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62 /100 866 LAKESHORE RD. E
“Three weeks old, smallish tasting room that was pretty full for a Sunday, one table on the grass. A potential space, but it looks like they will need another sooner than the waterfront is built up. The beer was quaffable, try again in the fall when they get used to their tools.“
Sammy 859 days ago
54 /100 6986 FINANCIAL DR #6
“Decent restaurant with good food. 10 taps on, plus about 19 in cans/bottles. Mostly local craft, but mostly focused on pale lagers, etc. Got a few ticks, its fine.“
BVery 1891 days ago
“Smallish to medium sized liquor store. Beer selection is heavily locals focused, most tallboy cans available individually for about $3 per. Nothing great here - seems like its hard to find a style outside of a pale ale, pale lager, radler, and the odd amber. However, if you are visiting, its not bad for a couple handfulls of new ticks.“
BVery 1892 days ago
“Massive beer selection - they boast over 150 beers with 30 countries represented. That said, not a ton that’s terribly interesting (stuff you can find anywhere), and they were out of the first 2 beers I tried to order.“
BVery 1892 days ago
52 /100 5925 RODEO DRIVE
“Le choix de bières est bien, sans plus, pour une LCBO. L’accent est surtout mis sur les micro-brasseries ontariennes, peu d’importations (à l’exception des lager de l’Europe de l’est). Les prix sont bons et le service plutôt absent.“
Whatup14 2264 days ago
68 /100 136 LAKESHORE ROAD E
“Stopped in here on a Saturday evening for dinner. There is a small parking garage available for the customers of the closeby establishments. Surprisingly this was free. Not many spots though. Plenty of seats and tables were available when we got in. The place had a fancier pub feel to it. Service was good. Beer was mostly import lagers, but some local stuff was available in bottles. Draft beers came in proper, logo glassware. Food was Irish and seafood fare. Higher end food. Bangers and mash was delicious. Mid range pricing. Would definitely come back.“
JStax 2477 days ago
“A bottle shop in the brewery with a little memorabilia floating around and some fridges to buy beer. They only have 3 to purchase and don’t have a tasting room. Very small and not much to offer for a stop unless you are looking for their beer.“
Ferris 2611 days ago
80 /100 3020 ELMCREEK RD.
“Nice liquor store. Only one I went to because it seemed to have good reviews on here, but I guess they have a good selection for Ontario stores. Some cool stuff from all over Canada and a few imports, but I was mainly looking for Canadian beers. Definitely worth shopping here if you’re staying nearby. Only complaint was that the people working there didn’t seem to know much about the beers they have.“
jkwood04 2821 days ago
“This is first and foremost a pool hall, with a bar/lounge area. and they do have a kitchen. It makes me a bit jealous to see the improved beer list here after many evenings drinking Alexander Keith’s here in my youth! Variable tap list of local craft beers and imports. It is one of the better spots to find good beer on tap in Mississauga, but that is damning with faint praise. If you are local you will already know it well, if you are visiting from out of town considering hopping the GO Train into Toronto!“
jercraigs 2975 days ago
“Alone in a sea of industrial bars, Crooked Cue actually has interesting taps. Unfortunately, this pool bar is just that - tables and a bar. You can order food, but conspicuously no one had done so when I was there. Instead, it seems to be the place to go before/after dinner in Port Credit for a, singular intended, pint.“
ipaluvr 2990 days ago
“pretty bad for an LCBO, walked in looking for any of the fall 2012 release, walked out with a 6 pack of amsterdam 416. the worst of the LCBOs ive been to in mississauga“
barncatmatt 3296 days ago
30 /100 5925 RODEO DRIVE
“Typical LCBO which should probably change their name to BMC since that’s all they seem to stock. Compared to others in this chain they have much less craft beer but if you want 9 different types of Polish Pale Lager they can probably help you. As is the custom here most of the beer is sold in 16oz. cans. I had to bust them for service because I saw one of their stockers drop at least a dozen cans of beer, often in front of his coworkers. Instead of setting those beers aside he put them back on the shelf. If that isn’t contempt for your employees, I don’t know what is.“
DiarmaidBHK 3731 days ago
48 /100 3020 ELMCREEK RD.
“Obviously Canadian beer laws are more bizarre here in Ontario than even what you might find in Pennsylvania. It doesn’t look like they sell anything above 8% and the only place you can buy it is at a government owned store which means the staff know next to nothing and they do things no sane beer person would ever do like store seasonals by the window. The selection is equivalent to what you’d find at any halfway decent American grocery store. If this is one of the best places for craft beer in a town of 700,000 then I’m surprised we haven’t seen more Canadians emigrate away.“
DiarmaidBHK 3731 days ago
60 /100 3020 ELMCREEK RD.
“Don’t remember much but a lot of beer too choose from.“
Alethebest 3792 days ago
“As Lcbos go this one is pretty standard, they get a lot of the lcbos seasonal releases and they have a decent selection. Good place to check out“
Ontbeertaster 3806 days ago
74 /100 3020 ELMCREEK RD.
“For Ontario standards, this is a fantastic place to buy beer. Over the past couple of years it’s been a short bus-ride away from me, and so I’ve been relying on it for many of the beers you’ll find on my profile. I have even gotten to know some of the employees and have grown an emotional attachment to the place!“
RC8 4154 days ago
76 /100 3020 ELMCREEK RD.
“This is surprisingly one of the best LCBO’s I’ve ever found, for beer lovers. It has all of the seasonal stuff and all the hard to locate stuff like Denison’s or so on. It’s a far drive from me here in Brampton, but worth it because they carry all the stuff I can’t get otherwise in this city. ALL of the new summer releases were there, from what I could tell. Only negative is small fridge room, so most of your beer will be warm.“
duckdown 4180 days ago
“Look, this is not a craft-aficionado’s paradise, but it is a decent pub which serves one or two craft local beers, Fuller’s London Pride, Hoegaarden, and a couple of others not so mainstream beers as far as Canadian pubs are concerned. If you live in the area it is as close to a good pub as you’ll find - and the atmosphere is nice and friendly.“
RC8 4253 days ago
68 /100 5925 RODEO DRIVE
“this is a pretty kickass LCBO. it get all the seasonal releases and it has some TO only releases as well. also it should be mentioned that the TBS that is located in the same plaza is a self serve, so its not completely useless. a must stop for drives down the 401 if your looking for some harder to find LCBO products.“
barncatmatt 4310 days ago
70 /100 5925 RODEO DRIVE
“Good LCBO. Lots of beer selection. Has seasonal releases, lots of local micro brews.“
jimmay 4604 days ago