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96 /100 27 OSUGI-CHO
“Trying to set the record straight with JapanTony, as I was part of that group. Re seating: There are also 3 large tables in the center of the pub which will hold at least 18+ Re counter seating: You only block traffic if you’ve had too much and won’t stay seated. Re beer selection: This is Two Rabbits brew pub. Of course it is a full menu of their beers. Re 480ml pints: The glasses are 480ml. Japan does not require a fill line like England. Many customers prefer a head on their beer. If you can’t get them to pour as you like, vote with your feet instead of berating the staff in bad Japanese. ¥800 for a pint of good craft beer? No complaints from me. Re group size: I counted 7 of us, not ten, and it seems only one drunk person managed to embarrass us all. Sorry Tony, but I think your review really missed the mark.“
PellicleTasty54 1328 days ago
58 /100 27 OSUGI-CHO
“The location is in the middle of town, near the canal. Most tables only seat 2, so best to book ahead if a group of three or more at a busy time. When we got there the larger tables were reserved/occupied. Our group of 7 was at the counter and it was a bit tight and hard to avoid blocking traffic. Pay-as-you-order system. Nice homemade bread. A few hot dishes around ¥1,500. Beer is good, all 2 Rabbits, with half the menu dedicated hop-forward beers, such as pales and IPAs. Some of the ¥800 "pints" they were pouring had two fingers of head and were really just 330-350mls glasses of beer. When I asked for a pint without so much head, the bartender obliged, but the next time the other guy came over and made sure it had plenty of foam. I pointed out the menu lists 480ml pints and asked to top it off, but the guy got pissed and said "too bad, that is the way we pour beer here." Considering our group of 9 (two joined us later) dropped ¥30,000 at lunch that day you'd have thought they would be a bit more accommodating.“
JapanTony 1361 days ago
80 /100 27 OSUGI-CHO
“The taproom has been moved to an antique building just across the canal from the brewery. Lovely renovation upstairs, old wooden beams all exposed. Great atmosphere with records playing. 8 of their beers go for ¥800 a pint, great value. They plan to have other local guest beers as well. They also have 4-beer flights. Their beers are very good, with more styles coming all the time. Great people too. Definitely worth a visit, especially as it is right smack in a very scenic area that is fun to check out. A short taxi or bus from Omi-Hachiman station.“
KyotoLefty 2074 days ago
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