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54 /100 3095 S PEORIA ST
“Welp. I was attracted by the bbq and good gmaps scores. Neither are good. Plenty of parking at least. Decently busy on Wednesday night. Prompt service, flights available. Very pedestrian taplist. First mistake: i got wings. Horribly overcooked, uninspired sauce, ugly presentation. More importantly, the flight of four were all below average duds. Nothing abysmal, but no reason whatsoever to return.“
bytemesis 193 days ago
70 /100 884 S BUCKLEY RD
“A space themed brewery with tons of taps and a wide variety of styles; I really wanted to like this one. Mallish location, but inside the ambiance is good. Large space but not all of it was open when I was there. Flights available, build your own up to six I think. Great service, great decor. Beer quality was not great however, with most being no better than mediocre. Ah well.“
bytemesis 286 days ago
54 /100 2501 DALLAS STREET #100
“Have visited a few times since moving back to the Central Park neighborhood this past August - in order for a concept like this to work well, you really need to rotate in a lot of hard to find, uncommon stuff to justify the price per ounce you’re charging, and this place simply doesn’t do that - I mean, they have Coors Light on tap all the fucking time - tap list is generally common national and regional brands with one or two less than common local beers - if you want better than the pedestrian fare, you’re easily paying 70-80 cents an ounce - so if you’re all about paying 12 bucks a pint for a beer, I guess this is your place - and then they have the gall to ask for a tip when you’ve poured your own beer the entire time (I can see if you order food, though) - I’m too old for this shit.“
notalush 538 days ago
76 /100 6200 S MAIN STREET SUITE 110
“Shopping center location, parking a tad challenging. Both outdoor and indoor seating, fairly spacious. Small pours available; I tried three; two were average but the BB Barleywine was quite nice.“
bytemesis 539 days ago
66 /100 2501 DALLAS STREET #188
“Recently moved to the neighborhood and this place is now a short walk from my house and the closest liquor store to me - I’ll say up front that I love the Stanley; it really rubs all the bougie places in my soul - the ambience here is great, but the focus isn’t really on beer - limited cooler space, only half of which contains beer; the rest is white wine, cider, and cocktails in cans - despite this, they seem to dedicate a lot of that space to single brewery’s products (a whole two shelves of Ecliptic with such limited beer real estate is preposterous) - import shelves have barely any Belgians and are mostly dominated by German imports - they seem to work hard to maintain seasonally appropriate stock, which I appreciate, but that also means that about 10%-15% of the available beer is Oktoberfests (at least they aren’t pumpkin beers) at the moment - it seems like they try pretty hard to curate the selection to a degree, but their stock is still sort of a stylistic monoculture of IPAs and quick sours - stock also does not seem to rotate in many new beers often (I’ve been coming for a couple months now and haven’t seen the stock change all that much - for comparison, Mile High Wine and Spirits in Lakewood, which isn’t significantly bigger in terms of beer space, rotates a hell of a lot of new product in each week) - they have one small shelf of bombers which, to their credit, boasts a fair amount of traditional lambic, but like the coolers, lacks in stylistic variety (mostly sours, with the occasional overpriced BA imperial stout) - honestly, if I couldn’t walk here, I’d probably not come very often - a practice they engaging in here (which is a loathsome practice of many “boutique” stores) is that they break down four packs to single bottles/cans and ONLY sell single cans at a markup that makes them more expensive than if you were to buy the four pack - I fucking hate that - at least give the customer a choice - anyway, mini-rant over - take the 10 minute drive to Colorado Beverage Company if you want a significantly better selection (albeit in far worse ambience) - one non-beer related note, though - they basically have an entire walk-in closet full of single malt scotch, so definitely come if you’re into that (this rating is only based on its quality as a beer store).“
notalush 609 days ago
84 /100 2101 N URSULA ST
“COVID-times but very impressed with this place. Visited when they had a bunch of their Sacred Fire wee heavy on draft. Some great variants (coconut was the best) and really dig the exploration of the under-explored style. (Also, any place that does a beer called Hawk IPA gets good ratings from me. Go Hawks.)“
WestCoastHawkeye 887 days ago
78 /100 884 S BUCKLEY RD
“Perfectly fine brewpub in a strip mall with a ton of Germanic / other odd styles (so more than stouts, sours and hazies). Everything at least cromulent (the IPA was damn good). Not worth going out of your way for but a really good stop.“
WestCoastHawkeye 894 days ago
78 /100 15110 E HAMPDEN AVE
“Visited on a Monday afternoon during COVID-times. Big outdoor beer tent in their parking lot. Very nice barleywine, everything else decent but unspectacular.“
WestCoastHawkeye 916 days ago
80 /100 6200 S MAIN STREET SUITE 110
“Stopped by on a Monday afternoon during COVID times. It's in an outdoor shopping center which is kind of in the middle of nowhere. Beer was solid to good though - they do a really great job of using fruit in their beers, and their dry irish stout was also delicious. Wouldn't call them a world-beater but in a lot of places, this would be the best brewery in town. In the Denver area they fit right in.“
WestCoastHawkeye 924 days ago
72 /100 2501 DALLAS ST.
“This is in the Stanley marketplace, next to a pour your own place. Not large, but not busy either, so thats good. As noted, the range of styles is unusually large; I thought the Eisbock was solid, for example. All beers available in 3-4 sizes, including 4oz tasters for $2. Friendly service. Did not try the food. Other than the Eisbock the beers I tried were pretty average, but not bad.“
bytemesis 1300 days ago
70 /100 2501 DALLAS ST.
“Big taproom in the Stanley Marketplace. Dimly lit and decorated tastefully with a Hispanic theme. The bartender was very friendly and helpful. A great spread of styles, and the ones I tried were quality. Good prices for pints, and tasters are individually priced. Fun place. Recommended, if you're in the area.“
GTAEgeek 1495 days ago
80 /100 2501 DALLAS STREET #100
“Stanley Marketplace is a development to bring some Denver staples to the suburbanites and it definitely has that kind of atmosphere. Stanley Beer Hall isn't an outpost of a Denver business, but it fits right in with the concept. The inside is spacious with a big patio as well. TVs, families with children, and bench seats fill in the interior. My main complaint with this self-serve menu is the same as most other self-serve beer establishments I've visited: there's a big markup on price for me to pour my own beer which isn't all that exciting. First Draft has the perk of obtaining some highly sought after kegs but the beer list at Stanley for my first visit was par for the Denver metro course. I hear they have improved their selection as of late. You'll find something familiar and tasty to drink and the food is nice too.“
NachlamSie 1622 days ago
84 /100 2501 DALLAS STREET #100
“Just inside the Stanley marketplace, with a nice looking patio area, if it hadn't been snowing. Big tap wall with self-serve beer, wine, and other stuff by the ounce. The employees were friendly and quick. They quickly got me a pour on the house when I discovered that I'd been using a dirty glass, which was very nice. Not as many taps, or the same quality, as First Draft or Trail's End, but it's a good spread, with some fun and interesting things. The prices are low, which is always nice. This is a great spot out here, next door to Cheluna. Highly recommend.“
GTAEgeek 1685 days ago
68 /100 884 S BUCKLEY RD
“Converted garage space with a patriotic theme and ample seating on a Thursday afternoon. Parking available in an adjacent lot by a closed laundromat. The service was fine and the selection consisted of 16 draft beers and 3 to-go bottles. Full pours range from $6-8 and 5oz tasters range from $2.50-4. The beers were pretty solid overall. Worth checking out if you find yourself in the boonies of eastern Aurora, I suppose.“
ajnepple 1775 days ago
88 /100 2501 DALLAS ST.
“There aren't a ton of breweries once you get out to northern Aurora, so it's nice to have Cheluna around. It's inside Stanley Marketplace which houses locations from many of Denver's well known small chains. It's restaurant-focused but there are boutiques and other services inside. The tasting room here has a Latin American vibe inspired by the brewer Javi's Oaxacan family heritage and his interest in using Latin American ingredients in brewing. Though there are a few beers that have that influence, the tap list includes some classic U.S. and Belgian styles as well. The beer is very solid and priced fairly at $6 for a real pint. They do happy hour which is a nice little thing you don't see at too many brewery taprooms. Service was very friendly and the atmosphere was festive and comfortable.“
NachlamSie 1809 days ago
84 /100 2501 DALLAS STREET #188
“Stanley Marketplace contains so many staples from Denver and Mr. B's is no exception. It's located nearly in the middle of the first floor so it is easy to spot. The beer selection is nowhere near what the original Mr. B's in downtown sports. Plenty of quality six packs and a few bombers are available. Everything is refrigerated which is great. Staff is knowledgeable. The only disappointment is knowing how often highly sought-after bottles rotate through the other location and not seeing that here. If you're in the area, though, this will definitely let you stop up your fridge with good stuff.“
NachlamSie 1816 days ago
74 /100 15110 E HAMPDEN AVE
“Second stop. Eclectic place, pretty large. Big wooden bar with a single bartender that is a bit over worked at times. Main room has a number of tables and is fairly open. Second area around the corner had live music. Free popcorn. This is an enjoyable place, but outside of a solid Mild Ale I thought the beer was pretty average.“
bytemesis 1898 days ago
80 /100 2101 N URSULA ST
“Medium size space with a patio, 9 own beers on tap when I visited - all very good to excellent, $3 tasters available, good wifi, food available for delivery from across the street, definitely worth visiting“
thorongil2 2098 days ago
62 /100 884 S BUCKLEY RD
“Seriously unfortunate location, but that’s easy to forget inside. The rocketry decor appeals to me, especially the TVs running loops of launches, historical rockets, and failures. The bartender was friendly and prompt, but she didn’t seem to really want to be there. Pretty good spread of beers, including some odd styles and several nice offerings. The quality is hit or miss, but generally pretty good. The prices are a little high for the location and type of brewery - $6 for a pint, and $2-3 for a 5 oz taster. I wasn’t expecting much here, so I was pleasantly surprised. A solid, small, local brewery. Reasonable quality, and fairly adventurous, so it’s hard to not appreciate this place.“
GTAEgeek 2229 days ago
78 /100 2101 N URSULA ST
“Unassuming exterior, in the bottom of an apartment building. The interior is spare and open. The tables are really cool live edge wood. The bartender was enthusiastic and friendly. The dozen or so beers on tap were eclectic and excellent, but pretty pricey. $6-9 for a full pour, and $3-4 for a taster. Still, this is a great brewery, and a chill place.“
GTAEgeek 2232 days ago
70 /100 2501 DALLAS ST.
“New brewery inside the Stanley Marketplace, which is basically the east side’s version of The Source, just swap out the hipsters and replace them with middle-aged Stapleton yuppies - anyway, they’ve got a South American vibe going on here - in name, in decor, in beer names, in music playing - though I am not sure any of the owners or employees are even remotely Hispanic - that kind of cultural appropriation rubs my overly-sensitive liberal sensibilities the wrong way - so, the ambiance is okay despite this - fairly attentive service - decent range of styles (German, Belgian, American) at slightly high, but mostly average prices - quality was mixed from what I tried - no food, but you can bring in food from the restaurants in the market, and with Rosenberg’s Bagels and Denver Biscuit Company in the mix, you won’t want for good food - worth another stop for me, but I currently find it just okay.“
notalush 2258 days ago
74 /100 15260 E ILIFF AVE
“Big liquor store with some focus on beers. Almost all of the beers in cold. Decent selection of singles. I found quite a lot new CO beers.“
rosenbergh 2411 days ago
100 /100
Havana Park Liquors (Beer Store)
“Great Customer Service. Friendly Atmosphere. This is a Craft beer paradise for anyone who is a connoisseur. More bombers than warehouse liquor stores. exceptional high end spirit selection.“
beertitan1950 2573 days ago
76 /100 2101 N URSULA ST
“I visited shortly after landing in Denver on a somewhat busy Friday night, only a few weeks ago when this was still Coda Brewery. This medical campus location has a town square vibe and I quickly utilized available street parking. The brewery had 10 beers on tap and served me a flight of 6 ounce beers in beakers. I enjoyed the beer and conversation with the bar tender for an hour or so. There was a lively crowd in this partial brewery / partial tap room.“
BeerandBlues2 2648 days ago
78 /100 15110 E HAMPDEN AVE
“I went to the south dock. The place was packed but the service is great, the waitress was practically running to get to everyone. Good selection of their own beers, several rare ones available in bombers. Free popcorn, free root beer for kids (their root beer is great), and great deals on flights. I just went here because it was close to our hotel, it completely exceeded my expectations.“
coachd 2702 days ago
60 /100 884 S BUCKLEY RD
“Lame - ass suburban strip mall location behind a 7-11 - seems popular with the locals - decent tap list, but beers were universally poorly made - hats off to the brewer for leaving his job in aerospace to follow his passion for brewing, but right now results are not impressive - The current lack of competition might make it succeed in this area, but savvy local beer folks will know this is in the bottom tier of breweries in the area.“
notalush 2735 days ago
84 /100 884 S BUCKLEY RD
“Good new brewery!“
aaron69 2821 days ago
82 /100 15110 E HAMPDEN AVE
“Enjoyed my visit here. Nice friendly place with a selection of taps that covered all the bases. Decent prices and good service. As previously mentioned it is connected to a homebrew store. Enjoyed every beer I tried. Well worth a visit.“
RobertDale 2855 days ago
100 /100
Havana Park Liquors (Beer Store)
“The coldest beer, best selection, and most helpful staff in town. That is why I drive halfway across town to frequent this store. If you want the best selection of imports and craft beer around, you are cheating yourself if you don’t check them out.“
noles3995 2865 days ago
72 /100 15110 E HAMPDEN AVE
“One of my favorite place that I visited in Colorado. Add the fact that they started out as a home brew store, and the store is still there, only makes the place that much cooler.“
CStang67 2975 days ago
74 /100 15110 E HAMPDEN AVE
“Long bar, lots of tables, and outdoor patio seating. Window behind the bar allow for viewing of the brewery and its operation. Several chalkboards up in strategic places to see what’s being poured. Mounted TVs throughout the place. Self-service water station. Good beers. Flights are available. Service is friendly.“
DocJitsu 3040 days ago
60 /100 14442 E CEDAR AVE
“Nice high ceilings. Varied seating arrangements. Unique, decorative inside. Huge outside wraparound patio that has glass wind protection all the way around. A few propane heaters. Service is Applebee’s-ish. BJ’s beers were decent. Several bottles/canned beers including Firestone Walker, Stone, and Lagunitas. Food is decent. My pulled pork bbq sandwich was pretty tasty.“
DocJitsu 3044 days ago
78 /100 15110 E HAMPDEN AVE
“Obviously a local spot for homebrewers with the homebrew store next door. Nice location in the corner of a strip mall. Plenty of seating. Huge tap list but only a small takeout selection. Would be a nice place to hang out.“
kathouse 3101 days ago
96 /100 2101 N URSULA ST
“Fill up their own board, or add guest Taos. Other than that, their own beers were incredible. Staff was awesome too“
gerby23 3215 days ago
80 /100 2101 N URSULA ST
“(Update 2: they now manage to keep 9 or 10 taps flowing at all times - with few exceptions, quality is consistently good - my go-to after work place since I work in the area Update: I have returned a few times and they have really had trouble keeping up a selection, often only having two or three beers on tap, so I currently have to drop my selection rating - quality, however, has been consistently exceptional, so hopefully I can change this score again soon) This new brewery is located in a newly developed area within the CU medical campus "influence" area - a few apartment complexes and new commercial space, a lot of which is still vacant - these guys appear to have gotten in on the ground floor in this area that seems to be rapidly expanding - a nice, fairly large space - ample indoor seating, with a small stage for live music - small patio area - warm dark wood makes it fairly homey inside - attentive, knowledgeable, and chatty staff - the beer is of above-average quality, with a few really stand-out ones - the range of styles is rather limited, but the quality kind of makes up for it - five ounce tasters are two bucks and are served in small Pyrex beakers, which is kind of neat (apparently the brewer used to be a scientist) - pints are five bucks - nice space, decent prices, and solid beer - not the greatest of locations, but the other qualities will get me to return.“
notalush 3278 days ago
90 /100 2101 N URSULA ST
“Stopped in on a Friday night. It was busy, but not insanely packed. The service was really attentive. A good variety of beer was available. I tried a pint of the wit and found it to be very well made. It makes me optomistic about their other beers. The vibe is pretty chill with rustic looking furnishings and wooden decor. A funk-cover band was playing on this night which in this small space makes things very loud. There is a small patio outside which is always a plus. Cedar Creek, the sister business, will walk food over in a quick fashion. That is a great option to have. Really cool stop. I’ll have to go back and try more of their stuff.“
NachlamSie 3279 days ago
80 /100 2101 N URSULA ST
“I came in for their soft opening a few weeks ago after dropping someone off at the airport. Just 3 beers on tap, but they were all quite good, especially for a new brewery. The service was exceptional and ambiance was nice. Definitely worth checking out.“
ajnepple 3293 days ago
76 /100 2101 N URSULA ST
“Great new taproom and brewery in Aurora. They are brand new, their selection will improve soon. Their Hydle Ale, described as an American Wheat IPA is excellent, and demonstrates hop savviness. There are food options available from their sister restaurant across the street, with free speedy walk-it-over delivery, I had my lunch within five minutes of my phone order. There is also a small stage for live music which should start up in the near future. This place seems likely to shape up to an excellent hangout.“
bitterbrewer 3305 days ago
42 /100 2694 S PARKER RD
“most of the beer here is expired and covered in dust.“
Jrodbeergod 3307 days ago
100 /100
Havana Park Liquors (Beer Store)
“If you want to support an American owned small business than I suggest you stop by this place. The service is as good as it gets and he has 2 doors devoted entirely to Colorado craft beer. I have never seen such a good selection in a store this size. They are open till 12 even on Sundays, they always have a great attitude and will always chat me up about craft beers. They also are always willing to order me anything that I might want (so long as it is available in this state). If you want a convenient neighborhood store where your business is always valued and celebrated check them out on Iliff an Havana.“
Jrodbeergod 3311 days ago
86 /100 2100 N URSULA ST
“Cedar Creek Pub has a very stock, nice restaurant feel. I could’ve thought that I was in a hotel restaurant.That said, the place is clean and welcoming. There are TV’s strategically placed so one could watch football basically from anywhere if desired. There were 10 taps, two of which were cider and one of which was empty. The other seven were very well chosen, running the gamut from Prost Keller Pils to Left Hand Week Sauce Coffee Porter to Bear Republic Racer X. Good mix of locals and regionals and the taps change often. Draft prices are par for the area. I paid $5 even for a pint of Left Hand Week Sauce. I had the green chili nachos which were quite tasty and only $7. The owner/bartender brought out a nice selection of local hot sauces to go with it. He is very enthusiastic about using quality and/or local products whenever possible. This is right on my way home from work and serves as a quality place to unwind with a good beer and food.“
NachlamSie 3451 days ago
70 /100
Brew Hut (Homebrew Shop)
“Brewing store connected to Dry Dock. Good service and always had the supplies my brother and I were looking for. It closes up pretty early even though Dry Dock is open later. Good for the area.

Shitters: C
cubs 3455 days ago
88 /100 15260 E ILIFF AVE
“Pretty decent huge liquor store. Almost all of the beer is in coolers which is a big plus. There’s a decent singles cooler too. Emphasis is on American stuff with some good imports in a cooler or two. Prices are in line with most everyonr else and a few bargains were to be had ($6.99 Alaskan sixers, etc) I didn’t see any crazy rarities but there is an abundance of very good stuff to be had.“
NachlamSie 3459 days ago
70 /100 2100 N URSULA ST
“A pretty good place to stop for a beer. I talked for a while with one of the owners, Scott, and he is very knowledgeable about beer and about the local brewery scene. They update their taps frequently and get some hard to find beers. Today I had a Bruery Humulus Lager, great find. The ambience is fair. I did not eat there today, just beers. The owners are hoping to open a brewery across the street on the Anschutz campus in Aurora focusing on hoppy American beers - awesome.“
bitterbrewer 3617 days ago
94 /100 2100 N URSULA ST
“great place with rotaiting taps“
pro42 3660 days ago
70 /100 15110 E HAMPDEN AVE
“A neat theme for a brewery’s tap house. Everything is about seafaring vessels from the beer names to the way you receive a sampler to the decor. The beer was good, the service was fine but nothing truly stood out other than the theme. A fun time none-the-less!“
Concealer 3745 days ago
80 /100 15110 E HAMPDEN AVE
“Large place, lots on tap, but they are charging a premium price for mediocre beer.“
Denverdiv 3767 days ago
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