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52 /100 318-1201 COMMERICAL WAY
“Visited February 2020. Was completely packed, luckily I nabbed a table. They do set tasters of their ciders, most of which are pretty average to below average. Some food on offer. Service wasn't bad but prices were kind of high. Nonetheless I don't think my opinion will matter much as they certainly have a crowd that appreciates them. Some ciders stood out but others were not good at all. Of the three current cideries in Squamish I'd probably put this one last.“
DeanF 881 days ago
58 /100 37760 SECOND AVENUE
“Visited February 2020. A modest little tasting room a few minutes walk from Howe Sound Brewing. Friendly service and they do a taster paddle of 5 for 10 bucks. Most ciders are on the sweet and fruity side but not exceptionally memorable one way or the other. Still, it's not a bad stop but I'd be hard pressed to call it my first choice for cider in Squamish.“
DeanF 881 days ago
20 /100 318-1201 COMMERICAL WAY
“Just steps from Backcountry, located in the same complex. The tasting room itself is nice, and service is nice, but those are the only nice things I can say about this place. They had 8 ciders, with pre-set flights of 4 for $10++. The ciders are so embarrassingly terrible, I don't know how anyone can stomach them: cheap, commercialized, artficial, cloyingly sweet crap. Really, this is some truly awful stuff. The only way a place like this can stay in business is through ignorant consumers or the atmosphere of the place -- the main product is just offensive swill. I certainly will never return, unless I hear they've decided to sell proper cider. Avoid like the plague.“
mcberko 1180 days ago
64 /100 37760 SECOND AVENUE
“Cute little place just outside the main village and a couple blocks from Howe Sound. Intimate little tasting room, with a beautiful view of the mountains. 6 ciders on tap. Flights of 5 x 2.5 oz for $7.95++, perfect for tickers. Cider quality was pretty mediocre, with everything drinkable (thankfully on the dry side), but no stand-outs. Service was very friendly. Worth a stop when in town, but Northyards Cidery is much better.“
mcberko 1180 days ago
42 /100 318-1201 COMMERICAL WAY
“Same plaza as Backcountry. Pleasant enough spot, bright and airy, and reasonably comfortable, with a small patio. The base ciders aren't all that good - quite sweet and with some artificial flavourings. Then, there's a whole range of flavoured variants, all of which are artificial and goofy. Definitely not a place for people who actually like cider. If there's a market for this stuff, it's not the RB crowd.“
Oakes 1280 days ago
62 /100 38927 QUEENS WAY #1
“On the north end of Squamish this has a sterile tasting room feel with bare tables. Flights are available, some games around to pass the time. Beers are passable. Not the best stop in Squamish but serviceable.“
DeanF 1320 days ago
74 /100 405-1201 COMMERCIAL WAY
“Set way out in an industrial park on the north end of Squamish this is a pretty hip bar and tasting room. 7 of their beers were on tap when I visited along with a few guest taps. Food was quite good, not amazing but certainly above average. Beers were also excellent but they are heavy on the IPAs. Growler fill station too. A very worthy stop in the Squamish area.“
DeanF 1320 days ago
64 /100 38927 QUEENS WAY #1
“Typical brewery. Ok beers - they might be a bit better today than when they first opened. It's pretty close to Backcountry, and I would expect that the competition will force them to raise their game, or seek an entirely different crowd.“
Oakes 1429 days ago
74 /100 405-1201 COMMERCIAL WAY
“Mid-sized place. Focus on hazy IPA and pizza. So it's a hit. They make that style better than most others in BC, so there's that. We get the beers in the city, so I wouldn't call this a mandatory stop, but it's the best brewery in Squamish right now, and probably the best on Hwy 99.“
Oakes 1429 days ago
88 /100 405-1201 COMMERCIAL WAY
“Brand new looking facility in a new development on the northern side of Squamish. The beers here are some of the best I've had in all of BC, delicious trendy IPAs, saisons and dark beers. Lots of cans to go, slightly pricey but worth every penny. We didn't have any food but they looked pretty proud of their pizzas and they looked really good. A must must must if you're drinking beer in BC.“
JulienHuxley 1485 days ago
62 /100 37996
“Not the greatest place in the winter, but likely awesome in the summer. Open and airy with a large patio. A fun converted garage with a bunch of local taps and they do flights. Nothing too exciting but still good for the area. I didn't eat but it looked good although a bit pricey.“
Ferris 1726 days ago
62 /100 37991 SECOND AVE.
“What a nice surprise. For a small town a great craft selection, although I would pay close attention to dates on beers. Lots of hidden gems that you don't see very often. Worth a stop if you need a beer stop in the area.“
Ferris 1726 days ago
76 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“A nice pub with great views of the mountains in a quaint spot in town. Service was quick and good with a selection of all their beers. Food was good but overpriced for what it was. Flights were cheap though. A really nice spot.“
Ferris 1726 days ago
66 /100 38927 QUEENS WAY #1
“An attempt at a cozy little spot in an industrial spot, not quite succeeding. Service was decent, selection small but with brewery only taps. Flights available at a reasonable price. Beer was not that great, but so close to other spots worth popping in for some ticks.“
Ferris 1726 days ago
76 /100 405-1201 COMMERCIAL WAY
“A nice little open concept brewery in an industry park. Service was nice and selection pretty good with a at least 3 brewery only releases. Beer was great and relatively cheap. One of the really good new breweries in BC, definitely worth a stop.“
Ferris 1726 days ago
46 /100 38927 QUEENS WAY #1
“Located in a little industrial strip, the place is fairly small. 7 beers on tap when I visited, 4 of which were year-round and 3 seasonals. Tried all of them, and they ranged from barely drinkable to flawed - let's hope the quality picks up substantially. Service and prices are decent. Worth a stop when in town if only because of the scant beer selection, but if it's a choice between here and Howe Sound and Backcountry, skip this one and do Backcountry and/or Howe Sound“
mcberko 1796 days ago
72 /100 405-1201 COMMERCIAL WAY
“Beautiful new spot a little north of the town centre in this industrial building. Fairly small spot that was almost completely full when we visited. Great selection of beers and impressive quality, especially the hazy hoppy beers. Flights available, as well as single tasters. Prices are standard for Greater Vancouver and service is friendly. The best spot for beer now in Squamish. Don't miss it when passing through.“
mcberko 1796 days ago
52 /100 37991 SECOND AVE.
“Medium sized liquor store, most of the cooler space is taken by beer packs, and you immediately know what the locals are buying; but they also have over 100 craft beers, mostly BC.“
fiulijn 2638 days ago
82 /100 37991 SECOND AVE.
“Pretty solid little store, stopped by and asked the dude working about Belgian beer and he pointed out as much as he could as well as a local beer event happening the next day...awesome stuff.“
RD400F 2644 days ago
52 /100 37991 SECOND AVE.
“Small but pretty solid selection, a couple blocks away from Howe Sound. Likely the best choice for Squamish. Prices are quite low and the service is friendly. Worth a stop when in the area.“
mcberko 2735 days ago
82 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“Loved this place and the atmosphere here. Most servers were nice, food menu had a great variety but was still mainly pub food but good price on food. Daily beer specials were good price and the price of a jug was pretty solid at $18. Great place to go with a group of people if in the area. Also have a nice selection in their merch shop and do free brewery tours.“
Reimer96 3328 days ago
68 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“Nice bar, with a patio with a view of "the Chief" (local mountain); can’t get much better than that. Decent service. A good selection of their own beers (also bottles available) and a guest tap. Food al-right. My taster of 4 beers was $8; not bad. The beers themselves left something to be desired, though. Each was a little underwhelming. Still, I’d likely return if I were in Squamish; I’ve had some good beers from these guys in bottles.“
kevinsenn 3341 days ago
82 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“pretty damn good beer cheers boys, whats with that guy with the leafs hat he is not a very happy camper“
manisthebeer 3482 days ago
100 /100 37991 SECOND AVE.
manisthebeer 3484 days ago
74 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“Nice country-style place; they have more beers on tap than most brewpubs in BC (last time I was there, maybe a dozen) and even more to take out; I would prefer if they also had 12oz bottles as the 1L flip-flop is more suitable for locals than for travelers. On my second visit I met Franco, the brewer, very nice and helpful. I was also lucky to find the last 8 bottles of Woolly Bugger, then I then started distributing in Europe ;-)“
fiulijn 4059 days ago
74 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“This brewpub is arguably as good as it gets in B.C. if not west of Quebec. A smaller town, about halfway between Whistler and Vancouver. Large room, a patio, a good sized bar. Good beer, including seasonals and the odd weekly cask. Everything available in bottles at some time, mostly 1 litre jugs, and this is the freshest place to get it from. Friendlier than most places I have been to in B.C. to date. Good service, these people actually smile. Lots of parking out front.“
Sammy 4087 days ago
64 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“Stopped on the way up to Pemberton for an early dinner. Had a sampler of all 13 beers on tap, which was quite an experience. Eat the vegetarian chili, which was amazingly delicious, and would recommend even to non-vegetarians. Ambiance is meh. It’s a big open alpine lodge style. Not my thing. Lots of TV screens and it’s quite loud. Service was fine, selection pretty good - lots of beers on tap. Food seemed to be better than expected, and overall it’s not too expensive.“
rwgould 4207 days ago
60 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“As I was hear in the afternoon, it was pretty quiet, but a nonetheless pleasant atmosphere. Service was attentive and helpful. They had some of their better beers on tap, including Total Eclipse of the Hop Imperial IPA and King Heffy. Very reasonably priced. Would definitely come back if I’m ever in the area.“
mcberko 4418 days ago
60 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“Went here many years ago. Great hunting-lodge kind of place that was huge compared to the small town of Squamish where it’s located. Great atmosphere of wood and animal heads - had a game meat burger that was a little dry for my liking, but otherwise all right. Decent brews on tap, their own of course. Worth a stop for lunch on your way to Whistler.“
DeanF 4487 days ago
72 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“you’re almost in the middle of no where although, the beer is good. but the place still looks like it’s for truckers, it gives it style“
beermagnet 4755 days ago
74 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“I am glad I Googled for hotels in Squamish and was able to switch from my reservation at a nearby establishment that was a mere motel for almost the same money. Howe Sound Inn and Brewing Co appears to be popular with locals who like to stop by for a good meal and even better is their own beer. I recommend their beer sampler pack for $7. I liked almost everything that was there, especially their new Raspberry Wheat. Usually I am not a fan of flavored beers but that one was fantastic. The hotel itsefl is roomy inside and looks more like a very large cabin / mountain resort. We arrived at 5:00 pm, but had to wait a few minutes until our room was ready and the free wireless Internet had intermittent problemsthat required rebooting of their WiFi, but those were the only problems that we had encountered. Nice breakfast in the morning (somewhat similar to what you get at Hampton Inns).“
vgrabo 5338 days ago
58 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“Only 4 beers when I was there, rather limited for a brewpub. Some of the food was very good, the rest barely average. Staff was friendly enough, but the service wasn’t particularly good. Beer is considerably better than what I have had in bottles and at festivals.“
Crit 5660 days ago
62 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“I had the Steak Sandwich which was open faced and fairly yummy - and came with a side-order of yammer fries. The beer selection was pretty incredible 9 beers on tap and another one available in the one-litre swing-top bottle. The best beer was definitely the ESB.“
CapFlu 5774 days ago
78 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“The beer "tour" was more of a "Oh, you’re interested in how we brew it, well, um..." however, the fellow working the mash tuns that day was kind enough to allow me to sample half a dozen of their beers for free before deciding on a pint. I had the Rail Ale, but I don’t remember it well enough to review it now. We came back the next night and had dinner in the quieter part of the establishment. The food was superb, and prices were borderline reasonable. I’d like to go back again when they have more beers available for take-home.“
mgermani 5816 days ago
64 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“Fairly typical pub decor, with lots of wood. Food is typical of a BC pub, not bad, not good. The beer is average to a bit better than average. Worth checking out if you’re between Whistler and Vancouver. At any particular time, they may only have three, but may have as many as six beers going. I like that they have everything in 1L flip-top bottles to go.“
JoeMcPhee 6324 days ago
66 /100 37801 CLEVELAND AVENUE
“Several things to mention here. First, you won’t find any Sailor Hagar’s beers here. You have to go to Hagar’s for those. After the stunning drive up from Vancouver, you settle into the clean, sunlight wooden pub and look out at the Stawamus Chief. Pretty cool right there. The beer isn’t bad - all the ones I’ve had lately are in the good/very good range. You can buy them to go as well. Food is okay pub food, but nothing special any of the times I’ve visited. Worth the drive up from the city, or the stop on your way to/from Whistler.“
Oakes 6451 days ago
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