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78 /100 411 S. 2ND STREET
“Sleek modern taproom in the heart of downtown. Firepit and Adirondack chairs on the patio. Solid beers and friendly service.“
Travlr 169 days ago
74 /100 411 S. 2ND STREET
“Nice modern tap room. The brewery is in the basement with views of it from the tap room. Solid beers. Nice place.“
Sledutah 749 days ago
80 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“This is more of a steakhouse vibe than a brewpub. The beer was very good though. A decent variety was available and the lager is spot on, which is always a good sign the brewer knows what he's doing. I had higher hope for the food given the higher price and being in the middle of beef country. Service was friendly and efficient. Laramie has a pretty impressive beer scene these days and this holds it own.“
NachlamSie 848 days ago
90 /100 411 S. 2ND STREET
“I believe this is the newest addition to the brewery scene in Laramie. The taproom is very spacious with an industrial vibe. Lots of table seating is available as well a U shaped bar. The crowd was lively here, a contrast to the quietness at nearby Coal Creek or Altitude. The brewhouse is in the basement and in plain view, adding to the ambiance. A good array of styles was available from gose to IPA to Belgian, etc. Quite solid and well made product.“
NachlamSie 863 days ago
90 /100 108 E GRAND AVE
“This is one of the more hip, classy drinking establishments in Laramie but it still feels like having a beer in an old west railroad town. The taproom takes up one half of Coal Creek and a coffee shop makes up the other half. The interior here is rustic and clean with lots of wooden furnishing and a simple, tile-backed tap system. The beer was quite good across the board and a nice array of styles was represented. They took the extra step to have a wide array of fashionable, functional glassware. Bombers are available to go as well and at a good price. Though, to be fair, prices in Wyoming generally tend to be kind. I feel like this is a must stop in Laramie for the beer enthusiast.“
NachlamSie 863 days ago
78 /100 221 E GRAND AVE
“NIce place to enjoy a beer if you are late at Laramie. NIce prices and decent selection. Sports on TV and local friendly patrons.“
Nekronos 2284 days ago
80 /100 108 E GRAND AVE
“This modern taproom was added to an existing coffee shop / cafe in central Laramie, pouring roughly 8 taps of varying styles, all of decent to good quality, and they cost only $1 per 5oz sample during happy hour.“
3fourths 2584 days ago
60 /100 1660 N 4TH ST
“Large store, plenty of parking. One cooler of bombers, otherwise mostly sixers. No Wyoming beers, but plenty of stuff from Colorado as well as a handful from Deschutes. Otherwise mostly macro.“
Travlr 2662 days ago
72 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“More of a restaurant than a traditional brew pub, this place combines good beer and great food. You cod bring a wine drinker here for dinner and you would both be happy.“
Iphonephan 2663 days ago
54 /100 201 E. CUSTER
“There was definitely more testosterone flowing here than the rest of the places we visited. Geared mostly toward youngsters and students who just want cheap beer. And it was very cheap. Young staff were welcoming and friendly. Beers were unremarkable and some were awful. There was a rye pale ale that was OK and an oatmeal stout that wasn’t bad. RIP Matt.“
Travlr 2663 days ago
90 /100 108 E GRAND AVE
“This place was the highlight of the trip for me. One side is actually a popular coffee place. The other has a long bar, two long bench tables and some booths. Tons of beers on offer, maybe 16 total, each was better than the last. Outstanding service, extremely knowledgeable and was very much up to the challenge of arranging customized flights for us. You can do as many or as few in a flight as you like, by the way. Folks at the bar were fun, engaging, all were very knowledgeable about beer and climbing. Food was house made pizza which looked very tasty. This would be my local if I lived anywhere nearby. Deviate from your route to come here.“
Travlr 2663 days ago
78 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“In the center of downtown Laramie, so it’s free 2 hour street parking. This place is much more of a restaurant than a brewpub, and the food was very tasty. Good restaurant style service. There is a bar section which may have been a bit more beery. There is also a billiards room next door which really just had one table, a poker table, and more restaurant tables. Beers were solid. Worth a stop.“
Travlr 2663 days ago
54 /100 201 E. CUSTER
“This is a noisy and unpleasant college dive. The beers are mostly fruity wheat beer variants that are cloying and nasty. If you are desperate to tick some Wyoming "beers", come on in. Otherwise, avoid it like the plague.“
Iphonephan 2664 days ago
82 /100 108 E GRAND AVE
“Very accomodating brewpub with some excellent brews. Friendly and knowledgable bartender. 14 drafts available in flights. Nice spot.“
Iphonephan 2664 days ago
38 /100 201 E. CUSTER
“nice spot across the street from the college, but that’s where the praise ends. Beers all tasted similar enough I would hardly be able to pick a style if I was not told. one of the most boring brewers I’ve had. food was also uninspired.“
slowrunner77 2727 days ago
76 /100 1660 N 4TH ST
“Store is clean and nicely organized. Prices are clearly marked. Selection is a good range of macro, micro, and imports. Service was not bad. If you are in Laramie definitely a place to check out.“
foyle 2788 days ago
62 /100 101 GRAND AVE
“Sports bar with 5 craft taps, all were Altitude beers. Then the usual BMC taps. A nice long bar top and tables that are lined with wine corks. Good service at the bar, great prices $2.50 / pint“
Sledutah 2854 days ago
74 /100 108 E GRAND AVE
“Small tasting room with a few tables. Wood throughout. A nice place. 13 taps. Good friendly service. The beer was very good, solid and clean. $8 for 4 samples, on the high side. I’ll stop next time I’m in town.“
Sledutah 2854 days ago
58 /100 101 GRAND AVE
“Fairly standard small sports bar/restaurant. Visited on a Saturday afternoon several college football games on TV. Food was good (Ribeye special). Draft beer special on Saturday’s $2.50 for micros, $1.75 for macros. Food & drink specials everyday. Service was poor, waitress was not attentive at all.“
foyle 2911 days ago
72 /100 201 E. CUSTER
“** New location, I updated the address **
Nice bar area with views of the brewery. Lots of TV’s throughout the bar and restaurant. Good service and food. 5 house beers, all of them were good. Guest taps and bottle also available. A few blocks from Altitude.“
Sledutah 3132 days ago
72 /100 1622 E GRAND AVE
“They had a nice selection of 20 beers on tap, moslty craft brews, a number of which are Wyoming beers. Visited during happy hour so pints were $2. Food is good (not great) and very good for the price. Standard pub fare. I had a cheesesteak and fries. My wife had a turkey bacon avocado sandwich and fries. Our waitress forgot to put in the order for my second beer, so the manager gave us the pint for free. I had Prairie Fire Cream Ale and my wife had Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale. Pub is in a good location directly across the street from the University of Wyoming. Decor is nice -- main seating area is an airy dome structure. Tables and chairs are dark wood. Plenty of Irish materials -- Irish sayings written on one wall, Irish county flags on display in the dome. A large Irish national flag covers one wall. Above the flag is a long row of vintage beer cans -- including many beers that are no longer produced such as Falstaff and Jax.“
foyle 3159 days ago
70 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“Visited in 2010 with family that are not drinkers, so beer rating didn’t happen. The place is upscale with white tablecloths, etc, and knowledgeable staff. The food was above average, and the house beer was average. Overall, a good experience, but I need to return for a better take.“
rondphoto 3244 days ago
76 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“Sat at the bar and ordered food off of the bar menu. Set up like a fishing lodge, the bar stools are fixed logs. There is plenty of beer on draft. A very good variety of styles. Solid beers and awesome pretzels. Will go back.“
Gription79 3273 days ago
40 /100 201 E. CUSTER
“This place is a dive, and not in a good way. Bad service, bad beer, bad smell. But somehow...“
DCLawyer 3283 days ago
62 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“I stopped by for lunch on my drive back to New York. It was a Thursday afternoon and about half-filled, yet the people working there were running around like it was rush hour. I sat at the bar and it took ten minutes before anyone came over to me and asked me if I wanted anything. The bar stools are finished logs, which look nice but there’s no place to put my feet when I am sitting at the bar so they are not all that comfortable. I had chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes for lunch which was fine. They had eight or so of their beers on tap and I enjoyed what I drank.“
beerbill 3374 days ago
78 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“The ambiance was nice, lots of wood and cool barstools. The waiter was very knowledgeable and friendly. The service was great. They had 12 beers on tap. 6 regulars (they were out of pale ale) and 6 seasonals: wheat, amber, brown, wit, stout, porter and then a kolsch, black ipa, 2 saisons and 2 pumpkin ales. Most were pretty flavorful and enjoyable. The food was good and the value was great. I will definitely come back.“
ajnepple 3513 days ago
42 /100 201 E. CUSTER
“Shitty dive bar atmosphere at this brewpub. The beers were horrible and a very redneck clientele.“
jcnielsen 3650 days ago
48 /100 201 E. CUSTER
“There was bad beers and I was surrounded by wannabe cowboys that wanted to beat the shit out of me in between rounds of Big Buck Hunter. I’ll try it again but the beers were poor last time around.“
cubs 3805 days ago
68 /100 201 E. CUSTER
“Big change (improvement) from our previous visit over 4 years ago. Last time, I could hardly finish a full pint of any of their own beers. This visit I didnt find a bad beer in the 8 offerings. My favorite today was the Rye PA, with the stout a close 2nd. Nice turnaround! The staff is coming along too. “
jcwattsrugger 4025 days ago
90 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“Awesome spot. Had a hearty and luscious steak salad with steak ordered medium rare actually coming out medium rare (i.e. what many places would give you if you ordered rare). Their stout on nitro was the best I’ve ever had served in such a manner, and the dregs of their keg of IPA with tons of floaties was awesome as well. Laid back atmosphere, attentive service, offered to replace the IPA with another beer when they noticed it was chunky and took the keg off. Just great all around.“
fredandboboflo 4030 days ago
78 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“A great brewpub in the unsuspecting town of Laramie, Wyoming. It definitely has a lodge-esque feel to it with the wooden tables and chairs (wooden bar stumps as well) and some stuffed game on the walls. It looks smaller from the outside than it actually is, but they have plenty of dining space and also several pool tables. They had 10 taps with 6 regulars and 4 seasonals, plenty of interesting beers which were average to above-average. The food was good as well (I had potato soup and a salad). The service was quite attentive and friendly. This is a great place to just kick back and chill for several hours with good beer in a relaxed, casual environment. I’m definitely glad I stopped by.“
LilBeerDoctor 4082 days ago
28 /100 201 E. CUSTER
“Stopped in on a Sunday because Altitude was closed. This place is a hole in the wall but not dive bar chic. Pretty good pizza but the burgers look pretty nasty. Terrible service. It’s clear that the bar tenders have never been trained. They didn’t even know what beers and spirits they were serving! The house beers are below average and they’re idea of a "red ale" is Blue Moon with bloody Mary mix! Overall this is one of the least professional brewpubs I have ever visited.“
badlizard 4089 days ago
80 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“A nice big bar and plenty of seating in the bar and restaurant. Good service, good beer and good food. Decor was like being in an old hunting lodge.
Definitely will be stopping again.“
Sledutah 4184 days ago
62 /100 1660 N 4TH ST
“When in Laramie, I like visiting this liquor store. They have a nice selection of beer that are offered at reasonable prices. They also offer discounts if you buy the beer warm. I like their selection as they offer quite a few imports and regional beers. They also have a nice selection of the lesser known domestics, such as the City Brewery beers. Overall, this is a good liquor store and is worth stopping by when in Laramie. They have also had freebies, like posters available.“
scooterbub 5132 days ago
78 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“Stopped on our way to California. This was our second choice but should have been our first. A very nice atmosphere and a bartender that was interested in us and knowledgeable about beer. An exceptionable assortment of brews, including five or six seasonables. The sampler was very impressive served in 7 ounce pilsners. While not normally a fan of fruity beers the Solar Weizen was outstanding. You could put it on your Cherios in the morning and forget the bananas! This is the ONLY place to go in Laramie. Unfortunately ate at the other place and did not get to sample the food, but what I saw looked appetizing. Check out the pull handles of the taps they are unique“
AgedOak 5472 days ago
36 /100 201 E. CUSTER
“Stopped in on a cross country trip to California. Had planned on stopping in Laramie for lunch and had done research to determine where to stop. The Library had the best ratings that I could find. Oh how wrong I was. We were an apparent annoyance to the staff. Thought we were going to see a homicide between an employee and the pin ball company representative. The beer was less than average and the food was unimpressive. This was a truly a sad experience. The Altitude Chophouse is the the clear choice.“
AgedOak 5472 days ago
34 /100 201 E. CUSTER
“Stopped by to try their beers on my way through town. Generally an average small pub on an out of the way place. Should have tried their food but it was too early for lunch when I arrived at 11AM when they opened!“
IrishBoy 5476 days ago
60 /100 201 E. CUSTER
“We were traveling through town and decided to stop in for a sampler. They were out of some of their beers so we got a reduced sample. This brewpub is directly across from the University of Wyoming and gets a college crowd. They do have a nice T-shirt that says "Don’t lie to your mother, tell her you’re at the Library"!“
BrewSquid 5777 days ago
72 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“Loved the Varathaned log bar stools. We were traveling through town and decided to stop in for a "sampler" during the mid-day rush. Considering the popularity of this brewpub and the road construction outside, our visit was very enjoyable by the brewpub staff.“
BrewSquid 5777 days ago
76 /100 201 E. CUSTER
“Great little Irish pub, that backs up onto a liquor store, with a mediocre selection of beer at best. Emphasis on the liquor end of things. Had one of the best steak (prime rib) sandwiches I have ever had in my life. Great food, had a blast joking around with the bartender, darts, pool tables and great beer, and I was made to feel quite at home.“
harlequinn 5935 days ago
58 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“This is definitely not a place that I would seek out again. The only thing going for them here is the oustanding number of beers and beer styles that they offer, but they are in a town where it is fallen on deaf ears or palates as it may be. The service is terrible and I do not think that anyone in Wyoming has ever seen anyone with a mohawk. Beers were decent, and the food is well portioned, but slightly overpriced. The table side manner is non chalant at best. But when it is the only place in town, skip it and go over to the library.“
harlequinn 5935 days ago
46 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“I have really tried to like this establishment, but I can’t help myself. They make a respectable number of micros, but that’s about all I can say nice about them. Everything else is pretty flat average. The quality of the beers on the other hand leaves more than a little to be desired, with maybe one or two of their ten-twelve menu beers being worth smelling, let alone imbibing. The 7200 Stout is hit or miss depending on the brewmaster’s marital problems (or so the staff have told me). I’ve now missed more than I’ve hit, and this being the best brew in the house, it’s hardly worth another visit for me. If you’re in Laramie and want to try some good local brews, stop by my house as I keep them all on hand. I really want Altitude to succeed, but I think the marginal success that they have enjoyed so far is based mostly on their novelty in town, not the quality of their fare.“
schwaiger 5979 days ago
48 /100 201 E. CUSTER
“I actually stepped into the irish pub part instead of the bar on the other side of the wall. The waitress was more interested in reading her book than helping us out. Otherwise, the beers were average but nothing special about them. I liked the selection of Altitude better but they are close to each other and I did not regret stopping.“
BeerandBlues2 6270 days ago
70 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“Looks like a resort town restaurant but the prices do not really reflect that. The beers were slightly above average with a few seasonals also. The staff was pleasant and the food average. Worth the stop if you find yourself in the area.“
BeerandBlues2 6270 days ago
40 /100 201 E. CUSTER
“Honty tonk dive with a small bar. Pretty bad beer, and a bartender than didn’t want to do anything.“
3fourths 6502 days ago
60 /100 302 S 2ND STREET
“Yuppie alert. Seemed like a Rock Bottom brewery... lots of dining tables, small bar, but it wasn’t that crowded on a weekend afternoon, and the beer was ok. Good seasonal, and a decent stout. Had some nachos at the bar, and the other food I saw on the menu didn’t look too interesting, regular fare. Better beer than The Library, if you have to choose one place to stop.“
3fourths 6502 days ago
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