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“Strip mall, so plenty of parking. Restaurant style interior with booths and restaurant tables, serving bar in the back. Small but nice parking lot patio with a variety of umbrella tables. 16 beers and a guest cider on tap, available in flights of four, plus some non-alcoholic beers, I assume in bottles. Food was pizza and pub grub, tasty enough, burgers looked really good. Service was cheerful, friendly and efficient. Solid enroute stop. Walking paths around the lake just a couple blocks away.“
Travlr 77 days ago
“Very new downtown patioed bar with 4 taps. All craft, and the little micros around the region to be had. UPGRADED to 3X the space and 8 taps. Very friendly neighbourhood feel.“
Sammy 383 days ago
60 /100 11 VICTORIA ST
“Nice wood fired pizza spot in downtown Barrie...right across bust Centennial beach. Food was solid, not best ever but solid. Beer wise they offer few local crafts. Beer prices are very good for location. Service was very good as well. Nice spot for lunch with pint.“
Radek Kliber 422 days ago
66 /100 431 BAYVIEW, UNIT 8 & 9
“On commercial plaza. It was just opening so I was first that day. Good selection of beers (main line plus one offs). Staff was friendly. Good stop when in Barrie.“
Radek Kliber 422 days ago
68 /100 431 BAYVIEW, UNIT 8 & 9
“Visited on a sunny Saturday afternoon in August 2015. Blue Jays vs. Yankees game on and some of the rowdies were excited. Ate tasty 3-cheese dip and nachos. Two labelling errors trying to get the Melon Cart but I think the server eventually got there. Extremely uncomfortable high-top chairs have a nice-looking design but impractically dig hard metal corners into your back ribs. Would return to try beer if in the area. Tried a flight and the beer is fine.“
mabel 1374 days ago
“Visited on a sunny Saturday in August 2015. It was a store back then, with plans to turn into a brewpub. Planning to return and see how it's changed. The people working there were friendly but very new. Always happy to try their beers.“
mabel 1374 days ago
84 /100 431 BAYVIEW, UNIT 8 & 9
“I love this brewery and pub. The beer compares well to any brew pub anywhere. Like most brew pubs, they have their core beers and a rotating list of seasonal and new recipes. The staff is friendly. I always look forward to coming back“
CaskTicks22 1387 days ago
72 /100 431 BAYVIEW, UNIT 8 & 9
“Another fine brewpub in Barrie, again, strip mall with plenty of parking. Place was huge, with one quarter being the store, and the rest being the bar area, with large screen TV. Beers are fairly good, not like Flying Monkey, but I sense they will improve. 4 samples for 8$. Menu was pub fare with nice cheese and meat spreads too. Good Service.“
Lubiere 1858 days ago
70 /100 3-384 YONGE STREET
“Visited July 2nd...Located in a nondescript strip mall, with plenty of parking. The pub definitely has an aviation theme, as well as the beer names. Beers tasted were decent, good IPAs, but nothing special. 4 tasted for 8$. Menu is pretty good, with pizzas and burgers. I had a great salad with blue cheese and walnuts. Service was friendly. They stock on beers only available at the pub.“
Lubiere 1858 days ago
“Visited July 2nd 2017, and this place was quite a surprise. Located downtown Barrie, so you may have to look and pay for parking.The place has a huge terrasse, and a great pub area, with 20 offerings, one-offs , 2-3$ per sample. The quality is good...I regret not eating here as the food looked delicious. Service was a bit inattentive at first but the place was packed...I’m glad I stopped by.“
Lubiere 1858 days ago
“Very colourful interior with lots of things to look at on the walls. Ventured into the basement for the bathrooms and walked by an awesome old glass and wood door labelled "Labratory Analysis" with lab coats and equipment used to analyze beer. Bathrooms are all decorated differently, one with many bottles from them and other brewers on the wall, another one I peeked into had bookshelves with books you could borrow or leave. Didn’t get a chance to order any food, just popped in for some beer. Selection of their stuff was rather impressive, with their core beers and quite a number of experimental one-offs. We’ll definitely be coming back!“
crazy_cat_lady 1859 days ago
78 /100 431 BAYVIEW, UNIT 8 & 9
“Not that familiar with Barrie, but it seemed to be in a out of the way location in a strip mall, but easy to get to off the highway. Bit of a sports bar vibe, which is not really my thing. Lots of space inside, restaurant overlooks the brewery, big retail shop. Beers seemed pretty good from the 4 we tried in a flight, good enough to come back for. Nachos were tasty, servers were very friendly.“
crazy_cat_lady 1859 days ago
62 /100 431 BAYVIEW, UNIT 8 & 9
“good relative locstion. good sized space snd service.btrdlone hoppy styles sre superior and sell put quickly.“
Sammy 1906 days ago
“One of the best bar in ontario. display of tap list and great selection. i’m told excellent food. store great stocked. fun place great service.“
Sammy 1906 days ago
74 /100 431 BAYVIEW, UNIT 8 & 9
“Only visited the retail side. Lots of glasses, and other items to purchase. Could even buy cheese if you wanted to. Great selection of beers. Friendly staff that knew their stuff. You could see the brewery vats at the back. It was located in a strip mall right in the corner. Slightly odd location, but they have made it work. I would go back if I was in the area, but only for the beer.“
Subliminal64 1955 days ago
“Awesome little place right in the heart of the old part of Barrie. Near the water. Licence plates and posters all over the ceilings. Lots of items like mugs and glasses for purchase. TONS of their beers on tap (16 to be exact). They were understaffed the time I was there (11:45 on a Friday), so the service wasn’t as swift as expected. Parking was a bit of a pain, as there was only so many metered spots on the street. If I was in the area again, I would definitely stop by to purchase brews I wouldn’t normally be able to get at my LCBO or Beer Store. MB. The Beer "Bear"on“
Subliminal64 1956 days ago
38 /100 534 BAYFIELD
“passable LCBO store, but my base is Summerhill that has growlers and gets just about anything in the system.“
Sammy 2346 days ago
70 /100 431 BAYVIEW, UNIT 8 & 9
“2015-08-08. Located in a plaza/strip mall the pub is what could feel like a big industrial space but it has some character. Mostly high top tables. Lots of people watching the baseball game on an otherwise fairly quiet Saturday afternoon. There is an upper level that overlooks the downstairs and the brewing space. I didn’t take a close look but the tanks seem like they are set up to brew a decent amount of beer here. Servers were friendly enough, we didn’t really test their beer knowledge other than to correct a few mistakes on the sample trays (e.g. served us a beer that wasn’t what we ordered. Apparently the menu is numbered but the taps are not so us ordering by number was less than helpful.) We weren’t starved so we ordered a three cheese dip which came with chips and bread. The chips were replenished when we ran out which was nice, the dip was decent but I liked the first half more than the second half. Burgers coming out of the kitchen looked great so I think I would probably try to come hungry next time to try them. Overall most of the beers were decent, but only a handful of stars. There was a bit of a sameness to some of them that implied perhaps they are trying at different hop varieties, but that could just be speculation on my part. Good sized retail store with clothing, gear, cans and crowlers available to go. A short hop off Highway 400 it’s worth a stop. They’ve only been open a couple of weeks so far, so we will see how the beers progress.“
jercraigs 2547 days ago
80 /100 3-384 YONGE STREET
“Cool little place. Visited on a Thursday evening. Small but well-laid-out. Small bar, a viewing area for the brewery, a smaall bottle shop, and lots of vintage airplane stuff. Clean. Very friendly, helpful service. Burger was good, and pizza was great. 13 of their beers on tap, including some interesting styles. Ones I had were good, not great, but that was a liited sampling. Only drawbacks are the lack of guest taps and the prices. Not crazy, but not cheap. But they need to make money, I suppose. I plan on going back.“
TheJester 2770 days ago
76 /100 3-384 YONGE STREET
“Stopped in on a Saturday around 4pm for an early supper. Great looking place, with lots of room. Server was knowledgeable and very courteous. 12 of their own beers on tap. And all those same beer plus or minus a few are available in bombers or growlers for take away. Had a couple flight and tried all the beers. They might not have been the greatest but they were all clean and fresh, and some interesting styles were present. Had a pizza and it was outstanding! Some of the best crust I’ve ever had. All in all I was very impressed and would go back in a heartbeat.“
robinvboyer 2801 days ago
80 /100 3-384 YONGE STREET
“A great place in an awkward location of town. I don’t know if there is any public transport or anything as I’m not from the area. Regardless, a great little spot for beers that come in a variety of styles and a rotating selection. Food is great too, made to order and using fresh ingredients. Their bottle lineup is rotating but not everything they make is available in bottles (other than growlers). Come thirsty! “
Bendrixian 2837 days ago
68 /100 3-384 YONGE STREET
“Nice brewpub, an hour in ideal traffic from mid-Toronto. Good selection and hitting the style, with some unique choices. Pilot system encourages interesting beers. everything had clean notes. I didn’t have anything but told the food is decent.“
Sammy 2956 days ago
74 /100 3-384 YONGE STREET
“15 taps line the wall behind the bar. (Though only 13 had beers on them) Usually something new on their First Flight tap. Pizza was awesome. Probably the best pizza in Barrie.“
sudomorph 2985 days ago
70 /100 3-384 YONGE STREET
“We stopped in for lunch on our way to a wedding. The decor is interesting with lots of cool aviation related photos and memorabilia on the walls. It’s kitschy but I like it. Nice view into the brewhouse behind the bar. The waitress walked us through the changes so it wasn’t a big deal. There was no straightforward option with the sampler flights to just try everything since the various flights have some overlap. This was kind of annoying since we did want to try everything but when the 6oz pours arrived it made more sense - 24oz is a fairly large pour for a sampler in my experience. The food menu is pretty limited to pizza and burgers at this point with a lot of stuff noted as coming soon. Mabel and I shared a Flying Pig pizza which was quite tasty and large enough that we had some leftover. Interestingly I found it saltier later when I ate the leftovers cold, presumably from the prosciutto like ham. The beer selection has a good range of styles and options which is nice, but I found a lot of it to be fairly average, and a couple on the poor side. A few of the hoppier brews showed strong potential. Many of the beers seemed slightly under carbonated, not sure if that is a deliberate choice or not. There was a decent number of discrepancies between the printed menu and what was on tap and in the beer store so be sure to double check if you are a completeist. Staff was super friendly, particularly the bartender/store cashier (owner?). Overall it is worth a stop if you are in the neighbourhood but not somewhere I would go too far out of my way for. “
jercraigs 3022 days ago
“Very nice place in downtown Barrie. Quaint and small, with a definite small town friendly vibe. Sampling room is nice, with some fun reasonable stuff to buy. They are very generous with their time and tasting. A good visit, but not a must.“
Ferris 3195 days ago
“nice place in the core of Barrie. you can pop by for a free tasting or three and purchase a pint if need be. No food, not a pub but a decent place to visit nonetheless. I hear there are plans for them to open up a proper pub in the future. Most of their beers are filtered so that sucks but otherwise they make some okay beers.“
Bendrixian 3288 days ago
“My local brewery. They sell all their beers and have free tours on the weekends. Tour includes a sample of everything in their regular production. They also have a party room upstairs that can be rented for events with its own bar and kitchen. Also sell shirts, glasses, and other paraphernalia in their store front.“
sudomorph 3342 days ago
56 /100 534 BAYFIELD
“Largest selection in Barrie. Worth the drive to the north end if you are trying to find something specific.“
sudomorph 3370 days ago
“More of just a storefront for the beer. They usually only have a couple of regulars on tap and I have to visit when they have something unique just for tasting which would be nice.“
rob6239 3497 days ago
“Stopped in to try some samples. Disappointed they only had a couple of things on tap with nothing special but that was just bad timing on my part. Nice setup, friendly staff and worth the visit off the 400 if you feel like a beer.“
pushkinwow 3575 days ago
62 /100 534 BAYFIELD
“standard big LCBO, best selection north of the GTA so if you find yourself heading up the 400 this is your best bet for a decent bottle shop. lots of parking and not far off the highway.“
barncatmatt 3755 days ago
58 /100 534 BAYFIELD
“I added this to the database cause its roughly the best selection north of Toronto in Ontario. They get all the seasonals and they get all the brewery feature releases also. So if you live in northern ontario like i do, its the closest store to you without having to drive to the GTA. They also have a pretty diverse selection of ontario micros, a pretty decent lcbo selection.“
robinvboyer 3838 days ago
“NIce location on the main st in barrie. The place has a nice decor, the store has a nice bit of room. Coolers lined with 6 packs of their beers, the dont seem to make too many beers, but there was 3 taps I believe and the staff there poured me a very generious sample of the smashbomb. I would estimate 4 ot 5 oz and it was a free sample. Nice place too stop in, you can see the brewery to the back of the store with lots of the tanks and things there, Worth the stop if your in the area.“
Ontbeertaster 4092 days ago
“Peter and Co. have a beautiful facility here, right in the heart of Barrie overlooking Heritage Park and Lake Simcoe. The brew house is pristine and spacious with several attractive brite tanks and a brand new (very tiny) pilot system. The vibrant retail store sports all types of FM t-shirts, pint glasses, and ball caps. At the time of my visit, Hoptical Illusion, Confederation Amber Ale, and Anti-Gravity were available in bottles, while Netherworld and Robert Simpson Pale Ale were on tap. I grabbed a mixed 2-4 of the three core brands and Netherworld, the latter of which was retrieved from downstairs thanks to Peter’s generosity. With respect to the beers, I’m not over the moon about the light and amber ales, but the Monkeys are quickly becoming the vanguards of adventurous, hopped-up brewing in Ontario, as evidenced by their Smash Bomb Atomic IPA, Black IPA, American Pale Ale, and various outstanding one-offs. They also deserve credit for actually getting their hop-forward beers into the LCBO and Beer Store, which almost no other brewer in the province has been willing to do. My prediction is that FMCB will continue to carve out its niche in this market by brewing popular but neglected styles and pushing pallets forward in the process. Right now they have plans to brew an American Imperial Stout (draught) and strong Baltic Porter (draught & bottles) and Smash Bomb is pending approval at the LCBO. For their excellent brews and courageous mission to put Ontarians onto hops, the Monkeys deserve our praise and financial support. Oh, and the brewery is well worth a visit. :D“
cratez 4250 days ago
“Great brewery with fantastic enthusiastic people. I made the trip up (2+hrs) and am really glad that I did. Great llooking buillding with a great selection of glassware and merch.. at reasonable prices. One of my favorite brewery tours.“
Zenwolf 4292 days ago
“Nice looking building in downtown Barrie. Inside there are boat loads of merch and they have ample 6 packs of their top 3 beers. The staff are very friendly and eager to please. The free samples are also very easy to come by. Nice place and i was lucky enough to get some smash bomb ipa that technically wasnt for sale!“
robinvboyer 4305 days ago