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“Stopped in to kill time while my wife shopped at No Frills next door. Service was lacking. The employee never said a word to me or left the front till. Selection was limited. The only singles they had were either dated or crappy imports. A little pricey for a Liquor Depot. West Lethbridge could really use a good beer store since Everything Wine And More closed. Sadly, this ain't it.“
cmacklin 651 days ago
84 /100 3160 FAIRWAY ST S #1
“Largest liquor store in Lethbridge by far. Nice modern layout. Extensive selection. Impressive imports and lots of new local stuff. Employees are helpful and very friendly. Prices are reasonable. One of my regular stops now.“
cmacklin 848 days ago
50 /100 904 2 AVE S
“Beer selection is pretty limited. House beers consist of 3 or 4 beers brewed by Big Rock which are average at best and a few locals. The rest are macros. Food and service was also average. Price was reasonable. More of a younger crowd. Not really geared towards the beer geek.“
cmacklin 972 days ago
82 /100 212 3RD AVE SOUTH
“Great bottle shop in Lethbridge with a very good selection.“
bulldogops 2081 days ago
60 /100
The Owl (Restaurant)
“Came here on a whim with my wife. We used to go here when it was O’Rileys. The place has changed drastically since then. The décor is different and unique with local art on the walls and old fashioned lamps hanging upside down from the ceiling. We heard the food is good but didn’t try anything, just came for a couple of drinks. Prices were good. Service was friendly but lacking. We had to wait 20 min. for our bill while the entire staff went outside for a smoke break. Selection mainly consisted of New Belgium on tap and Fernie Brewing Co. in cans. Overall I felt a little out of place here. A little too artsy fartsy for my liking. Probably won’t be back. “
cmacklin 2094 days ago
82 /100 212 3RD AVE SOUTH
“This is where you go to buy beer in Lethbridge. Don’t even thinking going anywhere else. Besides having the first growler station in an Alberta liquor store, they have an excellent selection of singles of all types, including a fridge dedicated to lambic & geueze, as well as build your own six pack and an entire wall of 6 packs and case beer. The staff is very knowledgeable in all areas of the store and they offer a 5% & 10% discount on 6 & 12 items of anything in the store. This is your destination for beer and any type of booze. Oh, and they have 200+ bottles of single malt scotch..“
revoltingblob 2197 days ago
76 /100 212 3RD AVE SOUTH
“A nice store that caters to the higher end. Staff is great and if you are lucky to get an owner you will be spoiled rotten. Good well curated selection of imports along with a selection of hard to find locals. The best store by far in Lethbridge.“
Ferris 2237 days ago
68 /100 310 6 STREET SOUTH
“An odd place for sure. I cozy/cramped bar with a patio that is comfortable. Service was nice, but when busy a bit slow. Selection is large for such a small place but beer is a bit boring craft wise considering the many options. Some locals but mostly imports.Prices are a bit on the high side and no flights. Good for the area, but not great overall.“
Ferris 2237 days ago
68 /100 316 11 ST S
“A decent pizza place with a small bar if you just want a drink. Everything is packaged, no draft. Bottle are mostly larger craft breweries, not much locals and reasonable prices for what it is. If you want to eat pizza and drink craft, this may be right for you. I would order in and hit my cellar. Unfortunately I didn’t eat so cant speak to the food.“
Ferris 2237 days ago
64 /100
LA Liquor (Beer Store)
“It doesn’t look like much from the outside and even inside the craft is in the furthest corner of the cooler. Service was not really there as they were at the front cash. Selection is pretty small but there are some decent things and some hard to find locals. I would go elsewhere.“
Ferris 2237 days ago
90 /100
Kingsmen Ale House (Restaurant)
“New pub in town that offers a very authentic British pub experience. They have 48 quality beers on tap, which beats out Telegraph Tap House for most taps in Lethbridge. I recommend getting a canoe (4 140ml glasses of beer for $11.75) Food was excellent. Ambiance was great. Prices were reasonable. Really had that British pub look and feel to it. Service was exceptional. Our waitress was very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable about beer. She even offered me a free sample of a new beer that just came in. Can’t say enough about this place. I will definitely be back. This is now my new favourite bar in town.“
cmacklin 2346 days ago
84 /100
Kingsmen Ale House (Restaurant)
“This was my favourite place I visited in Lethbridge - went here twice. The chairs are huge, so that took some getting used to but I can see that being beneficial for some people. The service at first was a little slow, but got better and was much better the second time - this could be because this place just opened. Food was super delicious. I recommend the Grilled Beer Cheese Sandy. The chips and dip were great, too. A few macros on tap, but mostly lots of good craft beer, which they hope to rotate frequently.“
dreamflower 2373 days ago
74 /100 310 6 STREET SOUTH
“Service was good - great people working here. The ambience declined with the sudden surprising (strange) presence of DJs (in a beer bar???). A pub is for talking not dancing in my books. Anyway, the food was decent and feeling. Beer selection changes often. I got my hopes up when I saw the huge beer list - but they only have the ones with the dot beside them. Still, a really nice selection. I would come here quite a bit if I was in the area.“
dreamflower 2373 days ago
82 /100 316 11 ST S
“Really great pizza - very delicious. I was also impressed with the selection of beers. I had a difficult time choosing. I would love to come back here a lot.“
dreamflower 2373 days ago
76 /100
LA Liquor (Beer Store)
“I haven’t been to a lot of other Alberta liquor stores to compare this one to, but I was happy with the selection. I was able to get what I want and was left wanting more.“
dreamflower 2373 days ago
80 /100 310 6 STREET SOUTH
“Excellent selection. They had 31 quality beers on tap. That’s the most for a bar in Lethbridge. Kid friendly until 8:00pm. Food was ok but nothing special. Staff is very friendly. Service was good. Reasonable prices. Very busy, after 5:00pm it’s best to make a reservation or you might have to wait a while. Overall, my favorite bar in town.“
cmacklin 2409 days ago
66 /100 550 UNIVERSITY DR W #6
“Staff was friendly and helpful. Prices were reasonable. Selection was ok, but not great. Worth a look if you’re on the west side, but just above average store overall.“
cmacklin 2537 days ago
82 /100 316 11 ST S
“Can’t believe I haven’t been here before! Easily the largest selection of craft beer for a restaurant in town. Now carry 100+ bottles and no macros. Great for families. Service was great. Tried 2 unique pizzas I haven’t heard of before, both were delicious. Restaurant is small so fills up quickly. Beer was a little pricy, but with this selection I will definitely be back!“
cmacklin 2612 days ago
86 /100 1509 3 AVENUE SOUTH
“Dropped in here on a whim, and was thoroughly surprised and impressed. Well over 400 different bottles in a large walk-in cooler, no organization but very neatly displayed and easy to find stuff in that regard. The owner, Sean, was extremely helpful and friendly. Generous discounts at checkout. This is a new gem for southern Alberta. My only caution would be to check bottle dates, as some stock has been there for a while!“
DuffMan 2753 days ago
72 /100 212 3RD AVE SOUTH
“I’ve stopped in here a couple of times hoping to catch that elusive creature known as Saavy1982-- but my timing is always wrong! Best bottle shop in Lethbridge by a long shot, but I’ve been spoiled for choice here in Medicine Hat by Trackside. Great service though!“
DuffMan 2942 days ago
58 /100
LA Liquor (Beer Store)
“Prices are cheap but selection of craft beer is fairly limited. Staff are friendly. Overall, slightly above average beer store.“
cmacklin 2956 days ago
“Nothing sets this place apart from any other pub in town. Beer selection is average at best. Food is actually pretty good. Best fish and chips in town. Staff is friendly and prices are reasonable.“
cmacklin 2965 days ago
86 /100 212 3RD AVE SOUTH
“Best bottle shop in town. Has the best service. Anything you need to know, ask Kyle. He is a fountain of information when it comes to beer. Always something new coming in and at a reasonable price. Has a build your own 6er section and a growler station. Discount if you buy 6 or more of the big bottles.“
cmacklin 3070 days ago
80 /100 1509 3 AVENUE SOUTH
“Pretty good beer selection. Beer is in an overcrowded walk-in cooler. Takes awhile to find what you are looking for. Very friendly staff. Seem to know more about wine than beer.“
cmacklin 3070 days ago
82 /100 310 6 STREET SOUTH
“Best selection in town from a bar. Great little spot right downtown. Decent selection. Doesn’t seem to rotate too often however. Food is great, especially the weekend breakfast for $2.99.“
slimspady 3090 days ago
84 /100 316 11 ST S
“Awesome new location. Big leather chairs at the tables and large comfortable booths. Bottle selection is by far the biggest in the city. They do a great job bringing in cool seasonals also. Service was good, it didn’t look like each server had more than a couple of tables. As for the food, you can’t beat the 2 time Canadian Pizza of the Year. The menu besides pizza isn’t large but you don’t go to eat anything else. The only downside is that the space is small, so it fills up very quickly, especially on Fri and Sat nights. One of my favorite places in town.“
slimspady 3496 days ago
68 /100 1509 3 AVENUE SOUTH
“Pretty solid shop. It's got a huge selection of many styles. Standing in the walk-in cooler in awkward, as it's very crowded. Staff is friendly, but not very knowledgeable about beer. Can't say too much bad, since they do have one of the best selections in the city.“
slimspady 3510 days ago
88 /100 212 3RD AVE SOUTH
“Hands down the best bottle shop in town. Always a huge cooler selection and always something new coming in. The recent addition of build-your-own-6er is great. And of course, what else can be said about the growler station. One of the first in the country, I hear, that's not at a brewery. Great, rotating selection for good price. Go during the day and chat with Kyle for all the beer info you can handle. Can't say enough about this place.“
slimspady 3510 days ago
78 /100 212 3RD AVE SOUTH
“Pretty good selection, prob the best within a 2 hour drive.... lots of style champions... definitely worth a visit if you are in these parts and are looking for hoppiness!“
JoeZasada 3714 days ago
74 /100
The Owl (Restaurant)
“Along with the Black Tomato, one of only two places in Lethbridge with a decent draft list since the T & G closed down. Pretty much the whole Mill Street range on tap both good (Tankhouse, Cobblestone) and bad (Organic Lager, Stock Ale). Drinks are decently priced, and I’ve never been served an off or stale pint. Food is remarkably good here, and value is fair. Honestly, Lethbridge isn’t a great beer town, but The Owl is easily the best place around here.“
Savvy1982 3770 days ago
88 /100 212 3RD AVE SOUTH
“I stopped in at this place on a recent trip to Lethbridge, as I heard they might have some oddball Mikkeller offerings. What I discovered was far more than I could have hoped for in such a small town. Beer selection is largely relegated to a series of refrigerators along the far wall, along with some shelving immediately adjacent. Interior is clean and easily navigable. The initial perception is that the store focuses on wine and spirits, but one glance at the excellent beer selection quickly corrects that notion. Alberta is the only province without state-run liquor stores, and it shows in the selection. An excellent mix of Canadian microbreweries (Half Pints, Charlevoix, Tree, Propeller, Dieu du Ciel), along with a fantastic mix of European imports (Cantillon, Mikkeller, Struise, Haand, etc.). There are also a few US offerings, but nothing you wouldn’t find 90 minutes south in Montana. Prices are quite good, especially considering the general tax climate of Canada. $23 for Lou Pepe Gueuze? Seriously? I think I also got a discount for buying 6+ bottles. I also appreciated that there were unusual, seasonal, or limited offerings from the aforementioned breweries. $ellout $tout, St. Lamvinus, Dominus Vobiscum Brut and Lupulus, George, Cognac Black, Pannepot Grand Reserva, and more! I’m sure it’s a pain in the ass to get good beer to such a remote and small town, but whoever is in charge of beer buying has done a superb job working with what is available. The staff was super friendly and I was even invited to share some beers with the local Lethbridge BA group (they had Berserker and Czar Jack on deck). The staff also knew which bars were likely to have interesting stuff on-tap, and were happy to discuss the challenges of running craft beer-centric businesses in Alberta. Highly recommended - particularly if you’re in Calgary and local stores have run dry, or if you’re in northern Montana and need a Cantillon fix.“
MasterSki 3979 days ago
80 /100
The Owl (Restaurant)
“This place is a tiny oasis in the beer desert of Lethbridge. It has 3 Mill Street brews on tap including the well brewed Tankhouse. It also has several beers for the less adventurous but those can be found at any Lethbridge establishment. The food selection is upscale pub food and was served fast and hot by very competent and friendly staff. The food was very tasty too. The night we were there they had live music. We would definitely go back to the Owl.“
Kzay 4110 days ago
“Meh. Like so many other places. They seem to be cut from the same mold.“
kegbelly 4136 days ago
“Sigh... Original Joe’s... Once upon a time, it was worth me driving across town to drink beer here, when you had cool stuff like Mill Street Tankhouse and Brew Bros. Black Pils on tap. These days, the best I can hope for on tap in a Guinness, which is awful. Bottled beer selection is somewhat better, but really, in any U.S. center this place would be quite pitiful. Only in Lethbridge does the bottle selection, weak and minimal as it is, become worth a mention. Food is actually quite good, prices are reasonable, and the staff are prompt, polite, and friendly. Not a destination anymore, but for Lethbridge, this is sadly the second-best place in town to drink beer.“
Savvy1982 4244 days ago
78 /100 1509 3 AVENUE SOUTH
“Great beer selection. Not merchandised all that well. You gotta take your time or know what you’re looking for. While I like standing in the beer cooler to browse, the shelves are so packed it’s hard to enjoy perusing.“
bcBelgianbrew 4292 days ago
72 /100 212 3RD AVE SOUTH
“I found this place to be dark...very dark. Dark shelving, dark floors, dark ceiling. Service was adequate but nothing exceptional; no one really asked if they could help us but were nice enough at the check-out. Didn’t get a lot of chance to price check while in the area but prices were about what I expected.“
Atheist_Peace 4487 days ago
86 /100 212 3RD AVE SOUTH
“it is a good ambiance I suppose, not that I think that should really factor into ratings such as these. Service is exception, staff are friendly and attentive. Selection is excellent considering that this is Lethbridge we are talking about, they aren’t going to always have everything possibly available and some of the really rare stuff, but overall beer selection here is excellent, with many top-shelf brews available. Value is pretty good. Overall an excellent store, and really the best place in Lethbridge and probably Southern Alberta as a whole to find good beer. There is also a good selection of liquors and spirits.“
TheDoctor 4701 days ago