar and was told there would be at least a 30 minute wait despite some tables being unoccupied. Well OK, so we checked out the museum and gift shop which were interesting. Went back to the restaurant, were seated fairly promptly, got our drinks, placed our orders, waited. and waited, and waited. Although we had only ordered a brat and a hamburger, everyone else in the place had been served and the place was half empty before we got our food. Clearly the server had dropped the ball. Anyway our quick lunch ended up lasting 2 and a half hours, most of which was sitting and looking at the decor. Finally our food arrived - overcooked! The manager comped our meal which was very nice, but I still can’t recommend this place. Anyway the beers were pretty standard and I liked the oatmeal stout . We weren’t offered a sampler nor was it on the menu. My wife had root beer which was excellent. The food, though overcooked, was still pretty good.“
Rando7 3689 days ago
“A first class facility with a brewiana museum that made my mouth water. It even included a full room library of books exclusively devoted to beer! Paying $7 will let you see floors #2 and 3 or the museum with floor #1 being free. Great gift shop and restaurant which served all the brews on tap. It’s definitely worth the trip.“
dekester1 3912 days ago
“Originally stopped by this place just because I randomly saw the sign on the interstate, and now their beers are popping up all over my home area back in the QC.

It was a REALLY nice place inside. Sort of lodge like. I’m curious how they can afford all that and stay in business! It’s a bit weird to get to... in this small, dumpy town and then all the sudden - BAM - a big brewery and museum.

Our bartender was awesome. I just wanted a growler and she offered me all kinds of samples and was super prompt, knowledgeable, and nice.

Basically just their stuff on tap and in bottles.

Didn’t try any food - just stopped by to get a growler.

Average brewpub type prices.

Overall, definitely stop by if you happen to be in the area. It’s a nice place with some decent brews.“
drowland 3960 days ago
“I really liked the whole location and layout of this place, they did a good job of combining a somewhat sterile (though very nice and well constructed) feeling bar area with the fairly rustic surroundings. The hop trellaces outside were a nice touch, it would be cool if they expanded on those a bit and maybe brewed a special beer with them.... Museum area was really cool, lots of historical brewerainia and information, I could spend hours and hours in there. Actually, I guess we did. I only walked through the giftshop on the way to the museum, but it seemed very well stocked. Service was friendly and punctual, but they were training a drove of teenagers to be servers there, so they were not likely to be the most knowledgeable. My entree was good, the appetizers and soup were great. Beer is good, fairly standard stuff, but all solid, even the pale "lager"(it’s listed here as a pale lager, on their site they call it an ale, to me it tastes like a California Common) or whatever it is. Prices were pretty reasonable, $7 bought a sampler with 7 beers and their root beer, I think pints were $5 or $6 and the food prices were o.k. Value was good, not the most super-over-the-top-excitorama stuff but I enjoyed the experience and history thoroughly. I should mention that it is pretty close to a couple other beery destinations, namely New Glarus, so if you are in the area for something else I would definitely reccomend it. Try the Beer and Cheese Soup... fantastic.“
fidelis83 4237 days ago
“Made a road trip to this place yesterday. Beware of detours! It is a neat place with some good beer, excellent service, ok food, and breweriana up the wazoo. Upon entering you can sign the guestbook then go left into the pub area, go right to get a view of an old tunnel decked out with old brewery equipment, or go straight ahead into the gift shop where they stock every possible kind of breweriana ever thought of. Outside they have a beer garden and a view of the spring which is their source of water for the brewery. The beers are a well made pale lager, a malty amber, a strong oatmeal stout, an IPA, a bock, and some other varieties as able. Fun place! Look forward to returning.“
drpimento 4250 days ago
“This is a historic brewery in a tiny town that had sat idle for many years. It was renovated and now exists as a brewpub/restaurant and a brewerania museum. They generally have five of their own bees on tap. the ones I sampled were all decent. Nothing earth shattering, mind you, but easy drinking, enjoyable microbrews nonetheless. They offer a sampler and serve growlers. They also plan to sell bombers in the future. The museum is prety cool. As I recall, it was $7 to tour the top two floors. You can browse the ground floor of the museum for free.“
GeneralGao 4565 days ago
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