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86 /100 8855 W. 116TH CIRCLE SUITE 4
“Big sprawling place in an out of the way area. 24 taps, many different styles. I have long been a fan of 4 noses. They are just so consistent to me. It is a bit of a pain to get to, but I highly recommend this place. I would visit again.“
coachd 121 days ago
“A nice big rustic restaurant with lots of wood. They have a big tap list, but nothing too crazy, but I did find 1 beer I haven't had yet. The service is good and friendly. The food was good.“
Sledutah 505 days ago
76 /100 8855 W. 116TH CIRCLE SUITE 4
“Met friends here right after work on a Monday. Located in a light industrial office park just off US-36 in Broomfield. Parking is in a decent sized lot as well as on the road. Nice open design to the place with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. 14 house beers on draft, with a nice mix of styles. I had a tasty Zwickel and a great IPA. Service was friendly and quick. As others mentioned, nice level is pretty high here, even on a fairly quiet Monday. (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1330 days ago
64 /100 8855 W. 116TH CIRCLE SUITE 4
“First stop on Thursday evening. Odd location in a business center. Pretty busy. A tad antiseptic inside. Dog policy still going strong - there must have been 8 or nine of them in the place. I don't mind dogs, but the acoustics of this place are terrible. High noise environment, and every time a dog barked, which was often, it was piercingly loud. Service was decent given how busy it was, not exceptional, but adequate. Beer quality was not good. THey had a number of NE IPA's which made my friend happy, but the ones I tried were muddled and sharp. The berliner was more or less the same, a bit soapy. The best thing I tried was the Serrano Pale Ale, which had a healthy pepper bite that I imagine hides a lot of flaws. Overall unimpressed.“
bytemesis 1691 days ago
78 /100 11625 REED COURT, UNIT B
“Pleasant ambiance and friendly service at the bar with a patio on the side. A mostly industrialized location just down the road from Nighthawk. About 10 beers on tap and flights of 5 avaialable for $9 ($4.50 on Fridays). Good value and solid beers here.“
ajnepple 1792 days ago
72 /100 5450 W 120TH AVE.
“Large taproom, with friendly bartenders. Selection is average for the days with around 12 beer available in a variety of styles. They do offer an AHA discount. Worth checking out, no matter what MJ says.??“
Ratman197 1819 days ago
78 /100 8855 W. 116TH CIRCLE SUITE 4
“Late afternoon on a Saturday and the place was packed. Seemed like the place to go in this area. Very impressive building and interior. Both selections I tried were decent. Think 15 of their beers on tap. Decent sized outside space. Fairly noisy. Decent upscale brewpub.“
RobertDale 2004 days ago
84 /100 8855 W. 116TH CIRCLE SUITE 4
“Great beer selection with many styles including 2 imperial stouts which are usually hard to find in summer. Friendly and well informed staff, impressive space. Good brewery even by Colorado standards.“
mcrowther 2041 days ago
86 /100 11625 REED COURT, UNIT B
“Nice large well lit taproom with around 10 beers on tap. Service was great and they knew the beer. Prices are reasonable and they do AHA discount. A bit out of the way but worth a visit!“
Ratman197 2177 days ago
58 /100 8855 W. 116TH CIRCLE SUITE 4
“Like everywhere else on this trip, 4 Noses was a recommendation since we were going to the 1st Bank Center which is just a few blocks away. Nice new modern brewery but honestly it lacked character in my opinion. Huge place with a long bar and tons of high top tables. The place was pretty packed the night we arrived so that was cool. They do allow dogs in the place and while we where there two kept growling at each other. I would expect their open dog policy to change eventually. As for the beer I thought it was just ok. Lots to choose from but honestly they all tasted the same to me, same characteristics. Just didn’t get a warm fuzzy feeling from this place and only average beer didn’t win me over.“
HippieFee 2208 days ago
“Pretty awesome hotel bar focused on local craft beer. 26 craft taps. Flights available. Very cool vibe. Good service. This is quite solid.“
BVery 2361 days ago
90 /100 8855 W. 116TH CIRCLE SUITE 4
“4 Noses is located in an otherwise quiet business plaza with very little else around. On a Thursday evening, this place was absolutely slammed. I still had no trouble getting a beer at the bar but there was not a single empty table or bar spot. Luckily they have some extensive standing room on the patio. I’ve had a few really good beers from 4 Noses at other beer bars so I was looking forward to visiting the tap room. The two I tried here were no exception. They had a ton of stuff on tap, mostly hoppy styles. If you’re okay with an isolated, bustling tap room in Broomfield pouring some excellent beer, then you should visit 4 Noses.“
NachlamSie 2386 days ago
78 /100 8855 W. 116TH CIRCLE SUITE 4
“(Visited 03/2015): Four Noses is located in a shopping plaza in Bloomfield not too far from the turnpike on 116th. There is a parking lot in front of the building.

Large patio with nice views outside. Inside is a large and open space with hightop tables and a long bar along the rear. Woven wood staves adorn the walls and ceilings, and large windows let in a lot of light. There are hanging lights over the bar, and the beers they have on tap are on listed on hand written boards behind the bar, as well as on the windows behind which you can see the brewing operation.

The tap room has 10 beers including a couple seasonals and a cask offering. On my visit the selection included a couple IPAs (including the 3X IPA), Doppelbock, Tripel, Barley Wine and BA Imperial Stout. The beers were all above average, and flights are available. They also sell cans to go.

Service at the bar on a relatively busy Friday late afternoon was good. The bartenders were efficient and friendly, and had a good grasp of the beer menu.

Four Noses doesn’t serve food.

Overall this is an aesthetically pleasing tap room despite being in a sanitized-looking strip mall, and has solid beers. I would visit again.“
Dogbrick 2556 days ago
68 /100 7270 W 118TH PL
“(Visited 03/2015): Big Choice Brewing is located in an industrial/warehouse area of Broomfield on West 118th not too far off 36. There is street parking and a small lot next to the building.

The exterior shares the industrial feel of the neighborhood and has a small patio, and inside opens to a small tap room with a short wooden bar on the right and a few tables occupying the rest of the space. Cozy with reddish-orange walls and hanging Christmas lights. There is a board listing the available beers and wooden tap handles behind the bar.

Big Choice has 8 beers on tap, and flights are available. On my visit the selections included an ESB, a couple IPAs and Amber Ales, Black IPA and a BA Stout. The beers were all pretty average. There are also canned beers available to go in a fridge at the end of the bar, including ApreShed Winter Ale on my visit.

Service at the bar on a Friday afternoon was friendly and knowledgeable, and the staff clearly has fun at their job. They also gave us a buy one/get one card to pass along.

The tap room does not offer food.

Overall this is a very DIY and fun tap room, and I would probably visit again despite the quality of the beers not being on par with some of the better breweries in the area.“
Dogbrick 2556 days ago
70 /100 8855 W. 116TH CIRCLE SUITE 4
“(First of all, terrible effing name for a brewery) Very cool, modern space in a counterintuitively placed strip mall in one of the more bland, middle-aged, all-white suburbs of the Denver/Boulder metro - crowd was mostly 50 and over, but there were some younger folks, as well - they allow dogs inside, and there had to be at least ten of them in there on my visit - I’m sorry, I love dogs, but it was loud and unsanitary - anyway, they had a lot of beer to choose from - most of them were the typical ipas and such, but they had a few lagers (including a rauchbier) and some other interesting stuff - above-average quality - standard prices - service was a little gruff, but they were slammed so I let it go to an extent - I will definitely look for their beer on tap around town, but I’m unsure if I’ll go back to the place itself - I will say that, of I lived in Broomfield, it would certainly be a regular stop - I’d just have to get over all the dogs.“
notalush 3011 days ago
40 /100 5450 W 120TH AVE.
“Broomfield business park / shopping mall parking lot location in what used to be a church. Large outdoor patio, taco truck present on a Saturday night. Live music was ENTIRELY TOO LOUD PREVENTING ME FROM HEARING ANYTHING THAT THE BARTENDER SAID. Beer list is full of ridiculous tea, spice, fruit things, very few selections were actually "just beer". The pale ale that I tried was foul and I left shortly after arriving.“
3fourths 3039 days ago
70 /100 8855 W. 116TH CIRCLE SUITE 4
“Some serious money went into this place. High ceilinged interior, understated modern ambiance, cozy back patio, long main bar room looking through glass at the tall fermenters. Beer selection was varied though focused on Anglo-American styles. They offer two beer engines and the Session IPA from cask was in fine shape. Sadly their attempt at Helles didn’t seem serious. The location is out in the middle of prairie grassland unnecessarily repurposed into a strip mall. This is probably the only brewery in Westminster-Broomfield that I feel like revisiting“
3fourths 3039 days ago
90 /100 7270 W 118TH PL
“Big Choice is in an industrial park. The tasting room is tiny with a maximum occupancy of 21. They’ve loaded miniscule space with personality though. Big Choice loves their punk rock, as do I, and it makes for a fun atmosphere. Definitely more interesting than listening to the Eagles on repeat. There were a few regulars in that were super friendly and everyone at the bar was having conversation and a good time. The bartender was great too. I haven’t had much from Big Choice, just the poblano stout and the marzen. Both of those I really enjoyed. Neither have flaws or off flavors and are quite drinkable. The tap room had 8 taps and three cans. A food truck was here on a Wednesday cooking up some grub. I had a great time in this teeny punk rock brewery and will try to get back up here sometime.“
NachlamSie 3043 days ago
70 /100 7270 W 118TH PL
“Small warehouse style brewery in a somewhat rundown industrial park area. Inside is a nice bar and a few tables with the brewing area through the door in the back. 8 house beers on tap and I found all of them to be pretty good with the porter and winter ale tasting fantastic. No food, but two guys had pizza delivered while I was there. Nice staff. Instead of asking for tips, they just ask that you help spread the word about the brewery and give you a buy one pint get one free ticket to pass along to a friend; awesome concept!“
sonnycheeba 3670 days ago
50 /100 7270 W 118TH PL
“strange an unappealing location down the street from some junkyards and run down corners, the taproom is located inside a pre-fab sort-of commercial garage. seven taps of your typical American brewpub offerings. tried three and found none to my liking, all tasting like unclean homebrew. certainly NOT a destination worth seeking out, unless you’re intent on drinking beer you won’t enjoy.“
3fourths 3853 days ago
58 /100 7270 W 118TH PL
“Located in an industrial park in Broomfield and honestly, it’s in just about the only shitty area of Broomfield. The tap room is fairly small and could use a few more tables. The beers were mediocre, but you can get a taster tray for $4. The folks running the place seemed nice enough but I didn’t get anything too special on my first trip.

Shitters: C-
cubs 3924 days ago
64 /100 7270 W 118TH PL
“Outside it kinda looks like an industrial garage. Even getting to it takes you past some grungy area of Broomfield, dirt roads, small auto repair places, etc. But once youre inside there’s this cozy local feel to it, like a renovated garage for the neighbors to gather. Their inside space is kinda lacking, but they have some tables out front for patio drinking. Average craft beer pricing, and some ok beer. But their standout is the Red. Get yourself a pint of that bad boy.“
onceblind 3924 days ago
62 /100 1 W FLATIRON CIR
“If you like german type beers this may be a good place for sampling, assume you don’t mind the lack of pub ambiance. Went there a while ago for a class on seasonal beers, that was quite informative and entertaining.“
ILikeOl 4259 days ago
82 /100 1 W FLATIRON CIR
“This is by far my favorite chain brewery. They actually have legit German-style beers! Great Hefeweizen, Schwarzbier, and I even had an exceptional Winter Bock here. I wish I lived closer, so I could stop by regularly.

Shitters: B+
cubs 4495 days ago
68 /100 1 W FLATIRON CIR
“Expensive. But egreat food and service!“
Jlockleg 4886 days ago
50 /100 1 W FLATIRON CIR
“Not a fan of this establishment. Felt like they cared way too much about the decor and the food and not nearly enough on the beer. Highly dissapointed with my choice of eating here.“
pjbern571 4961 days ago
64 /100 1 W FLATIRON CIR
“Sizable restaurant right next to the AMC Flatirons 14 movie theater. It’s fairly classy inside, but as such I feel a little out of place when I just want to go in for a beer, dressed Boulder-casual as always. Definitely has a chain look and feel though, like Rock Bottom. The beers are always sweeter than they should be for their style, but the aromas are usually pretty authentic and attractive. Usually only one seasonal/special beer available at a given time, though. Service is usually friendly and helpful. Never eaten here, but it looks like it would at least be above average for a brewpub.“
Ernest 6329 days ago