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76 /100 5792 BERESFORD ST
“Nice clean modest interior a few minutes walk from Royal Oak skytrain, along with a very nice patio that's got those heaters for cool March mornings. Good service, half pours available in lieu of flights. Beers are generally well crafted and certainly in the better half of local brewers. Some modest food available. Given its central location to all things metro Vancouver I'd highly recommend a visit when in the area, this has been a dead zone for a long time so it's well positioned in that respect.“
DeanF 39 days ago
82 /100 5792 BERESFORD ST
“Fairly small tap room, with an also small patio. Ambience-wise, it's a brewery. About 10 mins from Royal Oak station, and that park across the street where the path goes under the tracks looks awfully inviting if this place gets filled up. Which it will, for two reasons. One, there's no other brewery in this part of town. Two, this place is excellent. Because of the 6oz thing, I split my tastings across two relatively quick visits. Seven of the eight beers were good, the other having some diacetyl. But quality was strong. Where so many other new breweries make excuses about being new for why their beer sucks (and then don't bother to improve), Studio has come out of the gate understanding the fundamentals - malt sugars, balance, and making the most out of fairly simple ingredient bills. The service is standout. I just thought it was the one server I had on my first visit but the two the next day were just as good. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, wanting to talk to the customers about the beer, and going beyond the superficial. Not to throw other breweries under the bus too much, but the difference in service here is noticeable, and immediately so. “
Oakes 45 days ago
82 /100 5792 BERESFORD ST
“Visited on opening week for their soft opening and was very impressed with the beer quality -- one of the most impressive first impressions I've had from a local brewery. Located not overly far from Metrotown (10-minute walk to the nearest SkyTrain stop), the tasting room is fairly small, modern-ish, and comfortable. They had 8 house beers plus 2 guests when I visited, with 6 oz pours available for $3.50 (plus tax; 12 oz pours for $6-6.50 plus tax). Nice selection of mostly hop-forward or farmhouse beers, most of which were executed really nicely. I'm sure they'll perfect these recipes even more as time goes by. Very friendly staff -- top-notch service. Looking forward to seeing how this brewery does.“
mcberko 63 days ago
44 /100 8888 UNIVERSITY DR.
“For a campus bar, it's not bad. It's located upstairs in the Maggie Benson Centre (MBC); once you enter the main MBC entrance, turn left into the coffee shop and it's right up the stairs. Lots of space, but it gets busy in the evenings. 20 or so taps, but only 5-6 were craft -- at least they had some Twin Sails (both on tap and in cans), and a few other solid options. Food menu includes lots of vegetarian items (even some vegan ones). Service is quite solid considering they just opened -- astute, helpful, and friendly. No flights (of course), as this isn't a tickers' place; just sleeves and pints for $5-6 / $6-7, respectively. If you're stuck at SFU and need a good beer, this is a fun, comfortable spot.“
mcberko 745 days ago
72 /100 3845 WILLIAM STREET
“Different from their downtown brewpub this place is more of a sterile tasting room with a few games and barren tables around. Service was quick enough and they do flights of 3. A reliable spot to try their vast array of seasonals that are often underrepresented at the brewpub downtown. A little bit of a hike from the skytrain station but still not too far flung.“
DeanF 787 days ago
70 /100 #114 - 3191 THUNDERBIRD CRESCENT
“The expanded Dageraad has a fair bit more space than the original, and this has allowed them to add a lot more taps, too. This is good. The bottle selection is also larger now. I like the beers a lot, the Art Nouveau design is fantastic and reflected in the swag. It's only a couple of minutes' walk from the Skytrain (I think the station is called Production Way, but there's a Dageraad ad on the platform and I just call it Dageraad station because there's really nothing else there). I seldom miss this when in the area.“
Oakes 893 days ago
72 /100 #114 - 3191 THUNDERBIRD CRESCENT
“A bit of a hike from the skytrain station but nothing excessive, this place is way back in an industrial park but still manages to pull in a decent crowd. Their beers are some of the best in the city. Flights are affordable and service was quick. You can also buy some swag if you like and there's an upstairs too.“
DeanF 907 days ago
62 /100 7651 ROYAL OAK AVE
“A warehouse-style liquor store with poorly educated staff. Very nice staff. Just not very interested in beer or maybe not interested in the beer that they carry. Excellent stop if you are interested in a flat of Bud Light. A couple of years ago there were some gems here but no longer. (Please note - there is a West Coast Liquor store in Kerrisdale which is excellent. If you want great selection and service by knowledgeable staff, it is 25 minutes drive from Royal Oak and well worth it.)“
roytheboy 1113 days ago
80 /100
Bottle Jockey (Beer Store)
“Exceptional for a small store. Selection is limited by they are very selective. A fine representation of local craft. Bit of a hidden treasure as they sometimes stock gems weeks after popular places run out. Staff knowledge is variable but majority seem to be experienced beer folks and help selecting something to suit your taste. Somebody is managing this space very well. If they had more space, I have no doubt they would be great.“
roytheboy 1113 days ago
60 /100 235 - 7155 KINGSWAY
“They have redone this store to a signature store, and although not a huge craft beer selection they do carry some craft that the other regular govt stores don’. Still no service, but good prices.“
Ferris 1586 days ago
70 /100
Bottle Jockey (Beer Store)
“Cool little shop with friendly staff.“
bulldogops 1718 days ago
76 /100 5 - 2909 BAINBRIDGE AVE.
“If you live in Burnaby, then here you can find the best beer selection in the area.“
beerplace 1820 days ago
58 /100 #114 - 3191 THUNDERBIRD CRESCENT
“Out of the way, you will hardly find yourself in the area; the taproom sells growlers, bottles and by the glass; they have only 4 taps; the space is extremely small, but they opened a bit more space in the brewery area, 2 tables; concrete warehouse in an industrial area; they mostly brew good beer, but thee place is still not fascinating.“
fiulijn 1980 days ago
64 /100 4125 HASTINGS ST
“Good selection for this part of the town, can find some beers I haven’t seen elsewhere; anyway, selection in BC is rather flat...“
fiulijn 2091 days ago
62 /100 1601 BURNWOOD
“Tucked away in a plaza in a nice neighborhood I was pretty excited by the name and area. Oh how looks can be decieving. This place has sold out to VLTs, tons of screens and Keno. It has all the potential and it is just wasted. Taps are OK with quite a few, but nothing of particular interest. Menu of bottles is OK, but the gems are in the cooler that aren’t listed anywhere else. Food is way overpriced and sub par bar fair. I had high hopes and they were brutally dashed against the rocks.“
Ferris 2238 days ago
68 /100 4125 HASTINGS ST
“Pretty large selection of craft beer, mostly unrefrigerated. Fills a niche for this section of Burnaby and carries a lot of seasonals. Prices are very good and the service is very friendly. Also has some ice ciders that aren’t available at all other places, which is worth stopping for if you’re into that. Nice addition to Burnaby’s craft beer scene.“
mcberko 2255 days ago
72 /100 #114 - 3191 THUNDERBIRD CRESCENT
“Tiny little room in an industrial plaza. Maybe 6 seats. Nice samples and good glassware, but not much outside of what you can find elsewhere. Small batches on Wednesday would be the main reason to go. Passionate and know about beer. Quality is OK and up, but again not much going on at the tap room.“
Ferris 2274 days ago
68 /100 #114 - 3191 THUNDERBIRD CRESCENT
“A very, very tiny place in an industrial estate, maybe 10’ wide by 6’ long area, with 4-5 chairs. Only 3 beers on tap when I was there, with very good prices. $1.50 for 100mL taster sizes. Service is friendly and the quality of their beer is very good -- certainly stands out amongst other BC breweries. Hard to recommend making the trek out here as their beer has good distribution in the Lowe Mainland, but maybe you’ll get lucky and get to try a test batch of something.

Update: They've expanded the place considerably, offer many more taps, frequently including guest taps. Prices are a little higher than before, but still reasonable. Service is usually quite cold and uninviting.“
mcberko 2284 days ago
62 /100 7651 ROYAL OAK AVE
“Probably the best selection in the area. Staff is not helpful, and when I politely mentioned that one of my beers was charged more than the tag on the shelf, she grunted instead of apologizing and made half a mess while reverting it…“
fiulijn 2325 days ago
34 /100 235 - 7155 KINGSWAY
“A smaller BC Liquors that doesn’t stock a particular amount of craft beer, and it’s not one of the best in town; better to choose a private store (West Coast is not far away).“
fiulijn 2325 days ago
44 /100 5665 KINGSWAY
“Visited only because it was on my way; the place is dark, old looking and a bit claustrophobic; little craft beer available. But Burnaby hasn’t much to offer yet.“
fiulijn 2325 days ago
60 /100 3845 WILLIAM STREET
“2014-06-11: Visited in June, not long after they opened. The taproom area is clean, not much soul; beers are never crazy at Steamworks; I got a good moment mostly because I had the chance to talk to the brewer. They also sell bottles and cans.

2015-02-14: Nice taproom, with an atmosphere somewhere between the warehouse and the log cabin, with timber covered walls and stone covered pillars, but also large garage windows; horrible R&B music; WiFi available; 8 beers on tap available also in tasters, but the selection is limited to the large production ones; the fridge has even a more limited selection; growler fills; price is high, 2$ for 4oz and 3.5-5$ for 12 oz“
fiulijn 2340 days ago
58 /100 5665 KINGSWAY
“A sports bar and pool hall feel. Lots of gaming and distractions. Service is self serve and selection of beers is limited, but does have local craft. Prices are pretty reasonable. I would have very little reason to come back.“
Ferris 2379 days ago
68 /100 7651 ROYAL OAK AVE
“Update - Beer geeks have all left and new management knows nothing. This is slowly degrading and will likely disappear as a hidden gem. - A good sized liquor store with plenty of options. Service was pretty non existent till I happened on the manager. Selection was surprisingly good and it is obviously overlooked as there was plenty of things I couldn’t find elsewhere. Also a nice selection of imports. Prices are a bit higher than everywhere else. In the area and absolute gem, and if you are looking for things that are sold out elsewhere, this is where some may be hiding.“
Ferris 2379 days ago
70 /100 3845 WILLIAM STREET
“Really nice modern tap room in the middle of a residential area - strange choice of location for this. 8 beers on tap as of opening, offering 4 oz. and 12 oz. pours. Very reasonably priced and friendly staff. Worth a stop if in the area.“
mcberko 2475 days ago
66 /100 4125 HASTINGS ST
“Although a large selection, it has all been sitting a while. If you missed a release, you may find old stock here. That being said the beer is in direct sunlight and most is not refrigerated. Worth a peek, but unlikely you will find anything you would risk buying.“
Ferris 2479 days ago
76 /100 3845 WILLIAM STREET
“Tap Room - Stunning new tap room that is bright open and airy. Service was self serve but very nice passionate people. Selection was a half dozen of their own beers. No food. Prices were a bit high for a brewery tap room. A nice place, but nothing special.“
Ferris 2508 days ago
96 /100 7651 ROYAL OAK AVE
“This is the best place for Craft Beers I’ve seen. The staff and owner are very knowledgeable and are happy to help you find beers if the large selection there is too much. They also introduced me to Parallel 49 Imperial Stout, so I will love them forever.“
mikeybates 2526 days ago
76 /100 7651 ROYAL OAK AVE
“Simple layout. Good selection. Easily the best in Burnaby. It’s my goto place every couple weeks. Most staff have decent knowledge. All make good recommendations for the most part. Majority of the beers are chilled. Excellent selection of single bottles.“
pictoman 2577 days ago
72 /100 5 - 2909 BAINBRIDGE AVE.
“With a big sign saying check out our Craft beer I had to take a look. Surprisingly decent. Not a huge selection, but they had some interesting things outside the usual suspects. If they gave me a receipt I would comment on prices, but alas they don’t. Staff ignored me. Don’t make a specific trip but stop in if you are around. UPDATE - New manager from a good beer pedigree, should be getting better.“
Ferris 2743 days ago
32 /100 5665 KINGSWAY
“This place has changed leaps and bounds in the last year. It used to be a terrible little dive bar with equally terrible food and beer selection, but whoever is in charge now is turning it around. Excellent for a spot in Burnaby, but pales in comparison to Vancouver’s spots. The beer menu is pretty good. Nice selection. Seems a little overpriced, but perhaps that’s the going rate for bottles (I usually order taps, but their tap selection isn’t that great in my opinion). My biggest criticism of the place is the unfriendly, inattentive waitresses that have zero product knowledge. They really need to implement a training program to get these waitresses up to speed or just fire them all and rehire better ones. I also don’t like the way they wash their glassware. Tonight, I went and waited forever to make my order. When it came she gave me the bottle and walked away. I had to wait for her to come back so I could actually ask for a glass so I could pour it. Then she gave me a glass where you could smell the dishwasher soap residue still on it and disappeared again. It was impossible to flag her down again and I just wanted to drink and go because it was so loud so I gave up and just drank it in the soapy glass. The crowd on Saturday night was very rowdy redneck, very hard to hear anything. The facility is clean. If you live nearby it’s worth checking out, but otherwise just goto Vancouver. And ask for a properly rinsed glass so it doesn’t ruin the beer.“
pictoman 3020 days ago
66 /100 4125 HASTINGS ST
“I used to be singularly unimpressed with this store in regards their craft beer selection, but I must say they have recently and greatly improved. Worth a look if you’re in the neighborhood.“
stantheman 3084 days ago
80 /100 1601 BURNWOOD
“First visit and apparently the first review for this little suburban hideaway, tucked away on the south-western slope of Burnaby Mountain. I snuck in on a late Friday afternoon. Very quiet and suburban.

Tap and bottled selection is quite remarkable for a suburban neighborhood pub. I didn’t order food, but initial impressions are very positive. The late barkeep is Dale.

I made a late evening visit a few hours ago, and it was only about half full. Apparently not a rockin’ establishment. Suits me fine. I love beer and hate noise and crowds!“
stantheman 3148 days ago
70 /100 6908 PALM AVENUE
“A little more expensive than Dan’s but more selection and slighlty friendlier staff. They are still new to the beer making side of things, but steadily increasing their inventory and selection.“
v1rgil 3179 days ago
68 /100 5 - 2909 BAINBRIDGE AVE.
“I was impressed. I would say it is almost comparable to The Met (no du de cial though). Staff were friendly, craft beer selection was great, and a large selection of wine too. If you live in the area you should check them out.“
v1rgil 3182 days ago
76 /100
Bottle Jockey (Beer Store)
“A niceley apointed trendy little store. Not a huge selection, but enough craft beers that you will find something you like. They have free tastings and a nice staff. I wouldn’t make a special trip but my parents live accross the street.“
Ferris 3259 days ago
72 /100
Bottle Jockey (Beer Store)
“Upscale, but selection limited somewhat by lack of space. Some nice selections, but not my favorite private store for beer. Selection probably tilts a bit more to wine and spirits.“
stantheman 3448 days ago