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98 /100 4910 NAUTILUS CT
“Definitely one of the top 5 breweries I've visited in terms of their on-site setup. Only one I can think of off the top of my head that I'd put above it is Hair of the Dog in Portland, which is my favorite maker of anything I put in my body ever. So, in summary, go here. Details follow. It's a bit out of the way in an office park (which seems to have sprung up around Avery - there are a ton of breweries around it too). It's COVID-times so sat outdoors. They have a ton of their barrel aged stuff on tap with more upstairs to go - had five beers here and I'd go out of my way for the worst of them. The coconut bon bon cerise I would do things I'm not proud of for. Tons of glassware and beers to take away, including some stuff I've never seen outside the taproom. The beer is as spectacular as you'd expect. The food - those were giant, fatty chunks of brisket and paired perfectly with just about anything desirable. In short, I want to go back. Only complaint is that I was hoping for 5oz pours of a couple of barrel aged beers and they only brought 2.5oz pours. Given that I had to drive, not the worst thing.“
WestCoastHawkeye 42 days ago
88 /100 921 PEARL ST.
“So ... it's an Oskar Blues taproom. That means tons of good beer, some stuff you don't see elsewhere, and for some reason a ton of Cigar City club bottles. And there's some pretty solid Carolina BBQ food besides. If Ratebeer were still a big thing in the USA, this place would be in the 90s.“
WestCoastHawkeye 70 days ago
82 /100 4699 NAUTILUS CT S
“I haven't had an Asher beer in years and this was my first time visiting the taproom. The quality has certainly improved. The coffee blonde ale was particularly tasty. This is located in a weird pocket of Boulder where a few businesses are starting to pop up in warehouse complexes off the highway. Avery is easy walking distance from here and Finkle & Garf is maybe two miles north. Asher's taproom has a small bar and a couple side rooms with bar games. The non-functional Sega Dreamcast and PS3 were quite the tease. There's a little patio out front. I'm shocked this place stays open til midnight but there seemed to be some locals hanging around late. Pretty cool little spot.“
NachlamSie 529 days ago
88 /100 2319 ARAPAHOE AVENUE
“Visited just after opening on Saturday, I believe I was the only guest. Came in from the back parking lot, looks bit weird from there. Seemed like a big place with separate rooms, I've stayed at the bar. Friendly service. Extensive tap list, everyone should be able to find something for themselves. Had Logsdon and Weldwerks IPA which were quite good. Well worth visiting.“
Iznogud 537 days ago
76 /100 1600 38TH STREET, SUITE 100
“Visited during lunch, lots of people here so we waited a couple of minutes for a table. Fresh brewpub, decent food.“
Kristophe 867 days ago
86 /100 4910 NAUTILUS CT
“Awesome spot outside of town. Maybe 30-40 of their own taps, good range of choices. Service was solid. I think there are three different drinking areas to choose from, and you can grab a beer and wander around the upper loft area of the brewery. Pretty cool!“
rejtable 907 days ago
88 /100 2319 ARAPAHOE AVENUE
“Top notch spot in Boulder! Tons of taps with all the range and seemingly no filler. Service was great, lively bar area. Pizza was really good as well.“
rejtable 907 days ago
78 /100 607 S BROADWAY
“Second and final stop with Mr and Mrs. @@ron. This is a suburbian mall outpost of Mountain Sun; definitely a bit of a chain brewpub feel to it, but not terrible. Busy on Saturday afternoon. Sample sized pours of everything available, order as you go which is cool. We did not order food, but somehow ended up with a basked of fries that were solid (and free). I liked all four beers I tried, which is a good sign indeed.“
bytemesis 949 days ago
92 /100 4910 NAUTILUS CT
“Checked this place out with @@aron and his wife on a Saturday - day after his PhD defense! Way to go @@ron! This is solid place, busy as heck, but plenty of seating, both inside and out. Order at the bar unless you are at a table; then you get waitress service. Half pours available. Bar food seemed about average. What is awesome is the number of BA and otherwise special beers on tap at any given time here. This is a real treat for the ticker. Only problem is that Avery LOVES high ABV -- you need to be careful when you visit this place.“
bytemesis 949 days ago
86 /100 2319 ARAPAHOE AVENUE
“Two stops here during my visit. Both times we enjoyed good food and good service. This is a pretty large place with several rooms and plenty of parking. Tap list was quite impressive. I stayed away from some of the delicate imports, so I can't comment on 3fourths earlier note. Really extensive bottle list; nothing super crazy on it, but the prices were impressive, frequently only a couple bucks over retail for on-site consumption. Half pours available; did not ask about flights.“
bytemesis 955 days ago
74 /100 1600 38TH STREET, SUITE 100
“15 minute walk from my hotel. Looking forward to it given the ratings. Doing a decent business on a Wednesday afternoon. Good number of taps with lots of styes represented. Several IPAs, which is becoming a norm. 5 oz sample sizes available as flights or singles. Helpful and friendly service. Mid afternoon happy hour prices on core beers. Beer quality was fair to middling, unfortunately.“
bytemesis 955 days ago
92 /100 4910 NAUTILUS CT
“Visited July 2016. Awesome taproom, quite a big space. Around 30 keg lines pouring, a great variety of their beers on offer. The food was great too.“
Cheeseboard 976 days ago
80 /100 1898 S FLATIRON COURT
“Stopped in recently on a Tuesday afternoon. Pleasant ambiance inside with good tunes playing, ample bar seating and scattered tables, inside and out. Great service and a large selection of draft beer, 24 total, encompassing a large range of styles. The beer here is pretty solid, with a few occasional standouts. Fair prices taboot. Worth checking out, especially if you find yourself in this industrial area of east Boulder.“
ajnepple 1064 days ago
70 /100 2500 47TH STREET, UNIT 12
“Tiny taproom with one table and three stools, located within a bicycle shop. 6 beers on tap, including 4 IPAs, a rauchbier and a stout. Pretty solid stuff all around. Friendly service and good tunes inside. Worth a visit, especially if you're heading to VisionQuest, which is right around the corner.“
ajnepple 1074 days ago
82 /100 2510 47TH ST. UNIT A2
“Small taproom connected to a homebrew store. Pleasant ambiance, good tunes and friendly pups running around. Good service with a selection of 9-10 beers, including 4 IPAs, 2-3 sours, 2 dark beers and an amber lager. All the beers I tried were solid, with a few standouts. Pretty cool little spot, with Kettle and Spoke just around the corner.“
ajnepple 1076 days ago
8 /100 2880 WILDERNESS PL
“Worst beers in Boulder and the food here is questionable at best. Better off checking out Avery, Upslope, Mountain Sun or Twisted Pine any day.“
theeargus 1153 days ago
84 /100 1600 38TH STREET, SUITE 100
“IN a building by itself in a more industrial part of town. Large tap room, big three sided bar area, modern design. Food is available but I didn't have any. Good selection of their beer with some unique styles and interpretations, as well as some great guest taps. Had a great selection of bourbon also.“
bigtaster 1163 days ago
84 /100 4910 NAUTILUS CT
“Nice, huge place with a ton of Avery beers on tap, including most of their highest rated. Most things here are available in sample sized 4 oz drafts, and there is lots of stuff I don't see much on the east coast. Some of their better stuff is quite expensive - even more than I get it on tap in Washington D.C. in some cases. For the Denver area, this place was the most expensive. ($9 for a 4oz pour of one of their barrel-aged sours!). Outdoor patio is beautiful in summer.“
solidfunk 1227 days ago
56 /100 4699 NAUTILUS CT S
“This place is close to Avery and has friendly enough bartenders, but that's about all that it has going for it. The beers are not good, and the place itself is a little dark and uninviting. Flight of 10 costs about $17.“
solidfunk 1227 days ago
78 /100 4910 NAUTILUS CT
“New bigger location since my last visit. I keep wanting them to be one of my favorite breweries, and while good, they keep falling just short. They did have a BIG selection of quality beers. We sat outside and had good service. Slightly expensive but tasty grub. Lots of high gravity stuff, so beware.“
slowrunner77 1238 days ago
78 /100 3201 WALNUT ST, STE A
“sat outside on the large patio and had a surprisingly good flight of beers and good food. Prices and service solid.“
slowrunner77 1238 days ago
70 /100 1125 PEARL ST
“Fun place. Didn't try the food but the beers were solid and the staff was friendly.“
ilovedarkbeer 1240 days ago
72 /100 1535 PEARL ST
“Small place. Stopped in for lunch. Interior is humble, waitstaff was laid back and friendly. Food was good, beer were surprisingly good.“
ilovedarkbeer 1246 days ago
80 /100 4910 NAUTILUS CT
“Sat on the patio and never went inside so not really sure of the vibe. BBQ sandwhich was solid. Good selection of beer on tap.“
ilovedarkbeer 1246 days ago
88 /100 4910 NAUTILUS CT
“Dog friendly patio. Outstanding beer selection. Friendly servers. Great service. Good food. Possibly the best French fries I’ve ever had.“
sjohnny 1298 days ago
“Nice large well lit tasting room in an industrial park on the north side of Boulder. Service is fast friendly and knowledgeable. They have about 12 beers on tap in a variety of styles. Prices are fair and reasonable. Worth checking out and Vindication brewing is right down the road.“
Ratman197 1302 days ago
66 /100 1898 S FLATIRON COURT
“Industrial taproom in an industrial part of Boulder. Not the greatest vibe, nor the greatest vibe by staff. Solid lineup of beers but nothing that made me want to do more than samples of. Couple of food trucks outside and not much else. Beers lacked for what else is available in the area.“
fletchfighters 1317 days ago
82 /100 4910 NAUTILUS CT
“Huge new facility right outside Boulder. Family friendly for sure. Inside and out, there was plenty of space. 30 taps upstairs and downstairs with beers you will recognize and a lot of taproom only/one offs. Food was all above average. Very nice selection of schwag as well. Not much character here, like their old location had, but that is hard to keep when you quadruple in size. I will return, just maybe not on a hot Saturday night when everyone in the world is there.“
ck1 1318 days ago
86 /100 4910 NAUTILUS CT
“Very good looking...large brewery and taproom with outside patio and kitchen. Always crowded from what I hear...and true to form the evening I visited. The food here is very good...and definitely worth having...even the snacks. As for the less than 30 taps! Many styles represented...didn’t seem to be geared more towards hoppy or malty...if anything...maybe a few more sours, gose, saisons than I expected (but I am a hop head after!). Two of us did 4 flights plus a couple of extras and managed to sample about 20 beers. I have to say...when purchasing beer back east...Avery is not one of my usual choices...nothing wrong with the beer...but at least regarding their distributed offerings...nothing special either. With 30 beers at the taproom’s hard not to find some choices you like. There were actually 12 of 30 beers clocking in at 9.4% or higher (10 over 10%!). The two of us shared several of the bigger ones...including beers registering at 18.6 & 18.8%! Avery is definitely a great place to experience a variety new and different styles and recipes. They should be on any Denver craftbeer tour.“
PRBeer 1320 days ago
58 /100 4699 NAUTILUS CT S
“Small well lit taproom a couple blocks from Avery, generally full of Boulder snowflakes. Service is okay but can be a bit slow when the beertenders are shooting the shit with their friends. Selection is average with around 8 "organic" beers (whatever that means, if it ain’t organic you couldn’t digest it). Prices are decent and they do give an AHA discount. Might be worth poking your head in if you’re at Avery, but I wouldn’t make a special trip.“
Ratman197 1371 days ago
90 /100 4910 NAUTILUS CT
“Large 2 story brewery with a restaurant upstairs with 30 taps all Avery as well as a taproom downstairs with the same 30 taps. They occasionally open a back bar 8n the mezzanine with 6 to 8 rarieties. They food is tasty and well made, but a tad on the pricey side but hey it’s in the PRB so you have to expect that. Service is fast and friendly and everyone is knowledgeable about beer. Worth the time to visit!“
Ratman197 1434 days ago
76 /100 2500 47TH STREET, UNIT 12
“Small little taproom in a bicycle shop. The srevice was great and the beertender was friendly. Only 5 beers on tap so the selection is a bit weak. Prices were reasonable. Just a couple blocks from Vision Quest so it’s cool to hit both of them!“
Ratman197 1437 days ago
88 /100 2510 47TH ST. UNIT A2
“Nice taproom with around 12 beers on always different. Service is great. Prices are good, well worth looking for.“
Ratman197 1438 days ago
60 /100 1710 29TH ST
“Bizarre. Totally ghetto, basically a cargo container outside in the middle of 29th street mall, up the stairs from the theater. No indoor seating, just some heat lamps that weren’t doing much of anything on my visit (unpleasant sitting still with temps in the low/mid-40s, can’t imagine coming here when it’s any colder). Presumably they will close in the winter (???), because it would be miserable here in 20s or even 30s, and good luck smelling or tasting anything at those temps anyway. Decent enough selection of taps, though, including some things I’ve not seen around here before (like Hoppin’ Frog TORIS), so it’d be worth a visit for some ticks, but only on warm days.“
Ernest 1523 days ago
94 /100 4910 NAUTILUS CT
“One of the best brewery visits for me, maybe the best. Visited on GABF weekend and they had 13 special aged beers available + the normal 30 beers on tap. Flight size servings available. Amazing beers, great service and nice atmosphere. Absolutely amazing. Definitely worth a visit.“
rosenbergh 1559 days ago
62 /100 1690 28TH STREET
“Huge restaurant. 8 samplers. Friendly servants who did not know their beers. Excellent food at fair prices although I ordered sirloin and got ribbeye.“
Skinnyviking 1562 days ago
74 /100 1125 PEARL ST
“Long bar with metal tables. High chairs that can be turned. Friendly knowledged staff. 14 taps. 16 bottles. Brewing tanks can be seeen. Some of them are in 3rd floor. Service also in 2nd floor. Outdoor service. We did not eat.“
Skinnyviking 1562 days ago
74 /100 1600 38TH STREET, SUITE 100
“Bar in the middle. Tables and booths at 3 sides, brewery behind a glass wall on 4th. 5 taps with own beer, 19 colloboration taps, 5 guest + cider taps. Liquor and wine also available.“
Skinnyviking 1563 days ago
52 /100 1535 PEARL ST
“Bar with bar chairs. Outdoor service. Food served. Did not have any. Many small tables. Young waitresses. 21 taps. Noisy. Slow service. Fair prices.“
Skinnyviking 1565 days ago
84 /100 1898 S FLATIRON COURT
“Maybe it was the beautiful day or the fact it was packed yet the service was fine and I enjoyed my beer. I admit it was a "one and done" affair and maybe I ordered the one beer I would enjoy, But I enjoyed it. If ever I get to go back, perhaps I might change my tune.“
fly 1569 days ago
90 /100 4910 NAUTILUS CT
“Cannot understand how I missed rating this/them when I first visited probably a decade or more ago. Any that visited the former brewery and this one know how huge the change is. What a BEAUTIFUL place. I met Adam and his dad back when. This time I ran into a guy that was my roommate on a superb European trip by coincidence (He is a west coast beer rep) and as we were talking Adam Avery walked in and one of his crew was chatting him up, but it was a crazed GABF moment and he had to run. I am not always enamored of every beer, but quite impressed with what they have done. If in Boulder, worth a visit.“
fly 1569 days ago
78 /100 1600 38TH STREET, SUITE 100
“Pretty quiet late on a Sunday evening. Big space, and well designed bar and restaurant space. The servers were friendly and prompt. The tap list is seemingly endless, with a wide variety of styles. The food we had was excellent. The food is a little pricey, but the beer is very well well priced. This spot is nailing it! Good beer, good food, good vibe, and fun atmosphere.“
GTAEgeek 1591 days ago
70 /100 2775 VALMONT RD
“Food trucks, corn hole, picnic tables, and 30 taps from the inside bar that cover a narrow range of US craft styles. About half of their list is adulterated beer (fruit juice, chocolate, sage, watermelon, spices, juniper, etc.), no lagers, and only one honest Belgian-style (River North Farmhouse). I like that it’s close to home, I like the Mexican family taco truck, and I like the outdoor space, but the beer menu could use more variety. There’s table service on the patio, but be careful that what you’re served is actually what you ordered. Twice now I’ve been given the wrong beer, and a co-worker clearly asking for two samples was brought two full pints. Hopefully with time we will see the service kinks worked out and more thought put into the beer selection.“
3fourths 1624 days ago
76 /100 1600 38TH STREET, SUITE 100
“This place is very good. Lots of taps, including guest taps. Small pours available individually at pro-rata pricing. Cool as shit. Chill vibe, very good service. Thumbs up.“
BVery 1625 days ago
56 /100 6880 WINCHESTER CT, UNIT F
“How about a free taster flight of everything? Fuck yeah. Beers were okay at best. Chill vibe. 7 beers on today. Pretty cool.“
BVery 1625 days ago
96 /100 4910 NAUTILUS CT
“This place is sick. 30 taps, individually priced small pours. Taproom only beers, sours, cool stuff. Great vibe, awesome facility. Amazing place! This is one of my favorite beer places on the planet, and I’ve been to a bunch.“
BVery 1625 days ago
76 /100 1535 PEARL ST
“Visited later evening on a Tuesday. Located just off the Pearl Street mall, sort of a small pocket building. Big open narrow space, with a busy, crowded bar at the back. The back bar is where you get your beer, then there are tables throughout the room, and a narrow sidewalk patio out front. 15 house beers on offer, fun variety of styles. Friendly efficient service, and a fun happy crowd. I enjoyed my stop.

76 = ★★★ (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1631 days ago
76 /100 1125 PEARL ST
“Visited later evening on a Tuesday. Located in the busy part of Pearl Street mall. Tables outside, along with a few restaurant seats up front. Bigger bar area in back, squeezed in around the brewery. Selection is 11 house beers along with 2 guests and a small variety of bottles. Beers are available as half or full pints for most of the house beers. Solid, knowledgeable service. Cool loft area up top in the middle. Good crowd, would be a great patio to hang out on and watch Pearl Street stroll by.

76 = ★★★ (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1631 days ago
76 /100 1535 PEARL ST
“Very Colorado with lots of "awesomes" from the staff. Decent beers, good vegetarian food. Something feels a bit chain-like, but it was a great start to our Colorado vacation.“
GJF 1679 days ago