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78 /100 181 MOWBRAY RD
“2021-12-27. They have a lovely new brewery on a farm with nice views from the taproom which was empty. Nice decor. Decent amount of outdoor seating and a fire going but we opted to just get beer to go. Decent selection of beer on tap and in cans in a range of styles. The ones we have tried so far have been quite good. Will definitely return and stay longer on a future trip.“
jercraigs 134 days ago
56 /100 11369 LOYALIST PARKWAY
“Quick stop in Summer 2019. Small brewery for the nicer restaurant up the hill. Communal seating. Beers were uremarkable, flights available (I think it was 10$ for 4 tastes).“
Lubiere 442 days ago
64 /100 124 PICTON MAIN ST
“Visited October 2020. Small taproom and pizza place, with lots of patio space, in Picton proper. Flight was around 10 for 4 4ounces, and beer was OK. Duck pizza was nice. Have a pizza and a beer here.“
Lubiere 442 days ago
62 /100 13762 LOYALIST PKWY
“Oct 2020. Next to Barley Days. Nice old house with orchards, plenty of picnic tables, as tap room is closed. Decent ciders, nice taster option with chocolates. If in the area.“
Lubiere 442 days ago
“Visited this and previous location (close to ferry) a few times. Nice little stop for ticks, cheap flights (less than 10$) but beers are rather blend, just OK, with a few stinkers. Nice little store in new location to buy local products.“
Lubiere 442 days ago
80 /100 181 MOWBRAY RD
“Visited last Oct 2020. Inside taproom was closed due to COVID, but it will be beautiful once things get back to normal with a view on the site`s farm fields. Picnic tables (with firepits in winter) available for on premise consumption. Cans around 5$ each if I recall (cheaper for take out), with small selection but solid quaffers...nice little food menu, upscale snacks...had a good mortadella sandwich.“
Lubiere 442 days ago
70 /100 13 MCSTEVEN RD.
“Cool little brewery with decent beers, nothing exceptional. The do have a big patio area for more clement weather, as well as a cool second floor seating area inside brewery. No flights done during COVID, although they will give free tasters. Price are good...limited snack menu.“
Lubiere 442 days ago
78 /100 876 COUNTY ROAD 49
“Superbe ferme brassicole avec un grand terrain pour s'asseoir et prendre une bière. Une douzaine de produits en fût et plusieurs aussi en bouteille. Prix pour les bouteilles plutôt élevés. Service sympathique et possibilité de manger sur place.“
Whatup14 586 days ago
“2019-07-19. Friendly bartender. Flights or tasters available. Small seating area with a comfy couch and some tables and a patio outside. Beers are much improved from years past but still mostly just okay. Cucumber wheat is the highlight for me today. Lots of kitschy fun beer signs on the walls. Enjoyable visit but I would personally prioritize other breweries in the area if your time is limited.“
jercraigs 1022 days ago
84 /100 279 MAIN STREET
“Visited on September 26, 2018, in the evening. Located in downtown Picton on the main drag, parking on the street and in the public lot in the back. A cosy urban like place, with a few tables just outside in front and a special group table in the back. Quite a tap list, half are from the area, the rest from other parts of Ontario. It's possible to have tasters and for the non beer drinkers, a very good wine list, mostly locals. The food menu, although small, is quite impressive, mostly locally sourced. Good friendly staff. A must for beer geeks and foodies!“
Quevillon 1321 days ago
58 /100 124 PICTON MAIN ST
“Visited on September 25, 2018, in the evening. Located at the west end of downtown Picton, street parking only. Outside, fairly nice patio, with fire pit and extra taps. Inside, smaller with mostly communal tables but no bar, very unusual for a drinking establishment. The beer menu looks generic, I wasn't tempted to try some tasters, the IPA I was nice. Food menu is almost pizzas, with a few grill cheese, my pizza was nice but a bit burnt. The place it self was quiet, except for about 45 minutes of 30 loud man stopping for tasters, taking most of the tables. The service was not bad. OK place, except for the loud guys and the a bit burnt pizza!“
Quevillon 1321 days ago
“Visited on September 25, 2018, in the afternoon. Located about a kilometer or so west of Picton on Highway 33, typical looking brewery from the outside, but with a nice mural, small patio near the door and ok size shop and tap room. I would have liked to have tried some tasters, but the weather was not cooperating and you can only drink outside, except for 1 oz samples. As for the sample glass, they were all in the refrigerator (as all the other glass), so it made it hard to really taste what they have. And speaking of what they have, is not much, about 7 or 8 beers to go, not exactely mind blowing. But there is one I will not try is Loon Lager, it's part of Ontario's Buck-A-Beer program (August 2018) to make beer cheaper, but by cutting costly ingredients, something that almost all Ontario's microbreweies refuse to take part, almost. Despite that, the guy serving us was quite nice, with a strange story on how Glenora Springs became Barley Days, with Lake on the Mountain Brewing Company and 555 Brewing in the mix. It's just an ok brewery, like most first wave of craft brews in Ontario.“
Quevillon 1325 days ago
86 /100 876 COUNTY ROAD 49
“Visited on September 23 (afternoon) and 25 (noon hour), 2018. Located a couple of km north of Picton on Route 49, on a former farm land. A small brewery on a very large field, plenty of parking. There is a small hop field on the north-west corner, plenty of tables outside with outdoor game for kids and adults, dog friendly. Inside it's divided in two section, the shop and the pub. The pub is quite small compared to the outside seating section, but the is a extra table in the shop. The pub is quite small compared to the outside seating section, but the is a extra table in the shop. Wood is a major element here, it feels very warm here. On the beer selection, they have a good variety of style, almost all solid. And they also a good variety of invited bottles. A good variety on the food menu for any taste, I had the coffee cheesecake on the first day and two kinds of tacos (sirloin and pork belly) on the second all delicious. The staff is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Impressive brews and an unpretentious place, a nice fit in PEC!“
Quevillon 1326 days ago
68 /100 124 PICTON MAIN ST
“2018-09-02. Large patio is popular today but we opted to sit inside for the shade and cooler option. It was surprising loud which I think is the acoustics and the music more than the crowd which was only about half full when we sat down. We were debating staying vs getting beer to go but decided to stay for the 7 available taps(of 10) vs 3 cans available to go. The pizza oven looks cool but we were not hungry unfortunately. Beers are all decent for the most part but are pretty mainstream takes on the styles.“
jercraigs 1344 days ago
64 /100 11369 LOYALIST PARKWAY
“2018-09-02. Small tap room with a bunch of seating outside as well. Server is friendly. 8+ taps and bottles to go. Our sampler varied from tasty to pretty disappointing. Large grassy area out back with a pond/river and some fire pits. Seems like it would be a fun spot to hang out in the evenings if you are staying nearby.“
jercraigs 1344 days ago
68 /100 13 MCSTEVEN RD.
“2018-09-02. 6-8 taps on today. Sampler flights come on little surfboards or skateboards in keeping with their surfer theme, which is kischy but kind of fun. Nice big patio, with Jerkebago serving food on the patio. Beach volleyball court outside as well. Inside is nice with a white beach venue vibe but seems unexciting in comparison. Beers are okay and show some potential but of the four we tried all feel a bit thin around the edges. Decent stop if you are in the area. “
jercraigs 1344 days ago
74 /100 876 COUNTY ROAD 49
“2019-07-19. 10 taps, plus bottles available today. Modest seating area and barstools inside, large patio outside. I thought it was larger based on previous visit but it didn't extend as far as I thought. Beers we tried today are all a touch thin but perhaps that’s on point for such a hot day. Service okay. We thought we'd hide from the sun indoors but no AC makes it a bit of a steam bath inside. In hindsight the outside patio might have been the better choice. Food menu looks nice but we didn't eat. Single toilet + outhouses.

2018-09-02. Extremely busy with a farmers market / festival. Friendly staff. Pints / full cups only today wasn't really practical as part of our planned multi-brewery tour today so we grabbed some snacks from a vendor and some bottles to go. Seems like a nice space to have a drink inside on a quieter day, with lots of picnics tables set up on the grounds as well. A bit hectic today but otherwise nice.“
jercraigs 1344 days ago
60 /100 268 COUNTRY ROAD 7
“1) the restaurant on highway 7 is top notch, decent prices and a beautiful environment, close to the water.. Had the beef ribs and the laksa when I ate there. 2) the brewery is located on the corner of of the 7 and 33, nice spot, 4 X 4 ounces for 8$, but beers were passable to bad.“
Lubiere 1382 days ago
80 /100 876 COUNTY ROAD 49
“Such a beautiful setting outsider of picton, a huge farm with plenty of communal tables outside, decent seating inside, 4 X 4 ounces starting at 11$, no wifi, and spotty reception ( a minus), good service... Good quality beers with some interesting bottles for off premise sale. Small menu with Mexican influence. A must in PEC.“
Lubiere 1383 days ago
82 /100 279 MAIN STREET
“A cool pub in downtown Picton, with close to 30 taps, 5 X 5 ounces for 12.50$, interesting menu with Asian influence, like Khao San chicken wings, some Toronto offerings, friendly service in a beautiful early 1910s decor.“
Lubiere 1383 days ago
90 /100 876 COUNTY ROAD 49
“Good music with no lyrics, this is just perfect to hear you speaking. Chris will take care of you. Good selection of beer. Almost 15 taps. They are well balance beer, not too sweet, not too bitter !“
antoinebcg 1717 days ago
“When I visited: Early September 2014. What I bought: A six pack of Barley Days Scrimshaw Oyster Stout (their highest-rated beer). What I liked: Spacious and attractive interior with some pamphlets detailing the history of the brewery and area, 7 beers on offer when I visited, reasonably-priced sixers, woman working the counter was amicable, chatty, and happy to provide samples, love how they list where you can try their beers on tap (local licensees). What I disliked: The stout was just okay and most of their beers are both unadventurous and unexceptional. Buying their products at the LCBO can be a gamble due to QC issues, though my stout was fine. No growlers from what I could tell. Would I go back? If I’m in the area again, sure. Overall rating: 66“
cratez 2777 days ago
58 /100 268 COUNTRY ROAD 7
“A restaurant at Absolutey gorgeous location between the bay at Lake Ontario, and Lake of the Mountains. The mystery is how the lake ever got up there. Eating on the patio is awesome and quiet, and very very safe. Open only during the summer, a family run business with great friendliness.Only two beers so far, others are coming“
Sammy 5004 days ago