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74 /100 777 DUNDAS ST W
“Not yet the brewery, they hope in a few weeks, its a good location in the Southwest part of the city, that demands a place. Good size patio for this weather, with cans and snacks. Bottle shop is a bit better than Hamilton because its all there for you to pick. Hoping for one-offs. Great servers. More chill clientele than Hamilton.“
Sammy 128 days ago
66 /100 1-31 SAULTER STREET
“Nice friendly space in well-kept residential backlane of Broadview / Queen area. Lots of food nearby because you can't eat here. Liked the beers and the vibe of the place. The very nearby train line isn't always that noisy, the GO trains are reasonably quiet. I like the laneway patio seating. In these Covid times, the airy open bar area is comfortable. Decent brews! Bottle shop items are very fair-priced.“
DerWeg 194 days ago
76 /100
4th and 7 (Beer Store)
1211 BLOOR ST. W
“Temporary private beer store, a rarity to serve the COVID era crowd. Lots and lots of cans and bottles. The latest of anybody who ships, or any way they can get. Ten percent to (for rarities) thirty percent market. Check dates for safety, but I have found no problem. Hope they stay around after the bonus licenses run out, or get renewed.“
Sammy 211 days ago
68 /100 1 ADELAIDE ST. E
“First visited in August 2018 on a busy Thursday evening after work, have returned once or twice since then. They obviously have a ton of taps and we managed to try half a dozen interesting new-to-me brews (at the time it was Rorschach, Revel, Great Lakes, Von Bugle, and Overhop), all of which were tasty and in excellent shape. The overall experience was annoying though, feeling like we were packed in like sardines with the after-work crowd, perched on stools at the central bar, and it's loud and I'm getting a little too cranky for seeking out this environment. Which means it's probably quite hip and the place to be for 20-something-year-olds. Do people still say "hip"? I don't know. Worth checking out if you're in the area. (3/7/11/13) 3.4“
mabel 311 days ago
68 /100 600 BLOOR ST W
“Place: Snakes and Lattes - Bloor St 2020-02-12. Realistically you are coming here for the games, but they also have a pretty solid tapllist of craft beer with a few rotating taps. Limited food. Service is fine. Atmosphere is just okay bar wise, it's pretty decent as a place to play games with some craft beer. “
jercraigs 375 days ago
“worthwhile stop because they had on multiple beets worth trying including the specisl imperial stout fridge that results in cask like warm temperature perfect. chill neighborhood but other than that not overall friendly. “
Sammy 379 days ago
66 /100 440 BLOOR ST. WEST
“2019-12-22. 30+ taps, 4 ciders. The overall list is a bit disappointing. It looked okay until I started looking stuff up. It’s mostly mid to low tier Ontario craft options with a couple of interesting imports - Chimay triple on tap for example. Pizza was excellent. Decent Belgian bottles list as well. Pricing is Toronto reasonable. Decor is nice but a bit less unique than the original location. Relatively quiet and chill on a Sunday afternoon. Overall I quite enjoyed my visit but the tap list makes it more of an "If I am in the neighborhood" place rather than a tavel across town to get there place for me. “
jercraigs 427 days ago
80 /100 242 COXWELL AVE
“A nice, cool modern space which houses not only taps of some of the (IMO) world's finest beers, but also the brewery that produces them in back, an excellent bottle store and a true Japanese style exposed kitchen making authentic appetizer-portion noshables. This place has a perhaps very 'Danish' feel to me, really clean hard modern finishings and the heaviest metal bar chairs of all time. I actually prefer to drink Bim's beers in my own kitchen from a pint glass. But there's nothing to fault about the location, the food, and the nice clean open space which includes summer patio seating out front. Staff is often largely Japanese which I culturally appreciate - also many of the beers are Japanese-accented variants of classic European styles. They have a couple of Ontario wine selections on tap that are total class, like Pearl Morissette.“
DerWeg 451 days ago
“2019-10-30. For the newcomer: Stopped in early it started to fill up fairly quickly with an after work crowd. Lots of large communal tables, a few smaller tables and, stools/standing areas spread throughout. Excellent tap list (26 taps, 6 casks) including a range of styles and breweries. Several new to me beers from Ontario as well as some imports. Import pricing on can be high, reflective of the quality and rarity. (And I assume exchange rates that are not in our favour for US and UK imports right now.) Cask of Cloudwater as in good shape and tasty. Interesting wine list as well. We shared meatballs in sauce, and a plate of sausages with potatoes and peppers. The sausage was good, the meatballs were excellent. Definitely one of the top beer geek destinations in Toronto. For the nostalgic: It’s an interesting feeling coming back to Bar Volo in a new location after an absence. It’s a bit like when a friend moves to a new place, it feels familiar yet different. Decor wise there are lots of reminders of the original location, including furniture and decor notes that have made the transition. The overall impression is very much a spiritual sibling to the original location and Birreria. Somewhere in between the two perhaps.“
jercraigs 485 days ago
68 /100 165 GEARY AVE
“20 mins walk from/to Halo. Somewhat grungy place, like an old house turned tasting room. Limited seating and extremely busy during peak hour. Lots of taps, with everything available in 4 oz pours for $2.25-2.75, one of the more reasonably priced places in Toronto. Rushed, nonchalant service. One of the better breweries in town. Worth a visit.“
mcberko 500 days ago
74 /100 247 WALLACE AVE.
“Cute, intimate place with not much seating. 7 beers on tap when I visited, all of which were pretty ambitious and well-executed. Everything available in 4 oz pours for at least $4, quite the absurd price gouging. Quick, friendly service. Go earlier in the day and not on the weekends if possible to beat the rush. One of the top breweries in Toronto right know. Mandatory visit.“
mcberko 500 days ago
“Big place in a bustling, friendly neighbourhood. Beer list is on the board upfront, with 13-14 beers on tap. Flights of 5 available for $10-15 depending on the beer, which is pretty reasonable for Toronto. Also had some lambic bottles. Beer quality was pretty solid, with a great west coast house IPA seemingly always available. Food menu was high priced (~$20 per mains on average). Friendly but unknowledgeable service. Worth a visit when on the west side.“
mcberko 500 days ago
66 /100 90 CAWTHRA AVE UNIT #101
“Cool spot, only about a 20 minute walk from Rainhard et al. A dozen or so taps, with flights of 4 for $13++, of single tasters for $3.5-4.5++. Lots of sours on when I went. Beer quality is all over the map, from below average to above average, but nothing really wowed me. Friendly service. Fairly middle of the road brewery that’s worth hitting if you’re on this side of town.“
mcberko 500 days ago
54 /100 150 SYMES ROAD
“Steps from Rainhard and Shacklands, if you’re out here, you may as well visit. Junction houses several brands under their umbrella that are brewed here. They had just over a dozen taps devoted to those house brands, plus another 9 guests when I visited. Flights of 4 for $10++. Beer quality was not very good overall, though the black lager was solid. Service was impersonal not prompt and helpful. Better than Shacklands, but far inferior to the adjacent Rainhard.“
mcberko 500 days ago
28 /100 UNIT 101, 100 SYMES ROAD
“Right next to Rainhard, so ordinarily I’d say this is worth a visit. Sort of run-down feeling to the place. A dozen taps, with flights of 4 x 70mL pours for $10. Unfortunately, the beer quality is absolutely horrendous, with almost everything I tried being infected. Due to the horrendous quality, this is not worth a visit at all.“
mcberko 500 days ago
56 /100 100 SYMES RD
“It’s a big trek out here, but at least there are other breweries in the area. Took about 30 minutes with Uber to get out here. Grungy, industrial area with a tasting room feel to match. They had some dog adoption event when I visited on a Saturday morning, so it was noisy and chaotic. 6 beers on tap, with flights of 4 x 6 oz pours for an outrageous $15 (incl tax), or single 6 oz pours for $4-4.50; that’s some gouging. Beer quality is solid. Service is rushed, cold, and sloppy - there was beer dripping from most glasses in my flight. Worth a visit if you have time to get out here.“
mcberko 500 days ago
68 /100 1184 BLOOR STREET WEST
“Very cool place, feels like a semi-upscale restaurant. 8 house beers on tap, plus more in bottles/cans. Everything on tap is available in 5 oz pours for $3++. Friendly service and good quality beers. One of the best local breweries and worth a visit.“
mcberko 500 days ago
“The second location of this famous, world-class bar, fairly far from other beer locations. Similar feeling to Birreria Volo, with just as many taps, 5 oz pours of everything, and no tastes of anything available before you order. When I went, it was standing room only, so not the most comfortable visit. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Prices are outrageous, but give the high-quality beers, I’m okay to pay them. Definitely worth a visit when in town, as the beer list is mighty impressive.“
mcberko 500 days ago
“A little out of the way, but still walking distance from Godspeed and close to India town. Intimate place, with a dog-friendly area. A dozen beers on tap, with everything available in 5 oz pours for $2.75-3.50, or flights of 4 for $12 (including tax). Friendly service. The place gets super busy in the evening. Worth a hit if in the east end of town.“
mcberko 500 days ago
62 /100 242 COXWELL AVE
“In the far east of the east side brewery circuit, this is a spiffy, Japanese place. A dozen or so beers on tap, all with Japanese names. No flights or even small pours—smallest was 9 oz; super lame, and when questioned about this, the server kept evading the answer. They will do little splashes at least. Not a great place for ticking, but the beer is solid. Japanese food on the food menu, with few vegetarian options. Good beer, poor tasting options, and somewhat inhospitable service.“
mcberko 501 days ago
72 /100 1001 EASTERN AVE.
“In the far east of the brewery circuit, this is a looooong and narrow bar. Over a dozen house taps, with everything available in 5 oz pours for $3++. Beer quality was good, with a focus on IPAs and sours with shit in them. Friendly, helpful service. One of the best breweries on the east side.“
mcberko 501 days ago
70 /100 818 EASTERN AVENUE
“Fun place that is, of course, dog-friendly. 10 beers on tap, with flights or 4 available but everything is charged by the small price. Ambitious list of beers, which included 2 BA beers and a sour. Beer quality was alright, but seemed a bit amateur, with nothing all that well dialed in. Super friendly service. Worth a hit if you’re doing the east end circuit.“
mcberko 501 days ago
70 /100 1042 QUEEN STREET EAST
“Nicely set-up place, with a large, sleek circular bar in the middle with tons of bar seating. 11 beers on tap when I went, with everything available in 4 oz pours for $3. Beer quality is solid, with a focus on saisons and other lighter styles. Friendly, astute service. One of the better, lesser known places in Toronto. Worth a visit when on the east side.“
mcberko 501 days ago
28 /100 1-31 SAULTER STREET
“Strangely located, with the entrance to the lane way in a residential neighbourhood. Feels sort of like a barn. Small, warehouse-like place. Only 5 beers on tap, with flights of 4 available for an outrageous $13.50 (tax inclusive), which is all the more absurd given the beer quality: a couple were drinkable, a couple were nastily infected and completely undrinkable. Bartender was extremely friendly. As of now, steer clear of this place.“
mcberko 501 days ago
“Beautifully set-up place, sort of feeling more upscale. 10 ciders on tap, plus a few uninteresting guest beer taps. Flights of 4 for an outrageous $16++... that is absurd. Cider quality is pretty mediocre; there’s definitely ambition, but not much on the follow-through. Service wasn’t particularly friendly, but quick enough. Wouldn’t recommend the place.“
mcberko 501 days ago
66 /100 700 QUEEN STREET EAST,
“Cool spot in the east circuit of breweries. Long, expansive place with lots of seating. A dozen house taps, with flights of 4 x 5 oz pours for $11++. Beer quality was solid, but there was not much on there that was ambitious. Cool place, but not all that exciting beers.“
mcberko 501 days ago
88 /100 612 COLLEGE STREET
“A world class place, there’s no doubt about that. Long, skinny establishment, but with more seating than you might think upon first entering. Self-serve: order at the bar. The beer list when I visited was stupendous, with Cantillon, Tilquin, Other Half, Jester King and more on tap. 5 oz pours of everything available, but no tasters, which is kinda lame given the price of many of these: $5.50-9 for the beers on tap when I was there—but, happy to pay that for such high-quality beers. Friendly enough service. If you’re in Toronto and you don’t come here, what’s wrong with you?“
mcberko 501 days ago
“Stylishly set-up place, with a white picket fence out front, comfortable patio seating, a small, intimate downstairs, and some upstairs seating. 8 Bellwoods beers on tap, plus an impressive bottle selection of expensive vintage beers (their own and guests, including special lambics). 4 oz pours available. Friendly, helpful service even late in the evening. Mandatory stop when in Toronto.“
mcberko 501 days ago
66 /100 115 BATHURST ST.
“Huge, warehouse-like place with massive ceilings and copious seating—yet it’s done up pretty stylishly. 9 house beers on tap, with flights of 4 for $12++. Beer quality was mediocre to good, but nothing was overly impressive. Service was extremely friendly and very helpful. If you’re nearby, it’s worth a stop, but it’s a not a destination visit.“
mcberko 501 days ago
80 /100 137 PETER STREET
“Two floors to this place, both with extensive seating. 36 taps, with perhaps 10-12 devoted to Bar Hop’s own beers. All beers available in single 5 oz pours, with prices ranging from $3.50-5. The blended / wild ales alone make this a highly worthy destination. Very friendly and helpful service. It’s rather loud with shitty poppy hop hop playing, which does detract from the experience. Overall, great place.“
mcberko 501 days ago
“Spacious place that gets very busy in the evening. Lots of bar seating. 5-6 house taps, plus a few more from Creemore Springs. They had a set flight for $12, or you can do custom 4 x 7 oz flights for $14.95++ (why such big sample sizes? Also, that’s unacceptably pricey). Friendly service. Beer quality is mostly decent—I loved the black IPA that was on. Not a top spot, but it’s close-ish to Union Station.“
mcberko 501 days ago
60 /100 512 PARLIAMENT ST
“Our 2nd stop at Tornoto. Nice little bottle shop with a good selection of craft beer & cider. Located in the middle of Parliamnt St with a few bars and restaurants around. Good choice for the take-away.“
dunklermessias 526 days ago
34 /100 534 PARLIAMENT ST
“Our first "Berr-Stop" in Toronto. Simple, lots of macros, but still some intresting crafts and cider. Mostly icecool for a quick take a way. Clean.“
dunklermessias 526 days ago
38 /100 1953 QUEEN ST E
“new brewery getting its act together. 4 taps of own on today. one was quaffable. had one ok guest tap to wash it all down. a bit cramped.“
Sammy 527 days ago
64 /100 1042 QUEEN STREET EAST
“decent sized place. bright windows. a pilot coffee across the road. beer. not ready for public consumption.“
Sammy 527 days ago
60 /100 15 YORK ST
“Huge sportsbar located next to Scotiabank Arena. 2 Floors and 50+ TV screens for all kind of sports. Beer selection is average, some unsuals from Ontario as well as macros on tap. 10 taps, 25+ bottles. Surely not the best beer spot in Toronto, but quite ok for watching a game or a beer after the Raptors games.“
dunklermessias 529 days ago
“2019-09-06. Small spot is surprisingly cozy inside, nice mix of old chairs tables and pews. Bar is faced with old doors. Open to the brewery looks cool but brewing aromas started to overwhelm some of the beer aromas at times. Friendly server. Super quiet early on a Friday afternoon. 12 taps in a good range of styles. The “snack flight” is fun with a range of cheese, pickles, meat etc. to choose from. Nice spot. Beers all tend to be decent. enjoyable and well done, though some are on the milder side than my preference. Worth a visit!“
jercraigs 533 days ago
66 /100
Hotmess Tex Mex (Restaurant)
“Right across from Birreria Volo, open only beginning late afternoons. Lots of recent cans from across Ontario for people to catch up in. Easy place to grab a tallboy at a reasonable price while in Little Italy.“
Sammy 534 days ago
72 /100 1042 QUEEN STREET EAST
“2019-08-05. Seven taps. Beers were all decent above average takes on their styles. Sample sizes available "but we don't encourage that". Food was interesting and fairly reasonably priced given the "fancyness". Shared the turnip cake which was nice but I'm glad I didn't try to make it my main. Salt and vinegar spuds were tasty but could be a bit crispier (though I'm not sure they are intended to be crispy at all?) Open faced sandwich was tasty. Space is fairly big and bright with high ceilings, feels more suited for a meal to me than just drinks but maybe that changes in the evenings? Makes a nice addition to a Queen streetcar brewery crawl. Visited relatively early after their initial opening. Will return to see how they develop.“
jercraigs 552 days ago
56 /100 425 CHURCH ST
“This was an unexpected find in Toronto. We managed to get the table on patio. Patio was covered with vines and shrubbery, so it was kind of hidden from all the things coming from street. Flights were served, but the quality wasn't best. Service managed to mess up few beers in flight, but no worries, messy ones were on house. Wasn't the cheapest place, but nothing too much damaging too. There are better places in town.“
Marduk 553 days ago
“I was in bit between should I visit this place or should I not. I did and I regret nothing. On last day of my 2 week trip in Canada I still managed to find 15 new brewery ticks for me. I tried them all. The old lady in earlier shift was nice, but so was the younger lad later. Place filled quickly after 17:00. Would come back. Must visit in Toronto.“
Marduk 553 days ago
78 /100 35 ELM STREET
“In very central of Toronto. But to us it was just behind our Chelsea hotel. Very genuine English pub vibe here. We came here another night to watch football with local fans. Food was good and portions were good. Beer was fresh. No flights. Staff very friendly. Would visit again.“
Marduk 553 days ago
92 /100 612 COLLEGE STREET
“At first it looked like a small bar, but when you walk the corridor to the beer garden it's completely different place. I instantly felt like I'm in Italy. They had had a IPA themed festival couple days earlier so taplist was still themed and bit tilted towards that, but nethertheless taplist was impressive. They served flights and staff was knowledgeable. It's a must visit in Toronto.“
Marduk 562 days ago
“Bit of hipsterish, but with a nice vibe. It was quite full, but we managed to find a seat. Flight of 3 was ordered. Staff was nice and friendly. Might come back.“
Marduk 562 days ago
40 /100
Tall Boys (Bar)
“This place was rather disappointing. Full and loud with a criminal looking crowd. Tap list wasn't what I was expecting, noticing at least 3 macro taps. Meh place.“
Marduk 562 days ago
“There was some kind of BBQ outside and lots of families with kids and dogs running around here. Not sure what was going on, but for the place of this size they do not have enough tables and chairs. So we had to stand somewhere in the corner and hunt for free space at some tables. Wasn't really worth the walk, but I do not regret coming here either.“
Marduk 563 days ago
88 /100 242 COXWELL AVE
“Now this the place to visit in Toronto. You need no bloody tips, hints, points, reasons etc. just do it! If you don't you will regret it that's all I can say to you. And you must eat here. That's must too! If you don't then yeah it's your loss not mine. Will come back!“
Marduk 563 days ago
“Came here around noon and it was medi-crowded. Quite few families with kids, but they didn't bother me. Actually no one bothered me. Large airy place. Nice service. They do flights. Worth to visit.“
Marduk 563 days ago
48 /100 137 PETER STREET
“Can't compare with the main Bar Hop short distance away. It was early evening, packed, mainly 'cause only roof patio was open. Weather was hot and not enough shades. Half of the taps weren't available. Pricey.“
Marduk 567 days ago
88 /100
Bar Hop (Bar)
“If I'd live in Toronto this place would most probably me local where I get shitfaced at least once a month. Love from the first sight. They do not do flights, but serve small portions so this part is ok. Staff was helpful and knowledgeable. Worth to visit and will come back when possible!“
Marduk 567 days ago