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Latest reviews from Whitby

72 /100 1632 CHARLES ST
“Best choice in Durham county area. Nice big Taproom, nice selection of solid beers, 2.50 for samples. Nice snack selection like Jamaican patties, pretzels. Plenty of parking. .“
Lubiere 50 days ago
62 /100 244 BROCK ST S
“Beautiful place in Downtown Whitby in an old Centennial building. Taproom with high ceiling, view of brewery. Free wifi. Food is upscale pub with burgers, pasta salads, very varied. Service is efficient and polite. Beers are ok at best. Flight is pricy at 12$.“
Lubiere 50 days ago
“Located in an industrial sector, close to Waterfront Trail, this is a good stop for a pint. Good beers, 5$ - 8$ a glass, no tasters. Good service. Modern decor with wooden elements. Plenty of parking. Wifi available.“
Lubiere 51 days ago
82 /100 1390 HOPKINS STREET, UNIT 3
“A great little brewery with friendly staff in a generic multi-use plaza area. A nice bar area with a giftshop greets you, with more seating in the back next to the brewing equipment. I was quickly offered a tour of their system and fermenters. It was a great time!“
can8ianben 662 days ago
“Medium size, industrial decour, 12 beers on tap, bunch of bottles in the fridge, decent beer; good wifi“
thorongil2 732 days ago
“Cleanly executed beers. Decent small taproom space. Some interesting creations. A place to watch based on their focus of saisons, hoppy beers, and a milk stout.“
Sammy 1274 days ago
“2018-02-17. An industrial space in an industrial park the signage is tiny so we ended up circling the complex (it's in the middle FYI :) ). The space is relatively small and spartan, a couple of high top tables and the bar. Friendly server, there were six taps, with five available and bottle pours available of others. Good range of styles on tap and in the fridge. Decent spot to try before you buy. The beers didn't quite live up to my expectations overall unfortunately but there are a few gems. Worth a visit if you are in the neighbourhood. “
jercraigs 1344 days ago
72 /100 1632 CHARLES ST
“2018-02-17. Nice space feels new but nicely renovated. Lots of wood accents, nice tables, some plants on the wall (which I assume are real but didn't look too closely). Unfortunately has the standard "bar that opened recently" metal backless stools and the chairs with weird metal sides that my butt is too big to sit in comfortably, but I suspect I may be the only one who hates these :) 10 taps of their own beers on today in a nice mix of styles. Most are pretty decent today. Super friendly server behind the bar knows the beers. Some board games available. Seating is at the long bar and a mix of high-tops and regular tables. Jalapeno pretzels are the only food at present. Overall a nice space that does a better job of not feeling like and industrial unit that many, worth a visit if you are in the area.“
jercraigs 1344 days ago
66 /100 224 BROCK ST S
“17 taps. downtown whitby. nice decor. more of a restaurant and sports screen crowd. lots of faux macro and 3 cowbell. a 3 locals one from each and a couple old flame sores scott. service very challenged.“
Sammy 1397 days ago
66 /100 1632 CHARLES ST
“very good sized space. above capacity and room to start a couple months back and they are filling it. they can even use more tap handles. fridge up and running. will visit in a half year when tom gets daven with brewing equipment. a decent saison and 2 good ipa on.“
Sammy 1397 days ago
66 /100 75 CONSUMERS DR
“Upcoming place. Lots of taps, mostly the big macro "microbrews" but pushing in the best brews of the locals.“
Sammy 1476 days ago
72 /100 1390 HOPKINS STREET, UNIT 3
“2017-02-18. Seating space is pretty small with only a handful of tables in the front. There is a pool table and some more seating in the actual brewery. Flights and glasses of their own beers available, bottles to go. Beers are all decent, with a few more impressive than the others. Worth a visit.“
jercraigs 1707 days ago
74 /100 1390 HOPKINS STREET, UNIT 3
“A little storefront and tasting room in an industrial plaza. Staff seem to be Brewers and a re fun. Beers are plentiful but are mostly average. They do try with wild and wacky concoctions, just not to the point where any are good yet. Their passion and experimentation make this a fun stop.“
Ferris 2232 days ago
76 /100 1390 HOPKINS STREET, UNIT 3
“small place in new location, friendly staff, 7 bottles available on the day I stopped by, several taps also, hopefully they will prosper and grow“
thorongil2 2312 days ago
56 /100
LCBO Whitby (Beer Store)
“One of the ’better’ LCBO’s in the area. It has a ’bigger’ selection of locals and some of the new releases that bigger cities get. It just takes a while to get to that store. One of the go to LCBO’s in the area that I’ve discovered. Not saying it is great just better for the area.“
Bendrixian 2437 days ago
72 /100 1390 HOPKINS STREET, UNIT 3
“Re-rate of new place - In a little industrial strip plaza very easily accessible off of the 401. Still not really a sit-down spot, but there is more space now, and more swag. Interestingly decorated, with cigar boxes, a turntable, and lots of wood. They still can’t seem to keep more than one or two different beers in stock, and you never know what they’re going to have.“
TheJester 2452 days ago
100 /100 1390 HOPKINS STREET, UNIT 3
“The best kept secret in the area. Great people making great beer. They have even used hops grown in my garden to make a batch of beer. 100%!!!“
fireman2602 2452 days ago
70 /100 1390 HOPKINS STREET, UNIT 3
“Dropped by this place after a quick bike ride in the area. Great little spot. They seem to be doing all sorts of beers, they are moslty one-offs, which is perfect for a guy like me who cant drink the same beer all night. Sounds like their lineup changes regularly and one has to call to hear what is available that day. there may only be 3-5 different kinds of beers available and some may not be in a style that I like but that is the beauty of the thing. Heard that they may be moving to a bigger location. All in all im a fan.“
Bendrixian 2717 days ago
70 /100 224 BROCK ST S
“Close the the highway 401 makes this a quick pit stop along the way. Lots of UK brews with Molson and Bud. However, they have dedicated 4 brews to craft beer. Had a beautiful IPA there.“
Bendrixian 3007 days ago
70 /100 1390 HOPKINS STREET, UNIT 3
“Great little storefront nano brewery where you can see & smell things happening. Welcoming owner with an easy hand on the samples. Only problem? They often are beer-less outside of the weekend, so call ahead.“
Freaky_tiki 3008 days ago
62 /100 1390 HOPKINS STREET, UNIT 3
“An intimate number of taps, while you talk to he brewers and they load your beer. Good sized samples, and everything was good on tap. Currently a nano brewer. Worth a stop if you are in the area. UPDATE: New location and taproom has taken this up a couple of notches.“
Sammy 3009 days ago