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70 /100 286 BRIDGE STREET
“2016-10-25. Stopped in just after opening hoping to have some lunch but they were not serving meals at this time of year. (Or at least that was my understanding.) They do not currently have beer to go. They had a their own beers available to drink on tap but we were traveling for work and didn’t want to have a beer without food so I didn’t actually get to try it. Server was friendly and informative. Worth a visit if you are in the neighbourhood.“
jercraigs 1790 days ago
70 /100
M.E. & Suzie’s (Restaurant)
“Came here with mrmanning on a late Sunday afternoon to enjoy some pints and dinner. Atmosphere is modern pub decor inside with about 20 tables, 10 or so seats by the bar, and a large outdoor patio overlooking Port Stanley’s main strip. Lots of free parking behind the restaurant, which is a nice plus. The bartender, Sam, is a friendly and helpful guy, but on our visit he was serving virtually every customer as the two girls working with him were lazy and uncaring. So the menus, drinks, and food took quite some time to reach our table. Beer selection is five custom-made brews from Better Bitters in Burlington, including Nickel Brook Light House Pilsner. I went with Earl’s Auburn and the Port Stanley Pale Ale (both very good) while Len had the Lakeside Lager and samples of the pilsner and Lachlan Light. Unfortunately the Lakeside was slightly sour, and the restaurant no longer offers the guest taps and bottles it once had. Food is fresh, locally produced, and mostly organic dishes with some beer-infused items like the Cheddar and Ale soup. I ordered the Chicken Balti entrée and it was delicious. However, the prices are roughly 30% more than what you would pay for comparable fare in London. Which brings me to my central complaint. While finishing our drinks on the patio, we witnessed a scuzzy line cook and his guests swipe a bunch of beer and wine glasses from their table. When we called them out on it, the employee smugly replied "it’s not fucked up. I work here and cook the food." That they were willing to do this in front of 15+ people is utterly appalling. Perhaps these losses are part of the reason why the average entrée is $20 instead of $14. Overall, Suzie’s beer and food are stellar enough for me to return, but the owners should consider firing some of the staff who are currently dragging the place down. “
cratez 4058 days ago
78 /100
M.E. & Suzie’s (Restaurant)
“A quaint little establishment located in the small village of Port Stanley. The menu is local ingredients with lots of organic dishes, as that’s the theme for the restaurant. Food is tasty, beer is fresh, staff are friendly, atmosphere is small town-ish. The only beer here is craft beer. No BMCs are on the menu. This place is aimed at the discerning consumer. Worth the half hour drive from London. My most recent visit provided me with a better feel for the menu. Excellent local freshly caught Lake Erie perch on a bed of freshly cut fries was excellent.“
MrManning 5003 days ago
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