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66 /100 480 PTH 5 N
“Decent enough place worth a stop if passing thru...definitely an "eclectic" place...with a very unusual looking store and taproom...and cans everywhere. We took the tour/flight combo...which ended up being too long...but there was no question that the tour guide was trying to do a good job. The beers themselves are OK...few standouts...most were somewhat nondescript...nothing actually bad...just nothing really memorable. Interestingly...the logo graphics are very cool...but then they seemed every variety had exactly the same graphics with the only difference being the can color...and since they had many almost seemed like they were running out of the shade variations were minor in some cases. There was a 3rd party food place outside with picnic tables where you could eat food and drink their beer too. This place has a lot going for it...if only they could up their beer quality game.“
PRBeer 1133 days ago
58 /100 480 PTH 5 N
“2017-07-05. Nice little shop with lots of branded swag, stacks of cans everywhere. It took us a while to get someone’s attention (I think they were having a meeting). In fairness we arrived shortly after they opened. We had a couple of samples, and grabbed a six pack to go. There is a nice little patio outside with a food truck that wasn’t open yet. View of Neepawa water tower, tours of the brewery available. It’s a nice little stop, and if you are in the area you almost have to stop. That said, we left kind of feeling like people showing up wanting to try their beer was unexpected.“
jercraigs 1510 days ago
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