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68 /100 725 MACKENZIE ROAD
“Quite a nice big restaurant beside the apple orchard off the highway in Cawston. Flights are available for a reasonable price and their bottles are available for take-away if you don't want to drink and drive way out here. Service was plenty friendly. A really good stop if you happen to get out this way, the ciders are above average but still rather sweet affairs.“
DeanF 604 days ago
66 /100 2080 RITCHIE DR
“A fun little dome-shaped tasting room off the highway. Samples are available and service was pretty quick. Their ciders are competent, above average. Worth a stop if in the area.“
DeanF 632 days ago
72 /100 620 SUMAC RD
“Set way down a hill off the highway there's a very nice drinking area just off a small single room shop where all their varieties are sold. Service was quick enough, prices were all right. It's not a bad stop if you happen to be going along this road, though on a hot summer day this is a perfect place to set up shop and have a cider or three.“
DeanF 707 days ago
66 /100 725 MACKENZIE ROAD
“Open about a year when I visited, just a minute or two down the road from Twisted Hills. Expansive, modern, sleek interior that looks like a lot of money went into it. They have the cider tasting and bottle shop area on one side, and a full restaurant/bistro on another, with a nice patio with incredible views. 7 ciders on tap when I visited. You can sample all of them for a nominal fee which they wave if you buy a bottle to go. Ciders were competent, but nothing special -- probably middle of the pack as far as Keremeos cideries go. Friendly enough but rather clueless server. Worth a stop when passing through.“
mcberko 722 days ago
64 /100 2238 HWY 3
“Country store, always lots of good stuff in season. The cider/fruit wine section has a wide variety of products and you can try them all. The ciders are hit and miss, but there’s some I like. The all-peach one, which is not eligible for RB, is actually one of the better ones they make. Easily worth a stop when driving through - all three in Cawston are worth it, really.“
Oakes 2172 days ago
66 /100 2080 RITCHIE DR
“Small tasting room on site, service by the owner/cidermaker. You get to try each of the products. These are excellent ciders, and if you’re not familiar, this is a great opportunity to try them and buy ones you can’t otherwise find in your area. Say hi to their dogs.“
Oakes 2172 days ago
78 /100 620 SUMAC RD
“Beautiful location and a small, charming tasting room where you can sample all the products. It’s a solid 10-15 drive from the other two places in Cawston on ratebeer, but is totally worth the drive. This is my pick for best fruit winery in the Okanagan. Very good quality wines, especially a couple of the ice ciders/wines. The older man serving us was very friendly and passionate about the products. Prices are on the high side, but for the excellent quality it can be forgiven a bit. Definitely worth the stop.“
mcberko 2211 days ago
70 /100 2080 RITCHIE DR
“NEW REVIEW: They've upgraded! Right off Hwy-3 now, it's a beautiful, odd-looking round, dome-shaped little hut. Sexy interior, with a walk-up counter for tastings, which are complementary. Same products as usual. Friendly staff. Definitely still worth a stop when in town. OLD REVIEW: Just down the road from Rustic Roots, you have to travel on a gravel and dirt road for a minute or two before you approach the small tasting room. Super friendly and passionate service. You can sample all the ciders for free. Pretty good products for BC cider and prices are decent. Definitely worth a stop when in town.“
mcberko 2211 days ago
70 /100 2238 HWY 3
“Cute little place along the highway selling all sorts of things from cider to wine to fruits to honey and so forth. You can sample anything for free. Service is very friendly and knowledgeable. Enjoyed a few of the products, though they are less interesting and well-made than Forbidden Fruit. Prices are standard for the fruit wineries in the Okanagan. Worth a stop when in the area.“
mcberko 2211 days ago
62 /100 2238 HWY 3
“Looks like every fruit stand and in fact they do sell fruit as well. Easy to miss. Service was a bit too eager without knowledge t back it up. Decent selection and you can taste free to hearts content. I was not a fan of anything they had, but if you are in the area might as well stop.“
Ferris 2518 days ago
74 /100 2080 RITCHIE DR
“In the orchards a rustic farmhouse on a dirt road. Passionate and knowledgable staff are happy to let you try it all. Cider is pretty good for BC and they use good apples grown in their orchard. Prices are good as well for what you get. A nice stop with good cider.“
Ferris 2518 days ago
74 /100 620 SUMAC RD
“An absolutely stunning location, I would go even if you are not into the fruit styles. Note, that this is only when sunny and warm. Owner is very pleasant and is willing to chat all day. Only a few products that we can rate and none exceptional. He will let you do small samples with the expectation you buy a glass. Nice stop for the atmosphere. You can also buy whole fruit as well.“
Ferris 2518 days ago
62 /100 2238 HWY 3
“Country style general store, they sell a range of fruit wines, fresh fruits and other products. The apple/pear wines are reasonable, but less interesting than Forbidden Fruit; the fortified mulberry/pear wine is very good. Good service.“
fiulijn 3977 days ago
66 /100 620 SUMAC RD
“The orchard and fruit winery is kind of oasis in the Similkameen desert; the tasting room is colorful, and it’s also possible to sip a glass of fruit wine on the patio, overlooking the river. The attitude at service can be warmer. The fruit wines (also beyond apples and pears) are very good, better than Elephant Island, although as usual prices are too high (up to 100$/liter).“
fiulijn 3977 days ago
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