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60 /100 650 VICTORIA ST
“Was good to come here in non-covid times. Was busy when I arrived but I wasn't nuts about the atmosphere...just a kind of no frills place. Junk food menu but nothing wrong with that. I like to save my junk food for situations like this. The beer list is pretty long but quality is mid-card. I don't remember any standouts good or bad. That's unfortunate, because with one or two really reliable beers I could get behind this.“
Oakes 10 days ago
62 /100 355 LANSDOWNE
“Downtown tap room. Big open space. The inside, I don't know what they're going for, but the outside looked civilized. Was blustery so I sat inside. Long list of beer. A few things were pretty good but some other stuff wasn't all that good. So definitely taste a few things before ordering, or just make it a tickfest with the other two downtown breweries.“
Oakes 10 days ago
“Off in an industrial park. I mean, nothing's that far from the highway in Kamloops, but this isn't central. However, it's not far from Stag's Head if you're just passing through town, which is how most people arrive in Kamloops. Typical brewery tap room. Good list of styles, a variety of styles, and many of them were really well made. They have a pilot system so always something new, and just overall Iron Road is one of the better breweries in the Interior so gotta stop here when going through town.“
Oakes 10 days ago
“My first visit was during the full on spring 2020 lockdown and I got crowlers to go. But I've been back a couple of times since and I like this place a lot. The beers are modern and well-made. Not sure I've ever had a dud here; usually it's just straight up quality and they're always brewing new stuff. The food I've had really good and kinda iffy (stale bread), so jury's out although they have a more interesting menu than most places in Kamloops and certainly the most interesting of the breweries. For me, have to stop here.“
Oakes 10 days ago
72 /100 402-1801 PRINCETON-KAMLOOPS HWY 5A
“Darn fine store. What I like is that they have a big selection of BC craft beer, and almost everything is available in singles. I mean, Cask & Barrel can't even touch that, in terms of getting a chance to explore BC beer, and in part that's because Kamloops is more of a hub, so they get their own breweries, northern ones and Okanagan ones. The downside is that whereas Cask & Barrel gets the high end stuff, imports, etc., Stag's Head doesn't have much of that. So really you need both of these stores if you live in the Interior and want to have a fully comprehensive selection.“
Oakes 10 days ago
82 /100 402-1801 PRINCETON-KAMLOOPS HWY 5A
“A real gem of a bottle shop on the edge of Kamloops. Huge selection of small producer ciders and beers from the interior, all the way east into the Kootenays. I stocked up here and will be busy for months to come thanks to them. Good service, friendly and were happy to recommend things if that's what you want. Mandatory stop if you pass through Kamloops.“
DeanF 414 days ago
64 /100 355 LANSDOWNE
“A nice big covid patio and still plenty of seating inside, about 10 beers on tap along with several for take away. Some standouts, some stinkers, pretty good service. No complaints here, standard brewery tasting room setting and I think a necessary stop if you're interested in what's going on in this city.“
DeanF 439 days ago
54 /100 650 VICTORIA ST
“The waitress was much more inquisitive than what I normally expect though I deflected pretty well. "Sure, I'm visiting all the local breweries". What does she care? Does that count as service? That could rub someone the wrong way. Nonetheless the pizza I had was just all right and while many beers were available most were just about average. Fun in the sense that there's now a brewery crawl in Kamloops if you start here or at Red Collar, but on the other hand this is nothing to go out of your way for. A solid meh.“
DeanF 439 days ago
“Only an interior drinking area, heavily partitioned thanks to Covid but otherwise good service and plenty of beers on tap which weren't bad at all. Some bottles for takeaway, some food on offer. A little off the beaten path for Kamloops but about a 40 minute walk from downtown if you're into that sort of thing. If you're going to the college next door you'll be visiting here. A lot.“
DeanF 439 days ago
“Right in the middle of Kamloop's North End this was a great stop for lunch. Food portions were large but not really expensive, and they had plenty of 5 ounce glasses available for sampling. Service was quick and there was a balcony. I enjoyed the ambiance here more than the other Kamloops breweries and the beers were also very good. A necessary stop if in the area.“
DeanF 439 days ago
“The newest addition to Kamloops' brewery scene. At the time of visiting, they had been open for three-quarters of a year (since October 2019). Bright, modern spot in the North Shore, about 5 minutes driving from downtown. It can get busy there -- there was a 45 minute wait on a Friday evening. 7 beers on tap when I went, with 5 oz pours costing $3.25 a piece -- that's pretty damn expensive for the kind of beer they're brewing. I tried them all and enjoyed their fruited ones and their ISA; wasn't fussed or didn't like the others. Extremely friendly and helpful service. Decent spot and keeping an eye on.“
mcberko 448 days ago
“A large brewpub right next to a hotel with a vast patio area right in central Kamloops. Service was friendly enough, food was pretty good. Beers are average to slightly above average. Not a bad stop in the area, probably better as a stop for a meal rather than just beer. Seemed to be on the pricier side given that Kamloops isn't exactly central London or anything.“
DeanF 774 days ago
60 /100 355 LANSDOWNE
“A few blocks from Noble Pig and Alchemy, this isn't a highlight for beer quality. The tasting room is nice and spatious, with a decent patio -- but the mosquitos make it unpleasant in the summer. Flights available and single tasters for $2.50/pour. Beer quality isn't terrible, but isn't great either, with the Belgian styles just not being dialed in properly. Very friendly service. If you have time, may as well stop by, but it isn't worth a special trip and shouldn't be visited ahead of Iron Road or Alchemy.“
mcberko 871 days ago
64 /100 650 VICTORIA ST
“Right downtown and directly adjacent to Noble Pig. 10 beers on tap when I visited, with flights of 4 available for ~$10. Beer quality was hit-or-miss, ranging from subpar to slightly above average. Very friendly, accommodating service. Big food menu with a couple of vegan options, so maybe I'll eat next time. Worth a stop.“
mcberko 871 days ago
“Located a little west of the centre in an industrial strip mall. Moderate-sized, intimate tasting room with plenty of bar seating. Limited taplist, but with many interesting and ambitious styles, including a brett saison, a BA saison, and more. Flights of 4 available, with most beers being $2 / taster. Very good beer quality -- I'd say the best in Kamloops. Service was decent too, though not particularly warm. Must stop when in Kamloops.“
mcberko 871 days ago
74 /100 650 VICTORIA ST
“Nice new spot in town. Comfortable and very local. Lots of interesting beers on tap and decent considering the others in the area. Flights and tasters are no problem, wifi and good prices. Food looked great, but I didn't eat.“
Ferris 882 days ago
74 /100 225-450 LANSDOWNE ST
“Decent selection of BC Craft beers and some others, always something new, but mostly they won't sell singles.“
Lagerboy 948 days ago
90 /100 402-1801 PRINCETON-KAMLOOPS HWY 5A
“Large selection of single tall cans (lots of IPA's!) always something new. Lee is a great guy. My go to beer store in Da''Loops.“
Lagerboy 948 days ago
“A nice spot in a strip mall just off the highway. Good size with a large U bar. Service was very disappointing for brewery. Staff were chatting vs serving and helping. They were on the verge of rude. They couldn't do math and they watched me get my own water from the waiter station without saying a word. I expect much more from a brewery that is trying to make an impact on the local scene. Beer was decent with lots of different and exciting styles. Wifi and flights were available. I would go back for the beer, but the service still makes me cringe.“
Ferris 1183 days ago
72 /100 355 LANSDOWNE
“A dark interior with a nice patio, this place although functional just feels off with its design and architecture. Service was pleasant and the owners are usually floating around. All their beers plus a cider and maybe a guest tap. No bottles, only to go. Food is soup and sandwich in the day, full kitchen in the evening. Beer is OK, some good some bad. If you are around good for some ticks and they do flights.“
Ferris 1575 days ago
70 /100 449 TRANQUILLE RD
“A local coffee/beer/bistro house. Small and quaint with a nice large patio. Service is OK, but not really beer friendly. Tap list is small but very unique with some expensive and hard to find imports. Not worth a detour, but worth it f you are in Kamloops.“
Ferris 1575 days ago
“Nice place in Kamloops with there own beers on tap.“
PeatyPete 1900 days ago
64 /100 577 VICTORIA ST
“A large restaraunt with a small bar and large patio. More of a commercial setting. Service was very good but not really beer focused. Selection was huge but disappointing. Mostly light beers with very little of interest. Lots of Macro’s and pseudo craft. Prices are on the high side, and food is upscale bar but nothing special. Good for show and the novice.“
Ferris 2565 days ago
74 /100 402-1801 PRINCETON-KAMLOOPS HWY 5A
“A nice large store in a strip mall right off the highway. Good service with a decent knowledge of beer. Beer selection in primarily focused on BC, but they have a smattering of others. This is a great local store that is obviously a big player in the area. They get limited editions and you will likely find stock there that is no longer available elsewhere. A good stop if you get the chance.“
Ferris 2565 days ago
88 /100 449 TRANQUILLE RD
“10 taps, 5 hosted by Cannery Brewing, with one offs from that brewer, and 5 international rotating taps. Rare in BC bottles available. Great Patio, lots of bike racks, friendly locals and regulars.“
mitchforgie 2630 days ago
“October 2021 rating: On a main road in the centre of town, but honestly I don't get it. Seriously. The flight charge is theoretically $9 but it's an extra dollar for all seasonals and the IPA. So for the vast majority of the taps, it's $1 extra for five fucking ounces, no matter what style of beer. Vienna? Yeah, that's an extra buck. Shitty ESB? Extra buck. Shitty ESB we dumped a bunch of shit into? Definitely coughing up another dollareedoo for that one. When the price on the menu is not the price you actually pay, that's called a bait and switch. That is illegal and unethical so fuck right off with that. So it's really $12 for a 3 beer flight, and the beer isn't anything special in terms of what it cost to produce or in terms of its objective quality. I can understand paying $12 for 3 variants of Monsters Park or Angels Share. Hell I'd happily plunk that down for three variants of any decent impy, but that's not the kind of beer we're talking about here. Pro-am Vienna, pro-am ESB and pro-am ESB with shit in it. So all told, I can't understand what the point is. It feels like somebody bought a restaurant, inherited a brewery and is fucking angry about it and actively takes it out on people who like beer. I absolutely fucking hate places like this and the toxic anti-beer bullshit they stand for. What an absolute trash experience.“
Oakes 2646 days ago
“Really nice brewpub in downtown Kamloops. Beer quality is alright - mostly middle-of-the-road but some above average stuff. Prices are very reasonable and the service is extremely friendly and attentive. The go-to spot in Kamloops for sure.“
mcberko 2708 days ago
“Great neighbourhood pub. Food is upscale pub food, ambiance is modern gastro pub and beer is limited to house and macro crap. Thankfully house beers are all drinkable and interesting. I wouldn’t make a specific trip but would definitely stop in driving through. Food is really cheap considering what you get.“
Ferris 3172 days ago
“The noble pig is a brewpub that has brewed over 30 different beers to date. They have 7 house beers: IPA, Porter, Lager, pilsner, ESB, English Pale Ale, Belgian Ale. They rotate seasonals all year and occasionally feature beers from nearby Crannog Brewery. The service is fast, food is always quality but standard pub fare, and staff rarely knows much about the beers or even drinks the beers. The place looks great but it's very large. The patio is unique, built into the hotels old swimming pool, and has brewing hops growing on the overhead pergola. The pub does growler sales and keg sales, but does not bottle. Recommended in Kamloops.“
mitchforgie 3328 days ago
“Big open place with lots of space between tables. Beers are served at a nice temp. 8 beers on tap. Good food. Very friendly staff. Brewer works hard on his classic styles. May overuse the word generous in his beer descriptions when refering to hop additions. Worth checking out before or after the Coquihalla.“
presario 3695 days ago