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74 /100 126 MAIN ST
“I believe this has the same owner as Cowfish, which a number of places seem to as well. Nice old west vibe here. Tasty food and Cowfish beers. Friendly service. Worth a look, especially if Cowfish is closed.“
Travlr 38 days ago
78 /100 128 MAIN ST
“Seeing the reviews, I booked a table and was promptly seated and served. Website otherwise useless. Beautiful surroundings in the garden, looks like no expense was spared. Beers and food both were very tasty. A worthwhile stop.“
Travlr 38 days ago
64 /100 126 MAIN ST
“Worn, dusty, saloon-looking bar, with a great, eclectic, wild-west decor. The bartender was slow and laid back, but friendly. Eight taps of Lander Brewing's beer, and no guests taps. What I had was enjoyable enough. $5 pints, and $2.50 half-pours. Very relaxed, enjoyable place.“
GTAEgeek 1022 days ago
74 /100 126 MAIN ST
“The bar located on an historic block on main street has an authentic old west feel to it. Most of the beers on tap were from Lander brewing and the two I had were quite tasty. The bar is physically connected to Cowfish, which has some really good food on the menu. I tried the rib eye steak sandwich and it was delicious.“
Iphonephan 1067 days ago
78 /100 128 MAIN ST
“Comfortable brewpub with a cozy outdoor seating area. Eight beers on draft available in flight of four. Three rare barrel aged beers in half pint pours. Excellent food. Slow but friendly service.“
Iphonephan 2530 days ago
54 /100 128 MAIN ST
“Cozy and tasteful. It took an exceptionally long time to be greeted and seated (like 15 minutes with nobody ahead of us). Beers we had were okay, nothing special, but they hit the spot after a long day. Food sounded interesting but was poorly prepared... I had Korean tacos, I guess the cilantro and fried scallions made it "Korean"? Wife had fish’n’chips, soggy with oil. Tiny plates with food literally hanging off the sides. Bland, no salt or seasoning on anything. A little effort and customer service would help a lot.“
maltdog 2891 days ago
64 /100
Mr D’s Food Center (Grocery Store)
“Had been hesitant about adding in the past, but they have made pretty good strides towards beefing up their liquor store. Expanding selection of singles and seasonal beer and a fair amount of their shelf space is dedicated to craft and local beer. Have added multiple taps. Can typically find a new beer each week. The employees are friendly and the store is kept clean. Easily the best beer store in Lander.“
scooterbub 2957 days ago
66 /100 126 MAIN ST
“From a local, this is a nice place to have, but the local beer offerings are sporadic. The food is good, the atmosphere is great, the service is nice and the beer is pretty good. Overall, a nice place, but it could strive to be a bit better.“
scooterbub 3072 days ago
90 /100 126 MAIN ST
“Newly released bottles- nice micros and seasonals like Hoptimum ’13. Bottles are also for sale Best place in town for awesome food and great craft beer“
bulldogg915 3256 days ago
76 /100 128 MAIN ST
“Older building- fits Wyoming and def not overly done to the ’wild west’ theme that gets old quick! Beer was not bad at all. 5 Pound Brown was the best- I’d recommend that. Had an entree that was solid too. They were def meshing with the microbrew scene and would recommend a stop.“
bulldogg915 4024 days ago
60 /100 128 MAIN ST
“for the bar side of things, it seems very small-town and local-only. high-ceilinged old building with a long bar and a bunch of teevees. beer was about half lander brewing and half snake river (they used to simply throw up snake river beers and call them their own). I ate lunch here but realized quickly what a mistake it was.“
3fourths 4166 days ago
46 /100
Popo Agie One Stop (Beer Store)
8116 HIGHWAY 789
“For the town of Lander, this is a pretty good liquor store to have. Offers a good selection of domestic, imported and regional beers. Though they carry nothing rare or extremely special, they rotate their beers and get new beers in quite frequently. They also offer a good selection and often have specials. Not a bad liquor store for a small town.“
scooterbub 5001 days ago
70 /100 128 MAIN ST
“Great little joint. We talked with a friendly bartender and dined on some rather tasty salads. Comfortable setting. Beer was pretty good, too. When in Lander, this is a good stop.“
Aubrey 5017 days ago
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