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54 /100 1960 FOUL BAY RD
“Typical Of BC Liquor feel. Angled for generic stuff, few local crafts (mostly in 4 packs). Long weekend also must have added to limited choice of beers. Service was helpful but the store itself was wast of time.“
Radek Kliber 76 days ago
78 /100 2960 BRIDGE ST
“Do not expect traditional beers! These brewers are beyond and have dare to experiment with fruits and strange combinations of ingredients and methods. On my BC trip I visited like 20 breweries, but this one stood out. Hopefully they'll be shipping to Europe in the near future or at least are showing up at festivals like BXL or Carnivale Brettanomyces. Looking at other ratings it appears that Canadian beerlovers are not ready yet :D.“
Soursven 112 days ago
60 /100 2-836 DEVONSHIRE ROAD
“It looks like this place has changed since the previous reviews as they now have a full little tasting room in front of their brewery. Flights are available for 7 bucks, service was reasonably quick. A good stop to try their beers but it's way the heck out there in an industrial area so expect to drive or take an hour long bus ride. Some cans are available for take away and they do growlers. There's also a sign for "one off wednesdays" which is probably cask night, if you ever happen to be here on a wednesday.“
DeanF 373 days ago
52 /100 130-176 WILSON ST
“A pretty good bottle and can selection, they get plenty of Spinnakers material as I assume they are affiliated. Almost all local stuff with a few things from back east. The guy did miss the fact I was buying a single can and charged me for a 4-pack so I had to call him out on that, so be aware of what they're charging you. Not a bad stop to hunt down some local stuff in Victoria“
DeanF 373 days ago
74 /100 199 ISLAND HIGHWAY
“2019-08-22. Sat on restaurant side. Big space with an old English country pub feel to it. 16 taps listed, most look interesting. We shared a turkey bacon wrap (okay), a goat cheese and pear salad (Very good, and much larger than expected - there were two whole pears in it!), and a seafood chowder (very good). Individual sample sized pours are available and are super cheap! Beers we tried were generally pretty good. Friendly endearing server. Arguably the place on this trip that most exceeded my expectations! Good stop for lunch after visiting Hatley Castle.“
jercraigs 413 days ago
“2019-08-21. Huge space, the decor is pretty cool and highlights the history of the place. Tap list is just okay. Unfortunately it's incredibly loud with a band playing and we don't want to have to shout our conversation all night so we don't stay long. Probably worth a visit at a quieter less busy time for the atmosphere, but not for the beer list. “
jercraigs 413 days ago
64 /100 450 SWIFT STREET
“2019-08-21. Big old brick building is really nice. High ceilings, good amount of seating inside and out. Food menu Large patio with views of the harbour. 4 core beers and two seasonals on tap. All okay but a bit dull, the IPA was the best by a decent margin for me. The space feels a bit wasted on the beer to be honest.“
jercraigs 416 days ago
72 /100 2010 GOVERNMENT ST
“2019-08-15. Good sized bar it has a new hipster bar (chairs and tables) meets west coast lodge (lots of wood) feel that mostly works for it. (Possibly not the best description?) The stools and the bar and the low table we sat at both lined up in such a way as to hit my knees on the table/bar. Large retails shop with beer to go and beer gear. Service was friendly and efficient. Tasting flights come with a little printed description of each beer which is really cool but irks my environmental sensibilities at the same time. (I'm sure you can ask not to print it if you don't want it.) 12 taps of their own beers in a good mix of styles. The beers we tried lean towards interesting but still relatively accessible takes on the styles. Most were decent but a bit milder overall than I would personally like. We just managed a flight before last call on our first visit so we came back a week later on the second leg of our trip. Nice spot. “
jercraigs 421 days ago
70 /100 2960 BRIDGE ST
“2019-08-15. Small place. with bar stools downstairs and a few long picnic tables upstairs. There is a foul aroma that comes and goes today which put a damper on things. Not sure if it’s from inside the brewery or coming from outside. Funky barrel maybe? 14 taps. Flights available. Four packs only of the cans unfortunately. I committed to a four pack of the Verdoyant after only a quick taste so hopefully its good! Decent spot. The four beers we tried were all okay to good.“
jercraigs 421 days ago
62 /100 350 BAY STREET
“2019-08-15. In an area that feels relatively industrial compared to downtown (but I’m not sure what else is in the area yet so maybe it's not?) Server is friendly but super slow. 9 house beers and four guest taps including a cider and a gluten free option. Food menu is fairly typical pub grub. We opt for a bbq chicken sandwich and some fried pickles. It was good but took a surprisingly long time to come out, not sure why. Good music but it’s muffled a bit in our section. Taverny/bar decor. Fairly big space in the main pub with smaller separate tap room which seemed quieter when we walked by. Possibly the better option if you aren't eating. Okay, the beers ranged from kind of awful to pretty decent.“
jercraigs 421 days ago
“2019-08-15. 40+ taps are mostly BC craft with a few imports/macros. Not a ton of super exciting options but I also don’t recognize a lot of the newer ones and I didn’t feel like looking up every one before ordering! Half pints and pints only. Friendly server. Long bar and tables along the windows. There is a market set up beside it in Bastion Square today. We came back next week. I had a nice french onion soup, and Mabel had nachos. “
jercraigs 421 days ago
74 /100 919 DOUGLAS STREET
“2019-08-15. Nice shop. Wine section feels fancy. Larger selection of beer that I was expecting with fridges down one wall in the back. Pricing on some seemed high especially the imports. Got a four pack of Raised by Wolves since they didn’t have it in singles. Selection seemed decent. Well worth checking out.“
jercraigs 421 days ago
60 /100
Flying Otter Grill (Restaurant)
“2019-08-15. Right on the water with a modest covered “patio”, part of the appeal is proximity to the harbour. 7-8 local craft taps, and some bottles and cans. We opted for Driftwood Fat Tug and New Growth. . Lots of seafood on the menu. We shared fish and chips, fish tacos, and clam chowder. The fish is very good, the fries a bit cold. Chowder is rich and thick but needs pepper imho. Tacos were tasty. Friendly servers. A bit loud inside. Screechy kid not helping. Outside deck as well.“
jercraigs 421 days ago
“2019-08-14. Giant space with a large main floor restaurant and upstairs taproom. Bottle shop and chocolate shop on the main floor. Reservations needed for downstairs apparently. Small nice patio upstairs with great views of the harbour. The upstairs has lots of nice wood and great views but it’s LOUD. (Not helped by the screeching kid that thankfully left shortly after we sat down.) Quite a few of their own beers on. Beers we tried were decent but mostly just okay. The sours were the most interesting of the eight we tried. Hoppy stuff didn’t quite hit the mark for me. The more traditional styles were serviceable. BC Cheese pizza was great despite having too much arugula. We added herbed mushrooms which was a great call. BC Greens salad was also nice. Desserts looked decent but we didn’t go for it. Flights and single glass samplers available. A must visit in town but arguably as much for the history, the food, and the views as the beer itself.“
jercraigs 422 days ago
76 /100 506 PANDORA AVENUE
“2019-08-14. Big space, with nice exposed brick and beams. Covered sun room/“patio”. Seems like 15+ of their own beers and another 15+ guests? Guest taps are mostly BC craft. I just now noticed the digital TV menu. The four house beers we tried are just okay to decent but they have a good range of styles available. Super friendly servers. Several big booths and some long tables. We chose a comfy booth vs the crappy metal chairs outside in the sun room (the standard cheap bar chair now it seems). Nice bar.“
jercraigs 422 days ago
62 /100 560 JOHNSON ST
“2019-08-14. Nice space feels beachy / nautical with lots of little decor touches. Mix of tables inside. Patio outside looks nice but too sunny for me today despite the umbrellas. 5 of their own beers on tap today. Menu lists a rotating guest tap but there doesn’t seem to be one today? (or perhaps I haven't noticed). Second set of taps is I assume for growler fills or just not in use? Not sure what's going on. (I didn’t ask) Server is friendly enough. It's a nice spot and handy to several other spots if you are doing a brewery crawl, but overall the beers didn't really tempt me back but they are fairly newly opened so perhaps that will improve. Worth a visit just to check out the Market Square really. “
jercraigs 422 days ago
84 /100
The Drake Eatery (Restaurant)
“2019-08-14. Nice space, high ceilings in a reclaimed building. Decor has a UK meets BC vibe to me. 20+ taps with a pretty good range of BC craft and a few American west coast imports. Small patio outside. Friendly staff, bar service only. Friendly owner came over and said hello. Food was pretty good. Arguably the best stop in Victoria? We had planned to come back for a second visit but did not quite make it. “
jercraigs 423 days ago
“A nice little tasting room setup on a farm out in the northern limits of Victoria. Rather hard to get to unless you're driving but not impossible. The staff were friendly and there are two long wooden tables to sit and do some tasting. Flights of 4 or 6 are available and a small selection of bottles for take-away. Quality is okay. Probably not a necessary stop but an okay one.“
DeanF 456 days ago
58 /100 560 JOHNSON ST
“Brand new and conveniently placed right in the middle of Market Square, a rather obvious location for a microbrewery so really it's about time. The interior is friendly-austere which works great and there's a big patio outside in the aforesaid Market Square. Service was very friendly and the guy could really relate to why I was in town this evening. A mostly younger crowd, the beers were hit and miss and there were a few snacks available. Prices were quite high though compared to the other nearby breweries but there's probably a tourist premium thrown in there. A worthwhile stop anyway, they're injecting some imagination into Victoria's beer scene which is always good.“
DeanF 458 days ago
66 /100 2960 BRIDGE ST
“A large new taproom a few minutes walk up from Hoyne and Driftwood. Service was quick and they had a dozen beers on tap when I visited, more in the fridge. They freely admit their focus is on sour beers so you better like that style. Many are quite good, a few experiments need work. They'll give the other brewers in Victoria a run for their money.“
DeanF 491 days ago
“The tasting area is quite large and airy, service was friendly and there's plenty of cans for take away. But the big problem is that they can only legally serve you a single flight! It's great value at 5 bucks but sadly the hanging out part of this place is hindered by the fact that you can only have one. They are applying for a lounge permit though, which would improve this place greatly as a destination.“
DeanF 491 days ago
50 /100 #102-450 HILLSIDE AVE
“A very small tasting room with their four most common beers on tap for growler fills. There's a fridge now that stocks some of their more obscure beers, for some very average prices. Service was friendly enough. I'll likely stop by again just to see what else they have in the fridge, but in general you can get most of what they offer here at any liquor store in the area.“
DeanF 491 days ago
64 /100 199 ISLAND HIGHWAY
“A very Ye Olde English style sprawling pub and restaurant in an old house right along a major road in western Victoria. The food was standard and filling pub fare, most of the beers were average at best. Flights were quite cheap though, and be sure to ask about their experimental beers (though they're really not that great). Seemed to be popular with the older crowd, apparently when you retire in England you go to Victoria and then eat here when you get homesick.“
DeanF 491 days ago
70 /100 199 DALLAS RD
“Important location - location - location. It is at the Ogden Point cruise ship terminal. If cruiser time is short, it may be the only location to grab local brews. At this time the website says Tasting Room opens at 4, but bistro in same building early mornings. Renovations have closed the bistro, so Tasting Room currently has bistro hours (food from food truck providing half the bistro menu. It seems the bistro provides the same beers when it is open, so opening times may not be critical. Food was good. All beers local. At ~$4 Canadian for 10 oz, the absence of tasters is not really very critical. Excellent service even with a crowd, xpt hard to get the check.“
bhensonb 521 days ago
74 /100
Cook St Liquor (Beer Store)
“New spot is a bit deceiving with a flower shop in the front. Much bigger than the original store with likely the largest and best curated selection in Victoria. Staff are pleasant and know their stuff. Prices are a little higher, but selection is a little more upscale as well.“
Ferris 527 days ago
72 /100
Cook St Liquor (Beer Store)
“More space than the previous location, with a very well-laid out store now. Plenty of street parking out front or store parking in back. Great selection, with many unusual bottles that aren't to be found elsewhere. Prices are higher here than Cascadia. Still one of the better bottle shops in Victoria.“
mcberko 533 days ago
68 /100 101-1376 UPTOWN BOULEVARD
“This location is situated in the massive Uptown Plaza. GoogleMaps will get you close, but once you're within a block, just park anywhere in Uptown and take the escalator up to the main area -- the liquor store is across from the Walmart and Starbucks. Large selection, but still inferior to the Colwood location. Worth a stop if nearby.“
mcberko 533 days ago
64 /100 2631 QUADRA STREET
“Centrally located, but inferior to the Colwood location. Not as many canned singles, though I did see some Tilquin lambic that wasn’t available at other locations. Worth a stop to see what they have.“
mcberko 533 days ago
48 /100 3587 BLANSHARD ST
“Located at the far corner of the market, right behind the coffee bar. 12 beers on tap, all of which were from local Victoria breweries: nothing out of the ordinary, nor even special releases really. $6 a glass. They do cask nights every few Thursdays. Certainly not a highlight or worth making a special trip for, but if you happen to be at Whole Foods, and want to get a beer in, there are worse places to visit.“
mcberko 534 days ago
62 /100 2960 BRIDGE ST
“One of the most anticipated new breweries in B.C. and I am a bit underwhelmed. The place is full of potential it just doesn’t quite get there. The Nordic like simplicity and design just doesn’t work cohesively. The beer is variable but interesting and single small pours at a great price. Service was aloof and very off putting.“
Ferris 534 days ago
54 /100 2960 BRIDGE ST
“Finally got to visit this place, and my impression was a mixed bag in many respects. Nicely set-up tasting room, with only bar seating downstairs, plus some additional seating upstairs. They had 7 house taps, plus a few guests. Single 4 oz pours for $2.50++. A couple of the fruited / adjunct-laden beers were quite good, but their base beers seem problematic, with all sorts of off-notes detectable. Service was... puzzling: the guy seemed nice, but we overheard him giving blatantly false information to other patrons (“there are no breweries between here and The Drake” - uh, only about 6-7!), as though he wanted to mislead them. All in all, the beer is quite problematic, but I like the attempts. Let’s hope they mature and home in on their skills, as the concept is good.“
mcberko 534 days ago
“A large old stye pub in downtown Victoria. Generous taps, several dozen and mostly hyper-local. A good spot to get some island beers sampled though they all seemed served at the same consistent cold temperature. Hockey on the teevee. Good place to just hang out.“
DeanF 558 days ago
55.7142857143 /100 506 PANDORA AVENUE
“A large old hotel with nice interior brick and the bar at street level is reasonably pleasant. Service was quick enough and they have around 15 of their own beers on tap, many of which are okay. Very central and easy to find which makes it a good stop if you're downtown and don't want to go out too far.“
DeanF 574 days ago
58.5714285714 /100 450 SWIFT STREET
“A large brewpub right down on the water with plenty of outdoor space when the weather's warm enough. It seemed to be incredibly busy on my visit so service was slow. Only 6 beers available including 2 rotating taps. Quality was slightly above average. Food was pretty good standard pub fare. A little pricey for what you get. I probably wouldn't choose this as my first or only stop in Victoria.“
DeanF 574 days ago
71.4285714286 /100 308 CATHERINE STREET
“A large two-storey old style pub on the waterfront. Wood interior, olde english décor. A restaurant is downstairs and a casual pub is upstairs, there's a bottle shop on the main floor and apparently rooms are available too. Food is quite good, beers can be average to below average. Service was decent. Not the cheapest spot but something of an institution in Victoria, though I wouldn't consider their beers to be the best around anymore. Still a decent stop if you're looking for a meal.“
DeanF 574 days ago
61.4285714286 /100 2010 GOVERNMENT ST
“A large and typical brewery, tasting, room and beer shop all in one city corner. Service was quick and several unique beers were on tap including a cask night. Food was basic, some sausages and chips. The best place to get your Phillips beers tried and pick up some rarities that don't make it too far.“
DeanF 574 days ago
“Stopped in to cap off a craft brewery trip to Victoria. Nice bar / decor but not impressed with the micros on tap. Good for the big boys... “
tango65 613 days ago
94 /100 2010 GOVERNMENT ST
“Awesome taproom, staff, and of course beer! Enjoyed both the Kolsch and Smash IPA. Young taproom gal was super friendly and informative. Was hoping to do a tour, but closed due to new canning equipment install (300-500 cans per minute!). Just passing through from Denver but hope to get back!“
tango65 615 days ago
“This is located in a very narrow space with a long bar to the right and a few booths to the left. There are very high ceilings and lots of wood. It's dimly lit with some muted TVs showing old nonsense movies with subtitles. There are a lot of taps, but nothing really stood out to me or seemed interesting. I did order the poutine (on special) and it was good as far as poutine goes. As noted before, the washroom situation is a bit of a mess. Service was meh. I see no reason to go here when Garrick's Head is literally next door.“
DYCSoccer17 663 days ago
“This ended up being my favorite spot in Victoria. It's a pretty bland and basic bar set-up. Lots of open space with a long bar to your left. They have TVs with sports on, and there is a TV with the taplist as well. I really enjoy the music selection they have playing here. There are enough different beers and different styles that I had no problem finding something that sounded interesting to me. The food was decent/average. The service and bartenders were great. Very attentive and very friendly. My one complaint about this place is that the washrooms were a dump.“
DYCSoccer17 663 days ago
64 /100 350 BAY STREET
“This was a nice getaway after my disaster I had at Spinnakers. This is a really small place, with only 5 or 6 chairs at the bar. They only had about 7 or 8 of their beers on. The two beers I had were solid, but nothing mind-blowing. The employees there were super nice and super attentive. Had some great conversations. If not for those, I probably would have rated this place lower. I did not try the food.“
DYCSoccer17 663 days ago
80 /100
The Drake Eatery (Restaurant)
“I've visited this establishment twice. It has an open, laid bad interior with lots of brick and high tables. No TVs and some ambient music in the background. They have a total of 29 taphandles, but only about 20-25 beers on tap. The beers they have on tap are quite impressive, including some firestone walker sours that I've never seen even in California. The food is way above average. I had the chacuterie and the tuna toast. Both were amazing, and reasonably priced. Portions are on the smaller side, however. All in all, this is a pretty cozy place for beer nerds.“
DYCSoccer17 663 days ago
“I walked here from downtown for a Sunday morning brunch. It's a beautiful walk. The brewpub itself is a large 3 story-building that overlooks the bay. Beautiful vistas. Sadly, that's the only thing that is good about this place. The beer I had was mediocre to bad. The service was absolutely terrible. It took an hour for my food to get to me (likely because the server forgot to put in my order or it got lost). The food was good when it arrived, at least. Anyway, there are plenty of beautiful views in this city that can be had in places that do not have shit service and mediocre beers.“
DYCSoccer17 663 days ago
72 /100 777 COURTNEY ST.
“This place was a pleasant surprise. They have 15 taps with a really nice eclectic selection from local breweries to American ones. They had Jester King on tap, which is basically unheard of. They also had a couple of Danish beers, too. They have about 20 cans as well, and there are some very interesting selections that any beer geek can appreciate. This has a nice cozy feel. Food menu has some common pub stuff, but some eclectic shit, Donair and pepperoni.“
DYCSoccer17 665 days ago
“Cozy place“
KegLiquids35 683 days ago
“Pretty good place and nicely situated on the harbour. Tried the English IPA which was ok and he Fig leaf Barley Wine which was very good. Food and service both satisfactory.“
baxterfish 756 days ago
58 /100 450 SWIFT STREET
“6 brews on draft. Didn't try the food. Nice place by the waterfront.“
IrishBoy 764 days ago
72 /100 506 PANDORA AVENUE
“Stopped by for a quick brew. Didn't do any food. 11 brews of their own plus about 8 "friends" brews. Pretty nice.“
IrishBoy 764 days ago
“VIB has a small tap room, but keeps more traditional tap room (i.e. banker's) hours. Still, a flight of four costs $5++, a heck of a deal. The beers have gotten better in the past couple of years with the change in ownership. Beer geeks might not have noticed that, but it's true. Still only gets them to lower mid-card but definitely worth a visit if you're in town.“
Oakes 777 days ago
“The Garrick's Head is a nice little pub with a solid tap list and good pub food. I had an Amarillo Pilsner on my latest visit. Good service, good beer. The Drake is better, but if you're crawling Vic you'll go to Garrick's Head for sure.“
Oakes 777 days ago
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