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50 /100 #1 - 5529 SOOKE ROAD
“The map shows this as close to the water, and the name indicates that, but you cannot see any ocean while here. So I'm taking a point off for lying to me. Prior to my visit, I really liked the beers from SOB. However, the four new ones I had on my visit were all disappointing. This, combined with the lack of ocean views, made for a generally underwhelming experience.“
Oakes 871 days ago
66 /100 7861 TUGWELL RD
“Out in the sticks, but only about 10 minutes from Sooke Brewing. Run by the owners, and they are quite friendly. I prefer their beers versus the other breweries in town, as they have a couple of nicer malt-forward beers. It's tiny inside, but on a nice day you can grab a picnic table, which is a better experience.“
Oakes 871 days ago
60 /100 2057 OTTER POINT RD
“A wood interior, small outside deck, and log-based furniture. Friendly service that didn't ignore the outsider, despite the place being mostly full of regulars. The beers...Ok, they are trying to make a lot of lagers but aren't at all good at it. The yeast is not doing what they need it to do (ferment the beer all the way), so everything is underattenuated. No evidence of decoction or proper aging - whatever the issue is, something isn't right. The other beers aren't that bad, actually.“
Oakes 871 days ago
54 /100 7861 TUGWELL RD
“Quite far off the beaten path, you’ll be driving on some back roads for a while to get here. Tiny bare bones place, with two seats for sampling beers in house. They had 8 beers on tap, with flights of 4 for $8. Unfortunately, the beers are not dialed in too well, but at least they’re not infected or disastrous. The guy who served us was friendly. Fun stop, despite the mediocre beer.“
mcberko 901 days ago
72 /100 2057 OTTER POINT RD
“The best of the current three breweries in Sooke. The fairly small tasting room is quite beautiful; you can tell they put a lot of care into it. 8 beers on tap, with a heavy focus on German lagers, thought they also had a gin barrel aged saison and a barley wine. Beer quality was quite good. Flights of 4 available for $8. Friendly, helpful service. The best stop in Sooke right now.“
mcberko 901 days ago
58 /100 #1 - 5529 SOOKE ROAD
“This is the first brewery you’ll hit when driving in from Victoria. It’s located in the same complex as the Shell gas station. The tasting room is very small, with just a few seats. 6 beers on tap, with flights of 4 available for $8. Beer quality was mostly solid, with quite a nice mild on tap when we visited. Friendly service. Worth a stop if in Sooke.“
mcberko 901 days ago
68 /100 7861 TUGWELL RD
“Set way out in the hinterlands of Sooke on a farm, this is a small brewery and retail front though they do serve flights - four plus one "free" one to get around the liquor laws. Quite a drive to reach but prices were reasonable and the guys were friendly, all of their stuff is available for take-away in cans if you're worried about driving. Maybe not the best stop for just hanging out but if you're having trouble finding their beers, which aren't bad at all, make a trip to the source.“
DeanF 998 days ago
70 /100 2057 OTTER POINT RD
“A big brewery in the middle of town, very new. Good friendly service and about 8 beers on tap, most of which are pretty good. They only had snacks available it seems, limited food options. A nice hangout spot, bright and new.“
DeanF 998 days ago
68 /100 #1 - 5529 SOOKE ROAD
“A small tasting room and brewery beside a gas station on the road to Sooke. Service was quick enough and their beers aren't too bad. Worth a stop if only to support the little guy. Weird laws limit them to serving only one flight per person per visit. Prices were okay. If you're in the area it's worth stopping in.“
DeanF 998 days ago
74 /100 8750 WEST COAST RD.
“A farm on the other side of Sooke. Pleasant and very homey with the owners and hands working, selling and living in this nice farm. Service was pleasant and selection was reasonable for a meadery. Tastes for donation or make a purchase and your flight is free. A nice spot if you are in the area, but not worth a specific trip.“
Ferris 1114 days ago
70 /100 7861 TUGWELL RD
“Literally a barn on a farm. No internet or cellular service and you can do a flight IF they have beer and buy some singles IF they have some. Lots of ifs. Prices are good and owner is nice. You may get 6 ticks, but be wary and maybe call ahead.“
Ferris 1121 days ago
72 /100 2057 OTTER POINT RD
“A large and almost out of place stunning new brewery with a good sized tasting room. Service was OK, but not really catering to geeks. Very local. Wifi and flights. Beer was pretty solid, a nice stop.“
Ferris 1121 days ago
70 /100 #1 - 5529 SOOKE ROAD
“A tiny but fun brewery which is a part of a gas station. Quaint and very local with almost no seating. Flights at a reasonable price, but no internet. A nice stop if you are heading that way.“
Ferris 1121 days ago
68 /100 5126 SOOKE RD, SOOKE
“Old school English pub. Along with the grumpy locals. Service and food are good. No flights and a small tap list, but there are some beers from the tiny locals. Not worth a stop really, but if you want a nice filling meal in a comfy pub, you could do much worse.“
Ferris 1121 days ago
54 /100 8750 WEST COAST RD.
“On a large farm just outside of the centre of Sooke. The tasting room is small but cozy. Limited product available for sampling, with only 2 products when I visited -- available for tasting for a $2 fee. Bottles to go as well. The guy behind the counter was passionate about the meads and very informative. Can’t say I recommend the visit, as their products are all over, but if you’re out this way and they are open, it’s worth a stop.“
mcberko 1875 days ago
56 /100 8750 WEST COAST RD.
“A nice drive down the Juan de Fuca towards the open ocean, Tugwell has a gorgeous view and a very interactive owner Robert Liptrot. Meads obviously sold onsite yet they don’t always have the greatest selection because of their demand from the specialty shops in Victoria.“
CapFlu 5516 days ago
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