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74 /100 681 INDUSTRIAL WAY
“Fairly big brewery. Industrial park. For covid they have a patio out back and another one out front. They don't seem to do a lot of seasonals - there were zero no ticks on my visit - but everything is well made. This is one of those breweries where I think I can say with confidence that their beers are best served in the local market - everything was very fresh but I was also impressed with the across the board quality. Whoever is brewing there right now knows their stuff.“
Oakes 517 days ago
28 /100 120 1 ST
“Not much to choose from here, honestly, but once the LDB closes this is what you've got. Maybe 20 craft, which is very limited selection for BC. But it seems like Tofino council would rather listen to anti-science assholes whining about alcohol than open up another store . Mostly sucks for you, the beer-loving visitor. The Maq is what it is. Tiny space with barely any inventory.“
Oakes 519 days ago
“Nice pub on the water, with great views. I guess the largest selection in town, though nothing too exciting. A few good choices. The kitchen and menu is shared with the 1909 next door, and it's good stuff. There's no ticker joints anywhere near Tofino but this is a good place to go for a decent selection.“
Oakes 519 days ago
“2019-08-18. Busy bar right on the water. Patio is empty on a cool wet evening. Friendly servers. 14 taps are all BC craft, mostly on the mainstream side of things but a couple of more interesting options. Nachos were nice but pricey - arguably earned by the healthy amount of cheese on them and sour cream on the side. No flights, glasses and pints only.“
jercraigs 875 days ago
52 /100 328 NEILL ST
“2019-08-18. Small selection of BC craft beers. Some Four Winds. We grabbed a bottle of Field House. I assume pricing is consistent across locations but don’t really have a comparison for it. It's easy enough to pop in and see if there is anything you are looking for but don't plan to do a big bottle shop trip here.“
jercraigs 875 days ago
72 /100 1441 PACIFIC RIM HWY
“2019-08-18. Amazing beach views, we enjoyed watching people surfing. They have an okay tap list, and a pretty decent bottled beer list. It's the only place we have seen Superflux on Vancouver Island so far for example. Some of the prices are on the higher side for bottles. Food menu is on the slightly higher side of average at lunch. More families/children than I expected at lunch. I got the breakfast Karen a soba noodle salad, both very nice. Looks like a separate patio outside that we didn't explore. Not sure if the beer and food menu is shared at both or not. “
jercraigs 876 days ago
74 /100 681 INDUSTRIAL WAY
“2019-08-17. Long main bar with 9 taps in a decent mix of styles. None were amazing but all but one were decent to good, which is better than I expected to be honest. The more mainstream offerings are decent but dull, while the more interesting styles show a bit more flavor. Industrial Way lives up to its name if you miss the driveway! Brewery space works pretty well though. Feels cozier than it could be under the circumstances. Open to the brewery. Friendly servers. Some snacks. Big garage door to outside is open tonight. The young couple making out in the corner is something I haven't seen in a while. A bit loud but that’s mostly me be an old fart. ;) Enjoyed the music mix. Exceeded my expectations by a lot! Probably a must do if you are in town. “
jercraigs 876 days ago
62 /100
Shed (Tofino) (Restaurant)
“2019-08-17. Small to medium sized restaurant with a large busy patio. Food menu is mostly burgers and fancy bougie salads, poke. 4-5 craft taps and a canned house branded Shed beer is slightly better than expected. Lots of cocktails. Burger is pretty decent but I expected to be more wowed at a burger place . Crispy chicken hoisin peanut lettuce wraps are great. $3.50 for the upgrade from the fries to a fancy side salad feels a bit pricey but is excellent.“
jercraigs 876 days ago
70 /100
Shed (Tofino) (Restaurant)
“Nice informal place in the centre of town. Interesting selection on tap and all from Island micros.“
baxterfish 1209 days ago
“I think this place has the best choice of beer in town with 13 on tap, all from local breweries and including a strong IPA & porter. As the name suggest at has great views over the harbour. The associated 1909 restaurant serves the same beers and does great food.“
baxterfish 1209 days ago
72 /100 681 INDUSTRIAL WAY
“Lively, popular place and a bit more interesting than the average Vancouver Island brewery tap. 9 beers on tap including the lovely Cosmic Wave IPA. Essential visit when in Tofino.“
baxterfish 1212 days ago
68 /100 1441 PACIFIC RIM HWY
“Must be the best beer selection in town. Located within Long Beach Lodge Resort, this is an upscale restaurant with an extensive beer selection. Just two on tap, but about 100 bottles (and cans), including a few ciders and a mead. They even had a few Superflux cans. Food is very tasty. Very expensive, with some very high mark-ups on the cans and bottles. Service isn't knowledgeable about beer, but very helpful and friendly. Recommended when on this side of the island.“
mcberko 1604 days ago
30 /100
The Schooner (Restaurant)
“Wasn't impressed with this place. We had an 8pm reservation and when we arrived (just after 8), we were told our table wasn't ready - wasn't ready until 8:40. Beer list is unspectacular, but there are a few local draught options, as well as a cider, plus some bottles. Food was mediocre, especially given the exorbitant prices. Service was pretty weak, but friendly. Wouldn't recommend it.“
mcberko 1605 days ago
48 /100 681 INDUSTRIAL WAY
“Cute little tasting room that's quite modern and trendy, just off the main highway. 5 beers on tap. Flights of 4 available for $6, or pints for $5. Their license is such that you can only order 1 of either. Very friendly service and a pleasant place to have a beer. Beer quality is nothing special, but it's without flaws. Worth stopping when in town.“
mcberko 1606 days ago
24 /100 120 1 ST
“Pretty lame selection but I guess as good as you'll get in Tofino. A few generic Unibroue, Phillips, Hoyne and Tofino beers, plus some generic six-packs. Inflated prices.“
mcberko 1606 days ago
66 /100 681 INDUSTRIAL WAY
“Along gone when I was traveling in Canada a tasting room next to the brewery with large standing garage doors they had their own beers on tap , there were tasters but I had seen too late just a pity that there nothing to drink for The Bob but good place to sample and buy their beers“
Wim 1998 days ago
64 /100 681 INDUSTRIAL WAY
“Not what I expected. Very small workshop type place. Lots of people were there having a beer. I grabbed a six pack of assorted bottles. I was looking forward to the Kelp Stout, but they were out. Bad luck for me. Overall, this is a good little brewery in a beautiful place.“
paco 2208 days ago
60 /100
The Schooner (Restaurant)
“Went here for my last dinner in Canada. Nice place, sunny weather. Good service. Not that fake over kindaness that other places had. Selection is rather limited. But for a non-canadian I had enough choice. The food I ordered was really good (the food part of the Titanic), the fish of my girlfriend was too dry. If you don’t like Bloody Mary, don’t order the titanic dish, unless you have a good beer to clear the taste of the Titanic Bloody Mary’ish drink. If you do like it, I recommend it! Didn’t find any (good) beerplace in Tofino. But this was all in all an ok place to eat.“
MrW 2694 days ago
58 /100 681 INDUSTRIAL WAY
“Nice little place to go and fill up a growler, try some samples and grab some merch. Friendly staff small outfit but a great IPA. Definitely worth a visit but unless they add a tasting room not much reason to go here other than to buy bottles or fill growlers.“
Reimer96 3072 days ago
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