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72 /100 835 ANDERS RD
“Beautiful looking place with a nice patio and a fireplace inside. Airy indoor open space. They have about 15ish beers on tap when I was in, a decent selection of styles. Beer brewed to style without any frills here, other than the clear NEIPA. Flights available. I tried the tacos, which were good, but these guys don't even have salsa. I asked for hot sauce to the server as she had trouble pronouncing the Spanish names for the taco styles and they brought me Sriracha sauce... so ya. It's unfortunate since their carnitas and barbacoa meat is decent. But ya, what's a taco without salsa? Anyway, that aside, the service was friendly.“
solidfunk 48 days ago
80 /100 3887 BROWN ROAD
“Beautiful location overlooking West Kelowna and the Lake. Apple trees lined up behind. Picnic tables out front and a smallish inside area. The winery on the same property is even more beautiful--worth walking down there just to take a look. Cider is decent - they had an interesting mix of stuff at least. Friendly service. Prices average.“
solidfunk 53 days ago
74 /100 835 ANDERS RD
“Easily the better of the (currently) two West Kelowna breweries, but that's not hard to do. Located in a strip mall, they have a moderately sized interior, with plenty of patio seating. 8-10 beers on tap, with flights of 4 available. Fairly standard beer styles, but I was fairly satisfied with most of the ones I tried; nothing extraordinary, but solidly executed. Extremely friendly staff who went out of their way for us -- we had a dog with us and they really spoiled her. All in all, worth a visit if you're in West Kelowna or passing through en route to Kelowna.“
mcberko 88 days ago
68 /100 3887 BROWN ROAD
“Great spot, with a large plot of land that has extensive outside seating for the warmer months. We visited on a Tuesday afternoon and it was moderately busy. Small interior tasting room where you can order draught or bottles for here or to go. They had 4 ciders on tap when I visited with a flight of 4 for about $10. The cider quality is perhaps slightly above average for BC, with the rose cider being the standout -- the rest being pretty standard, but competently made pedestrian ciders. Friendly service and a really nice place to hang out. Worth a visit when in West Kelowna.“
mcberko 89 days ago
64 /100 835 ANDERS RD
“Friendly place in a little off the beaten track plaza in West Kelowna. I enjoyed a quick visit here. The house beers were pretty solid, if few in number, and they had a Wild Ambition on tap, which to me is one of the signs that a place in the Okanagan cares about beer. It was patio-only restrictions at the time but everybody was pleasant. It'll be good to see where this place progresses to from here, but for now a decent locals brewery. The plaza needs bike parking, however. Cyclists love breweries, and going up a hill to get here will only make it more attractive to us!“
Oakes 178 days ago
80 /100 #107-1235 STEVENS ROAD
“Best beer selection in the Okanagan - while the average store in Penticton is better than the average store in Kelowna, Cask & Barrel is the valley's best store. Hundreds of beers, and they keep new things flowing in. There's some museum pieces, but anyone from Vancouver will know what those are. One added bonus is that they also carry random beers from northern and interior breweries (Smithers, Crossroads, Whitetooth, Wheelhouse, Backroads) that you don't get in Vancouver, in addition to Okanagan stuff you also don't see on the coast.“
Oakes 306 days ago
64 /100 3887 BROWN ROAD
“Way out on the south end of West Kelowna this is quite an impressive new spot with a huge area outside - nice because they didn't seem to allow anyone inside. Stuff smelled good o the smoker and flights were available also. Several cans and bottles for takeaway, though four-pack cans only. Reasonably good service. A good spot for lunch if you happen to be in the area.“
DeanF 409 days ago
48 /100 2405 MAIN ST
“Totally empty on a friday night, a rather standard brewery setup but then again the oddities pile up - potted plants filling the corner space, big round tables from the 70's with glass dividers that assume so much of the visitors. Beers were mediocre to bad, stuff that wouldn't get them a passing grade down at the KPU brewing lab permeated the menu. No food on offer to make you forget about the quality of the beers. A big patio out front completely unused, totally bizarre in these covid times. I have little positive to say about this place and feel it's forgettable in every way. Maybe they can reinvent themselves or endear themselves to their local community, I don't know, but I don't think it was worth the trek from Kelowna proper to try this place and couldn't recommend the same to others.“
DeanF 471 days ago
30 /100 2405 MAIN ST
“Newer, updated rating: grungy, run-down place with little thought or care seemingly put into maintaining a comfortable environment. The same dude who served us before was there again and he was quite friendly this time. However, nothing can save this place from the truly atrocious beers. These guys apparently have no clue what they're doing. Most beers seemed underattenuated, overly syrupy./sickly sweet, and just terribly calibrated. I couldn't finish more than 1 oz of any of the beers I had on my flight. Avoid this place like the plague. Older rating: Stopped in here one afternoon when they were just doing growler fills and can sales (they hadn't yet reopened due to the COVID-19 lockdown). 10 or so beers on tap for growler fills. Normally they do flights of 4 for $8. The guy serving me initially said he'd let me sample a few beers anyway, though he became pretty stingy about that after a couple beers, even though I had committed to a growler fill. Beer quality was pretty average, nothing special. Perhaps I'll return some time when they're more properly open.“
mcberko 514 days ago
50 /100 1751 ROSS RD
“Decent little shop with 3-4 fridges of craft beer. Lots of single cans at quite cheap prices compared to other stores nearby. Selection is decent, though fairly limited, with mostly BC locals from all over. Nothing overly special here, but it might be worth a stop for the cheap prices here.“
mcberko 514 days ago
74 /100 #107-1235 STEVENS ROAD
“Good little beer shop in West Kelowna, and from what other people say seems the best in town, though I didn't go elsewhere as this one happened to also be the closest. Lots of Four Winds and other local stuff. A bunch of bombers, but not many single bottles or cans available compared to the number of six packs they sell. Lots of good imports as well, 3 Fonteinen and Cantillon and such. Prices high as most beer and wines in B.C.“
solidfunk 1023 days ago
76 /100 #107-1235 STEVENS ROAD
“Large craft selection with some interesting and eclectic imports. Definitely worth a stop if in the area.“
Gerbeer 1163 days ago
58 /100 2405 MAIN ST
“Kind has a big building wedged between the eastbound and westbound branches of the 97C, so basically you can hit it on your way in or out of town. The space has a good size, and its elevated position gives it some really nice lake views. The beers weren't all that exciting, and the place was pretty quiet on our visit, neither of which was particularly encouraging. An annoying thing was that they had five beers on, four come on a taster, and we weren't given the option of the fifth taster. Tickers hate that. We didn't eat, but they have a small menu. There's a small patio out front and parking out back (at least it was ok to park there on a Sunday).“
Oakes 1193 days ago
78 /100 #107-1235 STEVENS ROAD
“What a fantastic place this is. Huge selection of craft beer, rivaling the best stores in Vancouver (and ultimately thus the province). Everything you could find from local breweries and a very impressive import selection, from the US and Europe (including some lambics). Prices are very good. Easily the best place for craft beer in town.“
mcberko 1870 days ago
78 /100 #107-1235 STEVENS ROAD
“A brand new nice store that has a pleasant and clean layout. Managers are beer geeks and will steer you in the right direction. Good diverse selection, especially for this neck of the woods. Prices are decent and they have a 6 bottle discount box you can get to make things even better. A good shop and likely the best in town.“
Ferris 1907 days ago