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“This store still does not get any extra selection than very basic beers/“
Sammy 1418 days ago
52 /100 271 CHRISLEA RD.
“walked into this place as I work in the area. it is more of a wine shop than a brewery. They mostly sell 6 packs but I was able to buy each of their brews individually. Their beers, like their wines are pedestrian and not worth seeking out but if you’re in the area you could do worse.“
Bendrixian 2238 days ago
56 /100 1118 CENTRE STREET
“Older shop, mid tier with walk in space. Service there is one of better ones you will find at this chain. Not much competition around so if in crunch only spot to grab some beer.“
Radek Kliber 2451 days ago
74 /100 271 CHRISLEA RD.
“A commercial large scale winery, brewery and spirit house. They are well known for their beer kits which are pretty good. Service was great, they know their stuff. Selection was a half dozen beers, with ver little that changes. Small samples available and you can purchase by the bottle. Prices are pretty good. Worth stopping in if you are in the area, but not worth the long trip.“
Ferris 2458 days ago
“Newer Beer Store with walk in space. One of better ones you will wonder to. Plenty of lagers in Cans. They have mix and match shelve. Good for ticking. Service quiet friendly.“
Radek Kliber 2533 days ago
48 /100 271 CHRISLEA RD.
“A wine shop that sells a few beers - namely mixed six packs of the ones they make in the brewery. Not much for ambiance this place, at least for a beer drinker as it’s mostly just a wine shop. Nice that they sell the mixed sixer so you can try all of their stuff.“
solidfunk 2769 days ago
“Average LCBO , it does carry some seasonals but not very much. Service is not bad. Typical suburban LCBO.“
Radek Kliber 3048 days ago
54 /100 271 CHRISLEA RD.
“Worth a visit as you can sample their current brews at optimal temperatures in a tasting area, and get the fresh bottles you want. very good on homebrewing supplies.“
Sammy 3530 days ago
56 /100 271 CHRISLEA RD.
“Focused on wines, but has six packs of all beer and make your own six packs, good for those who want to try their beer.“
jimmay 3667 days ago
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