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74 /100 19221 122A AVE
“Quite a charming little brewpub that seems popular for parents to bring their kids for a pint or two (usually the parent drinking the pint, not the kid....). Flights of 4 or 6 are available and good value. Beers are hit and miss, they are attempting a wide variety of styles and they aren't all winners. Decent service. Nice stop way out on the edge of the lower mainland.“
DeanF 1355 days ago
62 /100 19221 122A AVE
“A small place with a large selection of beer styles. However, many of them aren’t properly made for the style guidelines, so you may not get what you expect.Many had very low carbonation. However they were NOT substandard..... no actual flwas other than stylewise, but somewhat boring. Service was prompt and friendly. At $6 after tax, flights were reasonably priced. Food selection was limited as others have said. Parking lot is small, and getting even smaller with the addition of a patio. Not a bad experience, but I wouldn’t make the 20 mile. trip again, unless I was already in the area.“
Crit 2282 days ago
62 /100 19221 122A AVE
“Cool little place that just ended up a week or so before I visited. The interior is very well set up, with a modern design and a comfortable seating area. You order up at the bar and the service is very friendly. The beer itself is very problematic so far (low carbonation and just very sub-standard), so let’s hope this improves. Good to see another brewer out in TriCities. Worth a visit if you’re out this way.“
mcberko 2416 days ago
72 /100 18539 DEWDNEY TRUNK RD
“A small store in the middle of farm land. Family owned and run, which makes them passionate and very nice. They only do 3 fruit wines now and ciders and iced ciders are long gone. Unless you are into them, not a great stop, but they will let you have free samples of all of them.“
Ferris 2423 days ago
70 /100 19221 122A AVE
“Brand new and a nice working brewery. Service was OK, but new so understandably off. Selection was decent, will get better when they fill all dozen tap lines. Beer was a bit expensive for a tap room. They had pizza that was premade and went through a high tech oven. Beer was solid and I expect good things if it is this good to start.“
Ferris 2423 days ago