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80 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“June of 2019. The beer was good, but the food was quite excellent. We were rafting all day, got a little cold and we were warming up. So the beer cheese soup was one of the best ever. I want to go back“
randy1969 625 days ago
76 /100 130 S. MAIN ST.
“First stop for a night out during a bachelor party. Smaller place, with a nice, well stocked bar. Good, lively vibe, but not raucous. The bartenders were very friendly and efficient, and knew their tap list. Quality spread of beers on tap, plus some fun bottles and can. The prices are high, but not egregious for the area. Excellent bar. I'd highly recommend it, if you need a good beer on tap in Breckenridge.“
GTAEgeek 826 days ago
64 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“Visited most recently for dinner on a Tuesday, though over the years I have been to this place many times. Neat old building with several smaller rooms of tables as well as a decent sized bar in the center of the restaurant. Beer selection is all Breckenridge and ranges from standard (now AB) lineup to more interesting brewed on site seasonal and specials. Service is efficient. I have always enjoyed the food here.

64 = ** (Just ok)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1026 days ago
82 /100 130 S. MAIN ST.
“Visited after dinner for drinks with friends on a Thursday. Located in the heart of Breckenridge on Main Street - parking is on the street. Bare bones bar setup with a long bar, and smaller tables down the side wall. Order at the bar. Beer selection was 36 beers when I visited and it was a pretty incredible selection. I had a Jack’s Abby IPL and I can tell you I was not expecting to find that on the Main Street of Breckenridge. Service was great, really chill vibe. Drink menu was stellar as well. If you are out drinking in Breckenridge, this is a must stop.

82 = ***½ (Solid place, near the top of the list for locals and visitors)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1026 days ago
70 /100
The Canteen (Restaurant)
208 N. MAIN ST.
“Visited for dinner on a Wednesday. Central Breckenridge location right on Main Street. Small parking lot in front of restaurant, or paid street parking. Bar area on first floor, with a small number of tables, restaurant seating is upstairs in a cozy room. Beer selection was a lot of Colorado craft, with some nice seasonal and special offerings. Service was great, food was very tasty. OpenTable reservations recommended unless you want to just hang at the bar. Great place to grab a beer and bite in Breckenridge.

70 = **½ (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1026 days ago
“It's been three years since first visiting this place, and things have definitely improved, even though they were already quite good to begin with. They've rearranged and enlarged the pub area inside AND created two outdoor areas as well (to the side and in the back). So while I was daunted upon arriving to find that I had to use their "overflow" gravel parking area (and even that was almost full), there was still plenty of room for an anti-social bloke like me to feel shouting so the bartender could hear, no waiting for long periods to get beer (despite only one bartender!!!), friendly dogs galore wandering around, people throwing darts, etc. And the bar itself is larger than when I first visited, seating around a dozen folks comfortably now, along with several tables and upended barrels, and more and more seating outside. But it's about the beer...and this is one of the best breweries in Colorado IMHO. I got tasters of 3 things this time, and what in tarnation...all 3 were very good! And one was a lager! That's unheard of in this country, at least for picky bastards like me. A few things are available to go in bombers and 12oz cans, and you can of course get 32oz and 64oz growlers of anything on tap. All that said, it does seem kind of expensive for the to-go convenience (I'm paranoid about drinking and driving). Two bombers (Irish Red and Coconut Porter) plus a 32oz growler of Czech Pils (empty growler itself was $5) plus 3 little tasters = $63 after a 20% tip. Yikes. But, honestly...I can't complain when the beer quality is high 3s to low 4s, and in some cases they're hitting that level.“
Ernest 1201 days ago
“Smaller sized brewery about 2 miles north of downtown Breck. Good service behind the bar and a solid selection of about 13 beers, encompassing a wide range of styles. Their Coconut Porter is probably their most popular, and rightly so. Probably my favorite stop in Summit County.“
ajnepple 1380 days ago
“Probably the best place to buy beer in Breck. Smaller store, but more bombers and limited selection than City Liquors. Nice, friendly service and convenient location next to the market.“
ajnepple 1602 days ago
58 /100
City Liquors (Beer Store)
“Small store close to City Market. Typical ambiance, minimal service and a fairly standard selection (for Colorado). Ended up grabbing a 6er from Odd13. Breckenridge Market & Liquor is a little better.“
ajnepple 1602 days ago
82 /100 111 S MAIN ST
“This is a classic sports bar with an arcade in the middle of town. It’s an ideal place to catch the game and drink a good beer. TVs are all over every wall. The beer list is pretty extensive, but fairly safe at the same time. Only three of the taps were labeled as rotating. Still, it’s easy to find a good local beer to drink. They are known for their pizza, which looks like Colorado-style. I wanted to have that, but we were unfortunately not equipped to transport leftovers. I made a poor choice with chicken tenders which I really shouldn’t order from basically anywhere and Eric’s is no exception. But we had a good time playing some games with a Broken Compass beer in hand.“
NachlamSie 1690 days ago
“The beer scene in Breckenridge would be noticeably more sparse without Broken Compass around. I’ve only had a couple beers from them but they were really solid. The taproom is on the north end of town, easily reached by the free shuttle. They nailed the ski-town ambiance without being hokey. We were visiting right as winter season was ending, so the whole town was quiet but I could see how this medium-sized tasting room could get packed during peak season. A good variety of beers were on, they avoided keeping the beer list too basic or letting it be dominated by IPAs. Plenty of $5 pours were on, which is nice. Things can get pricey sometimes around these parts. I’d highly recommend stopping here if in town.“
NachlamSie 1690 days ago
52 /100
Empire Burger (Restaurant)
“Stopped in here for dinner. The bartender and servers were friendly and prompt, despite the heavy crowd. The taps and bottles are uninspired, but they do have a few interesting things. Their flagship beer is Cerveza Imperial, for some reason. The burgers are very good. The beer and food prices are surprisingly reasonable. This is a fun place, but hardly a beer destination.“
GTAEgeek 1772 days ago
“Happened by this place after dinner, and decided to pick up a few bottles. Cramped store, attached to a grocery store. The beer is all in coolers, and in the back. The single employee was no help, but quick and efficient, and friendly enough. Very reasonable prices, considering the touristy locale. You could do much worse than this place.“
GTAEgeek 1772 days ago
100 /100 130 S. MAIN ST.
“Love love love Apres!! Best beer selection in Breckenridge!! More small-batch and craft whiskey than you will know what to do with! And the handcrafted cocktails are to die for! This is a must stop for apres-skiing or any time your are in Breckenridge!!“
ApresLibations 1913 days ago
“Stopped by here on a Saturday afternoon. In a very industrial area just north of Breckenridge. Parking is limited, but the street was lined with cars. Small, ski themed bar, and this place was packed to overflowing. Dogs are allowed, and they were everywhere. The bartender spotted me surprisingly quickly, and got me sorted out amid the chaos. Pretty good list, and covered the standard range of craft beers, from Hefe and Helles to three kinds of stout. $5 to $8 pints, with premade flights for $14 for 6, or make your own for $3/beer. Fun stop, and tasty beer. The dogs were kinda obnoxious and underfoot, but I can see how it would be a nice perk to bring your dog to a brewery.“
GTAEgeek 2053 days ago
60 /100
City Liquors (Beer Store)
“Actually a nice selection and was able to pick up some BA Deschutes brews while in town. Worth a stop.“
BMMillsy 2144 days ago
64 /100 111 S MAIN ST
“Visited for a beer after lunch on a Monday. I have been coming to Eric’s for about 20 years, and it really hasn’t changed all that much. It’s downstairs (not just a clever name) right off main and features an arcade area, as well as rooms that are restaurant and bar. Service and food are always solid, and the beer selection is pretty good for Breckenridge. Nothing all that out there when I visited, though plenty of solid options from Breckenridge, Broken Compass, Dam, etc.

64 = ★★ (Just ok)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 2308 days ago
“Modern ski-bum garage / corporate park ambiance on the outskirts of Breckenridge. A dozen mostly Anglo-American styles on tap, flights of varying sizes available, as well as individual 4oz pours. The IPA and Ginger Pale were surprisingly good, each worth another glass if we weren’t driving. Probably the most interesting beer in Summit County at the moment.“
3fourths 2347 days ago
“Visited on a Friday afternoon. Located in an Industrial Park right by Colorado Mountain College, near Breckenridge. There is a lot in front of the industrial park, though it was pretty tight on a Friday at 4:30pm. 11 taps of their own beer on, with a nice mix of styles. The tasting room itself is pretty cramped, though everyone is friendly so it’s a fun atmosphere. There is a dart board right as you enter. The service was knowledgeable and mountain friendly. Good vibe, fun place, certainly worth hitting if you are in the area.

76 = ★★★ (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 2497 days ago
“A new brewery in Breckenridge with far better beers than the older brewery in town. Basic teasing room located in the industrial area of Breck. Good bluegrass playing creating a mellow vibe.“
Iphonephan 2499 days ago
84 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“Cool brewpub in Brekenridge. Ski pub atomism here with friendly service. Happy hour is awesome and the appetizers are huge. The jalapeños were enough for a meal for the three of us.“
Salmoniform 2620 days ago
54 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“I have to say I was really disappointed with my visit here. The outside looked very nice with flower boxes and brick. The inside was kind of run down and generic sports-bar like. I sat at the bar and at first the person was on the ball then she disappeared. They have a decent selection of house brews. The food was mediocre at best. The lamb was underdone, but I was in a hurry so I just ate it. On top of that it was fairly pricey.“
tia 2639 days ago
64 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“Brewpub on Main St in Breckenridge. Style was pretty generic, but it did have a pretty nice bar just in front of their brewing equipment. Service was nice and attentive. Handful of beers available, but most were just okay. The speciality beers they brewed in house were definitely the weakest of the bunch. Food was pretty good with a variety of options. Prices were a little high, but that’s to be expected in downtown Breckenridge. Okay place, but not one I’m interested in going back to.“
sonnycheeba 2879 days ago
62 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“Stopped by on a ticking trip with some other Ratebeerians. The bar area is kinda nice and the view of the mountains from the brewpub is spectacular. The beers on offer were far from spectacular though I have to say and I know that Breckenridge have brewed better than this. The food was dreadful. Most of what I had was full of fat and the fries were covered in salt. I managed to eat my burger and only a few fries. It made me Ill for a good 24 hours after I left. Breckenridge is a lovely town but I won’t go our of my way to visit the brewpub again. The wifi signal was fine in the bar area but was extremely poor in some other parts of the pub.“
jmgreenuk 2977 days ago
60 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“Visited at 5 PM on a Thursday in August. Not busy. Enjoyed an outdoor table and ordered the flight of all 8 of their beers on tap - about half of which I had had before. Most of the beers are pretty mediocre. Service was fine. Only had some artichoke dip, so cannot comment on their food. More of an apres ski joint than a beer destination.Doubt I will be back. I did come back with some ratebeerians looking for new beers. Had 4 more beers. Just ok. Food was nothing special. Place looks like it could use a serious cleaning.“
Iphonephan 3050 days ago
48 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“Breckenridge makes some good beers. You just won’t find them at the brewpub here. Catering to tourists, the place gets mighty crowded. Food is pretty good with some nice views outside if you’re lucky enough to get a seat. Inside is loud. Available beers are the core set of Breck beers. Nothing special or any of their rarer stuff. It’s the only brewery/brewpub in Breckenridge, so if you want that, then head over. You’re probably better off finding other locals at a nearby restaurant, though.“
brooker 3087 days ago
52 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“Visited GABF weekend. Large sampler of all of the beers available for $12.00 The food was only ok, cafeteria food quality. Salads were a a ridiculous $14. Ambiance is probably better at night, the brewpub does not appear to be very clean. Service was friendly, if a little slow.“
JK 3262 days ago
64 /100
City Liquors (Beer Store)
“Located next to the City Market. There are about four places you can buy beer in Breckenridge, and this place generally has the best selection. They generally carry local microbrews from Backcountry, DIllon Dam, and Crazy Mountain. They are lighter on the front range beers, generally only carrying the larger national brands. The big drawback is there is no mix a six or single selection to speak of. Service is friendly. Though this is your best option in Breck, you are still better off shopping in Frisco or Dillon.“
theisti 3407 days ago
26 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“Stopped in for lunch when I was in Breckenridge with my family. They tucked us back in a corner away from everyone else. Our table was right next to a bussing station where employees congregated to complain. There was an open breaker panel accessible to my 2 kids on the wall next to us.. The place was very dirty and could tell the floor was not swept in between us and the last guest. The walls were covered in filth and could tell it had been a long time since the restaurant had been cleaned. The server did not even know what beers they brewed. I asked if they happened to have any of their Well Built at this location and she had no idea what I was talking about. I ended up with a Brown Ale, which was okay, but nothing else was good. The food was absolutely terrible and overpriced for what you got. My burger was comparable to what you would get at the local dive bar, and my wife had a $16 salad that was served with visibly rotten grapes.... I would maybe recommend someone to stop in for a fresh tap brew, but that is it. The food and service is terrible!“
robloc303 3417 days ago
68 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“The only brewery in Breck. They offer all of their year-round brews and a couple small batch selections, as well. The service was excellent and the value is pretty good. During happy hour pints are $2.50-$3.00. They offer flights, which is pretty cool, but I echo what most people have said. This place can get crazy busy so go here earlier, and during the off-season. Nothing special, but a good stop if you’re in the area.“
Steve_0 3439 days ago
82 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“Very packed, great nachos. We went on my boyfriends 21st birthday and got to sit on the upper level which was overlooking everything, so pretty cool. It was very loud, but it you have the opportunity to visit it’s worth it.“
hazelton 3441 days ago
40 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“One of my least favorite places I’ve been in CO. It is the only brewpub in the small town of breckenridge with lots of people on vacation not eating in and wanting to go out so it gets packed at nights, fri and sat horrible, expect to wait for 1 1/2 hours, very common. Food is extremely subpar and overpriced. Fajitas expensive, looked like they just microwaved some chicken with raw peppers / onions, not even sauteed. Beer, well, it’s decent. Anyone who thinks its great hasn’t drank alot of craft beer. Actually some of it is straight up bad. Service strained, unfriendly (they don’t need to be, this place will get business regardless given its location). Overall avoid - but if you’re in breckenridge and want a beer you don’t have much of a choice.“
tennessejed420 3891 days ago
48 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“Fun place to go in Breck for handcrafted beers. It’s the only brewery in town and carries some tasty surprises. I sat at the bar and the bartender gave a few taste samples to us. Vanilla porter and agave wheat were excellent. Go here after a day on the slopes and the beer will surely warm you up!“
Clanallan 3899 days ago
94 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“First, the beer is great! Being there when they have just tapped a brand new batch of vanilla Porter or 471 IPA is fantastic! No brew pub should have bad beer. The atmosphere is great, with the best views of any brewpub that I have visited. The food is good, and extremely reasonably priced *for a mountain town*. The staff can be a little slow, but so what? If you are there, you are on vacation; slow down and get into mountain time. If you are in a hurry and want chain restaurant efficiency, speed of service, and complete lack of soul then head over to Dillon-they have a Ruby Tuesday’s that will be right up your alley.“
HalfCockedJack 3936 days ago
78 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“cheap beer after a day on the mountain! count me in. And it tastes good too, even better! The beer is great here and they have a wide selection too.“
ssb2much 3967 days ago
50 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“what you would expect from a ski town: a highly popular "beer place" that offers sub-mediocre beer and an atmosphere best compared to a stale family steakhouse.“
3fourths 3997 days ago
66 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“Food is pricey! Beer is good and service is bad“
beerstars 4009 days ago
88 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“Good brewpub. Good beer.“
lena57 4026 days ago
70 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“Ate lunch and had some beers here. Nice clean place with a kind of rustic Colorado feel. Service was good. Decent selection. Food was typical brew pub fare. Some beers were better than others but all were pretty solid. Worth a visit.“
savnac 4201 days ago
74 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“The food was great but the service was not! The wheat brew is wonderful! Must stop here when in town. Pricey for a brewpub, but its a resort town.“
thelady 4576 days ago
58 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“Went for lunch during ski season. The food was pretty good, actually, the people I was with said it was some of the best they ever had. The service was just okay. It wasn’t crowded when I went there but based on the configuration of the tables, I bet they stack people like cordwood at peak hours. The beer is of course, awesome.“
mcc5468 4672 days ago
68 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“Comfortably tight with tall ceilings and good lighting. The service was quick and friendly. The beer selection was decent with 7 choices. The food was good quality tasty pub grub. The value was great as it was happy hour when we showed up ($2 pints, $6 pitchers and half price appitizers. Well worth checking out!“
Ratman197 4839 days ago
62 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“My son and have been going here for about 5 years during our summer trips to CO. This place is very consistent but leaves a bit to be desired. My son’s pasta dish was very bland-it had to be sent back. I had Buffalo meatloaf-very tasty. The beers are very standard and there has never been anything off the charts here for beer. Too bad with the name recognition they couldn’t brew some one-offs or venture out a bit. OK for a once-in-a-year visit but don’t go out of your way to visit here.“
bleeng 4853 days ago
48 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“The location across from Coors Field has this one beat hands down. A stuffy restaurant tucked in a ski town with half the beer selection of Denver and not so good food.“
BeerandBlues2 5040 days ago
80 /100 600 S MAIN ST
“01/2006 Went on a ski trip, came here on a monday, girls drink free, guys $1 pints, had some great beer like Avalanche. This place was going on. Pool tables and lots of ski stuff.“
hombrepalo 5131 days ago
76 /100
Quandary Grille (Restaurant)
“Great little place at the heart of Breck. Sit outside and enjoy the scenery. During the winter I found myself enjoying ski wrecks. During the summer I enjoyed the landscape. Check out their site for the view. Pretty good food. Beer selection isn’t huge. But I found Fat Tire and Titan on tap. Service is excellent.“
performula 5160 days ago
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