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74 /100 620 LAURA ROAD
“Way out at the back of Bowen Island, a good 90 minute hike through the woods from the ferry terminal, a pleasant little farm area with some picnic table seating. Tasting of all three of their ciders was free (which I hope won't last too long, they deserve a bit of cash for that), and bottles could be bought for consumption out on their fabulous patio. Ciders were pretty good though not spectacular. Still a great stop, and a great excuse to spend a day enjoying Bowen Island.“
DeanF 66 days ago
34 /100 996 DORMAN RD
“A small selection of craft beer, enough to get by a day. No service to speak of, almost all cans and subject to the few who date their cans, or to knowing for sure it was a new release.“
Sammy 293 days ago
52 /100 996 DORMAN RD
“I remember this place. It is what it is. Not a great store by any means, but how many choices do you have on Bowen? Still, for short visits it might be just as well to growler up on the mainland.“
Oakes 1763 days ago
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