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72 /100
Low and Slow (Restaurant)
“A very tasty barbecue joint located near the international bridge. Food isn’t too expensive and their brisket tastes great. Beers are from local breweries, thursdays 16 oz are 4 dollars and 20 oz are 5 dollars. I highly recommend it.“
theguinnessguy 1290 days ago
“Big liquor store with quite small selection of beers. Mainly macro beers but also some Ontario craft beers.“
rosenbergh 1898 days ago
76 /100
LopLop (Bar)
“Went on a Wednesday afternoon in February right after it opened. Big place that looks like it would be rocking on a Friday or Saturday night. They had 2 Outspoken, 2 Stack and 1 Northern on tap. Spoke with the owner or the owners father. Very personable and knowledgeable. We discussed brewpubs and beer not only from the north but also from Southern Ontario. Would recommend if in the Soo.“
macebru 2166 days ago
70 /100
LopLop (Bar)
“For the area, this place rocks, but it is annoying if you know better. Trying so hard to be hip and failing. Poor ambiance, full of local artists patting themselves on the back and telling stories of their hard lives. Food is fun to read but could be made with a toaster at home. The redemption is the bottle list which is pretty good, they even carry Bellwoods. Go if you are in the area, but not worth a trip.“
Ferris 2752 days ago
34 /100 293 BAY ST, STATION MALL
“Thankfully there are better LCBO’s in the Soo. This one is decent sized being in a mall and everything, but most of the beer is macro. The odd LCBO seasonal release that gets outside of Toronto, but that’s about it. Better to pay the 6 bucks and drive across the bridge to the downtown party store.“
Johnsense 3387 days ago
32 /100 293 BAY ST, STATION MALL
“What do you expect for an LCBO in Sault. Its got some okay pseudo-craft stuff and the LCBO mixer pack, but not much else. The staff was kind of short with me when I asked about Flying Monkeys stuff. But, I came out of there with 6 beers I’ve never had.“
patricks110 3746 days ago
76 /100
LopLop (Bar)
“Owner is a world traveller who wanted to open a bar like he’d seen in his travels and didn’t already exist in Sault Ste. Marie. Varied selection of craft domestic beer and unique imports on tap and in bottles. Extensive scotch and wine selection. Vibrant music scene with constant flow of little known touring acts and local talent.“
TrimanMark 4129 days ago
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