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“Right on the Fulford-Ganges Rd, just heading out of Ganges. A small parking lot and tasting room open up to a deck that overlooks the orchard, the sea and nearby islands. It's a stunning view. In warmer months, there's an even larger tasting area on the grass below. Their ciders are for real. They grow 365 different varieties, so everything is made with cider apples, a rare treat in North America. This makes for funky, austere cider. It's not very refined compared with European ciders, but it's a heck of a lot more proper than the majority of BC ciders, which are fermented with surplus eating apples and taste like it. I'd put this in my top five cideries in BC, and with a bit more experience under their belt they'll be able to take advantage of having such stellar raw ingredients at their fingertips.“
Oakes 392 days ago
74 /100 270 FURNESS ROAD
“Quite a nice setting, a little cabin up the hill and some picnic tables out front. Service was friendly and plenty of effort was taken to explain the beers to everyone who came in. Sadly they can only sell a single flight per person per visit. Beers can be quite nice. Definitely worth a stop if on the island.“
DeanF 894 days ago
58 /100 133 LOWER GANGES RD
“There's a chilled freezer in the back of the store with a few craft beers from local and not so local sources. Some ciders from the island are also available. Prices are reasonable. An okay stop to try and find some things to take away, though you could always hit the source since the island isn't that big.“
DeanF 894 days ago
72 /100 151 SHARP ROAD
“Quite a nice ranch about a 30 minute walk north from the main tourist information centre. Service was friendly and they offer full tastings of all their products available on the day. Plenty of outdoor seating for when the weather's warm. Prices were quite reasonable and the ciders aren't bad at all. Definitely worth a stop if on the island.“
DeanF 894 days ago
76 /100 270 FURNESS ROAD
“Turned off the road when I saw a sign "fresh beer". Cool little cottage up on the hill, it feels kind of like climbing into someone's treehouse actually. They had 10 beers to sample or take away in growlers or bottles. We took 2 flights and enjoyed them outside on a nice little patio. Service was super friendly, typical Salt Spring hippie vibe. Quality of the beers was good, nothing stellar or trendy but generally clean. If you're out on Salt Spring you're there to take it easy, this place is definitely worth a stop.“
JulienHuxley 1136 days ago
46 /100
Salt Spring Inn (Restaurant)
“Right in the heart of Ganges, this is a nice stop for a quick drink. Small tap list which is mostly craft, though not anything interest (Fat Tug was the only thing on there I’d order). You can order a glasses or pints. Prices are decent. Very friendly service, as with everywhere on the island. Wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as a destination. Moby’s has a better selection and view, but is just outside of the main village.“
mcberko 1894 days ago
54 /100 124 UPPER GANGES RD
“Likely the best pub on the island, which isn’t saying much. Has a somewhat rustic feeling on the interior, with an old timer’s pub feel. Great patio with plenty of seating and a stunning view of the water and mountains, which pretty much make this place worth stopping at. Beer list is not anything special, but at least it’s all local craft, though amongst the most boring of the local scene (most exciting beers were Lighthouse Shipwreck IPA and Driftwood Fat Tug IPA). They even do flights, but there weren’t enough interesting options for me to want one. Prices are on the high side, but it’s Salt Spring. Friendly staff. Worth a stop when on the island, but don’t expect much beyond a spectacular view.“
mcberko 1894 days ago
36 /100 270 FURNESS ROAD
“Located up a big hill, minutes off Fulford-Ganges Rd, this is a pretty cool location. You have to walk up a bunch of stairs to get to the little tasting room. Unfortunately, inside was not as impressive as the outside. Only a few seats, where they let you sample the beers (no charge); no glasses, just growler fills or bottle sales. They only had 3 beers on tap when I went, all of which were bland but palatable. Friendly staff. Certainly nothing memorable beer-wise, but when you’re on the island, may as well make a stop.“
mcberko 1894 days ago
64 /100 151 LEE RD
“A gorgeous place overlooking the mountains. We visited late Sunday morning right after they opened, so the place was very quiet. They offered a complimentary wine tasting or 3 different wines, or 5 for $5, which includes a couple of the more expensive ones. Enjoyed the ones, though they didn’t have in stock the one product that makes this place allowed on ratebeer (the ice cider). Extremely friendly staff who are passionate about the wines. Worth the stop if only for the gorgeous view and seating area.“
mcberko 1894 days ago
68 /100 133 LOWER GANGES RD
“Located right in the heart of Ganges, this is an obvious go-to stop when on the island. Decent but limited beer selection, with a few ciders to choose from. Friendly, helpful staff. Priced considerably lower than Upper Ganges Liquor Store, so I’d recommend coming here first, grabbing what you need, and then heading there for a wider selection.“
mcberko 1894 days ago
74 /100 378 LOWER GANGES RD
“An unexpected gem on the island with a fairly diverse and extensive craft beer selection, relatively speaking, and additionally, some nice meads, ciders and even an ice cider. Friendly, helpful service that is passionate about craft beer. Only downside is they are quite a bit pricier than The Local Liquor Store. My advice would be to go there first, get what you can, and then come here for the sexier stuff.“
mcberko 1894 days ago
60 /100 151 SHARP ROAD
“The tasting room itself is minuscule, but there is an expansive outside seating area that overlooks a gorgeous view of the mountains and fields. You can order a flight of 5 x 2 oz. pours of the ciders for $10, which is on the steep side, but nice that they offer flights. Service was rather superficial but pleasant enough. The cider quality wasn’t great, simple but drinkable. Lovely place to hang out on a hot lazy day.“
mcberko 1895 days ago
82 /100 270 FURNESS ROAD
“Pretty cool place that is kind of tucked away. You have to know where you are going to find it. Nice looking place with a very small tasting room. No full pours, tasters and growlers only. Six beers on tap when we were there. The two people working were friendly and livened the place up for sure. They sell clothing and glassware as well. I’m glad this place exists since the wineries were fairly underwhelming on the island. "Drink beer with nature"“
paco 2112 days ago
24 /100 270 FURNESS ROAD
“If I ever wondered how a moonshine place would look like, here I have the answer...
Anyway, the place is brewery only, no tap room, to tasting; look for their beers in local shops and local restaurants.“
fiulijn 3718 days ago
58 /100 151 LEE RD
“This place is worthy mainly for the nice patio, in a warm summer day. They allow people to bring a picnic and eat on the tables while sipping the local wine. Said so, even if this is not RateWine, I have to say that I’m not impressed with their grape wines. Surprisingly they produce an Ice Cider too, which is the reason to be listed here.“
fiulijn 3718 days ago
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