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52 /100 10216 GOULD AVENUE
“Not much here really, visited in mid-summer. It's a small pop-up stand on their farm where they sell cans and bottles, most of which are readily accessible at plenty of stores around the province, and at similar prices too. Service was friendly and quick enough. Only worth stopping if you are in the immediate area.“
DeanF 610 days ago
58 /100 #104 9503 CEDAR AVE
“Yup, an opened garage door with some tables spread out and heavy sunshine bleeding in. Beers were generally just okay. Way out in the industrial boonies of Summerland, your standard tasting room in that respect. I had a good visit but this is certainly not a destination unto itself - if you can add it to some kind of long beer crawl in the area, along with a few cideries, you'd be doing well. Some bottles available for takeaway and they were pretty flexible about the flights and handing out samples.“
DeanF 684 days ago
66 /100 7311 FISKE ST
“Definitely not your usual beer scene. Scads of families and wobbly elderly folks stumbling off mammoth tour buses looking for wine seem to be their core customer base. "Calling Amy, party of 847" the girl at the entrance yelled, or something to that effect. Yet they do offer a series of unique beers at their "saloon", a part of several stations on their amazing patio which is a part of their vast wine tasting property. Still the setting is stunning with a great view over the vineyard and across the lake. The flight wasn't labelled but served in the order on the menu. All 6 can be had on a single flight for 14 bucks and the quality trends mediocre to good. Pizzas are also available along with, of course, plenty of wine tasting. A worthy stop but definitely busy at the height of summer.“
DeanF 684 days ago
64 /100 14113 DALE MEADOWS RD
“Just a small garage operation beside their orchard in Summerland, service was friendly. Tastings were available but given the 4 ciders were available in a take-away box for only thirty bucks I went with that. They're not bad at all. A good stop in the Summerland circuit.“
DeanF 685 days ago
66 /100 3113 JOHNSON ST
“A nice small shack by their orchard with a big tasting patio. Service was friendly and they will do tastings for a fee. Bottles were available for take away and reasonably affordable. Not a bad stop if you're in the area.“
DeanF 713 days ago
72 /100 6206 CANYON VIEW ROAD
“Stopped in for take-away. This place is a rather nice gift shop beside the orchard buried in Summerland up the hill. No tastings right now thanks to Covid but the selection of fruit wines was rather vast, including a pumpkin wine of all things. Prices weren't bad and the locale had several other souvenirs to offer. If you're pressed for time I wouldn't recommend a stop but for the completionist it's a worthy one.“
DeanF 714 days ago
50 /100 #104 9503 CEDAR AVE
“Little place in an industrial lot just outside the centre. 8 beers on tap when I visited, with flights of 4 available for $10++. Lots of pales on tap when I visited, plus a couple of barrel aged beers. The regular beers were mostly decently constructed, but the BA beers were rather muddled. Service was quiet and unengaging. Worth a look if you're in or passing through Summerland.“
mcberko 760 days ago
70 /100 8011 SIMPSON ROAD
“Tiny little retail shop with a big grassy area out front that you can ordinarily sample ciders from, but they hadn’t opened back up after COVID-19 when I visited, so I just bought some bottles. They had some cidery-only products available, which made it worthwhile. One of the best cideries in BC and worth seeking out.“
mcberko 761 days ago
68 /100 14113 DALE MEADOWS RD
“Just opened up May 1, while BC was still on lockdown. Now they’re open for tastings and sales of their 4 cider products. Mostly dry ciders with fittingly assertive carbonation - they definitely cater more to the refined palate, which is good to see. With a higher bar around here—with Dominion and Nomad nearby—they seem to have learned a thing or two. Super friendly service — it was nice chatting with Brett. Worth a stop if in Summerland.“
mcberko 761 days ago
60 /100 10216 GOULD AVENUE
“Rather secluded, on a farm, and the tasting room is a half-assed setup in a barn. They often just have a picnic table setup where you can sample and purchased their ciders. If you’re out this way, it’s worth a quick stop. But since they have such good distribution all over BC now, it’s not exactly a destination spot.“
mcberko 761 days ago
60 /100 7311 FISKE ST
“Dirty Laundry is a vineyard and winery that has had a contract brewing program since 2017, producing most of their beers at Bridge Brewing. The setting is stunning, perched on a hill overlooking Lake Okanagan. We could see it across the lake from where we were staying at Elephant Island. The beers themselves are just okay and the names are both tired and tacky ("Dirty Blonde"? Really? In 2019?). But it's a great spot. If you aren't into the beer, the wine and pizza should get the job done.“
Oakes 1095 days ago
60 /100 #104 9503 CEDAR AVE
“Tiny taproom - basically a small growler station with seats for like 3 people. Smaller than the old Dageraad taproom. They had five beers on tap. You can get a flight but otherwise it's really more of a place for takeaway purchases. The beers won't set the world on fire but they are clean and well-made. Service is friendly. In the industrial park across the street, TH Wines is one of the better winemakers in the Okanagan, despite the unsexy setting.“
Oakes 1442 days ago
64 /100 8011 SIMPSON ROAD
“Small production facility, with a nice picnic area to the side, right at the edge of town. There's a small growler station, and they'll pour you a flight. You can also get bottles to go, or to consume outside at one of the shady picnic benches. It's a nice spot, for a place that isn't really set up for serious drinking. Service was friendly and informative. Gave us tips about other local beverage producers.“
Oakes 1442 days ago
68 /100 6206 CANYON VIEW ROAD
“A winding road up into the hillside, this bustling store had more people there for ice cream (cheap stuff not homemade) than anything else. Service was nice and they had crackers to clean the pallet. Tasting was free but ciders were not that great. If you are in the area and have time, not a bad stop, but I wouldn’t put much effort into it.“
Ferris 2144 days ago
72 /100 3113 JOHNSON ST
“A nice little tasting room. Service was great with some actual knowledge of apples and cider. Selection is tiny with only 3 that you can try for free. They hand out free apples which is a nice touch.“
Ferris 2144 days ago
68 /100 3113 JOHNSON ST
“Cute little tasting room just off the highway and near the Sleeping Giant fruit winery. Only 3 ciders available, but you can taste them all for free. Service from the two ladies at the counter was extremely friendly and warm. Ciders themselves weren’t terribly interesting, but were clean and well-made. Worth a stop when in the area.“
mcberko 2209 days ago
60 /100 6206 CANYON VIEW ROAD
“In a beautiful location up on a hill overlooking the lake, this is a full-fledged retail shop, with an ice cream sub-shop and the tasting room in the far right-hand side. Tons of products: there are many regular dryer products and dessert wine versions with various different fruits. You can sample up to 5 for free. Service is kind, but unengaging nor warm. Wines themselves are not the best, but of reasonable quality -- certainly very interesting. Probably the least impressive of the four fruit wineries in the Okanagan, but worth a stop if in Summerland / Penticton.“
mcberko 2209 days ago
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