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72 /100 20 ALMA ST S
“2019-09-14. Small seating area with a handful of tables and bar stools. 10 taps in a range of styles. Big garage doors open up in fine weather. Odd to say but beers all have nice head retention :) The four beers we tried on tap didn't wow me but were all decent enough that I got cans of some of the remaining ones to try at home. Worth a visit.“
jercraigs 196 days ago
“2019-09-14. Nice space with a fairly modern decor. Small patio outside. Friendly server. Food was decent. Korean fried chicken sandwich. The four beers we tried were above average but not super exciting. Nice enough. 10 taps of their own beer. “Feature” beers not available as part of a flight. Mix of high tops, booths and long communal bench seat tables. Decent spot, some minor growing pains likely attributable to the fact they are newly opened. “
jercraigs 196 days ago
“Nice downtown location. Trying for quality beer, and worthwhile stop if in Guelph anyways. Drinkable stuff, OK service.“
Sammy 512 days ago
54 /100 199 VICTORIA RD S, UNIT 8C
“marginal beer OK but least classy people hang out in a classy town.“
Sammy 512 days ago
“Finally made it out here. Still the class of Guelph despite competition, doing interesting stuff and whatever they decide. Quality.“
Sammy 512 days ago
58 /100 20 ALMA ST S
“Cute environment. Most popular place in Guelph on this tour of the town. Beer so so with IPA best.“
Sammy 512 days ago
“I enjoyed this place. The decor is mid 20th century style, with lots of antiquities, the long bar, and the warm atmosphere. The beers are all solid, nothing special but well made. Sampler is 4 4 ounces for 10$. Service was friendly and prompt. Bottles to go are available for around 6$“
Lubiere 656 days ago
“2017-12-30. Nice space, long bar with brewery equipment in the back. Board games available that we probably would have taken them up on if we had more time. Decent selection of their own beers in a variety of styles. They were mostly just okay, with a few highlights. Flights available. Giant board of "Someone bought you a beer" chalkboard is a fun gimmick. Worth a visit if you are in town.“
jercraigs 821 days ago
70 /100 199 VICTORIA RD S, UNIT 8C
“2015-08. Small tap room at the brewery with some seating. Bright and relatively busy while we were there. We mostly just picked up some bottles to go. Good range of their own beers in a variety of styles. Beers are generally decent but may not impress the hardcore beer geek. Still worth a visit if you are in the area.“
jercraigs 881 days ago
80 /100 76 BAKER STREET
“Visited on a Saturday afternoon in early August 2015, after a day of beer-hunting in the region with friends. We opted for the quieter back room. Ate a few charcuterie items like hushpuppies and fried Brie, which were delicious. Beer selection is excellent, and we tried a few new-to-us local brews. Very friendly server. Would like to seek it out again if in the area. (4+/8/12/9/8/16) 80“
mabel 882 days ago
74 /100 199 VICTORIA RD S, UNIT 8C
“Visited on a Saturday afternoon in early August 2015. Nice little bar station, though there were lots of people! We sat off to the side and bought some bottles to go. I recall one was a special one-off not available at other places. There are a couple indoor picnic table-like seats and a hightop table or two, plus some tall chairs along the bar, so most of the people were milling around, chatting. Neat little stop-in, I would like to return for a longer visit one day. (3/8/11/NA/8/15) 74“
mabel 882 days ago
“Visited on a Saturday afternoon in early August 2015. Their 30th birthday party was coming up at the end of September so they were getting ready for it with leaflets and brews. Unfortunately we arrived after the tasting bar had closed, so we picked up a few cans from the fridge to go. Friendly service. Would return again if in town. (3/9/10/NA/8/14) 72“
mabel 882 days ago
74 /100 199 VICTORIA RD S, UNIT 8C
“A working brewery with a small tasting room in a strip mall. Passionate staff which is nice and very adventurous styles. Unfortunately nothing stands out and it is all very sweet. Good priced sample pours and munchies to clean the palate. What they lack in tasty beer, they definitely make up for with a great attitude.“
Ferris 1667 days ago
76 /100 76 BAKER STREET
“2015-08-01. Pub in an old house, with a handful of tables on the porch. Main room feels a bit cramped at first, we opted for a table in the back room, which was cozy with some cool Victorian (? paisley vintage look?) wall paper but was just a bit too warm today despite the best efforts of the fan in the room. Seating upstairs as well which we did not explore. Food menu looked and smelled amazing but we had a large late lunch so we opted to share a board, some hushpuppies, and fried brie for the table which were quite tasty. Tap list had a pretty good selection of Ontario craft breweries including several new ratings for us from the Guelph/K-W area, but nothing particularly exciting. Decent bottle list as well if I recall correctly but I did not look too closely at it, focusing on the taps. Server was very friendly and seemed to know a bit about the beers. Bathrooms are ludicrously oriented - Good luck if you are tall and need to sit down. :) Overall quite enjoyed it and would come back, probably to eat.“
jercraigs 1701 days ago
“2015-08-01. Popped in on a Saturday afternoon. The sampling area was closed but the cashier let me try a sample of something before committing. The bar area is fairly large but feels sort of temporary. The actual store area is fairly small - it was pretty cramped with our group and another. Small picnic table in the courtyard (not sure if you can drink out there or not). They had a couple of their Welly One Offs in the fridge today. Worth a visit to pick up some cans, but check the times if you want to sample more on site.“
jercraigs 1701 days ago
66 /100 199 VICTORIA RD S, UNIT 8C
“Brewery taproom in a little industrial strip. Long list of beers, supplemented by bombers in the fridge. Friendly, helpful staff. Beers are decent, but they do offer some innovation. Well worth a visit when in Guelph.“
Oakes 1890 days ago
“One of the more classic Ontario pubs, rambling with many rooms. They had 4 casks on at my latest visit. Good place, with a fun atmosphere, and a solid beer list.“
Oakes 1890 days ago
“retail store with some events space. one of ontarios oldest micros. the core lineup in pedestrian but the canned imperial stout is a good beer and decent value. they have recently started doing more one offs with more misses then hits. worth a stop if you are in the area but not a destination.“
barncatmatt 1914 days ago
76 /100 76 BAKER STREET
“Visited on a recent weekend in Guelph with my fiancé. What I had: Sawdust City Golden Beach Pale Wheat, Mill Street Brown Ale, and Spearhead Hawaiian Style Pale Ale on tap, some Nautilus and Jackson Estate Sauvignon Blancs for my partner. What I liked: Clean, modern, and spacious gastropub interior, beautiful patio overlooking Baker Street, fast and friendly service, waitress was happy to provide samples, we enjoyed all of our drinks, food menu looked appetizing (though we didn’t eat). What I disliked: The tap list is solid but not among the best in the province, and prices are a tad high (esp. for Guelph), but overall this is a great gastropub. Would I go back? Yes. These guys definitely "get it." Overall Rating: 76“
cratez 2004 days ago
“Visited on a recent weekend in Guelph with my fiance. What I had: Church Key West Coast Pale Ale and Mill Street Cobblestone Stout on tap, fish and chips for me, chicken wrap, salad, and a local pinot grigio for my better half. What I liked: Cozy window-side table overlooking the street, fair prices, they serve full British/imperial pints here. What I disliked: Draft list was underwhelming to say the least, with Smash Bomb being the most exciting beer, food was just okay (nothing to write home about), service was slow and indifferent, my partner was disappointed that they didn’t have a single sauvignon blanc or sauve on offer, my pale ale had a noticeable diacetyl taste, we quickly finished our meals and headed elsewhere. Would I go back? Probably not. Overall rating: 56“
cratez 2007 days ago
82 /100 76 BAKER STREET
“An old house converted into a Gastro Pub, where the food and beer are both showcased incredibly well. A large tap list of mainly Ontario craft, a few casks and a great food menu. Prices are high, but so is service and quality. Eat a meal there, you will not be disappointed. A great excuse to visit Guelph.“
Ferris 2039 days ago
“Probably one of the nicest tap rooms I have seen. Looks like a bar, with a pool table and a large seating area. Samples are free to a point then they charge. Very nice staff, curious and helpful. Selection was just their own but includes in house small batches not available elsewhere. Free is good value. A good place to stop, they really hit beer geeks and non beer geeks alike.“
Ferris 2039 days ago
80 /100 76 BAKER STREET
“Nice friendly pub with good service, good food, and reasonable prices. Around 30 taps, I’d say, each one pouring an Ontario craft brew. A small selection of Canada/US craft brews in bottles as well (ones from the LCBO). Will be my go-to place for when I’m in Guelph.“
kevinsenn 2536 days ago
78 /100 7687 WELLINGTON RD 22
“a nice retail store back in the orchard a ways into the property. service is good, samples are abundant. quality ranges from mediocure to superb. prices are typical of other ontario cider producers. worth a stop.“
barncatmatt 2592 days ago
64 /100 7687 WELLINGTON RD 22
“Place is not too far out of the city of guelph, Nice location, Nice staff, quick to offer us a tasting, nice selection of bottles, a good place to have some apple wines. If near by I would stop in again“
Ontbeertaster 2634 days ago
74 /100 76 BAKER STREET
“A nice little gastro in Guelph, too bad there are none in hometown Oakville! Cottagey feeling with old wood and chalk boards, decent service, but the real deal when it comes to beer. Bare minimum of 16 taps, a dozen bottles or so. A good menu as well, loaded with porky goodness. As if our old hideout the Woolwich Arms needed competition, Baker Street is in their backyard.“
shaynsawchuk 2675 days ago
“Plenty of taps, mostly pouring relatively high-quality Ontario brews (plus a few out-of-province ones). A "Guest tap", and one "real cask ale". Friendly staff, bartender was knowledgable enough. Didn’t try the food. Would go again when I’m in town.“
kevinsenn 2743 days ago
“Cottage style pub. Excellent service, decent tap selection. Food is great, and prices for both eats and drink are fair. My favorite spot for a bite and a pint.“
shaynsawchuk 2828 days ago
“Not sure why I haven’t rated this place until now, since I’ve been there a million times. Easy to find location right off of highway 7 from where I live. In a weird industrial and otherwise kind of shitty end of town for Guelph. Nice building though, with fairly decent parking. Staff is always pretty friendly and I’ve never had to stand around waiting for someone to figure out I was there. The store front is small but in a convenient way. Wedged between their offices and the on-site pub/restaurant/room they host events in. Their full-range of beers is available in abundance, as well as some interesting products like home-made soap of some of their beers. The monthly one-off beers is what keeps me coming back regularly. I personally feel that the prices are fantastic, having picked up six tall-cans this past weekend for just over $16, and it’s of course fresh and delicious product. Has a bit of a home-y feel with a BBQ hanging out by the door at all times. Out in the country, there isn’t much to do besides watch medium-sized planes coming and going from Waterloo Region airport, so you’d best check this place out and pick up some awesome local beers. Guelph itself is also a cool little town, but the town itself is still a bit of a drive from out where this place is.“
JesseM 2878 days ago
“You can buy all their standard brews in the store, plus occasional brewery exclusives and one-offs. Good quality beer, and a friendly little store. Worth stopping by if you’re in the neighbourhood.“
kevinsenn 2895 days ago
“Stopped by on a non-tour day. They were still nice enough to take us to the tasting bar and give us some samples (and I appreciated being able to try the one off cask on tap!). Picked up some singles from their beer store.“
hopdog 3116 days ago
“Place is an old house, Reasonably size, Nice long bar. Interesting atmosphere. Decent selection of taps. I think most were regular taps and only a few changing ones. But overall a good selection. I enjoyed it, worth a stop if your in the area. I wouldnt say for a special trip.“
Ontbeertaster 3184 days ago
“Small place, in a decent location. The place has a nice patio you walk through to get to the beer store inside, or the tasting bar. I went here to one of their sunday open houses and if your in the area on a sunday I recommend going. For $5 you get to try each one of their brews, Like 6 or 7 or maybe even more. When I was their they had 2 one offs so there were lots. You also get a glass to take home with you. It was quite enjoyable. One of the best times I have had at ontario brewer.“
Ontbeertaster 3184 days ago
“This is like a home away from home for me, however, in the interest of impartiality I have tried to be honest in my ratings. Has a great atmosphere on a cold winter night, and the selection is really good for local stuff. Also 3 taps are real ale, and a single rotating guest tap. Service is knowledgeable but slow (used to be better). Food is local typical pub grub. But for me, nothing better than sipping a County Ale on cask and shooting the shit with a friend at the Wooly.“
lukin 3203 days ago
“Best spot for craft in Guelph. Staff is always friendly and are quite informed and educated about craft beer. Has ’old pub’ type character and a great patio. Menu is pretty decent, focused on local food movement, but I always have the specials. Specials are always solid. Reasonable prices.“
jimmay 3207 days ago
42 /100
The Fat Duck (Restaurant)
“Not a beer bar, but could become one as has the space isolated from the main, restaurant business. Macro style taps, maybe 3 micro choices.“
Sammy 3310 days ago
“Enjoyable little place. Filled up for lunch and tons of great beer was being had. Loved the emphasis on local beer and the service was nice and friendly. Food was OK. Beer selection was good and I enjoyed the 2 pints I had while I was there. Worth the visit if in Guelph.“
RC8 3322 days ago
“the iron duke lounge was nice. the people working there were very friendly. they had a special Maple Stout one-off when we were there which was pretty good. its well worth going to this place during one of their open house’s. $5 for samples, a pint and a brew tour.“
RayOhm 3328 days ago
62 /100 615 SCOTTSDALE DR
“easily the best selection of any LCBO in the Guelph area. the problem is this place is always packed with students. i made the mistake of going on a Friday night.“
RayOhm 3337 days ago
“pretty good selection, not quite as many micros and crafts as i expected but overall not bad. did manage to find a few ive never tried before“
RayOhm 3365 days ago
“was impressed by this place. had a mill street stout and a pound of wings for $15. (half price wings on tuesdays). food was good, service was good and beer selection was probably the best in Guelph (which doesnt say much). would go back!“
RayOhm 3367 days ago
“a few Ontario craft brews, Mill Street and Wellington are the ones I had. the food is pretty good for a bar. the service was not great, and ive been back a few times.. same thing. they seem uninterested in the customer. the only reason we go back is for the food and because the place is never packed.“
RayOhm 3369 days ago
74 /100 1388 GORDON STREET
“local, sustainable, organic food options and practices. Decent list of local beer choices. Only 1 rotating tap switched weekly / bi-weekly. Good patio, good food, great staff.“
dtait77 3382 days ago
“Great place. Really enjoyed a trip over from Waterloo, but would have driven from further. The Iron Duke lounge at the front is a warm and welcoming pub atmosphere. The reception desk / sales office is friendly and warm. The tour was interesting and informal fun. Worth the trip for thier Imperial Russian Stout.“
Zenwolf 3463 days ago
“Great place. Wish I had dropped by sooner. Great selection of Ontario Craft brews on Tap with more then a few rotating taps. The staff were excellent and very attentive and knowledgeable. Fantastic pub food. Highly recomended.“
Zenwolf 3463 days ago
76 /100 35 HARVARD ROAD
“This is a nice place, can be a little crowded some times.“
kalina 3501 days ago
“This is a nice place, highly recommended :)“
kalina 3501 days ago
62 /100 35 HARVARD ROAD
“Nice pub in Guelph. Not always highest on the list of places to go when I was there. But I would occationaly drop in.“
bjakk 3501 days ago
“When I did my graduate studies in Guelph, I frequently would go to Wolwich Arms and Arrows. Great place, real Ale on tab. Good selection of beer on tab, and great food.“
bjakk 3501 days ago
78 /100 615 SCOTTSDALE DR
“In there recently, had all of the seasonal releases, which no other store in the area had... Seems to have improved lately. Otherwsie, same as most newer LCBOs.“
jimmay 3594 days ago