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74 /100 926 S MAIN ST
“More of a restaurant interior, nice mural and some restaurant tables. Mainly a serving bar but there were a couple stools. Nice patio with umbrella tables. Beer was fine, food was decent.“
Travlr 406 days ago
76 /100 102 LINDERMAN AVE
“Beautiful patio, some hard covered tables and some in the sun. Nice interior, smaller than the other location. Beers are fine, flights of six. Worth a stop.“
Travlr 406 days ago
68 /100 206 E MAIN STREET
“There is not much in Buena Vista but this bar has 16 taps, and 14-15 of those are craft. One Soulcraft beer on, four or five from Elevation, and a variety of others. Wifi is available, which matters because most cell phones will not have service in Buena Vista. Food looked good. Small sidewalk seating area, music some evenings.“
JK 2097 days ago
64 /100 412 E MAIN ST
“Great mountain town vibe here. Small place with two good parioa. Ten or so taps, with a variety of styles, all quality. Around twn ciders i bottles, and several spirs and saison in bottles. This is not a large selection, and if you cannot find somethi g on tap, there is an option of buying an expensive bottle or going elsewhere. Bartender was the only staff i saw, and he was friendly. This probably the best option for craft beer in town.“
JK 2102 days ago
70 /100
House Rock Kitchen (Restaurant)
“I believe this is one of the few places outside of Salida to serve beer from the new Soulcraft Brewery (X-Ray IPA and Coconut Milk Stout), alongside selections from Elevation, Bull & Bush, and Moonlight Pizza. Quality kitchen with locally-sourced ingredients, good attention to detail with their dishes, creative and diverse use of vegetables, and the wall menu up front lists what is available gluten free, dairy free, and vegetarian.“
3fourths 2197 days ago
74 /100 102 LINDERMAN AVE
“A nice second location in Buena Vista that serves as their production brewery. The menu is a bit smaller than the original location but there is more room here. Street parking can be a challenge, but who’s afraid of a short walk? Excellent service inside at the bar and outside on the picnic tables.“
BeerandBlues2 2433 days ago
88 /100 926 S MAIN ST
“Eddyline is the neighborhood brewpub in this tourist mountain town. The dining room is minuscule with lots of outdoorsy, mountain decor. I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as the quality of the beer. It turned out to be very good. They have five or six flagships and just a few rotating seasonals. There were three guest taps on, but nothing particularly exciting. The artichoke dip was excellent. It’s apparent they put effort into their food menu. It’s very nice to have this place in a small tourist town.“
NachlamSie 2793 days ago
84 /100 926 S MAIN ST
“The location in South Main is great - right next to the park and Arkansas River. The food selection is good and high quality. I like how they use local produce and meats. Beers are usually good with seasonal options. They just added homemade sodas which are excellent. Overall a great place in a beautiful location.“
TheBigs 3083 days ago
54 /100 926 S MAIN ST
“Small town brewpub in the mountains. Pizza was ok. About six beers and they seem to be on permanently, with no rotating or special taps mentioned by the waitress. Small place, very loud music.“
JK 3187 days ago
64 /100 926 S MAIN ST
“Gorgeous mountain town setting. Friendly casual restaurant/bistro vibe. Good pizza. Beers pretty good, esp the chili porter.“
Beershine 4257 days ago
60 /100 926 S MAIN ST
“typical small town brewpub experience in the west, but located in a strange movie-set second downtown in buena vista, seemingly built out of a grass field and surrounded by empty lots and cul de sacs. typically poor beer quality. overly sweet with flabby texture. the bar area was uncomfortable and the interior seemed like a mock-up.“
3fourths 4264 days ago
58 /100 926 S MAIN ST
“I visited this place with grant on a camping trip. This place is definitely off the beaten path, and it appears to be a cornerstone in the development of a new, trendy part of Buena Vista. When we arrived, there were 4 Ferraris parked on the street. There was a bit of a line when I got there (5-10 minute wait). Plenty of indoor seating, with patio seating, too. The bar is to your right on the inside. There appeared to be a bit of a staffing shortage. The menu is heavy on pizza and Italian food. I had the Hawaiian pizza, which was fantastic. Similar, but better than Russian River’s. It took about an hour to get our food, though. Unfortunately, they only had 4 beers on tap, but they were pretty darn tasty. Our waitress was a bit flaky, but she was likely overworked on a busy holiday weekend with a staff shortage. All in all, the beer is good and the food is tasty, and the views are amazing. I enjoyed this place.“
DYCSoccer17 4656 days ago
58 /100 926 S MAIN ST
“Newer facility down by (not on) the river just east of the old downtown. Just keep driving till the road ends. Went there twice with my son. Sort of outdoors sports oriented theme with plenty of outdoors seating. Very busy both nights we went in. Food is limited to pizzas and such. We had pizza and it was very good. Beers were limited to just 4 house beers. The brewing area is very small but the brewer said they were going to start brewing off-premises and expand the bar area. The IPA was very solid while the Pale Ale was refreshing if not quite memorable. If in BV a good place to stop in for beer and pizza. The modest number of house beers knocks this down a bit but don’t let this keep you away.“
bleeng 4673 days ago
72 /100 926 S MAIN ST
“This brewery sits a few blocks off the main drag in BV, and if you did not know it was here, you probably would never find it. I do recommend you find it though. I have two complaints about this place: the prices are a little high and they typically only have 4 or 5 house beers. The food is very good, better than most brewpubs, and the regular line-up of beer is solid.“
BeerandBlues2 4679 days ago
66 /100 926 S MAIN ST
“Decent pub/restaurant style setting in a newly renovated area of Buena Vista. Good service. Nice selection of their own beers. Decent prices. Didn’t try the food.“
jb43 5062 days ago
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