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“Pretty decent see top for such a place. Big walk-in freezer with the singles selection lined up against the rightmost wall—which is largely imports. Everything is arranged by style. The rest of the freezer is 4- and 6-packs. For a beer hunter, this makes the selection rather underwhelming. I wish they’d break up the packs. Nevertheless, it’s a decent space and worth checking out for bottle shopping needs.“
mcberko 458 days ago
68 /100 612 3RD STREET SE
“The most stylish of all the taprooms in Medicine Hat, located right downtown. Modern, sleek interior, with upstairs seating as necessary and a bit of outside patio seating. 7 beers on tap when I visited, plus a house traditional mead (12%). Flights of 5 available for a spendy $15, by far the most expensive brewery taproom in town. Beer quality was hit or miss, with the Belgian styles being very poor (they need to figure out how to use the yeast properly), but the others being alright. The mead was quite impressive actually. Very friendly staff. Definitely worth checking out when in town.“
mcberko 458 days ago
66 /100 #102, 552-18 ST SW
“In an industrial area just off Hwy 1 tucked away in a little cul-de-sac, this place has a small interior with a lot more patio seating now due to COVID times. 15 beers on tap with flights of 4 for $8. Beer quality is middle-of-the-road, with nothing really standing out -- competent beers though. Friendly service who are generous with the free tasters. Worth checking out when in town or passing through.“
mcberko 458 days ago
70 /100 1366 BRIER PARK DRIVE
“In a big industrial area a few minutes' driving from downtown, the taproom is modern and sleek, with a nice patio out front but fairly limited seating inside during these COVID times. 22 beers on tap, but many of them look like the same base beer with different flavourings. Flights of 4, 6 or 8 for $8, $10 or $12, a fantastic deal. The beer quality itself isn't great, though most are decently dialled in -- with the double NEIPA probably being the standout. They're ambitious, with a RIS also on offering but poorly conceived. Super friendly and generous staff. Worth a stop when in The Hat.“
mcberko 458 days ago
“Easily the best bottle shop in the Hat. Owner was very friendly and knowledgeable (a beer geek himself) and even offered to sell me some of his personal stash he had hidden. He ended up giving me 3 bottles for free (great guy). Great selection of imports but not enough singles for my liking. Pricing was a bit on the high side. Worth a stop. I'll be back next time I'm in town.“
cmacklin 476 days ago
78 /100 #102, 552-18 ST SW
“2017-06-28. Just off the highway a bit in a commercial/industrial area. The bar area is bright and cheery, nice tables up front, bigger booth style seating towards the back and seats at the bar. Lots of beer geek paraphernalia - growlers along the ceiling and labels on the wall. Very cool photo mural at the back that I thought was a painting at first. Servers were friendly, Tony gave us a personal tour of the brewery which is always nice. We did flights of everything they had on tap today. The beer selection has a nice range of their house beers in a variety of styles. Most are aiming for flavourful but accessible beers and are generally pretty successful at that, with a few offering glimpses of a more adventurous beer geek friendly palate. A nice visit overall, a must stop in Medicine Hat for sure.“
jercraigs 1535 days ago
“2017-06-28. The beer is in a big cold room which was freezing if you are in there for a while! :) Wide selection, but like other places in Alberta most of the local stuff is not available in singles which is annoying as a tourist. Some of the imports are fairly pricey, other stuff is quite competitively priced. There is lots of very good stuff but also a lot of just okay stuff that would have appealed more if we didn’t already have a bunch of beer in the cooler, or if we weren’t flying home relatively soon. Service was friendly. I feel like this is one of those places I would like more as a local - e.g. lots of imports are great, but I want more local singles as someone visiting Alberta. We ended up buying stuff from Quebec and the US for the most part!“
jercraigs 1535 days ago
68 /100 919 S RAILWAY ST
“2017-06-28. Modern reno vibe - concrete and barnboard. Taps are mostly Medicine Hat and Hells Basement, plus a few other AB & BC craft options, and PBR. Server is friendly. Location feels out of the way but I haven’t figured out Medicine Hat yet! Just down the road from Trackside Liquor so that could be a good pairing if you are just in town for a quick visit. Proudly proclaims that it was voted #1 pub in Medicine Hat on the sign. Quiet on a Tuesday afternoon. BOGO appetizers is a good deal. Decent wings, spring rolls a touch odd but tasty. Service was fine. Not somewhere I would necessarily go out of the way to get to, but a solid option for craft beer and food if are in town. Score seems low, we had a pleasant enough visit but focus on the local beers means that if you are just passing through going to the breweries directly might be a better option.“
jercraigs 1535 days ago
70 /100 1366 BRIER PARK DRIVE
“2017-06-28. Nice space, big old school leather chairs are comfortable, large nice patio. Limited food (mostly meat and cheese boards etc) - our charcuterie board was pretty nice. The bartender was friendly. Selection is good with a wide range of styles, but the beers are just okay overall. Location is in a fairly industrial area and it feels like it is pretty far out of town, but it’s relatively close to some malls and other stuff so maybe it’s more central than I think? I don’t really have a good sense of how MH is laid out! Worth a visit if passing through town.“
jercraigs 1535 days ago
80 /100 #102, 552-18 ST SW
“A great looking tap room with a huge wooden topped bar, shiplap walls and exposed brick, along with a very open, large and bright patio. There’s also a great wall of bottle labels to start a conversation with collectors. Service was quick and friendly. Beers are solid, tasty, fresh and well priced. No hot food served on site, but local food trucks do park up to provide sustenance.“
Torontoblue 1890 days ago
80 /100 #102, 552-18 ST SW
“A beautifully well thought out tap room that really pays attention to the details. Service is great, with owners floating around making sure everything is perfect. Beer is decent, nothing exciting, but solid. Flights are available and well priced. A great place in a town that used to have not options.“
Ferris 1890 days ago
72 /100 #102, 552-18 ST SW
“Beautifully renovated industrial building with a nice small tap room. Convenient from the #1 hwy. Looking forward to popping in here often!“
dresden 1891 days ago
100 /100 103 - 2201 BOX SPRINGS BLVD.
“Love this place!! Finally got a place with local food suppliers and tons of craft beers!“
Jovismom 2105 days ago
74 /100
Local Public Eatery (Restaurant)
“This remains the best spot in Medicine Hat to go for excellent upscale pub food and a decent craft beer selection. We’ve eaten here well over a dozen times and we’ve never been disappointed with the food. There is usually a seasonal tap of some sort that I haven’t tried, which is a big bonus for a nerd beer ticker like me!“
DuffMan 2171 days ago
60 /100 103 - 2201 BOX SPRINGS BLVD.
“New place in the Hat that is comfortable, casual, and that is trying to bring craft draft to the community. Nothing exciting here for the beer nerd, but just a nice place to go for good pub food and a decent beer list that isn’t tied to any big guys. I hope they succeed!“
DuffMan 2171 days ago
“Wasn’t that easy to find but I’m not familiar with medicine hat either. Big walk in cooler calls out to you when you enter. Really good selection, actually . I’m remembering lots of lagunitas, pike, rogue, mikkeller, some brew dog, hop works, and lots of Canadian stuff. Worth a detour if you’re going by. Updated: I’ve been here several times in the last few years. It’s a seriously great store where a lot of things seem to last a bit longer here than in other places. Things are cheaper than the rest of alberta, the only real downside is the weird location.“
dresden 2402 days ago
“They definitely have the most wide-ranging and comprehensive beer cooler in the Hat, and...well...being a brony, I give them big ups for their clerk saying to me that she loved my My Little Pony T-shirt. I need to go back there soon...“
BeerAndPonies 2445 days ago
“Really nice store. Fantastic selection and really nice staff. Will be a frequent customer.“
ChunkyD 3824 days ago
“Nice Beer Selection and If they dont have what you want they will try and get it for you“
cervesa 3968 days ago
“Great Little Beer Store....Like someone commented, It’s by far, got the most selection of Micro Beers, and beers from all over, that’s awesome for little ol’ Medicine Hat, and yes, they do a great job of bringing in what a customer request’s.....If they can get their hands on it, they will bring it in.....Really nice that you can buy single beers, there are many, many to choose from, that is awesome!!...Very Friendly, helpful, Knowledgable Staff and management.....It’s where I go for my hop fix!!....Good stuff, Keep up the great work!! Cheers....Jeff.. Medicine Hat...“
lovehops 3973 days ago
“I’ve gotta rep my local here! This is by far the best spot to buy beer in Medicine Hat. Recently they have started to offer a lot more singles for purchase (smart move). Very impressive selection of Canadian micros, and some quality American craft brews too (Pike, Rogue, Brooklyn, Schmaltz, Lagunitas to name a few). Decent enough import selection, with several exceptional belgian brews. They work realy hard at bringing in new product almost every week. Selection is 13/15 based on this store being in little ol’ Medicine Hat.“
DuffMan 4177 days ago