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70 /100 231 S MAIN STREET
“Stopped in while staying overnight in Verona and tried a flight. They have a bice taproom and some outside seating. Bartender was friendly and the place was comfortable and unassuming. Beers were all decent - one DIPA that I really liked.Worth a stop.“
BeerdedDave 132 days ago
80 /100 957 LIBERTY DRIVE
“Visited early February, 2019 with Mrs. Owl and some family after hitting the two breweries in town. We had a friendly and prompt waitress, though we didn't ask any beer questions to test knowledge - we knew what we wanted. I liked that they have their taplist online (BeerMenus) and we had already chosen what we wanted by the time we walked in the door, basically. Both couples got pasta and we shared some cheese bread and really enjoyed everything! It soaked up all the beer from the breweries and was tasty. They have a pretty good craft beer selection to boot, which is partially why we chose it. We'll be back!“
drowland 986 days ago
80 /100 231 S MAIN STREET
“Visited early February, 2019 with Mrs. Owl and family because we were in town for a beer event at Wisconsin Brewing Company. Hop Haus is a smaller joint, quaint with a wooden bar, tables and booths. Only one bartender and he was friendly and knew about the beers. They appeared to have some food, popcorn you can munch or even some fried bar food, but we didn't try any. Perhaps just the day and clientele, but it had a bit of a sports bar vibe - lots of people watching basketball, etc. Decent beers, definitely better than Wisconsin Brewing Co. if you're in town to try beers and only have one choice. I also enjoyed that they had a ton of random variety on tap that you can't find in stores, so I got lots of new rates. If we were passing through town, we'd probably stop in, definitely here over WBC at least. One cool thing is if you order a flight, you get to fill out a postcard to send to someone, the brewery sends it to them, and then they get a discount or something. Neat!“
drowland 986 days ago
70 /100 1079 AMERICAN WAY
“Visited early February 2019 with Mrs. Owl and some family for the Cupid's Envy/Cupid's Revenge release. Nice enough place! Big, clean, bright, lots of cement and metal. They had the whole joint open for this event with some food options, bottle pick up, etc. They have plenty of space, high top tables, and a pretty big bar. Staff was friendly and knew about the beers. It's a nice place, good to visit, but very mediocre beer. We may be back if passing through town just because we're there, but it's not going to be a destination anytime soon.“
drowland 986 days ago
82 /100 1079 AMERICAN WAY
“We had a very nice experience here. We were behind the doors 2pm just to realize that they’ll open 3pm on Fridays. We were just about to walk back when we were invited in. Really friendly guy gave us a short introduction and me a flight of 13 beers (all beers on tap). Later the brewmaster came to talk with us. The beers were from good to excellent. No food available. There is also a shop where you can buy some merchandise. Surely on our agenda next time we’re in Madison area.“
rosenbergh 1814 days ago
88 /100 1079 AMERICAN WAY
“In a secluded area with outdoor seating available, this is a super nice brewery. Flights of 4 ($6) or 12 ($16) available. Friendly bar staff who were helpful in giving us more info about the brewery. Can’t wait to go back.“
GranvilleTim 1962 days ago
64 /100 950 KIMBALL LANE
“Huge modern place just off the highway. Central large bar and tons of tables on multiple levels. Flights available, beers were OK, but nothing to write home about. Didn’t try the food. Friendly and helpful barman had recommendations for other beery things in the area. An OK stop.“
Travlr 2271 days ago
70 /100 1079 AMERICAN WAY
“(Visited 08/2014): Wisconsin Brewing Company is located just outside of Madison in Verona. The brewery is on American Way not too far off 18, and there is parking available on multiple sides of the building.

There is outdoor seating, including chairs overlooking a pond. The inside opens to a large high-ceilinged tasting room. Large windows allow views both outside and into the brewery. There is a standing bar toward the rear for service. A small room is devoted to merch and to-go beers.

The beer selection at WBC numbers 11, with the beers conveniently numbered. On our visit this included flagship beers from a Vienna, IPA, Porter, Maibock and Saison, plus a couple special offerings like #005.5 (India Pale Pale Bock), Blister In The Sun, and Common Thread. A sampler flight is available. The beers are all pretty middling on the whole, with nothing standing out as particularly good or bad.

Service at the bar on a weekday afternoon was good. The bartenders were attentive and explained the beers.

WBC does not serve food.

All in all this is a nice place to stop due to the ambiance (outside at least), but is not really a destination based on the strength of the beers alone.“
Dogbrick 2511 days ago
82 /100
Verona Wine Cellar (Beer Store)
“Was staying in Verona and thought id check this place out. Rick was super helpful, provided recommendations, shared a beer, and broke up a 6 pack so I could give Yokel a try. Tons of local beers, got a few nice O'so and NG Thumbprint beers. I will definitely be back when in the area.“
XmnwildX12 2634 days ago
50 /100 1079 AMERICAN WAY
“There for the Isthmus pre-party. Big beautiful brewery that can be seen from the tap room. Sterile atmosphere. Many tap handles. With a total of four beers to choose from. They younger people working there were very nice. It was easy to get a beer in spite of the crowd. Beer was mediocre at best“
ck1 2826 days ago
64 /100 1079 AMERICAN WAY
“When they said they were going big, they didn’t lie. This place is large and situated on a nice pond in an industrial park. The tasting room is enclosed in glass so you can see the entire brewing operation and large tanks in the background. There were a lot of tap handles but since it opened recently only 4 varieties were on tap. They didn’t have samplers yet but gave me decent size pours of each to try. Service was decent. They don’t offer food but you can bring your own it. A large screen TV is in the bar so you can catch the game if it’s on. I imagine I’ll get back here when they get settled in and (hopefully) start brewing some one-offs.“
esjaygee 2901 days ago
74 /100
Verona Wine Cellar (Beer Store)
“Great litle place. Good if you want a unique selection of beers. I’m not much of a wine drinker, so I can’t comment on that aspect. There beer selection is small, but they hardly have any domestics. Basically all micros.“
kkleu357 2929 days ago
86 /100
Verona Wine Cellar (Beer Store)
“Small store with a pretty good bottle, bomber and six/twelve pack selection. Service was very good, got a free 12 oz. bottle and prices were very good. Very good store and great service, will be back some time.“
wlajwl 2947 days ago
56 /100 950 KIMBALL LANE
“Visited 10/9/2010 after New Glarus on the way to Madison. Sampled 10 beers.

Large place with lots of open tables when I got there. I saw a lot of minivans with kids getting getting out all dressed up. I was told that it was homecoming at the local high school. A couple of cute soccer moms were present though. It also turned out that this was the anniversary of the brewpub.

I sat at the bar and ordered a flight. There were two bartenders helping me out. Both were nice and attentive but neither knew much about the beer. Actually I was the only one at the bar drinking the house beer, not a good sign. Oh well.

The beer itself was pretty much all bad. All the basic styles were represented (pale, light, red, and porter) along with some slightly more unusual styles (sour, fruit beer).

Didn’t try the food, I didn’t want to risk it being as bad as the beer.

Nice place, reasonable prices, but as far as a beer destination there is a reason no one has reviewed any of the beers.“
t0rin0 3031 days ago
58 /100
The Klassik Tavern (Restaurant)
“Great walleye and lake perch fish fry. Takes reservations. Not much of a beer selection, but Great Lake’s Burning River, nice.“
triguy84 3566 days ago
68 /100 950 KIMBALL LANE
“A great log building, large outdoor patio, wonderful setting. Decent fish fry, wood fired pizza oven. The beers are just ok. Some times there will be a wonderful IPA, cheery or bourbon barrel stout.“
triguy84 3583 days ago
38 /100 950 KIMBALL LANE
“Perhaps this is a nice place to grab a meal and a sampler but my visit was probably the worst trip I’ve ever had to a brewpub and I wasn’t even there long. The bartender insulted my wife several times, berated her for asking questions, got mad when we didn’t order any food and was just an asshat pretty much the entire time. Maybe he was having a bad day, but I had no need to stick around and order anything else with that attitude. Given the excellent options in the area, it will be awhile before I get back here to order my sampler of their mediocre product.“
esjaygee 3633 days ago
100 /100
Verona Wine Cellar (Beer Store)
“Great store with wonderful helpful owners!“
Denger 3821 days ago
80 /100
Verona Wine Cellar (Beer Store)
“I’m out in this small Wisconsin town, training for Epic certification, and where you do you think I’m going to go? Well, to Verona Wine Cellar -- that’s where! Great service. The owner was a standout guy; he couldn’t have been more nice. The selection isn’t the best, but Nick knows how to pack a punch -- that’s for sure. Bells, New Glarus, Tyranena, and other great Wisconsin beers are represented here. He even had a decent selection of Three Floyds, Great Lakes, etc. here to keep me fairly happy. I wish he had more of a single bottle selection, but I walked away with more than what I was expecting. We even set up a future trade, considering I’ll be back in a month for more training. Great place to find in such a desolate town.“
CheersMate 3862 days ago
56 /100 950 KIMBALL LANE
“One of the few "brewpubs" in my local area, stopped in to check it out one night with some friends. Service was pretty awful, food was marginal and the beer was ok. The best part about the night was the acoustic duo they had playing. I’ll go back to support my local guys but this place has awesome potential if they trained their people a little better.“
tastebud 4025 days ago
84 /100
Verona Wine Cellar (Beer Store)
“Nice place, clean and organized. Good selection, 10 total cooler doors. Great selection of WI beers. Owner was knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to. They had some things you won’t see everywhere, otherwise a nice selection for a small town beer stop.“
tastebud 4025 days ago
62 /100 950 KIMBALL LANE
“About 10 minutes south of the beltline, the place was in a rather residential area, and walking in I can only describe the atmosphere as that of an after-ski lodge somewhere in Colorado. Place was large, with an upstairs area that becomes a club/dance area on weekends. Sports on the TVs, and the standard glass walled brewing area. Lots of seats at the bar, daily specials on food and drinks. I went on a Tuesday, and they had this raffle thing where if you order a drink from the bar, you can reach in and pull out a strip of paper that tells you how much you owe. I drew the $1 beer one. Beer selection was rather pedestrian, but they give you a 9 beer sampler for only like $7, I think. Food was decent, though I only had appetizers. A little better selection than typical bar food, but they are definitely a bar first and restaurant second. Staff was friendly, though I was mad the bartender didn’t tell me it was $1 taco night. Worth a visit, but don’t go out of your way to get here.“
Scubatrip 4554 days ago
42 /100 950 KIMBALL LANE
“I really want to like the place as it is the closest brew-pub to my house but the beer consistently doesn’t cut it. Tried all nine of their offerings several times and can’t find one worth asking for. Have returned quarterly since grand opening to see if any better - no such luck. The facility is awesome and could really take off if they didn’t force customers to drink their swill. The only option is Miller Lite (not an option for micro-brew enthusiasts) or highballs.“
madrider 4934 days ago
60 /100 950 KIMBALL LANE
“Was here on May 15th. The place looks pretty new--tile floors, two levels, fandcy looking with plenty of wood for a Bass Pro or Cabelas feel. Music wasn’t too loud. They had 9 beers on tap, eight sodas to choose from for the kids. Staff pretty much sucked on the slow Tuesday I was there, pretty much having to flag them down to get anything while I was sitting at the bar. The two staff that I did talk to didn’t really know a thing about the beer. Food was pretty decent even though they didn’t give me ketchup or silverware. The price of the food was about on par with The Olive Garden. Beer was fair for a brewpub. Might have to come again some time to see if anything’s gotten better.“
iowaherkeye 5274 days ago
48 /100 950 KIMBALL LANE
“Still have just the regular selection of Gray’s beers. It has a very corporate/chain restraunt feel. Lots of seating for the dining room area, but not much for the bar, which is unusual for a brewpub. Quite busy the Friday night I was there. I’m in no hurry to go back, but I’ll keep an eye out for any new beers they produce. “
Pjones6738 5454 days ago
62 /100 950 KIMBALL LANE
“This must have opened in the last two weeks since last time I went by they were still doing finishing touches. There are flat panel HD televisions well placed so you won’t miss a second of a Badger game.

It looks very nice and modern on the inside - very open and bright. Their style is "American Bonfire grill" which seems to imply brick oven pizzas, burgers and Southwest fare. The food was excellent and reasonably priced.

Eight taps were available on tap. They were all standard Gray’s fare though I assume this will change once the brewer gets up and running. They will be offering one-off experimentals in addition to standard Gray’s beers. I’ll have to check back in a few weeks to see what is offered.“
Brigadier 5483 days ago
66 /100
Verona Wine Cellar (Beer Store)
“Stopped by here on a whim on the way home from a night out. It deals mostly in wine; the beer takes up only about six glass fronts along one wall. Selection was not amazing but there were more options than your average beer store - suprises that stood out were Medoncino, a nice selection of Founders, Old Chub in cans and Dale’s Pale Ale. Otherwise, most things are available at other stores in the area but the prices are quite competitive. They carried Avery (The Reverend, Maharaja, the Beast, the Czar, several six packs), Lake Louie, New Glarus (at among the best price for Belgian Red I’ve seen in the area), Bells and Big Sky. The owner was very helpful; this is a shop I may stop in at every once in a while on a beer run. For those visiting from out of town, you should be able to hit it in a loop along with Woodman’s West Side location, Steve’s Liquor and More and Brennan’s.“
Brigadier 5667 days ago