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52 /100 2317 MILLSTREAM ROAD
“There's an okay selection of craft beers in cans and bombers in a chilled fridge. Common ciders abound. It's not the best I've seen in Victoria but also not a bad stop if you're trying to find something specific and are in the area.“
DeanF 522 days ago
74 /100 107-977 LANGFORD PARKWAY
“A large liquor store with a very attenitve and smart staff. Not geek level but helpful with some good knowledge. Selection is pretty big for Vancouver Island with tons of locals and quite a bit of random other stuff as well. Some of the stuff is a bit dated but it means you can find stuff you missed. Prices are pretty decent and a better deal if you belong to their club. A good place to visit despite its out of the way location.“
Ferris 1539 days ago
66 /100 2317 MILLSTREAM ROAD
“A huge and weirdly tacky store with dinosaurs everywhere. Service was friendly and although not beer focused they have some great specialties, largest whisky selection i have seen, and the staff to sell them. Selection isn’t very big considering the size of the store, but they do have some imports that are not usual on the island and very good prices. Although not worth a specific trip, it shares a parking lot with a brewery, so might as well.“
Ferris 1539 days ago
46 /100 107-977 LANGFORD PARKWAY
“Another large warehouse for the masses.this place could double for a BC liquor Store. I still prefer Cascadia’s Quadra location for beer selection and service. Nobody noticed me enter and had I not bought anything, I doubt I would have been engaged before leaving. There seems to be all the main BC craft brew characters, limited imports - but I did find a few new Okanagan cideries I’d not previously encountered.“
CapFlu 2329 days ago
52 /100 2317 MILLSTREAM ROAD
“Somewhat of a heartless open warehouse with an emphasis on wine and coolers. The craft beer selection is okay, it mainly plays to a good selection micros and their main lineups. I didn’t see too many seasonals or special imports. The staff is friendly but I didn’t get a sense they are trained on beers. One thing I really appreciated was that they have a growler fill station with 20 taps - sadly government law doesn’t allow them to fill on site since they don’t brew on premise. I hope the law changes as this would be a huge plus for the store and area.“
CapFlu 2330 days ago
64 /100 600-2945 JACKLIN RD
“I was someone surprised by this BC Liquor Store as I was informed the location on Fort Street was the largest on the island... not true! Langford’s Signature Store appears not only to be larger, more modern but also visually has a greater selection. I hadn’t seen any of the Bear Brewing (KB), Bushman’s, both Chimay Blue&Red, St.Ambroise Oatmeal Stout and other beers rare to the Victoria area elsewhere. A real pain in the ASS to get to though... as you really need to be a local not to get lost a dozen times.“
CapFlu 5145 days ago
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