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66 /100 30 CAPILANO WAY # 11
“Hidden away in an industrial area of New West, it's like you're a member of a top secret club just knowing how to get here. Small indoor space, also small outdoor space. They sell singles of just about everything, which is absolutely awesome. They go through some phases where they are one of the best breweries in town, and others where maybe they're more ordinary.“
Oakes 87 days ago
70 /100 30 CAPILANO WAY # 11
“Tucked away in an industrial park, the tasting room is pretty tiny, with some bar seats downstairs, a few seats on the patio, and a dozen or so additional seats upstairs where the bathroom is. No frills, but they've made the most out of a bare bones place. 8 house beers on tap when I went. No flights or small pours, which is ridiculous for a brewery -- just full pours and half pours ($7/$4). At least they'll do samples before you order. They had a lot of IPAs on when I visited, plus two triple IPAs (!), as well as three sours. The beer quality is quite high relative to the Greater Van average, especially the triple IPAs and sours. Friendly service who are passionate about the beer. It's worth making the trek out here.“
mcberko 784 days ago
54 /100 126-810 QUAYSIDE DRIVE
“A small liquor store right at the quay. Okay selection of local individual cans and bottles. Worth a stop if you're in the immediate neighbourhood but not a destination to itself.“
DeanF 854 days ago
62 /100 517 SEVENTH ST
“Nice selection of craft beers and ciders with a large walk-in cooler. Service was quick and friendly. Prices were a little high though not extreme. A pretty good stop to check out what's what though I wouldn't go out of my way for them.“
DeanF 1078 days ago
56 /100
8th St Liquor Store (Beer Store)
“A spacious beer store just a few steps away from the skytrain and below a brewpub. Plenty of macro swill but there are also plenty of one-offs, rare craft brews, bottled vintage something or others for reasonable prices. I found plenty of things I hadn't seen elsewhere. Worth a stop if you're in the area and are hunting for rarities.“
DeanF 1112 days ago
42 /100 411 COLUMBIA ST
“Small and cluttered with a variety of local craft beers. You may find something you like, you may not. I wouldn't go out of my way to check this spot out but I was walking by. Not worth bothering with unless you are in the immediate neighbourhood.“
DeanF 1134 days ago
66 /100 30 CAPILANO WAY # 11
“Standard tasting room in an industrial park, two floors of seating, small bar area, one pinball machine and also now an old Tapper arcade game which fits the mood perfectly. Nice selection of beers on tap, they're doing some good things. Not too far from the skytrain (though you have to take the fire exit and walk down the stairs..... kind of an odd setup). They don't do flights yet but half pours and full pours at pretty good value.... 3 bucks for a 7 ounce glass, you can't really go wrong. If you're local to the area it might be a draw, it's a brewery in what was a bit of a dead zone for the lower mainland. Hopefully they do well, the quality is pretty good as they're just brand new. Individual cans are available for take away.“
DeanF 1155 days ago
64 /100 1319 3RD AVE
“Ok, even with the "expansion" the tap room is small. Especially when you consider that S&O is the only brewery in a city of 75,000 people and is wildly popular. There are times it will be tough to get into this place. Anyway, typical sterile tasting room vibe, but whatever, if they have something tasty on I don't care. And the older this brewery gets, the more fun stuff they have on. They seem committed to continual improvement, and I really appreciate that.“
Oakes 1369 days ago
78 /100 1319 3RD AVE
“A bit of a walk from the skytrain station but they sold me in that while I waited for a seat on a busy friday night they gave me two samples! Haven't seen that before. Service was quick and friendly, many of their beers are above average or better. A worthwhile stop and worth going out of your way for.“
DeanF 1376 days ago
66 /100 517 SEVENTH ST
“Rhandi will order whatever you ask for if available. Decent selection with a mixture of US and local, which is important to me“
Crit 1682 days ago
78 /100 517 SEVENTH ST
“Multiple locations. This one tries hard to get what their locals want, and to introduce new stuff. Good support for local brewers.“
TimInBC 1718 days ago
76 /100 1319 3RD AVE
“This is what I want out of a taproom - service was good - vibe was excellent, some vinyl playing and good conversation at the bar. Tried a couple of things that don't make their way too far out of the brewery. Beer is decent.“
bulldogops 1800 days ago
64 /100
8th St Liquor Store (Beer Store)
“Fairly good selection, best in New West from what I can tell - not frequent trips out this way. Some excellent import and local craft gems.“
bulldogops 1800 days ago
56 /100 126-810 QUAYSIDE DRIVE
“Decent selection of local craft, not anything exciting but a few hidden gems.“
bulldogops 1800 days ago
58 /100 411 COLUMBIA ST
“Disorganized chaos. A lot of leftover local and import releases scattered throughout the tiny space. Worth a peek“
bulldogops 1800 days ago
68 /100 48 8TH STREET
“Despite previous opinions, they now always have at least a couple of unique or hard to find beers on tap. Loud music? That has NEVER been a problem,“
Crit 2030 days ago
66 /100 320 6TH STREET
“Not a great craft selection, but they do have some and a tasting flight. This is a very blue collar neighborhood pub that is quite busy. Comfortable and warm, but not really inviting this would be a good place to take a cranky uncle who thinks expensive beer is ridiculous. Food looked good with huge helpings, but I didn’t eat.“
Ferris 2063 days ago
66 /100 1319 3RD AVE
“This place might be too hip for you. Lots of the younger crowd in the small tasting room. Modern, minimalisit decor with chrome and wood fixtures. Small seating area, cooler with bombers and about 7 beers on tap, growler fills available. They also offerend radler and a non alcoholic ginger beer when I was there. No food, but there is a space out front reserved for food trucks. Beer quality was hit and miss.Prices ok. Would revisit.“
pintbypint 2519 days ago
58 /100 411 COLUMBIA ST
“The pub’s been around a while, but now has a few craft beer handles. No tasters. The list is ok. I like the floor, nice and historic, but other parts of this place are too recently renovated. Service was good. The attached store has the Viti brand and a pretty good stockpile of craft beer, especially for New West.“
Oakes 2839 days ago
60 /100 126-810 QUAYSIDE DRIVE
“A large almost glorified kiosk. Because it is likely ignored it has some beers you can’t find anywhere else. Not worth a trip, but worth a stop.“
Ferris 2858 days ago
66 /100 1319 3RD AVE
“Nice taproom just by the waterfront with free parking. Service is decent but no offer or access to water. Beers are decent but nothin worth the trip. Overall decent, but again not worth a specific trip.“
Ferris 2858 days ago
68 /100
8th St Liquor Store (Beer Store)
“A good sized store with a pretty decent local focused beer selection. They are currently expanding another 100 craft SKUs, so should get better. Right now pretty decent and hopefully better. Staff was pretty friendly and although not geeky, had some basic knowledge.“
Ferris 2858 days ago
60 /100 48 8TH STREET
“Lots of potential, just an identity crisis. Quain and small, but littered with TVs and loud music. Beer paraphanilia everywhere but a pedestrian selection, mainly PNW. They have a cheap macro which is significantly cheaper than all else. A bit of a disappointment. Food specials are disappointing. A new direction would do wonders.“
Ferris 2858 days ago
60 /100 411 COLUMBIA ST
“A mall liquor store pretty much in the bar. A small but decent selection of craft beer from everywhere. No real rhyme or reason, which makes it a bit fun. Staff is pleasant and helpful. Prices are on the higher side. Not a place I would seek out, but still interesting.“
Ferris 2858 days ago
60 /100 411 COLUMBIA ST
“A small local pub, filled with more barfly a than anything else. A decent beer selection that does include macros. 4 rotating taps, but nothing spectacular. Lots of Phillips and P49. Prices are ok and service is pleasant. A decent stop right at Columbia station.“
Ferris 2858 days ago
62 /100 1319 3RD AVE
“Nice taproom, although the red stools and those windows make it a bit uncomfortable; the counter area, with all that wood, is nice; the bottle design maybe deserves something more than just "S&O" as logo. Three or four beers on tap, and growlers to go; choose either a 12oz glass (4.50$) or a flight of 4oz, unfortunately not flexible to sell just one 4oz glass; the flight of three beers is 4.50$ too. Nice music. Wifi available, and some merch. Appreciation for including taxes in the price; and for using water to clean the overflowing glasses instead of a dirty cloth (2 extra points for service). Beers at the moment are ok, we hope for some improvement.“
fiulijn 2942 days ago
72 /100 1319 3RD AVE
“Cool new place, with a very comfy, hipster feel to it. Beers aren’t anything special, but let’s hope that improves with time. Staff are extremely friendly. Prices are very good, on par with most other Greater Van breweries. Worth a stop when in the area.“
mcberko 2952 days ago
44 /100 411 COLUMBIA ST
“Not much selection here - very selective stuff that’s available at all the other good places in Vancouver. And the prices are comparable to Viti’s downtown location (i.e. offensively overpriced). Don’t bother with this location.“
mcberko 2952 days ago
66 /100 48 8TH STREET
“Good place in New Westminster for BC and some US crafts. Generally a couple of harder to get items that have already been depleted at the stores.“
Gerbeer 3081 days ago
62 /100 48 8TH STREET
“Brings a tear to me eye to see a good beer bar in New West, a city in which I lived for several years. Now I’d probably only see the place if I was meeting my brother, who still inhabits the area. Hops is a typical corporate BC pub, but they have a good range of beer, I found several new ones when I popped in, and they have taster paddles. So I’m definitely a fan.“
Oakes 3140 days ago
56 /100 411 COLUMBIA ST
“Just annexed to the pub; it’s a small liquor store, with a small beer selection, but they have some decent craft beer, and maybe even a couple you didn’t get before.“
fiulijn 3194 days ago
56 /100 411 COLUMBIA ST
“Visited in summer 2012. Nice place, nice service, but really not much craft beer available.“
fiulijn 3194 days ago
64 /100 48 8TH STREET
“Woody and cozy. The service is a bit brisk. They have a couple of micros on draught, but a good selection of local micros in bottle. In this area it’s probably one of the few choices, probably the best; but if you are in Vancouver downtown, you will hardly find something new here.“
fiulijn 3194 days ago
50 /100 104-810 QUAYSIDE DRIVE
“A very working class joint, but not a bad clientele at this particular time. Mostly macro taps, but they do at this moment have P49 Schadenfreude, Fat Tug and Farmhand Saison. I don’t mind this at all, but not a beer Mecca by any means.

Their small beer looks like about 10 oz and it’s priced at $3.50. How do you spell economical?“
stantheman 3230 days ago
96 /100 126-810 QUAYSIDE DRIVE
“Awsome huge selection of Craft Beers at great prices!“
PWGUY 3277 days ago
62 /100
8th St Liquor Store (Beer Store)
“This store has a decent though not extensive craft beer selection. Very well located by New Westminster Skytrain station.

The service is minimal. The staff are really just there to cash out your selections. You won’t find a staffer on your shoulder, offering help or advice on your purchases. It’s not that kind of store.“
stantheman 3498 days ago
48 /100 48 8TH STREET
“I don’t hate the place. It just has a very small tap selection. It’s not cozy and has not much atmosphere. The bottle selection is better than the tap selection but then you’re breaking the bank. Food and service were ok.“
turboespresso 3566 days ago
70 /100 411 COLUMBIA ST
“Conveniently located, and impressive selection, with a focus on craft beer. Staff were nice and made suggestions.“
v1rgil 3659 days ago
70 /100 411 COLUMBIA ST
“Best selection in New Westminster. Staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. prices are ok but it saves you the from driving downtown Vancouver“
JHunter 3660 days ago
46 /100 320 6TH STREET
“Not exactly a Mecca for craft beer lovers, but I include it for information purposes. Actually they do nod slightly to the craft market by offering Phillips Blue Buck and Fat Tug IPA on tap. The only decent bottled beer I found, hardly a craft beer, was Pilsner Urquell.“
stantheman 3680 days ago
70 /100 48 8TH STREET
“New, trendy decor. This is the upscale replacement of the infamous dive, known as 57 Below. A smaller bar than it’s predecessor. JEFF is the friendly, outgoing late barkeep. The early one is KATE. Small but interesting tap selection. Decent bottled selection. More impressions to come!“
stantheman 3751 days ago
48 /100 411 COLUMBIA ST
“This is where I used t9 hold our monthly Beer Club meetings. The club had 2 rotating taps, I make the selections. Other than that ,the quality craft beer selection is limited, although Red Racer IPA is a fixture. In fairness New West has such a limited craft following it’s hard to do much more.“
Crit 3843 days ago
74 /100 411 COLUMBIA ST
“A smaller bar on Columbia St. In New Westminster. A cozy, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The crowd is mostly local and a bit older, but not an "old folks home" by any means. Not a student or yuppie hangout for sure. Has decent WiFi and a pool table.

The regular barkeep is Geordie. The small liquor shop out front has a decent craft beer selection. The New West Beer Club meets in the pub monthly. That’s a big plus, as they have feature craft kegs and casks brought in monthly (approximately).“
stantheman 3889 days ago
70 /100 411 COLUMBIA ST
“Best selection anywhere in the New Westminster area, and also a 10% discount for Camra members“
Crit 3926 days ago