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68.5714285714 /100 201B, 3055 OAK STREET
“A large brewpub style restaurant just across from Riot Brewing... seriously, you should only be coming here after buying a few pints from Riot Brewing. Sawmill has a good 30 beers on tap, all from island brewers and all their safe bets. So, no great ticks here but the pizzas are all right and the service is friendly. A decent spot for a bite after you spend at least a hundred dollars a head over at Riot Brewing.“
DeanF 936 days ago
62.8571428571 /100 101A - 3055 OAK ST
“Overhearing the bartender and the customers, it seems this place may not have long to go - they are hanging on by a string and might shut down soon. So, it would behoove beer geeks to make a visit if in the general area (Canada). Their beers are okay, and it's a decent spot on the edge of Chemainus. If a few more beer tasters can help turn the tide then the effort should be made. Shouldn't it?“
DeanF 936 days ago
70 /100 201B, 3055 OAK STREET
“Large place with 30 beers on tap including several dark beers which seem hard to come by on Vancouver Island with It's fixation on IPAs. Not much in the way of atmosphere but the food and service were both good.“
baxterfish 1120 days ago
52 /100 201B, 3055 OAK STREET
“Open and somewhat large roadhouse style pub. Lots of taps but unfortunately lots of mediocre local and Vancouver brewery offering. Would be nice to spice up the taps with a couple of high quality US or Euro imports.“
Gerbeer 1654 days ago
54 /100 101A - 3055 OAK ST
“Nice open airy and bright tasting room. New brewery with limited selection. If in the area...“
Gerbeer 1654 days ago
66 /100 201B, 3055 OAK STREET
“An upscale lodge feel in a plaza right by the water. Service was pretty distracted and large tap list of locals. Nothing exciting, but they do overpriced flights. Food was good and decently priced for the fresh upscale fare. Would go for the food or with non beer geeks, but too expensive and boring to tick.“
Ferris 2001 days ago
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