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50 /100 15250 HIGHWAY 10
“An okay selection of micros and macros just off the highway and near the brewery of the same name. Service was decent. Only worth visiting if you happen to be passing through the area.“
DeanF 739 days ago
58 /100 5580 152 ST
“Cavernous restaurant with beer brewing somewhere in the back. Food is standard Surrey fare and acceptable if average. Beers are much the same - nothing stands out either way. Traffic has exploded in this area so it's a good stop to just unwind if you're sick of sitting at the light. The lower mainland has oodles of these kinds of restaurants and the only reason to try this one is if you're in the area or if you're really keen on trying their not very exciting beers.“
DeanF 868 days ago
76 /100 11411 BRIDGEVIEW DRIVE
“This quite large building is impossible to miss if you are around Scott Road station. The interior tasting room is cavernous but clean and there's all kinds of branded swag for sale. The bar is quite slick and clean and they have many, many of Central City's beers on tap plus a few rarities in the fridges and oodles of cans if you want those. It was really busy on a saturday afternoon, service was friendly enough. The perfect place to get to know their beers. About a 15 minute walk from the skytrain station.“
DeanF 1089 days ago
60 /100 #413 6466 176TH STREET
“More than decent selection, some beers are oldish, but some are very recent; diversity but not depth (nothing is really special); prices seem to be ok; I got the impression that they have mainly BC beers in the craft selection, very few from other Provinces/States/Countries. Considering that it's in Surrey, this store is rather good.“
fiulijn 1327 days ago
36 /100 19530 LANGLEY BYPASS
“Very nice pub in a mall just on the Bypass, family friendly, with fireplace, carpets, dark wood fixtures… but they have almost no craft beer on tap, just one from Parkside and a Lagunitas IPA, the rest is macro.“
fiulijn 1327 days ago
74 /100 13450 102ND AVE
“Stopped in 2016.04.12 - Decent lunch, sampled everything from CC I hadn’t yet had.“
bulldogops 1719 days ago
70 /100 #413 6466 176TH STREET
“Another group owned store with multiple locations, but beer selection here is pretty good with some nice varied stuff. Large and very airy with nice displays. A good sized Belgian selection. Although not great, for the area is pretty good. Staff was a bit over eager to help, but I wasn’t in the mood to test them.“
Ferris 2048 days ago
66 /100 15250 HIGHWAY 10
“I’ve visited this place many time, but I had to wait for this little punk to see it on the map ;-) Last time I visited was a couple of years ago, I don’t remember if the selection was less, but today, for Surrey, it’s very respectable; don’t forget to check also the Ice Cider and Fruit Wine section near the exit.“
fiulijn 2172 days ago
60 /100 15250 HIGHWAY 10
“This store is owned by BR Brewing around the corner and sells their product in cans. It seems to have once had a very good selection, but that selection is still on the shelves. Very old product, which may be good if you are looking for 5 year old beer. Not much good and new or fresh though. There isn’t much else around and if you are stopping at the brewery, might as well stop here.“
Ferris 2173 days ago
66 /100 11411 BRIDGEVIEW DRIVE
“A large facility with a beer store and tasting bar. Well stocked coolers with their full range available, a few on tap, Gowlers available. A few special brews on sale as well. Pricing is quite good.Tons of merch, glasses, hats, shirts and gift packs. Brewery is visible from the store/tasting room. They also had a gin and a vodka available from their distillery operations. Pretty good stop if you’re in the area, a really nicely constructed place, but nothing really special beerwise. If you live in Western Canada you’ve probably ahd their full line-up already.“
pintbypint 2232 days ago
64 /100 13450 102ND AVENUE – SUITE 190
“At one time this place had a great selection of obscure beers from around the world but that seems to have fallen by the wayside after a recent visit this evening - they still stock plenty of great local beers from B.C. and down the US west coast but their other selections are lacking somewhat. And they have stocked more hard liquor rather than the craft beer I used to know them for. Nonetheless they are a good beer-hunting stop for the Surrey area, though by no means a destination unto themselves anymore (and at one time I believe they were).“
DeanF 2267 days ago
68 /100 116- 12080 NORDEL WAY
“A pretty good selection for Surrey, not a world-stopper but they regularily rotate out new and interesting brews in a craft-beer only section on the back wall. Okay value as are all BC liquor stores. A good stop if you are in the neighbourhood but definitely not a destination unto itself.“
DeanF 2502 days ago
70 /100 5580 152 ST
“Nice location with a seating and separate dining area. Service was efficient but not beer focused. Prices were a bit high, but food is fresh and decent. Shuttle service if you are close by. Beer is decent. Not worth a trip, but stop in if you are close.“
Ferris 2548 days ago
72 /100 #413 6466 176TH STREET
“Stopped in for the first time. Pretty good beer selection for the lower mainland .. I found a good few gems. Great service, nice 10% if you buy mixed 6 packs of craft beer ...“
darrennelson12 2564 days ago
60 /100 13450 102ND AVENUE – SUITE 190
“Pretty good beer store, likely best in Surrey. Nothing exotic or rare is here, but the selection of BC beers is good and so are the prices.“
Beershine 2565 days ago
58 /100 5580 152 ST
“Sundays $4 full pints and $9 pizza makes it a good pit stop if you happen to be in the area. Can be easily combined with a drive to/from White Rock combined with visit to Central City as well. Big Ridge is not a bad place overall for a typical BC corporate pub/MJG venue. I’ll take it over Yaletown. The beers are stuck in the past, but none were bad. The IPA could use an update. Surprisingly, the lager is solid, and seasonal kolsch good, so that’s saying something.“
Beershine 2565 days ago
72 /100 #413 6466 176TH STREET
“Great location in South Surrey for craft and imports. Some stock normally only seen in the primary Vancouver craft-centric private stores.“
Gerbeer 2638 days ago
78 /100 11411 BRIDGEVIEW DRIVE
“Cool new brewery and double tasting room - a bar at either end of the customer area, which is very strange and a bit impractical. Prices are as low as you can get for Central City beers and so is the selection - they basically had everything Central City is currently brewing. Very friendly service. Worth a stop if in the area, but it’s not exactly conveniently located or easy to get to.“
mcberko 2665 days ago
72 /100 13450 102ND AVENUE – SUITE 190
“This used to be my favorite shop in town, but things had taken a bad turn. Selection is just average now, and service has slipped. The beer guy must have left. The prices are still the best in the city, considering the Camra discount.“
Ferris 2669 days ago
74 /100 11411 BRIDGEVIEW DRIVE
“A stunning example of what you can do with money. Modern and sexy, but only showcasing their beer. Selection is good with everything they have plus some surprises. A growler fill station and tasting room. Prices are pretty good, better than in the stores which is nice. A good place to pop in if you aren’t familiar, but not much for the initiated.“
Ferris 2669 days ago
56 /100 5580 152 ST
“Nice little brewpub in the fashion of all MJG’s brewpubs. Beers are competent but nothing special. Service is very friendly and prices are reasonable. Not worth going out of your way to come here, but worth a stop if in the area (and I’m not sure why you would be - it’s taken me until now to be in the area to stop here).“
mcberko 2670 days ago
64 /100 19530 LANGLEY BYPASS
“Good food, standard list of (Irish/international beers). Not very special. Service is ok, went there on St. Patricksday, it was packed with some music and dancing.“
markschiedon 2835 days ago
66 /100 13450 102ND AVENUE – SUITE 190
“Good selection of products that tend to go out of stock quickly in more central Vancouver stores. Very good prices“
Gerbeer 2903 days ago
86 /100 13450 102ND AVENUE – SUITE 190
“One of the better liquor stores in the Lower Mainland selection wise. Huge selection of Belgian beers. One of the few places I can find Westmalle Tripel without going to a true specialty liquor store like Firefly.“
Natharious 3059 days ago
80 /100 13450 102ND AVENUE – SUITE 190
“Awesome selection, nearly with everything that Brewery Creek and 16th Liquor Store have. Prices are the lowest of all off-license liquor stores that I’ve seen in all of Greater Vancouver. The only reason I don’t go here is the location - it’s almost an hour from downtown Vancouver. Highly recommended if you’re in Surrey - you won’t find a better place for craft beer.“
mcberko 3076 days ago
80 /100 13450 102ND AVE
“I really like this place and wish I had come here earlier in my trips. Besides being way out there it is right on a subway stop, so reasonably accessible if you make it the focus of the evening. Service was just ok, which was too bad considering all it had to offer. Food was stellar, so much so that I would go just for a meal. Beer was good, the taps are better than the cans. Seasonal I had was very good. But choice is limited. Not a must go but you will not be disappointed.“
Ferris 3345 days ago
44 /100 116- 12080 NORDEL WAY
“this use to be one of the better shops in surrey. They get in a few basic craft beers but nothing you can’t get anywhere else“
JHunter 3369 days ago
72 /100 13450 102ND AVENUE – SUITE 190
“Easy to access by skytrain or driving. Good selection and always getting better but only can’s are keeps cold.“
JHunter 3369 days ago
66 /100 13450 102ND AVENUE – SUITE 190
“Very good selection, prices are lower than most. They give a Camra discount. Staff needs educating. Parking right outside“
Crit 3421 days ago
68 /100 13450 102ND AVE
“2011-08. Apart from my older comments, I add that it was difficult at the bar to get some clarity about some IPA that has been circulating at festivals and outside pubs; it seems that only the brewer knows...
2011-03. At least now they have information about the regular beers. The staff seem not knowledgeable about their beers, mostly about the seasonals and one-offs. For a brewery with a good reputation, they should improve the information about beers. Food was quite tasty.
2010-03. Modern brewpub, chaotic; and also the tap list is not available, nor the bartender knows anything about it, besides being a nice guy.
fiulijn 3716 days ago
54 /100 5580 152 ST
“2011-03 Plain beers available, without too much interest for quality and seasonals. The new location is "clean" but impersonal. The service upped to "normal". Check the adjacent beershop.
2010-03. Apparently this place is closing and relocating nearby, maybe in Summer 2010; therefore they are currently selling taste killer Sapporo pee. For some reason all staff in Surrey seem to be grumpy...“
fiulijn 3716 days ago
78 /100 13450 102ND AVE
“Really great guy behind the bar...think his name is Dave/David. So helpful and laid back. Typical pub setting.“
Matts_Property 3795 days ago
74 /100 13450 102ND AVE
“This is a pretty good place, though rather new and modern, smack in the middle of Surrey, British Columbia. Central City’s beers are pretty good and the food they offer is decent upper-scale restaurant stuff. The beer store attached is excellent - with a great selection of imports from across the region and over in Europe. Granted I think it’s more of a local’s place as I can’t imagine someone coming to Surrey who doesn’t have to, but there you go.“
DeanF 3934 days ago
64 /100 13450 102ND AVE
“Modern brewpub that is not targeted to the average craft beer lover, but more like a sports bar. Decent selection of Central City’s beers, though their new location is much better for that. Food is okay - standard stuff. Prices are quite reasonable and the service is quite good.“
mcberko 3983 days ago
62 /100 13450 102ND AVE
“This place is big. Has a sports bar ambiance. Not very cozy and a little too brightly lit. Service is okay, eye candy is good. Food was okay. There are good specials and the best news is that there are a couple of good beers, with more worth trying. Wish I could rate it higher, given the huge sums that obviously been spent on the place.“
turboespresso 4447 days ago
54 /100 116- 12080 NORDEL WAY
“Te best liquor store in Surrey, but that’s not saying a lot. Neighbourhood is not the best. At least one staff member is quite beer-savvy. Selection could be better. Too many macros/swill.“
MrRoss 4495 days ago
70 /100 13450 102ND AVE
“Brewpub in the center of Surrey. Sports bar feel. It took me about 20 minutes or so to get here from downtown Vancouver on the Sky Train. Get off at the Surrey Central station. They had Nine of their own beers on tap the night I visited. Overall, the beers were a bit above average compared to the other beers I’ve had in British Columbia. We had nachos that were actually pretty top notch. Fresh salsa and guacamole. The service was good. They sell four of their beers at the brewpub in six pack cans.“
GeneralGao 4538 days ago
62 /100 13450 102ND AVE
“This place is very big and not that cosy. They serve great beer though. Waiters are all girls with not too much clothes on. Friendly service at the bar.“
Mads Langtved 4652 days ago
38 /100 13450 102ND AVE
“Some of the beers at Central City are above-average. The IPAs tend to be good. Still, it’s not a very good place. Staff can be woefully uneducated. For example, I just phoned to inquire about the Double Crown I2PA. The woman who answered the phone said What’s that? However, it depends on who you get because many staff members are cool. I’ve been down there several times for beers and have even bought a keg from them for a party. Central City a large, expansive, modern brewery located in a brand new mall.“
Beershine 5107 days ago
60 /100 13450 102ND AVE
“DITTO...cannot say it any better than the previous raters. The food (steak) was O.K., but if I return it will be for the beer. I had Boomers Red and Empire IPA. Both were very tasty. Been there, done that.“
papajohn 5235 days ago
60 /100 13450 102ND AVE
“A modern, bright and lively atmosphere with a large pink "open labia" bar containing 16 taps with 8 styles. Brewer and co-owner GaryLohin is a very friendly and optimistic personality who’ll hopefully keep the reigns on the brewing styles, and profits from, this humongous outfit adjacent to the newest campus for Simon Fraser - Surrey. My biggest complaint is the food - the recommended appetizers in the local Beer Guide are no longer on the menu - so I had the Prawns Topaz ($8.95) and the Drunk City Chicken ($12.95). The Prawns were a tiny portion while the Drunk Chicken, though ample in size, was terribly bland. The beer did live up to expectation - I loved the beers with the German malts and mild hops.“
CapFlu 5600 days ago
62 /100 116- 12080 NORDEL WAY
“Certainly better than Highgate, but not as good as 41st. However , for beer it has the best layout for beer I have seen at a govt store“
Crit 5656 days ago
42 /100 116- 12080 NORDEL WAY
“Hmmm..sadly if this is the best selection in Surrey, you guys south of the river are getting screwed. Not very good at all I thought, less than Middlegate in Burnaby and way less than Poco. Far from major highways, this isn’t worth the effort even for people passing through Surrey.“
Oakes 5898 days ago
58 /100 116- 12080 NORDEL WAY
“Probably has the best selection overall of any BCLS in Surrey as far as I know. The floor space is double and they have full time ’product consultants available to assist customers with their selections. The Nordel Crossing location is at Nordel Way and 120th/Scott rd. in the Shopper’s Drugmart Plaza. It just opened this spring I believe. So far as ambiance and food...n/a though I did see martini onions. The selection of wine and spirits was quite extensive, while the beer selection, while better than my neighbourhood outlet, was still not great. I’m giving them the benefit of doubt for now since the store is relatively new. Fairly large selection of coolers/ciders/beer. Way too many large displays of Molson/Labatts though. Small area of imports (mostly English/German with some that might be rarer. I was rather dissapointed that there wasn’t more local brewer’s product available in the 650ml bottles.-------------- Edit: After 3 visits to this new location I have found the selection to have improved moderatly. While 6 pack variety seems to pretty much remain constant, there is a nice rotation of imports and an improved selection of regional (BC) Micro’s in the 650ml (Bomber) size. There is also a product consultant who specializes in Beer.“
Trev 5976 days ago
48 /100 13450 102ND AVE
“The brewpub is pretty standard in terms of appearance - gleaming, but charmless, with big open spaces, televisions, etc. That’s fine -we all know I prefer wood, brick and coziness. The service at the bar was good, the wait staff seemed lost in the open spaces and never managed to notice the new customer standing there. The beer is really a waste of Gary Lohin’s talents. The Wheat is acceptable, the Red quite good. The lighter stuff is well-made, but the heavier (Pale, Porter) is poor. Easy to reach right across from Surrey Central Skytrain station, but I can’t even declare it the best brewpub in Surrey.“
Oakes 6152 days ago
48 /100 13450 102ND AVE
“This is probably one of the best looking brewpubs I’ve ever been in. The place is gigantic, but it still manages to feel intimate. Food was good, but the beers were quite average. I liked the stout and the Red ale. The service was okay, but our waiter was completely incompetant. If you go, try the calzone... it was tasty.“
JoeMcPhee 6388 days ago
52 /100 13450 102ND AVE
“This place is huge!! Several different areas including the bar, a pool table area, a terraced night club area, and an indoor sidewalk cafe. Apparently 4.5 mil was spent. Taps are limited to their own, macros only in bottles and every liquor known to man. The Wallys Wheat,Boomers Red and the Stout are all worthwhile. They have a cool 2.95 gal take home keg in the liquor store. Jan 08: Food quality has gone downhill, prices are up and the menu choices have been reduced“
Crit 6435 days ago