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84 /100 3905 FRANKLIN AVE
“Finally made it to Yellowknife and NWT this 12th of 13 Canadian provinces and territories. There is only one real craftbeer place in town and that's NWT Brewing Company/The Woodyard Brewhouse & Eatery. A lot has changed since the first review in 2015. NWT is definitely making beer...and much of it is very good. They have 12 distinctly different drafts now too. The ambiance is really great in the Old Town section of YK out on Yellowknife Bay. It's relatively dark inside (in a good way) and a lot of wood and great décor. What's really most amazing about this place...maybe even slightly exceeding the how great the food is...possibly the best food in YK (with the possible exception of the fish and game at nearby Bullock's Bistro). Now for the beer...they did something very me to like a couple of malty styles I don't usually like (their nut brown and amber ales)...and actually tolerate a style I really don't care for...their cream! What I really enjoyed though was their Ragged Pine Pale Ale, and their 3 IPA's...especially the Water Squater (their spelling) and Bug Repellent. Very decent also was the Azacca Kettle Sour...and the Bush Coffee Mild (not a fan of mild's...but this one had a very fresh and flavorful coffee taste which made up for a style that's usually nondescript). The bartender Thomas was great...and helped me try all 12 beers in flights even though that is not their normal way of selling flights. One of the things I love about YK is the locals...they love to make new friends and reach out to visitors...and they didn't disappoint at the Woodyard as I got to have conversations with a few of them. If you are visiting YK...NWT/Woodyard is a must...if you are visiting the Northwest Territories for already know about NWT/Woodyard...because it's the only craftbeer made in the territory...but not to's represents the territory well!“
PRBeer 971 days ago
86 /100 3905 FRANKLIN AVE
“This place was packed in the early friday evening when I arrived - let no one say that Yellowknifers don’t support new ventures. Lots of great ornaments on the walls including a caribou skull. The food was immaculate bar stuff with lots of fried things and duck of all specialities. A good selection of regional beers on tap, mostly from Western Canada, and a few more good bottled things in the fridge. Their own beers will be available in three weeks they say and I’ll likely be back to check them out. If you’re on Ratebeer this is a necessary stop in Yellowknife and quite frankly a long overdue destination for this burgeoning city. Let’s hope their beers are as good as they think they are and that the place stays packed for years to come.“
DeanF 2241 days ago
44 /100 5108 49TH STREET
“Recently the downtown liquor store in Yellowknife has started stocking some craft beers such as Rogue, Yukon Brewery, even found a trappistes Rochefort here! Slim pickings indeed compared to proper metropoli but there’s an okay selection here that will keep a craft beer fan occupied for a few days. Prices are okay for the region (read: obscene) but you take what you can get in the territories.“
DeanF 3144 days ago
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