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70 /100 151 MAIN ST. SOUTH
“A small garage like structure in an industrial area in the middle of nowhere. They do have their pouring license now so you can go for a drink, but with such a good mail order system, visiting is a little pointless. Owners are nice but again, unless you are around, there is little point to visit.“
Ferris 908 days ago
78 /100 151 MAIN ST. SOUTH
“2018-08-18. There is a version of this review, and this brewery that goes very differently, but it works. Industrial space, there is a surprisingly well laid out bar and two tables crammed in amongst the storage and equipment. The taps are in a homebrew style hacked freezer. A handle of bottles to go (they encourage you to pre-order from the website to avoid disappointment) and about 12 beers available to try on site. The beers are consistently good to excellent. They have apparently only been serving on site for a week having only been a retail shop before. The tap list warns you that there is no toilet and to plan accordingly! (They are apparently looking into remedying that in future if the on site sales take off.) It's a bit of a quirky DIY setup that could all go south easily, but it doesn't. The staff are super friendly and the beer is great, so what could be a pain is quirky and fun. Having visited pretty much every brewery within a short drive of here this weekend I can say this - if you are in the area and don't visit you are dumb. “
jercraigs 965 days ago
78 /100 151 MAIN ST. SOUTH
“Short stop a Sunday afternoon to pick up my order outside the retail hours (thanks again!). First, you need to find Seaforth. Even my GPS sent us a few kilometers away from the brewery. Second, you need to walk around a kind of old warehouse to find the door to the brewery (near the railway). The brewery itself looks like a clandestine bar. Into a dark basement, metallic fences... What’s that place!? A smiley girl welcomed us and the brewer stopped his job and came to us for a talk. We bought some extra cans from the small surplus they had. Prices are a bit high, near 6$ for a 355ml can, but quality is awesome. The four beers i’ve got was tasty. The only concern is they only had these four beers available. Highly recommended if you like long rides between corn and soy fields.“
Franckg 1334 days ago
66 /100 151 MAIN ST. SOUTH
“A basic place, rather out of the way if you don’t have a guide who has been here. The owner spends as much time as you like, and is generous on sampling for sure. Must stop if you are this far out or taking say a drive from Strathford.“
Sammy 1481 days ago