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62 /100 62 ERB’S ROAD WEST
“This is the old St. Agatha hotel that we used to go to in University days all gussied up as an Irish pub and restaurant. Instead of corned beef and cabbage the standard fare is waterloo county dutch (rolled rib and cabbage roll dinners) 8 taps..mostly British macros with some local macros..Kilkenny,Guinness,Bass, Brick,Murphy’s,Caffrey’s, Harp and the Kennedy house brew (by brick). Lots of seating in the dining area which is ringed with shuffleboard tables. TVs are well hidden and muted, Nice oak bar. A good place to get out of town with some friends, down some pints and play shuffleboard or darts. I always stop in here for a pint of Kennedy’s country lager on the way back from the lake. Great place for hungry or thirsty bikers to cool down and chow down,,,,had some good chats with other fellow bikers (most with grey hair and a BMW or Goldwing parked out front).“
pootzboy 6309 days ago
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