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72 /100 649 THE PARKWAY, UNTI 4
“This was first visit since they switched to Bobcaygeon. Place looks the same, but with a big Kawartha theme mural. Plenty of seating. Service was attentive. Flight of 4 for 9 $. Beers are solid, with some exceptional offerings, especially the Celestial imperial stout.“
Lubiere 17 days ago
“2022-05-20. Lovely space, lots of wood indoors. Patio in the back is quite pleasant despite it basically being in the parking lot/ courtyard. Great friendly server. Croquettes were amazing. The curried pickles underneath were decent but not really to my own taste. Carbonnades poutine was great. A touch less of the dijon might have been more to my preference, but it was very nice as is. We were driving so didn’t stay as long as we would have otherwise. Will definitely visit again but if you want to sample the best of the bottle list you likely need a designated driver given the strength of some of the beers.“
jercraigs 136 days ago
“excellent place with decent number of great Belgian beers, including Halve Maan (Straffe Hendrik), Val-Dieu, Abbaye des Rocs etc. Good food and super friendly stuff. The place is operational even during the pandemic, offering food and drink deliveries. Very convenient and highly recommended.“
PubMaster53 605 days ago
“Stopped by in the morning as ‘we’ needed a Starbucks. Passed by Smithhaven, closed’ although’ web sit said open..., visited this LCBO, tumbled on a nice barley wine and a sunflower saison.“
azzurro 794 days ago
“That was the main beer attraction of our long weekend visit to the south. The afternoon wasn’t such a success, as only the patio was open and the waitress just ignored us. We persevered, order take out for supper and got a good list of unknown beers with our order (COVID has some positive sides). Food was excellent, beers were as well. Not the most romantic place for our special day, but a little different, considering. A nice change.“
azzurro 794 days ago
“Visited back in August 2015. Nice little store with typical merch but they can't keep up with beer demand. Just a couple cans available. (William English is apparently a collaboration with the Canoe museum but there was mention it's just the High Noon.) Friendly service, busy.“
mabel 1431 days ago
66 /100 UNIT 6, 687 RYE STREET
“This is my second time here. Located in an industrial sector, the Taproom itself is nice, all wooden, with some covered outside seating in the summer. They do have bbq on weekend, with decent prices, catered. Service is friendly. 6 beers on tap with 3 X 4 ounces Sampler for 5 $. Beers are so-so.“
Lubiere 1559 days ago
70 /100 UNIT 6, 687 RYE STREET
“2015-07-19 Smallish place, friendly service. Decor is comfortable, we sat at the bar. Pretty quiet when we stopped in. Tap list is not super exciting but generally pretty decent. Location is just a bit out of the way. Worth a visit if you are in the area.“
jercraigs 1803 days ago
62 /100 UNIT 6, 687 RYE STREET
“Visited on a hot, sunny afternoon in mid-July 2015, back when it was called Smithworks. Large screens inside but the first thing I noticed was all the smithy tools on the walls above the bar. Three or four taps, and we tried 3, which were pretty good. Friendly service. Clean and inviting atmosphere. Window looks into the brewery room at the back. Have been back here since to pick up bottles from the fridge to go. (4/8/6/NA/8/13) 62“
mabel 1803 days ago
76 /100 128 HUNTER ST. E
“Fun spot. Great woody decor and ambience on a Friday lunch was somewhat lively. Decent selection of 10 taps and a cask. Some interesting bottles including a few Bellwoods. Prices were fair, service was great, food was really good.“
rejtable 2518 days ago
84 /100 128 HUNTER ST. E
“Checked this out while passing through Peterborough. Nice place with a fun history. Apparently the strongest man in Peterborough lived at the site. They’ve got pictures of him everywhere, and the restaurant’s logo is him holding up a pig. The staff was super friendly, helpful, and accommodating. The beer selection was pretty darn good for Ontario. Big focus on local beer. They had 3 Bellwoods bottles on their menu. Also saw other favourites like Dieu to Ciel on the non-Ontario beer menu. Fairly solid select of American craft brews too (pale ales and stouts). Food was pretty good, and prices were pretty good too. This is my new go-to place in Peterborough.“
kevinsenn 2585 days ago
“Small tasting room and bottle shop at the brewery offers the chance to try the beers before you buy, and they sometimes have brewery only offerings that you may not see on a wider release. Staff was friendly and knew a bit about the beer. Beers are generally just okay. Worth a stop if you are in the area but I’d probably hit Smithworks first if you only have time for one.“
jercraigs 2592 days ago
“Near the downtown core. I can see the location being a nice pub if they decide to go that way. Beers are on the lighter side of things with a focus on medium bodied pale ales (at least when I was there). Beers are okay but nothing is remarkable.“
Bendrixian 2662 days ago
70 /100 UNIT 6, 687 RYE STREET
“Nice new indoor space. Has a few patio tables outside that you can bring out your flights/pints to and enjoy the sun. They focus on bavarian beers and is not a destination for the hop heads but the beers are good representations of the styles. Just not exciting. However, definitely worth a stop when in the area. “
Bendrixian 2662 days ago
“Favorite Bar. Period. Great place to learn about beer and try some of Europe’s best. LIkely the only place to get a lot of the beers offered in Peterborough without travelling to Toronto. Knowledgeable and friendly staff, I love this bar predominantly based upon staff and beer selection and the majority of people in Peterborough put their food at the forefront. An Ontario beer lover’s "must attend".“
gregorymconway 2888 days ago
72 /100 UNIT 6, 687 RYE STREET
“Nice new bar with the brewery in the back, in an industrial area. Service is good and likely one of the brewers. Selection is their own, but only a few available. Prices are on the high side, but quality costs. Beer is pretty good. Food is outside vendors on certain days. A decent place that will likely get better.“
Ferris 2993 days ago
“A tiny brewhouse with a huge patio. Service was at a tiny counter and a bit cramped. Selection was their beers which are 3-4 depending on seasonal. Prices were good and there was no food. Beer was decent and they offered samples.“
Ferris 2993 days ago
74 /100 128 HUNTER ST. E
“A brand new and stunning bar. Great decor and multiple mini patios. Service was local and fun. Selection was pretty good with local Ontario craft beer. Food was sub par and value was a bit pricey. A nice place that was a nice stop.“
Ferris 2993 days ago
“A very nice old school European style pub. Service was very nice and friendly. Selection was an impressive amount of good European beers. Food was great European fare. Prices were pretty high, but quality was good. A great place in a small town.“
Ferris 2993 days ago
“Stopped once while visiting people in Peterborough and another time while driving between Toronto and Ottawa on Highway 7. If you are doing that trek I would almost go the back way just so you can stop in here for lunch. The food is quite tasty and reasonable, decent tap selection and nice bottle list. They are getting more respect from the distributors and importers and now get stuff that used to just be in Ottawa and Toronto. Staff is knowledable and friendly.“
pushkinwow 3184 days ago
72 /100 128 HUNTER ST. E
“Newish place in East City, in a nice spot beside the trail. A former dry cleaners, I think. Opened by Scott Wood, who was involved with opening places like The Olde Stone and St. Veronus. The decor and layout are solid, with three "rooms," lots of wood, nice little patios along the path side. Scott seems to have brought over the menu from the late, great Ritz Deli North, and filled it out. Soup, sandwiches and pizzas, along with an eclectic bunch of entrees. Everrything I’ve tried has been very good. The beer selection is mostly LCBO (bottles) and Ontario micros (taps), along with a cask from Durham. Things aren’t cheap, and the education of the servers needs to continue. It’s getting better, though, beer-wise. It’s a nice selection for Peterborough, but not that impressive for anyone who has ever been to Toronto. Nice new place, though, and I hope to be able to improve my scores.“
TheJester 3197 days ago
“This LC has gotten a lot better since Bill the Beer Guy moved over here from the Chapters store. (And the Chapters store has gotten worse.) The selection is still not huge, possibly due to space limitations, but they are getting a lot more one-offs and seasonals, some of which aren’t showing up anywhere else in Peterborough.“
TheJester 3252 days ago
“Ate here twice when I was in town. Nice-looking place in what I assume is a historic hotel. Friendly staff. Big selection of Belgian (and a few other) beers. I had no problem finding many beers I’d never tried. 3 rotating taps, and what I assume are rotating bottles as well. The food was delicious and the portions were generous. And the food was all Belgian to match the beer. We mostly ate the sandwiches, and they were all delicious. Food slightly pricey (but, as I mentioned, quantity and quality is good), but the beer prices are surprisingly fair. My only complaint was they had no highchairs for my baby. I know this may not be a problem for everyone.“
kevinsenn 3384 days ago
“I visit this place every time I’m in that shitty city; the bar is a shinning beacon of hope for that horse-town. The joint is classy, clean, and stinks of confidence; it’s great. The staff is knowledgeable, courteous, and quick. The selection is pretty damn good, there are often fantastic pints on tap; not a Coors to be seen. Unlike Volo the food is fantastic, though a tad bit pricey at times. The drinks are mostly reasonably priced. Overall, a damn good reason to visit the town, potentially the only good reason.“
chris__hartley 3753 days ago
“In town to see the petes. Went here for dinner and a couple of brews. Very nice place. Some nice Belgians on tap, had a dubbel and a triple served in brewer specific glassware, they were both very tasty. The waitress was very nice and the food was absolutely outstanding, I had the best club sandwich I have ever had. Really cool place look forward to going again. Given how crappy the US dollar is doing vs the loonie it’s not cheap to drink great beer in Canada for us yanks right now .“
KPD 3988 days ago
“Place has a funny appearance, it is fairly old style in side, the bar is pretty small, this is mostly an eatery with a good beer list. I had a turkey samwich, get the one with gravy it was really tasty stuff. The beer list was pretty extensive, mostly just belgians. The had a few things on tap. some locals, some import, they didnt have many taps. mostly bottles. Decent place, not my favorite but petes got some good beer locations,“
Ontbeertaster 4128 days ago
“I added this place simply so I wouldn’t have to keep hitting "SKIP THIS STEP" when I’m rating a beer. Makes me feel guilty, for some reason. Anyhow, this is easily the best store in the area, and likely the best store between Pickering and Ottawa. They always get all of the promotions, and the staff is helpful, if not always knowledgeable. Crazy busy at times, though. Hard to rate, though, ’cause as good as this place is for Ontario, Ontario sucks.“
TheJester 4285 days ago
70 /100
Ritz Deli North (Restaurant)
“Decent place. with good folk, good beer and good food. Decent tap and bottle selection. Did I say good food? its actually quite great. A warm and welcoming local.“
Zenwolf 4381 days ago
“St. Veronus is an excellent beer bar. The staff are knowledgeable about the beers they serve and actually serve them in proper glassware! Second best beer bar in Ontario (only to Bar Volo in Toronto). Fantastic atmosphere, excellent food and great selection of Belgian beers. It’s a must if you find yourself near Peterborough!“
MsD 4429 days ago
“I can’t believe that the Only Café in Peterborough had not been added. I have been going here as often as I can since the early 90’s. This is where I discovered the wide, wide world of beer. Rotating tap selection with a couple Macro’s and a couple Micro/Craft. The majority of the selection is in bottles (150+) which is always well stocked. The service is not to everyone’s taste.. a little rude from time to time.. but they treat you in kind so a quick smile and a hello is all that’s needed to move past that. Fantastic patio with large bench style seats and tree covered private nooks for some serious chat or session. The food is fantastic, though a little over priced.“
Zenwolf 4430 days ago
“Best place outside of Toronto to grab a beer. Even so, this place stands on its own. Dedicated, involved staff who talk the talk. A relvolving guest tap helps to round out thier stellar Belgian focused selection. The food is artful, delicious and well priced.“
Zenwolf 4432 days ago
“We were lucky to get a seat for five within minutes at lunch time on a Friday. Obviously very Belgian-themed decor with Stella and other glasses strewn about. The menu has plenty of Belgian food and a pretty solid selection of beers at rock-bottom prices. So far this is the cheapest I’ve seen a Rochefort 10, I think it was $8.75 or $9.25 or something. I had a prime rib sandwich special that was quite delicious“
mds 5288 days ago
“Stopped in Friday afternoon for lunch with a few ratebeerians. The place is separated into a few different rooms with a bar area. Nicer interior, most decorations are Belgian beer themed. Solid selection, most of the beer menu is made up of Belgian ales with a few others represented. Food menu was relatively small, but I believe it was just a lunch menu, plus all the food looked great. I had a killer sandwich. Delicious. Staff was friendly and pretty quick. It’s definitely a great place for a beer. I’d definitely drink AND eat here often if I lived in the area“
IPFreely 5301 days ago
72 /100
Ritz Deli North (Restaurant)
“A very promising new place for Peterborough. A lovely renovates old house, with lots of wood and high ceilings. Quite cozy, but with a limited amount of tables so you don’t get claustrophobic. The pub-progressive menu is small, but everything on it is done well. A small but inspired selection of bottles and taps, along with a cask - a first for Peterborough to my knowledge. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Keep ’em coming, Peterborough.“
TheJester 5436 days ago
78 /100
Ritz Deli North (Restaurant)
“This is quite the place for Peterborough. They have 5 taps but they cater to local Ontario micros. They have one beer on cask at all times. They food is very good and the staff was accommodating and friendly. This is another reason that Peterborough is starting to become a beer friendly area.“
radiomgb 5449 days ago
“Update (Dec 12, 2007). I have eaten here quite a few times, recently, and it is really growing on me. The food, that is. I’ve always liked the beers. A few of the items still seem a little heavy on the oil, but everything tastes good. I’ve actually had some really good sandwiches. It’s still too crowded, but the servers are friendly and quite competent. Beer selection is outstanding.“
TheJester 5631 days ago
“I was a regular here while living in Peterborough. Fantastic selection of beer; new ones coming in all the time. Food is outstanding; stoemp, mussels et frites, rabbit, duck, and amazing specials that are always changing. My favourite combo there; Rochefort 8 and chocolate cheesecake! Staff are knowledgable and friendly; every year the owner, Roland, and some staff travel to Belgium to stay current. Roland and Andrea always took great care of me there! If you’re anywhere close to Peterborough (say a 3 hour range) do not miss this place!!“
roffeyb 5696 days ago
“While no restaurant can be perfect, this was hands down the best place I have ever been to. The ambiance was great. Amazing show of glasses and wooden decor. Their food is the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. I do not exaggerate when I say this. I never expected my best food experience to be at Peterborough. Try out the French Country Mixed Grilled Plate. Absolutely amazing! Great selection of beer. I had the pleasure of drinking a Gulden Draak (thanks to a very knowledgable waiter) and St. Bernardus Abt 12. This was a great discovery thanks to an anonymous tipper. I highly recommend stopping by if you’re in Peterborough! Great service, great food!“
RaphaelN 5724 days ago
“This place has a great selection of Belgians served by friendly people who know their beer. You always get the right glass and they will make suggestions for you according to your style preferences. They also feature some Canada only releases. The food matches the beer well too - really good place to check out.“
beerhugger 6804 days ago
“This place is amazing. They have an amazing selection of beers for the area, including 5 trappists; Achel, Rochefort, Chimay, Orval, and Westmalle. They have a great selection of Unibroue and lots of other great Belgians. They even get some Ontario only releases. Great staff, very friendly and knowledgeable . The food is Belgian and is some of the best in the city. If you ever do get to Peterborough this is a must stop.“
radiomgb 6807 days ago