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“2022-06-30. Spartan patio in industrial park overlooking soccer fields and buildings. Inside was a bright space, long bar, some tables overlooking the tanks. Friendly server is new but was nice. Beers are okay to decent today, the Schwazbier was my favorite by far. I would come back if I was in the area, but probably wouldn't make a special trip again. “
jercraigs 67 days ago
68 /100 600 GOLF ROAD
“2022-06-30. We sat on the patio and shared a Billy Goat pizza (delicious but a touch spicier than expected) and a kale Caesar salad (over sauced but very tasty). Nice patio outside with a view of the golf course. Inside was fine but not quite as nice as the patio. We got to watch a series of golfers teeing off, and a lady running her dog behind the golf cart. The four beers we tried were okay. Grabbed a few more cans that we haven't tried yet. Decent spot overall. Likely more worth the trip if you plan to eat or golf if you aren't already in the area. “
jercraigs 67 days ago
“Saw this one on our way to Hawkesbury, stopped on our way back, nice German style brauhaus, anxious to try their beers.“
azzurro 417 days ago
“Hoffman's Ontario location in Rockland, located in a industrial park. Big taproom with plenty of seating and WiFi. Good food menu, with some German inspiration. Beers are good if a bit less adventurous, very German oriented. Flight of 4 for 12$.“
Lubiere 440 days ago
68 /100 600 GOLF ROAD
“petite microbrasserie, selection de 4 a 6 bieres de difference styles en tout temps. Certains employes ne connaissent pas le produit. Tout de meme, certaines bières sont supérieures aux bières commerciales. / New location in Hammond is much more customer-friendly. Nice upgrade. +0.5“
azzurro 1993 days ago
“Quelques rares trouvailles dans cette succursale située dans un megaplex commercial, mais en général ce sont des bouteilles et canettes archi-connues. Si la sélection semble à prime abord imposante (la bière occupe près de 30% de la surface), on se rend compte que la vaste majorité sont des breuvages sans intérêt.“
lesifflebiere 2948 days ago