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66 /100 13926 CHINGUACOUSY RD
“Good capacity, everything is business efficient here, with some rural charm. Reasonable easy to find. It really is an IPA factory. .“
Sammy 142 days ago
72 /100 20727 HEART LAKE ROAD
“2021-08-20. Stopped in to get some beer to go. Friendly staffer, decent selection of their beers. Cans were four packs only which limited how many we picked up today (we already had a cooler full of beer from other brewery stops). They told us that we could enjoy a beer on their huge grassed patio even though it wasn't technically "open". (I think they may have a server when it's open?) It looked nice and inviting but we didn't have time to stick around to enjoy it. Beers I have tried so far are all decent to very good. Would definitely recommend a visit if you are in the area. Not sure if they have any indoor seating during non-COVID times? Right now it seems to just be the store.“
jercraigs 351 days ago
76 /100 1137 BOSTON MILLS RD
“A nice orchard with farm structure, in rural Caledon. Good ciders, 3x4 ounces for 8$. Good selection of pizza, sandwich, baked goods (as this place is a bakery also). Very nice stop“
Lubiere 402 days ago
88 /100 13926 CHINGUACOUSY RD
“Drove to Badlands to see the nature wonder but due to new policy we were unable. On way back I said, hey lets check this brewery near by...We almost missed it as there was no sign to turn to even more local road. 50 m before arriving I knew we were at the right place. The spot was packed with familly with kids. There was food truck on side and beside beer shop there was quality live music. We found one of last few parking spots and ordered food. Beer wise there was 9 beers on tap and they offer half pours. Beers were excellent but not cheap. Service was super friendly. Food truck had name slow cooked ,,,yeah it took time but it was worth it. sandwich and poutine were great. Not too salty etc. as they go. We sat down enjoying farm smells, fresh breeze as it was about to rain....What a splendid place to spend afternoon with family. One of best spots I visited in long long time.“
Radek Kliber 430 days ago
76 /100 20727 HEART LAKE ROAD
“Very large space on their property, you can easily throw a beer festival, with music, on this space. Great to hang out on a warm dry day.“
Sammy 456 days ago
32 /100
LCBO (Beer Store)
“A small LCBO servicing a rural area and one of the worst I have been to over decades, so quite a feat. Still had the beer I was looking for, the only recent one not in the beer cold room!“
Sammy 509 days ago
68 /100 18825 SHAWS CREEK RD
“A little farm like environment. A local hit and worthwhile place to visit if in the area (so unlikely of course) in the summer and non-COVID. Average beer, will be trying some special XMas time editions.“
Sammy 651 days ago
66 /100 1137 BOSTON MILLS RD
“Country store environment. Lots of mostly packaged food and gifts. Inexpensive cans of basic cider but fairly pricy special editions. Average cider overall.“
Sammy 651 days ago
72 /100 1137 BOSTON MILLS RD
“2018-03-24. We popped in and had some enjoyable ciders and some fondue in the cafe. The food menu looked pretty good. Cider pricing in the cafe was a bit shocking at $5/5oz pour. We grabbed some cider and scones from the bakery to go as well. It's a nice space but suffered a bit from my high expectations. It's more bakery meets winery than the Bilbo's hobbit house like space that I had pictured for some reason but really that's on me not them. Outdoor areas would be nice in warmer weather. Service was quite friendly and helpful. Nice spot overall. Bottles and growlers of cider available to go. “
jercraigs 1654 days ago
78 /100 1137 BOSTON MILLS RD
“A beautiful farmhouse setting with a store, bistro and bar. Service was great and the brewer came up to chat and answer my obscure questions. Good amount of ciders, and flights and prices were decent for what it was. A great stop and would happily go back.“
Ferris 1743 days ago
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