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34 /100 1299 BAY AVENUE
“This place rubbed me the wrong way - the service seemed disorganized, mostly youths not sure what was going on. Fair enough, but the beers also generally kind of sucked. The food wasn't bad though, standard brewpub fare. Hours are also incredibly spotty. If you're a completionist this place might hold appeal but in general I'd advise giving it a pass.“
DeanF 777 days ago
60 /100 1299 BAY AVENUE
“12 minutes driving from Rossland Brewing, this is a cute, nicely done-up little taproom in the city centre of Trail. Modern-feeling interior with 30-40 seats. 6 beers on tap, with flights of 4 for $7 (after tax), a steal. Beer quality was competent, with everything dialled in decently, but with no stand-outs. Friendly service. Nothing special here, but worth a stop when passing through.“
mcberko 810 days ago
66 /100 1299 BAY AVENUE
“New brewery,food was awesome and some great flights“
grantf 1714 days ago
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